2013-01-22: Metallica Soothes The Soul


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Summary: It's a late night in the rec room for those that can't sleep.

Date: January 22, 2013

Log Title: Metallica Soothes the Soul

Rating: PG

// Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Rec Room//

In the middle of the two dorm floors is a rec room and small kitchenette for the students. The kitchenette is a small crowded separate room with a table for four, refrigerator, sink, microwave and oven/stove. Students are asked to clean after whatever they cook. In the main room are couches and chairs galore. In one corner of the room in front of a large bay window is a pool table, ping pong table, a small game table and couch. The other side of the room has a large entertainment center that can play various forms of media with several video game systems and a seventy-inch flat screen television mounted on the wall. Large curved couches sit on either side with a round table in the middle.
//Another curved couch sits in a corner with a table in front of a table intended for those who wish to socialize, play cards or board games. On the far wall are two large bay windows with two arcade systems filled with over 200 classic games. Next to the two games is a large bookcase with a variety of board games. In front of one of the bay windows sits some large chairs for students to relax in. http://marvelrevolution.wdfiles.com/local--files/grid/RD%20-%20third%20floor.jpg//

Once of the convenient things about having a recreation room in the dorm rooms is that when Nick is only able to sleep an hour or two he doesn't have to wander to the other building in the cold to watch some television away. It's now two in the morning and most the lights are off in the room save the light shining from the open door of the kitchenette combined with the glowing light of the television which is halfway through playing Tombstone on DVD. On the couch however, Nicholas is sleeping fitfully with a pained sort of look on his face. The blanket he was curled up in sits on the floor from tossing and turning so much. Unintelligible moans occasionally escape him.

Sitting a ways away from Nicholas is Sophie; the blind girl is clad in a purple T-Shirt that proudly declares 'Hellsing' across the front, and she has… a pair of… jeans? Black jeans, no less. She's curled up in a seat with her leather-bound and somewhat abused bible rested in her lap. A plate with a partly eaten piece of toast sits on the armrest beside her, and as her finger moves across the braille pages, she glances occasionally in Nick's direction, as if unsure wether to wake him, or leave him to his fitful sleep.

Emerging from the kitchenette, Shane pauses in the doorway, soda can in hand, frowning at Nick's fitfully-sleeping form. Her eyes flick to Sophie briefly, and the slight young mutant turns, dipping back in to get a second can, before making her way across the common room, flopping down on the other side of the couch from the sleeping boy. After a moment's consideration, she secures her drink in her lap, fiddling with her iPod for a second, then carefully easing her earphones off her neck and onto Nicholas' head. Another quick pause to make sure the volume is set at something lower than 'head a splode,' and [Play] is punched. Seconds later, Nicholas' dreams are invaded with the slow fading-in of a Metallica ballad.
"o/~ So close, no matter how far, couldn't be much more from the heart… Forever, trusting who we are, and nothing else matters…"

There is a creaking on the stairs and then a light thud as if someone desides to jump down them instead of walking down all of them. A moment later Ellema walks into the rec room frowning some at the group there. She was expecting a fully sleeping house not a group up watching movies. She not dress for bed but a work out seems she was sneaking out for a run or something. She smiles at the group and walks over sitting on the arm of the couch, "hey what are you all doing up?" She looks at Nich, "well most of you up."

Being that close, Shane would notice the sheen of sweat that's covering Nick. When she puts the headphones on his head, Nick's eyes snap open glowing a brilliant blue and it looks like he's about to use his powers in reflex, that is until he realizes there's music playing and he's not where he thinks he is. His eyes fade back to their normal blue colour and dart over the room, a look of confusion on his face for the moment as he starts to shake slightly.

"Getting a drink," Shane grunts, letting the music play on as she nudges Nick's fingers with the second can of soda. "Watchin' Tombstone too, I guess." Not looking up, Shane keeps her eyes on the newly-wakened student, waiting for the clearing of his eyes that says he's not only settled, but aware.
"o/~ Trust I seek, and I find in you… Every day for us, something new… open mind for a different view… and nothing else matters…"

Sophie jumps at the sound of the loud thump; she sits up reflexively, and her elbow bumps the plate, causing it to slip off the armrest and plummet through the air, to land with a clatter on the floor. Being plastic, the plate doesn't break, but it does deposit toast and crumbs all over. "…I… I was just having a snack and reading my Bible," she murmurs, her cheeks turning red as she blushes fiercely. "I… couldn't sleep. And now my toast is on the floor." She bookmarks her spot before closing her Bible, and slips out of the chair to kneel on the floor, and pat about for her toast.

