2011-02-18: Memoirs Of A Mutant Terrorist



J. Jonah Jameson

Summary: Dingo goes to the Daily Bugle to get his story straight for the papers.

Log Title: Memoirs of a Mutant Terrorist

Rating: PG

NYC - Daily Bugle

The well-known paper in New York City, which has made Spider-man its enemy, The Daily Bugle makes its home in the 46-story building which was once the Goodman Building. There are loading docks in the back of the building and two sublevels devoted to nothing but printing presses. Three floors are dedicated to The Daily Bugle and the rest of the building is rented out to other companies.

A woman runs into Jameson’s office, “Sir! Mr. Jameson! We just got word from security that Dingo is on his way up here right now!” The secretary looks terrified. Several people in the office let out startled noises and duck under their desks. “I TOLD you not to write so many nasty things about him!”

“That’s ridiculous Jane. There is no reason for that Terrorist to come here of all places.” Jameson waves his hand at the woman and looks around the office. “Seriously people…”

The elevator door opens and Dingo steps out, walking calmly forward to the receptionist’s desk. He raps on the desk and peeks over the top, smiling down at the woman hiding down below. “Hey there miss. Where’s the man in charge around here, eh?”

“Please just go away! I have children! Please don’t hurt me!”

“Hurt you? Why would I do that? Just tell me where the guy in charge is and I’ll leave you alone, right miss?”

“Hey! She said to get out of here! Now I’d suggest you do that right away!” Jameson appears in the doorway of one of the offices. It is J Jonah Jameson, the owner of the Daily Bugle. He looks slightly nervous, but seems not to be so afraid of Dingo that he would allow his staff to be harmed.

Dingo stands back up and moves toward Jameson, sand snaking along the ground next to him as he move. “Ah, and who might you be? Maybe you can help me a little better.” He glances at the man’s door. “Mr. Jameson…Editor in Chief? Looks like you’re the one I’m looking for.” He smiles at the man, walking past him into the office. “You’re going to write a cover story for me.”

Jameson seems to regain his confidence when he sees how calm Dingo is acting. “Preposterous. There’s no way I’m going to write anything for a known mutant terrorist.” He picks up a copy of today’s paper and walks into his office, slamming a copy on the desk for Dingo to look at.

Dingo disregards the paper, “Yeah I read it. Left some important things out, that’s why I decided to come by and make sure you got it right this time.” Dingo smirks, “And of course you’ll write it. How many copies do you think an interview with “Dingo! The Mutant Terrorist!” Would sell? It’d be the best selling edition of the year.”

Jameson seems to consider this for a moment. He paces in his office for several minutes and calls out to his secretary, “Jane. Jane! Get us some coffee and send me a reporter in here. Now! And the rest of you, I don’t pay you to cower under your desks. Get back to work or I’ll fire every one of you!” He goes back into his office and sits down, propping his feet up on his desk. “Alright. But if anyone asks you kidnapped Steve here.” The reporter who just entered the room looks terribly concerned. “Damn it Steve sit down and get ready to take notes.”

The man does so, sitting next to Dingo and pulling out a laptop. “Um…Sir are you sure this is a good idea?”

“No, it’s a great idea. Now shut up. I don’t pay you to talk I pay you to write.” Jameson chomps on an unlit cigar, turning his head and calling out the door. “JANE! Where’s that coffee? And don’t forget the sugar.”

Jane comes in looking a bit nervous. She sits three coffees on the desk and goes out to grab the sugar and creamer. “Mr. Jameson your wife said not to let you drink so much…”

“I’ll be fine Jane now get back to work. And thank you. Now go get me a photographer and tell my wife not to come here for lunch.” Jameson puts his feet down and leans forward. “Mutant Terrorist attacks the Daily Bugle…No…Media Under Attack! Mutant Monster Kidnaps Reporter!” He shakes his head, pouring sugar into his coffee. “No no. You attack this city too often. It’s hard to keep coming up with titles you know.”

Dingo has been looking at the photographs on the wall. He stops and glances over at Jameson. “Oh? Well I had a reason. How about “Why I Did It: Confessions of a Mutant Terrorist.”

Jameson shakes his head. “That’s terrible. Sounds like a Lifetime movie. I’ve got it! Steve, write this down. “Why I Did It: Confessions of a Mutant Terrorist.”

Steve quirks a brow and glances at Dingo. “Um…Wonderful title sir.”

“I know it’s wonderful. Now write it down, I don’t pay you to kiss ass. Now…You're a damn terrorist, Dingo… ADMIT IT YOU'RE IN CAHOOTS WITH SPIDER-MAN!!'” Jameson looks up as Jane comes back in. “Where’s Parker? He should be taking pictures of this.”

“Sir, your wife insists that you call her.” Jane frowns at the Mutant in the chair.

Jameson waves the woman away and picks up his phone. “What is it honey? … What? Fine. … Twenty minutes? You’re killing me. … No I told her NOT to wash the curtains…Well that’s not my fault now is it? Maybe if you hired a maid who spoke English…No I’m not saying this is your fault…Fine…Twenty minutes yes.” He hangs up and stands, picking up his coffee. “Steve I have a meeting. Interview this man and meet with me at three o’clock. We’ll review the story then.”

Dingo looks a little uncomfortable as he listens in on Jameson’s phone call. After the man stands he looks a bit confused, quirking a brow and looking over at Steve. “Look, if this piece doesn’t say what I want it to then you can expect your printing presses to stop working.”

Jameson stops in the doorway and looks at his watch. “Look it’s gotta be something people will read. Tell Steve what needs to be included and I’ll spin the rest. Now I expect you to be gone when I get back.”

Dingo seems slightly stunned as Jameson walks out. “Your boss is a bastard. Why do you work for him?” Dingo shakes his head and begins talking. “It started at eleven o’clock. I was on patrol…”

~ Scene ~

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