2011-01-05: Memory Overload


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Summary: Jeremy confides a bit of what he saw of Hosea to Caleb.

Date: January 5, 2011

Log Title: Memory Overload

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Caleb and Jeremy's Room

A two-person room. Two beds are in the room, one on each side. Both beds are twin-sized. There are wall-build dressers and closets and a single bathroom for both people to share.

It's inbetween classes and Jeremy's taking a quick nap before his next class or he would be if he could fall asleep. Dressed in his Barnes uniform and wearing his usual pair of gloves he's curled up on his bed with his ear buds in. He's had a rough couple of days and he hasn't been sleeping to well. He's trying to just push everything he saw with Hosea to the back of his mind and focus on his life rather than someone elses. Just some of the images he saw, Jeremy wishes he didn't.

Caleb got back from visiting back home in Ireland for the holidays a couple of days ago and his good mood has yet to wear off, it's even managed to get him though some of his leaa liked lessions today, now he's got some free time before his next class so he's gonna head to his room and read for a while, he's also dressed in his Barnes uniform, he's got his new skullcandy headphones (christmas presant) on and is listening to todays favorite song 'I can't make my own decisions, Or make any with precision, Well maybe you should tie me up, So i don't go where you don't want me, You say that i've been changing, That i'm not just simply Ageing, Well how could that be logical?, Just keep on craming ideas down my throat, Woah' as he enters the room.

Jeremy doesn't hear Caleb enter the room, not that he's listening to his music that loudly but he's deep in thought. He turns to shift his position to get more comfortable and spots Caleb come in. He takes one ear bud out of his ear and turns off his cheap mp3 player before sitting up. "Welcome home, how was your holiday?" He asks running both hands through his hair.

'You don't have to believe me, But the way I, way I see it, Next time you point a finger i might have to bend it back, And break it, break it off…', as Caleb crosses the room he spots Jeremy and realises he's talking to him, he pulls his headphones down to his neck, "Oh hey Jeremy, sorry my musics loud i didn't hear what you just said".

"I just said welcome home." Jeremy says in his quiet tone of voice. "How was your holiday?" He asks since he hasn't seen his roommate since he left for obvious reasons. "I've never been able to listen to my music too loudly, I find it's more distraction then relaxing when it's that loud."

"Thanks and my holiday was good, it was nice being back home, quiet but nice, how was yours?", Caleb walks over and sits on his own bed, "I got used to listening to my music loud when i used to live at home, it takes a lot of effort to ignore the noise my brother makes, so i'm pretty much immune to loud noises".

"I spent my time here. Like yours, it was pretty quiet. I went out and played violin in the park one day." That was Jeremy's excitement for the most part. "My brother and sister never made much noise. But I haven't seen them in close to three years."

Caleb smiles, "That sounds nice, you make any money?", he knows some of why Jeremy hasn't seen his brother or sister in so long, he told him that he ran away, he didn't seem to want to allaborate and was quick to change the subject, he's not sure if he should ask again.
"A little but I wasn't really out there to make money. It just was nice to play again. Also I get enough with the allowence they give me here." Jeremy isn't sure if Caleb gets one or not but since Jeremy doesn't really have a way to make money the school does support those who can't a little. He reaches over for his pack of cigarettes and starts to pack them as a bit of a distraction. He opens his mouth to say something but then shuts it as he goes to look at the wall. "I miss having a window."

Caleb gets sent money by his dad so he doesn't get an allowance from the school, it's not a lot but it's enough to get what he wants, "I've actually got used to not having a window, it was almost weird having one at home again, but if you smoke the whole living underground with limited ventalation has gotta be annoying".

Jeremy smiles and shakes his head. "Nah, it's a horrible habbit anyway. Wish I could give it up." But he isn't ready to. "Besides they have a smoking room here now. They opened up a few new wings recently." He's not sure if Caleb's seen them or not. "Um…have you ever seen anyone kill anyone else?..sorry, it's a dumb question. Forget I said it."

"I havn't seen the new wings yet, but i ment to check them out later", Caleb shakes his head at Jeremy's question, "I saw Quicksilver get shot but he was fine and a while back i kinda nearly killed a pimp, i freaked out but he was ok just and it wasn't completely my fault, but no i've never seen anyone killed, why?", ok…, "All right never mind"

Jeremy shakes his head. "No..it's just I accidentally touched someone. It was stupid, I should have been more careful. I just forgot I had taken my glove off to light my cigarette and when I took his hand…I can't get what I saw out of my head. I mean the stuff the guy did was horrible. And he's like our age."

