2009-01-28: Melting Pot


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Summary: Jericho and Christopher decide to treat Eddie and Ricky to a nice dinner.

Date: January 28, 2009

Melting Pot

Rating: PG-13 (Some flirty situations)

Melting Pot

For the evening, Jeri and Christopher have decided to take the boys out for a special dinner. There's really no reason for the dinner, since the parents don't actually know that Ricky's birthday passed on the first. After all, he doesn't really say anything, though he did mention it to Eddie yesterday. As they drive into the city, Jeri hums softly, not saying where they're going. Finally, they arrive at a small restaurant. The Melting Pot.

Christopher was supposed to work tonight but because of the weather he dicided to close up early, and it helped that most his appointments cancelled too. Sitting next to Jeri in the front seat, Christopher doesn't say anything either but he has dressed a bit on the nice side, but then he always had been fairly clean cut. Once they arrive at The Melting Pot, Christopher gets out and opens the door for whoever sits behind him.

Eddie is currently all cuddled up with Ricky in the backseat. He felt bad about having missed Ricky's birthday like that and promised to make it up to him. Dressed a bit nicer than usual, he occasionally looks up at Ricky with smile. When they reach the restaurant, Eddie blinks a few times and wonders what kind of place it is.

Ricky giggles as he piles out with Eddie. He's dressed in his one good shirt. As of yet, he's waiting for a month or two's worth of pay before going on a clothes shopping spree. He looks up at the place and shrugs slightly to Eddie. "No clue, babe."

Jericho chuckles slightly. "You two are in for a treat. Fondue." He says with a grin. "Lots of different courses all cooked at your table over a burner. Though… we end up doing our own cooking." )

Christopher closes the door behind Ricky and Eddie and smiles. "It's fun and Jeri and I thought a night out would be nice for all of us." He says walking next to Jeri. "And every once and a while it's a treat not to cook." Even someone who loves cooking needs a break now and then.

Eddie stumbles slightly as always but grabs onto Ricky for support and holds on. He blinks again when the place is explained. "Wow…I hope I don't burn anything…" he trails off. He smiles to Ricky and nods. "Sounds like it should be fun."

Nodding, Ricky grips onto Eddie's hand. "Should be. And I think as long as we're payin' attention, it should be ok." He wrinkles his nose slightly as he leans against Eddie. His hair and eyes are pure white at the moment.

Jeri chuckles. "Not cook? Sweetheart, we're at a fondue restaurant. We're still going to end up cooking. And kids, I think what'll probably be easiest for us all is to get a table with two burners, and do two sets of orders."

"Well at least I don't have to prep or clean up anything." Christopher responds with a chuckle. "And don't worry honey, I don't think you'll burn anything. And that sounds like a good idea love." He says holding the door for everyone to enter.

Eddie squeezes Ricky's hand, pressing himself up on his toes for a quick kiss. "Just save me if I set anything on fire?" he half-jokes. "Sounds like a good idea," he confirms. "Thanks Dad."

Laughing, Ricky returns the kiss. "You won't set anything on fire. It's all done by boiling of some sort." He's read about fondue. He's just never done it. And his parents? Fat chance. He heard about it from his gramma… before she went all evil and veiny.

Stepping in the door, "Parker-Mayfair. Party of four. Two burner table." He says, softly as the waitperson leads them to a table.

"And you don't have to worry about any fire Eddie so I'm sure everything will be just fine." Christopher says following behind Jeri. "Tonight's about relaxing, having fun and enjoying good company."

Eddie blushes a bit. "Alright," he says, glancing around the place curiously. He's heard of fondue before but had no idea what it was until Chris explained it to him awhile back. "What should we order?"

"I dunno." Ricky says with a half shrug as he moves to the table chosen for them and takes his menu. "Ooooh…" He says as he reads through it a little.

"Generally, you choose your cheese course. Then your salad. Then your meal. Then your dessert." Jeri says, not even looking at the menu. He'll let Christopher decide.

Christopher looks at the menu trying to decide what to get. "Get whatever you two thinks sounds good." He notices Jeri doesn't even look at the menu and looks up with a smile. "You already have an idea what you want or is it up to me?" Good thing he knows his husbands tastes.

Eddie nods slowly as Jeri explains things. He picks up his menu and titls his head to the side as he looks it over. "I have no clue what to get…" he admits. "What're you gonna order, Ricky? I'll get that," he says.

"We have to, I think." Ricky chuckles. "Orders are for two." He points down the menu with a chuckle. "And I have no idea."

Jeri shakes his head. "Your call babe. You know what I'll eat."

Christopher just looks up at Jeri as he says that and grins. "Oh believe me, I definately know what you'll eat." He says with a little bit of eyebrow waggle and a chuckle. He couldn't resist. He picks up the menu again and looks at it. "Okay I think I know what we're getting."

Eddie makes a pouty little face. "Man, I can never pick what I want to eat…" he trails off. And it's true, it's rare he'll ever get a definite idea. He glances up at Chris in time and squeaks, blushing again.

Jericho pages, "Tongues in other places (WHEN CLEAN) are nice, too. ;)" to you.

"Well, there's the Cheddar type. And, I dunno about the cooking in wine. I think I trust oil or broth better. And any of the desserts are fine." Ricky says with a shrug, looking to Eddie. He helped!

Jeri grins at Christopher, "And maybe later, I'll show you just how much MORE I can eat." He says, maneuvering his hands oddly.

Christopher jumps slight but grins turning to Jeri, with a chuckle. "You really have quite the appitate Jeri." Is he talking about food or something else, who knows. He puts down the menu and waits for the boys to decide what they'll get. "How about we get different things and if you want to try what we get and vice versa, it gives a bit more varitey."

Eddie nods. "I don't think we should get the wine…" he trails off. "Let's just get this chocolatey thing for dessert?" he suggests. Then he notices what Chris and Jeri are talking about again. "Daaaads…" he trails off quietly.

Looking at Eddie. "What? It's not like I don't do the same thing to you." Ricky says, with a wrinkled nose, reaching behind Eddie to… hug? Maybe. Though, Eddie will probably squeak in a second.

Jeri chuckles. "Well, you two work together. Come up with different tastes. And all the desserts are chocolate, except the one caramel one."

"What just because we're older than you and married doesn't mean we're allowed to flirt?" Christopher asks Eddie with a chuckle. "I'm really thinking about getting a fondue pot for the house now so we can have our own fondue nights once in a while."

Eddie jumps and does indeed squeak. Atleast he doesn't fall out of his chair. Blushing still, he pouts at Chris. Turning back to the menu, he looks confused. "I know…I just meant this one," he points, showing the selection to Ricky.

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