Melissa "Songbird" Gold
Melissa "Songbird" Gold
Portrayed By Saint Deviless
Gender Female
Date of Birth ??
Age Mid 20's
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Screaming Mimi, Songbird
Place of Birth Shoshoni, Wyoming
Current Location New York
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Melissa's "powers" without her carapace are sub-vocal sonics to do small mental manipulations. With the harness/carapace she can create solid sound she can manipulate and wings for flight. Her screams can cause disorientation, hallucination, or unconsciousness.
First Appearance Marvel Two in One #54

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Melissa’s life began at a young age when her mother was incarcerated and she was left alone to deal with her alcoholic and abusive father. Running away from that and taking on a life in the streets the method she used to cope to the hard life she had run into was called Mimi. It was the name she took and the name that stuck for the better part of her known life that all began in a prison when a man she was dating named Mike shifted the blame of stolen items towards her.

Here is where she met a female wrestler and when she was released from prison she joined the Grapplers. The money made there was nowhere near what it should have been and to supplement the needed income Mimi and the Grapplers went to work for Roxxon Oil Company where each received their own abilities to aid them in their endeavors and Mimi received her first voice altering apparatus that turned normal vocal cords into sonics of various effects. During a mission for Roxxon, Project Pegasus, the Grapplers were caught and jailed. On their release the Grapplers returned to a life of crime engaging in more battles with members of the Avengers.

Eventually they found what suited them best once again, joining the UCWF and once more their natural abilities were enhanced, Mimi gaining a vocal enhancer but no longer by an external carapace, this one was implanted. Their come back was short, and when a few of Mimi’s partners were murdered by Scourge the Grapplers broke up, going their own ways.

Eventually Mimi was approached by Baron Helmut Von Zemo, to join the Masters of Evil where she also met Angar the Screamer and formed a romantic relationship with him, one that ended badly with him dying in her arms during a robbery shooting gone bad and she screamed out her vocal additions, breaking the internal implants. After this she was again contacted by Zemo and with the aid of Fixer her voice abilities were restored by the placement of another carapace and implants in her neck, based off Klaw’s sonic horn.

Zemo revealed his plan to pose as a group of super heroes in the absence of the Avengers and win the world’s trust though through this ruse they wanted to dominate the world; this group was known as the Thunderbolts.

The Thunderbolts consisted of Moonstone, Mach-1, Baron Zemo, Fixer, and Atlas as well as Mimi, taking on the new name Songbird. Despite the well known plan driven by Zemo for them to work towards gaining the trust if the people and eventually using it to their benefit they all began to truly enjoy their lives fighting against crime and being reformed villains. During this time Songbird and Mach began to form a relationship starting with him teaching her aerial combat, becoming rather emotionally dependent on one another and very close, but when the time came that the team turned on Zemo and ruined his plans at world domination Songbird had begun taking back the hard edged Mimi as another coping method to deal with yet another failure in her life, often misdirecting it towards Abe. Finally it was revealed to Abe that that hard edge was her way of coping with her lifes failures and formed a protective barrier over her fears, especially those of abandonment it became clear to them both and they got close once again.

With the plans of Zemo having been revealed as well as with the whole team being put back into criminal runaways listings the help they sought for redemption once again came in the form of an Avenger named Hawkeye, leading them back in the right direction, but started with helping Abe decide to go back to prison to finish his sentence for murder as the Beetle, causing Songbird to become once again a bit more hard edged.

Abe was let out of prison by the CSA and new Beetle armor appeared, Songbird was set on it being Abe since he had not returned her emails in weeks. It had been Abe and when he returned to the Thunderbolt’s he underwent a surgery to disguise himself that unexpectedly turned out having him African American. It took a while but Songbird adapted and their relationship survived this change after her reactions to it were pointed out by her fellow teammates.

Eventually the ties with the CSA proved beneficial for the Thunderbolts when they uncovered their desire to exterminate all superhumans, and in exchange for silence the Thunderbolt’s were all pardoned from their prior crimes and Hawkeye went to prison for his illegal activities with the Thunderbolt’s.

None of the Thunderbolt’s were able to use their powers and had to turn over their gear to the authorities, living their lives as normal citizens in Colorado where Abe and Melissa lived together and both took on jobs. This was quickly ruined by the return of Gravitron (a prior foe of the Thunderbolt’s) with Moonstone and with the coaxing on Citizen V they aided in his defeat also getting their equipment back from the authorities to do so. Melissa encased Gravitron in a hard sound bubble, and when his defeat came she was left the only apparent sole survivor of the incident, the rest of her teammates (unknowingly) were sent to Alternate Earth.

The loss of Abe and her teammates was something Songbird did not get long to mourn as she was attacked by Scream, a being of solid sound that turned out to be her former deceased lover Angar. She aided SHIELD in his destruction and also got rid of her carapace, wanting nothing more to do with that life and taking on missions to aid SHIELD briefly with new sound equipment to hunt down the escaped Hawkeye as her old known self, Mimi.

Finding Hawkeye she joined his side as well as that of Blackheaths to try and find out what Hammer had left behind that had the new Master’s of Evil hunting for it. It was a disk that held virus plans within it to end all super human activity once again, thwarting those plans and moving on to missions as the new team of Thunderbolts.

A mission helping Citizen V plug an alien ship in their headquarters from the void was a mission unknowingly matched on Alternate Earth and lead to the reunion of the old Thunderbolts, lead by that earth’s Baron Zemo. Mach and Songbird were reunited and it was once again short as Abe revealed he needed to go back to prison and truly finish out the remainder of his sentence in order to prove his desire to be good.

Most of the Thunderbolt’s then disbanded. Hawkeye returning to the Avengers and Melissa stayed with the T-bolt’s, if not for old time’s sake to keep an eye on Zemo who claimed they had to save the world from themselves, and once again rule it. Songbird took information gained and in code sent it to Abe in prison so he would know what is going on.

The Liberator project battle was one against the Avenger’s that was the final for the known Thunderbolt’s in this stage. Zemo was badly burned, Moonstone was in essence lobotomized because she sought in her power blindness to kill them all. Songbird was offered a part in the Avenger’s but she turned it down, as they were not a functioning team she could trust.

On Abe’s release he announced a new Thunderbolt’s team and Songbird went to join at his side but their time apart has strained their relationship, taking a break and going to college at ESU.


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