Caleb raises an eyebrow, "Really?, whoa that sounds intense, i won't ask what sort of stuff because you sound like you really don't wanna think about it, but man that sounds bad, can't you touch a bunch of other things to make you forget, like walk though a park touching trees?"

Looking up at Caleb, Jeremy just shakes his head. "That's not the worst part, I found out that if I see their past, they can see mine in return." He says as he didn't really know that. "It just happened, I don't know. I mean, I do some training but they don't want me training on people here. And if I touch a bunch of trees that just fills my head with more stuff."

"Are you sure?, if it's never happened before maybe it was the guy, he could've had a weird effect on your powers or something, or your mutations changing, do they do that?, i know mutants get different powers sometimes, but i'm not sure how it works", Caleb runs a hand though his hair, "Whoa, must be getting full in there then".

"I don't know about full but it's not easy to deal with it all. There's just a lot of stuft that should stay private." Jeremy says. "Though now I know what it feels like to other people, knowing stuff you don't want anyone to know. I mean..I guess I'm lucky to know that the guy isn't some mutant hater or anything but..I'm sorry Caleb, you don't need my crap."

"I'll pass on the therapy." Jeremy says with a small smile as he finds the 'hrm' thing amusing. "Just gotta filter it out is all. Just sucks it's stuck in here." He says with shrug. He's never really takled much about himself and the fact that's he has been talking this much is a bit of a miricle. "And tonight I gotta do some dance thing, you hear about that?" Change of subject.

Caleb nods, "Yeah i heard about it, some interschool dance, i'm supposed to be helping out later aswell, i've been to that other school before, weird thing is, as soon as i left i couldn't remember where it was in the slightest, but i do know people who go there".

Jeremy is almost grateful that the subject change went through. "Apparently I was volunteered for it, something about needed to meet people." One of the teachers felt that Jeremy needed to be more social. "I didn't know about the other school before..now I know too much about it. That guy I touched, the murderer, he goes to school there."

Caleb's eyes widen, "Wait, this other school has murderers?, i know most of us here are dangerous in one way or another, but that school is harbouring murderers?, should we tell someone?"

Jeremy shakes his head and sighs. "I don't know Caleb, I don't really know. I think it's a school for mutants. I had heard about it before but.." He didn't want to get dragged off to that school by some stranger. "He's tried to change, I could see that. I don't think he wanted to but he was…I just want to forget it."

"you wanna talk about something else?, i'm not really sure what to say, i can't really say i know what you mean, no one can really know what it's like to get a bunch of muderers memories in your head", Caleb runs a hand though his hair, "Maybe theres someone who can help you, i know there are mutants who can do mind stuff but i'm not sure".

There's just a shrug to the mind stuff thing but Jeremy isn't sure he wants that. "So..dance stuff. Ever been to a school dance?" He asks as he's not really sure what's expected of this. "I mean what exactly are we goign to be planning besides..well what entails dance stuff?"

Caleb shakes his head, "Nope, i'm from a pretty quiet village, everyone knows each other, there was never a reason for a dance, i only signed up cos it sounded like fun and i wanted to help out with music, have you ever been?"

"No, I ran away my sophomore year, which I'm almost done repeating here." Jeremy admits. Being an eighteen year old sophomore sucks but it's what he has to do. "So I never got the chance. Also…I've never had a girlfriend or really romantically kissed someone." He admits with quite the blush.

"I've never had a girlfriend either, i've kissed before but nothing else, you've got an excuse though, i'm just kinda a wuss when it comes to that kinda stuff", Caleb leans against the wall, "You never know, you might meet someone at the dance"

Jeremy shrugs. "Yeah, well I think I'm going to get going to class before I miss it." He says standing up and starting to gather his books. "Looking forward to being on the dance committee with you, and I think I heard that girl Rashmi is on it and two people from Xavier's. And I'm not really going to meet anyone." He say with a smile before leaving the room.

As Jeremy points out that he has to get to class Caleb realises what the time is, "Feck didn't realise the time, yeah i'll see you later at the dance thing", he gives Jeremy a wave before dashing round the room looking for his books.

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