2011-06-16: Melodramatic Moments


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Summary: Cloud and Star are having an argument about Cloud's intentions after graduation, and Tyler and Kieran stumble into the argument.

Date: June 16, 2011

Log Title: Melodramatic Moments

Rating: PG-13(L)

Xavier Mansion- Recreation Room

//What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. //

Having finally deciding what he's gonna do after he graduates Cloud is now looking for his sister as the decision he's made may effect her too, as there's no classes due to graduation coming up he's been checking the social areas of the school, he's dressed in blue jeans, a pair of red sneakers and a black t-shirt, last place of call is the rec room then he's officially out of ideas.

Classes being over is a good thing! Not everyone is finished with lessons, however… Star is still trying to make sure that she's caught up with everything so that she can graduate this weekend; even though Xorn as much as told her that she's graduating when she met with him a couple of days ago. At the moment, however, she's taking a break. The elder Rosen twin is currently curled in the middle of the couch watching watching a rerun of America's Got Talent and keeping up a low running commentary for herself about who's performing. She's dressed in a pair of jeans, a light blue t-shirt with a witty saying on the front, and a pair of black and white Converse high tops. Her hair is pulled forward over her left shoulder as she absently finger combs it.

Spotting his sister on the couch Cloud walks over "Hey sis, we gotta talk about something, and i don't think it's something you're gonna like", he sits himself down on one of the other couches trying to think how to put things, "How can you watch this crap?"

Feeling her brother hunting for her, and having felt it for a while, Star looks up as he walks towards her, "So why have you been looking for me? I've been here for a while now, you know." All he would have needed to do to find her is call her cell. She takes a deep breath and lets it back out slowly, "And what's wrong? I've been getting kind of anxiety from you for a while now." When he mentions not thinking that she's going to like what he's got to talk about, her she rolls her eyes, "That's really not the best way to get me excited about a conversation. Now I wish I'd gone and hidden in my room when I felt you getting closer." Then he's insulting the show she's watching and she sits up, tossing her hair back over her shoulders, "Hey! You don't have to go insult what I'm watching. Some of these people are pretty good!" And it's fun to point and laugh at the ones that aren't.

"You can read emotions Star, you can out talent any one of those losers on that show", Cloud rolls his eyes at the comment about going back to her room, "I don't have to tell you this, i'm only telling you because it could effect you", whats got her on bitch mode, "Anyway whats with the attitude?, i havn't even spoken to you in the last couple of days".

Star just rolls her eyes at the comment about her power, "That's not a talent, Cloud." It's just a part of who she is. She huffs a little and settles down into the couch again, tucking one arm back behind her head and shrugging, "I don't know… Just a little on edge the past few days." She pauses for a moment and tilts her head back to look up at him again, her expression a little hard, "Ever since I met that Jem girl, actually." She sits up again and turns to face him, muting the TV, "What's with you hanging out with that bitch, anyway? I don't like the emotions I get from her and the way everyone else feels about her." She folds her arms and narrows her eyes a little at the thought of whatever he's wanting to tell her effecting her, "So spill. What are you about to do?" He's got to be about to do something stupid, right? She should probably just be grateful that he's giving her some warning first this time…

"Shut up Star, Jem's a nice girl a little impulsive maybe but nice, i like her", Cloud actually kinda asked her out, "What do you mean how everyone else feels about her?", he takes a deep breath and decides just to spill, "When i graduate i'm gonna start working towards helping get mutants more excepted by society and if i'm gonna do that i gotta start by being honest about what i am, and that means telling people back home what i am, i just thought you should know".

