2012-10-31: Message For You


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Summary: Rashmi gets a note from the Hooligan, of his plans to support the prisoners as best he can.

Date: October 31, 2012

Log Title: Message For You!

Rating: G

Mutant Town — Four Arms Apartments

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Midnight, another night on lockdown in mutant town. Rashmi's cell phone goes off, the number coming back private caller. It's a text message with only one word "Roof".

By now, Rashmi has learned to follow instruction like this; most people who call her phone tend to have a good reason, and if it turn out it *is* a trick of some sort, there's plenty of training to fall back on. Which is why she goes to the roof almost immediately, shivering against the mild chill.

The Hooligan sits on a rooftop about a hundred yards from the mutant town fence, he watchs the rooftop of Rashmi's apartment building through the nightvision scope on a rather large crossbow. When he sees her exit the doorway out onto the roof he waits until she's clear of the door and fires. A large metal crossbow bolt impacting the door and sticking. The bolt is larger then normal, nearly an inch around and obviously custom made. On the shaft is the emblem of the Hooligan's Mask and the words "open me" written on it. It looks like the head is designed to unscrew.

The crossbow may not replace the phone for widespread communication anytime soon, but a metal bolt slamming into a door *does* tend to have a polarizing effect on one's attention. As the bolt slams home, she spins to face the door, *almost* stifling a startled squeak. Taking a moment to examine it, she lets out a breath and shakes her head, unscrewing the thing in place; simpler, this way, to be sure.

The bolt is filled with foam packing material and in the middle a thumb drive falls out wrapped in a paper note with the words "Sorry about that" written on it. After seeing that she found the drive the Hooligan makes himself scarce to make sure he's not spotted.

Rashmi snorts, shaking her head and chuckling at the note, and pockets the bolt entirely. Early in the morning, she'll return with Travis and a pair of pliers, but for now few enough people watch the roof that, save the occasional griller, few are likely to have a reason to notice the head embeded in the door. More important is to see what the thumb drive contains, which is why once she's entered the stairwell and closed the door behind her, out come the PDA and a small set of cheap earbuds; best not to wake the neighbors when getting secret messages, after all.

There's a single file on the drive, a video file. When played it shows the Hooligan sitting in some kind of workshop. He's not in his armor but is wearing the mask and using the voice modulator. "I apologise for the way this was delivered, but I don't know what forms of communication the church is monitoring yet so the best way to pass information right now is decidedly low-tech, unfortunatly it means it's also one-way. My work continues but at the moment I have nothing to report, my attention is split between keeping up appearances as the Hooligan and my alter-ego in the church. Though I am also working on a way to get you supplies. I don't have the details worked out yet but when I do I will make the first drop. All further messages from me on cell-phones will have the following symbol before them." The screen shows what is apparently an emoticon of his mask. "[B=<|]" The image goes back to Hooligan "If this symbol is not present, it's not me. Supply drops will be mostly food and medical supplies, there are those who support you and are gathering essentials. Have friends ready to collect these drops. Remember you are not alone in this, and not all of us Humans are hatefull bastards. I'll be in touch soon I hope with some news." The file ends there.

As the message goes on, A slow smile touches Rashmi's face, and she leans against the stairwell wall, listening to her first real thread of hope. And again. And a third time, to ensure she has the details set. "I'll be waiting," she murmurs, taking the thumbdrive out of the PDA, and slipping it into a side pocket on her bookbag. "Thanks, Hooligan…" And with that, she gets to her feet, picking her way down the stairwell and back toward her very crowded apartment.

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