Ellema frowns as two of the three jump up like they did she did not mean the scare anyone, "Sorry about the toast." She kneels down and starts to help clean it, "Hey I remember you. Didn't I ask you out in the kitchen the other day?" She still trying to meet everyone and learn there names, "or was that someone else?"

Nicholas takes the soda can in his hand and looks down at it. The cold from the can and the continuing of music seems to snap him out of his daze. He pushes the headphones off of his ears and hands them back to Shane with a slightly shaking hand. "Thanks, I assume these are yours?" He says in an unsteady, quite voice. "I thought I was…" He shakes his head as he notices that it's not just him and Shane here, but a small crowd. "Why are you on the floor?" He asks Sophie, seeing she's down there.

Sophie is just picking up her toast, when Ellema shows up to help, and asks… that. "I… no, I do not think so," she stammers out. "I do not recognize your voice, and I do not think we have met. I was in Mutant Town while it was a ghetto that nobody could leave, si? And… and you would not be successful in asking me out, anyway. I have a boyfriend." She gets back up into her seat, leaving the plate of toast sitting on the floor beside the chair for the time being. "I was picking up my toast," she explains to Nicholas. "I was not sure if I should wake you or not, Nicholas."

Shane loops her earphones around her neck, nodding at the soda can. "…Dr. Pepper," she grunts, in case the light isn't enough to read by, and turns off the music. "'F I'd'a had any better ideas, I'd'a used em. 'Sides, y'almos—" Trailing off, she blinks, head turning slowly back to Sophie, getting a second glance at the blind mutant's clothes. "…*Whose* closet're you raidin', Sophie?"

Ellema nods Sophie, "ah yeah never been there I must be thinking of someones else. Sorry I didn't mean anything by it. I just trying to remember who I met and who I haven't there so many new faces it's hard to keep them all right in my head." She stances once the toast is up, "oh well the it ended the same way both times who ever she was, damn my bad memory, she said no as well." She turns to the other two, "um no I don't think I know you two as well."

"Hosea, big guy. Super possessive." Nicholas says in a distracted voice, remembering the less than pleasant run in he had with the teen when Sophie went missing. He grabs his blanket and wraps it around his shoulders, he can't seem to stop shivering for the moment. Cracking open the can of Dr. Pepper he takes a few slow sips. "Pants? You're in pants?" He says to Sophie in disbelief. "What did I almost do Shane?" Before he can get an answer, Nick looks at Ellema with a confused expression. "How do you ask someone out and not remember who they are? That seems kind of pointless and, who the heck are you anyway?" He hasnt' seen her about.

"I… Jill's clothes," Sophie admits. "We are… well, are are 'similar'. All of my clothes except the silk dress I wore out of Dracula's tower were destroyed when the dorms were damaged, and I have not been able to replace them yet, so Jill has allowed me to wear hers." She pauses, and blushes softly. "I am not fond of pants, but she only has a couple of skirts." The blind girl pauses, about to say more, when she clamps her mouth audibly shut at Nick's comments. "Hosea is not possessive," she states, very matter-of-fact, before turning to face in Ellema's general direction. "My name is Sophie," she murmurs. "You must be new here, si?"

Ellema laughs and rubs the back of her head if she was not so dark you could see her blush at the question, "no not pointless if they say yes then I would remember them. I know her really I do just her name slips my mind. She has issuse with her powers, grew up in the city but her father comes from Egypt so she looked like it, She good at baking and enjoys it, she was dressed in home made cloths and seem to like them. Oh and she not into girls but was not to upset when I asked her out." She shrugs, "so I know her just can't remember her name never been good with names." She grins proud she remembers all that. She looks over Nick, "I'm new here my name is Ellema who are you?"

"Uh…. hhhhhuh," Shane observes at Ellema's recitation of the girl's information. Shaking her head, she raises an eyebrow Sophie's way, then lifts a shoulder. "'F I hadda guess, Nick," she says, apparently choosing to remove to comfortable conversational ground, "you looked 'bout like I prolly do when I split m'knuckles onna wall, wakin' up. 'Cept y'r eyes were all glowy, so you were prolly 'bout to kick somethin' with y'head."