"You would…" The words are muttered softly as Star rolls her eyes, "I mean that there are a bunch of people that don't like her. I'm sorry, but if there are that many people that don't like someone, there's probably a reason." Then he's saying he's going to tell everyone they know that he's a mutant and her face goes expressionless for a moment as she tries to find some hidden meaning in his words. Suddenly, shock and anger flare to life around her and she jumps up off the couch, turning to face him, "You WHAT?!" She takes a couple of steps towards him, "You're going to tell everyone back home that you're a MUTANT?! And what about me? We're twins, Cloud." As though he didn't know that already, "Everyone's going to assume that, because you're a mutant and left home to go to some boarding school off away from everyone, that I am, too!" And they'd be right.
Classes are over and the TV is playing a rerun of America's Got Talent. Star is standing in front of the couch yelling at her brother and looking at least mildly ridiculous craining her neck to look up at him and scolding him like he's still a little kid she can push around, "What if I don't want the whole world to know that I'm a freak that can't keep her emotions to herself? What if I want to try to live a normal life?!" Not that she has much of a chance to do that as long as she has such poor control of her powers…

The Recreation room should be a good spot to go for a bit of relaxation whilst still being social with other students. Find a nice chair to sink into, watch whatever is on the television and perhaps draw a bit, sounded like a great plan. Wearing jeans, hi-top sneakers, a t-shirt proclaiming him to be a rock star, and a hooded sweatshirt with a dragon down one arm is the blonde haired teen turning a corner and entering into an argument of all things. Flipping the hood of his hoody off his head he flips his hair to one side and tilts his head, "Erm, what's up you guys?" Tyler clearly wondering if he can help diffuse the situation or if he should just pivot on a foot and wander back into the hall.

Cloud sighs keeping calm as Star starts shouting, "This is something i NEED to do, it's what i am and if i'm gonna start helping people like us, i've gotta show that we shouldn't hide", and he really does believe that and sort of feels bad that Star can't see things that way, "Just because i am doesn't mean people have to know you are, theres such a thing called lying and yeah we are twins but we are in no way the same".

"What's up?" Star whirls on Tyler as he enters, "What's up is this IDIOT brother of mine plans on telling everyone back home that he's a mutant!" She points an accusing finger at the taller teenager, "He's going to let the whole world know that the Rosens have at least ONE mutant in the family." She scowls back at Cloud, a little of her anger bleeding away, "Nobody needs to know you're a mutant, Cloud. You're a jock." Her tone seems to say 'isn't that enough?' She sighs, "So it's okay for me to lie, but you've got to go tell everyone back home that you're different?" It doesn't sound like much of a question. "And you can't tell me that we aren't the same. People are going to connect you coming to New York for school and then announcing that you're really a mutant and me going to school in New York our senior year. Not to mention the two months I spent back home trying to recover from being fucking tortured by a FREAK in Nigeria!"

So this was going to be bad, very bad. "If he wants people to know he's a mutant and knows how that can be out in the open I don't see why he shouldn't." Tyler shrugs coming further into the room but far enough away that he's not in smacking range at least. "He must consider that if he outs himself that any career in sports is toast. Even some jobs might turn him away for being a mutant. She's got a point about the school though, man." The rest of that has Tyler completely confused and taken aback. "You were tortured in Nigeria? Fuck. Are you alright? I mean of course you're alright since you're verbally eviscerating your brother but are you alright? I know I only briefly ran into you but if I can help lemme know."

The sound of the yelling actually drew Kieran's attention. He feels compelled to wander in and find out what the yelling is all about. When he hears Star's yelling. He can't help but agree with her,"She's right you know." He says approaching Tyler and the rest. "I mean, if you out yourself as a mutant then people are going to figure out this place is a school for mutants, and then anyone they meet from this school they're going to assume is a mutant." He says casually as he moves to give his boy a hug.

"This is what we are, what we've always fucking been what we're always gonna be", Cloud groans when Kieran and Tyler come in, thats just what they need, an audience, "Why should we hide the fact that we're mutants?, we're the same as everyone else, just with a couple of extra talents, and people don't need to know this is a school for mutants, as far as anyone back home knows this place is just a prep school", he has considered the sports thing, "I know there's no hope for a career in sports anymore, i don't care this is more important".

