2012-03-02: Mercy Seat



Summary: Hosea wrestles with the ethics of how to find Sophie.

Date: Friday, March 3, 2012. 9:04pm

Log Title: Mercy Seat

Rating: R

Sweat beads across Hosea's brow, his hair hanging down across his face. His hands twist in the dirt as he crouches outside the compound. A launch from his hands, and he teleports to the other side of the building, finding the guard with his hands on his rifle at the ready. The poor sap hardly has a chance to respond before Hosea's hand goes into his throat. The rifle is ripped from the guard's hand, and slung across his face.

Ikbuku looks up at the watch tower, where another guard has spotted him. With another teleport, Hosea is in the tower, and crushes the trachea of his target, and then shoves him out of the post. A whistle is blown, and a siren goes off in the compound. Hosea's hands grip the cold metal edge of the tower, and he leaps over the side. He lands with a heavy thud, falling into a roll across the soft soil and back up to his feet. The door slams shut to the compound, but such is no obstacle for him. He makes a dash for it, only to be interrupted by an arc of electricity striking the front of the door. At the turn of a head Hosea sees three guards rushing for him. and steps backward into another teleport.

He reappears behind the guard to the far right, wrenching the gun from his grip and giving him a kick. The weapon arcs a blue bolt of electricity across the enemies, and with a stammering of legs, they collapse to the ground. Hosea fires again, ensuring that they will not get back up, and starts into the compound. He feels the temperature change as he passes through the steel door. A single light pulsates a strobe on the wall for the alert, and he can hear voices rushing down one direction of the hall. Rather than take the safer route, he goes for the more dangerous, and heads straight for the voices. He fires as he rounds the corner, though he has no sight on his targets. The arc splays across another guard, who fires his gun in reflex, striking Hosea in the leg. Hosea rolls through the side of the wall, grabbing the offended appendage. He limps up to stand, and walks along the side of the wall until he can hear footsteps beside him.

Knee first the Nigerian comes through the side of the wall, plastering another foe to the cold concrete wall of the compound. He lets out a grunt and attempts to fight back, a punch coming across to Hosea's face. He ignores the blow, and wraps both hands around the neck and twists, watching as the face contorts horridly, and the man becomes limp, collapsing to the ground, dead. A knife is pulled from his sheath as his partner, just ahead of him, turns to see his fallen ally. A plunge from the dagger places it straight into the heart of the second guard, and red life pours out of his chest and down his brown uniform. He clutches his chest in desperation, and leans against the wall, slowly sliding down as he watches the mortal injury seep blood.

Hosea doesn't wait to watch the man's last moments, instead, he stalks down the hallway, looking for the control room. He rounds the corner, finding the door to his target. Passing through the wall, he finds a chamber filled with computers. A flash drive is snatched up from a stack of things on the side, and is quickly plugged into the computer. Hosea's fingers tap along the keys, not as fast as some of the other maneuvers he is known for. His file is downloaded, and he gets back up to his feet. A hand reaches up, grabbing a sprinkler head, and he pulls. Water begins spraying fiercely across the terminals, and he stalks back out of the building, straight through every wall and into the open grounds.

Water is streaming down his body, mixed with his sweat and the blood of his enemies, and he takes a glance up at the sky. A few square lights come to life, and Logan can be seen sitting in the control room, watching the events. Smoke wafts up from the cigar in his mouth. The room resets, turning back into the Danger Room's simple scheme of walls. The water and blood are gone, as is the flash drive. "It was s'posed to be a stealth operation, bub," Wolverine critiques.

"It was by da time I was finished," Hosea counters darkly.

Logan reaches up and pulls his cigar from his teeth and leans forward. "Guess that's true," he concedes. "Just try to do it without'em knowing you're their next time. Yer the one that's always talkin' about life bein' sacred and all that trash. I give ya an B+ on killing creatively, but you gotta ask if you can still roll that when it comes to the real thing. If ya can't, then you best not be tryin' any of that fancy show stuff in here. Won't do you a lick of good."

Hosea doesn't answer, but instead walks out of the Danger Room and into the cool hallway. Did I make the wrong choice by not accepting Donna's help? God, you say you will provide, but I cannot lose Sophie. What will I do when I find the ones who took her? Father help me.

He gets on the elevator and hits the button to take him back up to the first floor. I am still a weapon, no matter how hard I try to hide from it. Is that what you desire for me to learn in this? Show mercy to those who would hurt her? You have shown me so much forgiveness, and for great evil. I should be quicker to forgive, but I do not know what I will do when I find her. Will I do to them what I just did in the Danger Room? What if I stumble, what if I fall? What if I lose step and make a fool of your grace? How does your love continue when my walk becomes a crawl?

Give me mercy, for I fear that I lack it to give.

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