"Simple: He shouldn't because he's my twin brother and I sure as hell don't want the whole world to know I'm a freak that can't help but invade the privacy of everyone around her!" It's good reasoning as far as Star is concerned, anyway. Tyler's list of reasons for why Cloud shouldn't go telling that he's a mutant has her looking at least mildly triumphant, "See?!" Wait… No sports? For Cloud Rosen?! She just gapes at him for a moment, blinking stupidly as though she can't comprehend that one of her brothers is giving up playing sports. After a moment, her legs seem to give out and she drops to the couch again, "Cloud…" Her voice is strangled and she sounds like she might actually be in physical pain as she looks up at him, "And what about Mom and Dad? Don't you think that they should have some say in this? They're going to have anti-mutant assholes camping out on the lawn hoping to take a shot at you."
And her, too, for that matter.
She runs both hands through her hair, pulling a little and dragging a few loose hairs out between her fingers. She looks over at Tyler when he freaks out a little at her having been tortured and shrugs one shoulder, "I'm talking to Dr. Parker-Mayfair…" The tiniest hint of fear spikes into the air around her, "I'm getting better. I still get jumpy sometimes, but I'm better…" At least she can sleep with the lights out in her room now, anyway.

Tyler hugs Kieran and wonders if anything that is said will make much of a difference if the person doesn't want to hear it. "Hey," he says right behind Ki's ear even though the others are nearly yelling at each other. Freak? That has him peering over at the siblings. "I'm of the mind that no one here is a freak. Doesn't matter what their powers are. You're both trying to make points but too jacked up to listen. Calm down yes?" Hoping that they might do that and Star does sit at one point. "Look, if you're out there there's dangers and if you're not you choose to hide. You don't know if the anti mutant people will show up or not but the main point is if you're not happy with your sitch you change it. You can't really give in to fear or you're not really living your life." Tyler will now step off his soap box. A little tinge of fear creeps along his spine and he attempts to take Ki's hand. "I'm glad you've gotten help and are doing better, Star. Despite my trying to chill yall down a bit which is butting in, Sorry guys.”

"Calm down you guys." Kieran says seriously to Star and Cloud,"And Cloud, think about this for a moment. You have to think this thing through. I know you think that what you do won't effect the school but if you go and reveal what you are, then it makes questions in people's heads. They'll go looking and that leads to more and more bad things to happen." He says in a very serious voice as he squeezes Tyler's hand once he gets it grabbed,"It's best to think things through and talk with people and see if they have reasons you shouldn't do it."

"I spoke to mom already and she said as long as i'm able to deal with the consequences, they're behind me and if it comes down to it, i just won't come home again, then no one will have any reason to look for me there", Cloud sits back down, "This isn't just a whim, i've seriously thought about this, i'm moving to New York in a week or so, don't you see that if no one stands up and stands up for what we are, nothing will change"

"I don't really mean freak…" Not most of the time, anyway. Star's just a little high strung right now, is all… She glances over at Tyler when he grasps for Kieran's hand, her eyes drawn by the motion, and grimaces, shoving the fear down and taking slow deep breaths, "Sorry about that…" She makes a face, "See? I told you I can't keep my emotions to myself." Then Kieran is telling them to calm down and she gives the younger mutant a whithering look, "I don't have to calm down if I don't want to." She's the one that's graduating in a few days, after all! She grimaces and backpeddals quickly, though, "Argh! Sorry, sorry." She drops her head, pressing the heels of her hands into her eyes, "Just forget I said anything."
She shoots Cloud a shocked look when he says he's already talked to their mom about it, "Cloud… Do you think I really want to have to hide what I am? I'm pretty sure that the reason those cult freaks grabbed me my first week here was because they figured out what I can do." Before she had even figured it out herself yet, "I'd love to be able to just be myself. I'd love to not have to hide what I am!" She slumps into the upolstry, "You know what? Whatever." She sounds like she's given in, "I'll move to Genosha, or something. Just do whatever you want."

Tyler frowns, "You're angry, I get that believe me I do, it's just getting angry about it only makes things worse. Not just what's said but I don't know about you but when I get that mad I always feel like shit afterward." He's not really angry at Star for what's going on and he hopes Kieran isn't either. There's so much he doesn't know about either of them and yet the more Star reveals he can see why she's freaked out. "If you've been attacked it changes things quite a bit. There's no right or wrong in this which is the problem. Hiding never solves anything nor does trying to get away from it either." This is all coming from the mouth of a fifteen year old gay mutant so it's not as if he's blowing hot air at the Rosens. "Star, can't you stay here and get help if you're not doing well with your abilities? Isn't that what the schools for?"

"Hiding doesn't solve anything but broadcasting doesn't help either." Kieran says seriously to everyone present,"Do you really know what the consequences would be? Have you thought about talking to Dr Mayfair-Parker before you go off and do what you're thinking of doing?" He asks in a very serious manner,"And you may not be aware of how some of those work out." He says casually to Cloud,"Your mom may support you but she may not be aware of some of the fallout this could cause."

Cloud is ready to give up himself, "Fine, Cloud Rosen isn't a mutant, i just won't be Cloud Rosen anymore, i'm moving to New York i'll just do things as someone else, i know who i am and what i'm gonna do, even if i have to hide a different part of who i am", he looks over at the other two, "Sorry you had to walk in on this, kinda funny though, we're about to graduate and you to a the ones being all calm and smart."

"I'm not angry." Really, Star's not. She's more resigned than anything else right now, "I'm upset that my own twin brother doesn't seem to get it that maybe telling everything about himself to whoever wants to listen to him isn't the smartest thing he's ever done." Not by a long shot. She frowns a little and looks at the younger boys, "I'm not hiding." Not unless Cloud comes out about being a mutant, at least, "And my powers are fine." Beat, "Most of the time… I've only known I've had powers for about a year." It was a slow, subtle thing when her powers first appeared. Something she didn't notice for at least a year. She runs a hand through her hair, freezing and looking at Cloud in shock when he says that he's not going to be Cloud Rosen anymore, "You- What?!" He's going to tell the world that he's a mutant, but he's not going to be her twin brother anymore?

This has got to be the weirdest conversation, argument, that Tyler has ever had the misfortune of walking into. Now no sense was being made and things continued to degenerate into the inane. Whispering to Kieran, "They're older right? I'm not getting that vibe right now." The frown is still very much in place as he frees up Kieran's hand. Using the now free hand he points at Star first, "You're not fine, and you need to consider sticking around seriously. And you," points over at Cloud. "You're being overly dramatic. I think you need to talk to the headmistress or the headmaster or whatever before you flail your way about in idiocy."

"I think Doctor Mayfaire-Parker might be better than the Headmistress." Kieran says seriously looking at Tyler for a moment, before he continues,"You can move to New York, but why do you need to go around broadcasting? That's just kind of silly if you ask me. I think you both right now could give the drama queens of the old melodramas lessons in being melodramatic. Obviously you haven't thought this through, and you need more help to fully control your powers."

"I'm not just gonna be telling people im a mutant for the sake of it, this is about showing that we shouldn't have to hide", Cloud turns to Star, "You're right, it's not fair for me to put you or people back home though any anti-mutant stuff, so i will have to do this as someone else, that way no one gets hurt", he stands up, "Also i'm not a child, come tomorrow i'm done with high school, i don't need to talk to the headteachers".

Star gives Kieran another of her nearly famous withering looks, "Do you know how hard it is to try to contain your own pheromones?" Does he even know what pheromones are? "Empathy is great if you're lucky enough not to have an empathic nose, that is." She huffs softly, "And I've already talked to Xorn about maybe staying as a teaching assistant." She admited to her team leader that she didn't feel like she was ready to leave the school. She turns a very highly distressed look on Cloud, "You might not be a child anymore, but you're still my idiot little brother." Nothing will ever change that, "And do you really think that I want to lose my twin? Seriously?" She sighs, "I can feel when you're upset, Cloud. I know where you are and how you feel all the time unless I really focus on not wanting to know." And there are sometimes that she just really doesn't want to know!

Tyler must bite back something that would only throw fuel on an already merrily blazing fire in the rec room. Instead he shakes his head, takes a couple of breaths, and asks a serious question. "What are you really intending to do? Are you just going to walk around and conversate with people in general or are you going to go out there waving your mutant bits around for everyone to see? If it's the latter that's a terrible idea. There's a difference between being out and throwing it in someone's face." Either that's helpful or it's not he really doesn't care at this point. "I suggested the Head-whatevers because they know what it's like. You might want to consider that instead of thinking you know everything cause you don't."

"So basically you don't need the advice of people who have actually been out in the real world and know what things are really like?" Kieran asks looking at Cloud intently, before he turns towards Star,"And yes, I know it would be hard. That's why we were saying that maybe they can keep helping you here and you don't have to go anywhere else." He says sighing deeply. Yeesh. This sort of thing is weird.

"I'm just not gonna hide it anymore", Cloud is really getting fed up of arguing about this, "For the first time in my life i feel like i have some kind of purpose, that's not something you just ignore, and i know i don't know everything, but sometimes you just gotta sink or swim, i can't spend the rest of my life working around my secret."

Isn't that what Star just said? That she's wanting to stay at the school so she can try to learn more about her powers. Helping to guide the next class of mutants is just an added bonus to being a TA. She's always wanted to be a teacher, after all… She looks at the TV for a couple of minutes, blinking in surprise to find that the show she'd been watching is over and that they're running the end credits. She makes a face, one corner of her mouth twisting into a grimace as she stands, "You know what, Cloud? Do whatever you want. I give up." She turns to walk toward the door, combing her fingers through her hair and dragging it forward over her shoulder, "I need to get back to the extra credit project I've been working on for English." She still has a couple of days before graduation to get it in, after all.

Totally lost as to whether the conversation has mattered at all, nor is he certain what Cloud is actually intending to do, Tyler has said about all he could say on the matter one way or another. With Star bailing at least the argument will drop. "Good luck with your project, Star. I hope you do get to stick around the school for awhile after you graduate." There's a genuine smile for her before he merely shrugs his hands at Cloud. Whatever happens happens at this point. "Cloud," he bows his head to the teen as a farewell. "Ki?" Managing his frustration a touch by turning his attention on his boyfriend. "You want to go do something? Video game, something artistically inclined, run around the grounds for a bit? I need to do something before I sparkle and ruin the rec room."

"Alright let's get a move on it." Kieran says nodding his head to Tyler, trying to get his own temper completely controlled. The worst thing is if he loses control over his power and unleashes the torrent of electricity here. "Video game or a run or the artistic thing?" He asks curiously. He doesn't have anything else to say at this point to Cloud, or to Star, so it's just best if he goes moving along.

Cloud moves to catch his sister, "Look if you can't understand what i'm doing, please just understand that it's something i HAVE to do, this is not just some wild impulse i've had", he looks to the other two, "Again, i'm sorry you got caught up in this", he sighs, "I'm sorry Star if you can't understand, i'll do what i can to keep you and everyone else out of this", with that he goes to leave.

"I don't have to understand, do I?" Star stops just shy of the door and turns back to her brother, "Just… Be careful, alright? I'm gonna worry about you no matter what." How can she not? "I don't want anything to happen to you, alright? That's my main problem with this. No, I don't really want to be outed accidentally, but that's not important if something were to happen to you." She reaches for him as he walks past, giving both Tyler and Kieran space to leave and offering an apologetic little grimace to the two younger teens, the air around her filled with embarrassment that they walked into the room to find her and her brother in the midst of a fight, "Sorry to ruin your evening, guys…" She turns back to Cloud, presuming he hasn't left, too, "I only worry because I love you. I only came to school here so that you would have someone to watch out for you, you know… I don't want to lose you the moment we graduate." Either to some anti-mutant nutjob or to some stupid fight.

"Don't worry about it," Tyler tells the twins. Things like this will happen and it's not as if anyone was deliberately being nasty to anyone. "I'm thinking run then we can figure the rest out," he tells Kieran as they leave make to leave the rec room via the door that leads out back onto the grounds. Being a party to this argument dredges up issues that are always lurking on the surface. No doubt the blonde haired boys would be talking later but for now they're off for that run.

Cloud sighs, "Star, this needs to be done, you're my sister and you always will be, but this is the path i choose, what i need to do", he places a hand on the metal doorframe and absorbs becoming his metal form, "I'm indestructible remember, i can handle anything".

"Just because you can become metal doesn't make you imortal…" Star's voice is quiet and she sighs again, "Just be careful. You're the only twin I've got." She slips out of the room and heads back towards the dorms.

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