"Sorry, didn't mean possessive, meant protective. Didn't mean it as an insult Sophie." Nicholas says before Ellema's words sink in his brain. He opens his mouth to say something but shuts it, rubbing his temples instead. "Things I didn't need to know." He mutters. "Wow, someone who doesn't watch the news." He comments dryly as Ellema asks who he is. "Nicholas, or Nick." He looks back Shane frowning. "Sorry, just thought I was back there. Happens around two or three times a week, wake up from a nightmare thinking I'm still back there. Hate nightmares. I'm glad I didn't do anything."

Sophie purses her lips as her introduction to Ellema seems to fall on deaf ears. The blind girl gazes in the last direction where she heard the other young lady speaking from, before collecting her Bible and opening it up to the spot where she was at before. "It is alright, Nick. Hosea *is* protective, that much is true." She smiles pleasantly, and bobs her head. "I hope your nightmares end soon. I… I haven't been having them, I just cannot sleep half the time." She pauses, and tilts her head, holding her place with her finger on the page, "Shane… How have you fared, through everything that has happened?"

"Soccer-punted a Sentinel in the nuts," Shane replies promptly, lifting a shoulder. "Ain't got nothin' but m'closet t'be upset over. Not like last time. So yeah," she says, looking back at Nicholas, "know 'bout nightmares. S'cool. 'S why I figured y'prolly didn't wanna be sleepin' f'r a little."

Ellema heard Sophie but was distracted by her own words and now Nicks, "The News? Did I miss something? I know the school was attacks no to long ago but I don't know the details." She lets the bad dream think go pass with out comment s she does not know anything about it. She then turns to the blind girl, "Oh did I say hello to you Sophie? I'm sometimes rude with out trying to be so I'm sorry if I was. Hey if you like skirts I got to nice plade ones you can try out. They a little bit rocking roll like but I think you look good in them with the right top."

"Doubt it, I've been having them almost nightly for over a year." Nicholas says taking a few more sips from his can of soda. "I don't think it matters if I sleep or not, with all the nightmares I never feel rested." He looks over at the clock to see what time it is. "I got three hours of sleep so far tonight, if I'm not to scared to go back to sleep, I might get up to five. I miss real sleep." He looks at Ellema with an exhausted expression. "If you missed it, don't worry about it, for the better."

"I… No, that is alright," Sophie replies, blushing once more at the offer of skirts. "I know Jill quite well, so it is different, si? I would rather not borrow clothes from someone I have only just met. It would be strange." She flips to the next page in her Bible, and arches an eyebrow upwards. "You kicked a Sentinel? Shane, that is impressive. We fought them in Mutant Town, too, but I did nothing like that." She pauses, and shakes her head slowly. "I wish I knew how to help, Nick," she murmurs. "But… for what it is worth, you can always talk to me if you want to, si?"

"Yeah," Shane murmurs to Nick, sipping at her soda, "been there. Sorry, Nick." Sitting back against the couch, she arches an eyebrow at the TV. "…That the dude from ALiens? Huh."

Ellema sighs as she seems to be striking out with this group but she not a quiter and she looks at Nick, "hey if you like you can come Parkour with me I like to get a night run in it tire you out and maybe you get some good sleep after that. I can't promise anything I not one who knows a lot about dreams or night terror or anything but it's can't hurt."

Nicholas shrugs a shoulder. "I guess Sophie, not really sure what to say but thanks, for the offer." He says not unkindly. "Yeah, that's the same guy from Aliens. Stay Frosty. Good movie but not really one I put on to try to fall back to sleep too. Tombstone, I've seen it so many times it's a good distraction movie. Helps me to not think." Ellema though gets a confused expression from Nicholas. "What? Par what? Night run? It's cold as heck outside, Orion's lucky enough I'm able to get out there a few times a day, at least the stable is heated."

Sophie's brow furrows, and she looks back and forth between Shane, Nicholas, and Ellema. "You have all lost me," she murmurs at last. "I gather that Tombstone and Aliens are both films, si? But I did not watch either of them when I could still see… what are they about?" She pauses, and perks one eyebrow upwards. "And, what is Parkour? That is a French term, but I do not know what it is?"

"Parkour," Shane repeats, lifting a shoulder. "Y'know, like the Assassin's Creed dude? Some guys do it back in LA, piss th'cops off almost as bad as the boardheads do." Raising an eyebrow at Ellema, the slight young mutant looks out the window for a moment. "…Ain't much 'round here t'do that in, though… …Unless you're a lunatic like Chloe, 'n jump off third-story roofs to chill out. City's better to run in." That said, she looks to Sophie. "TOmbstone's a Western. Like, the Westernest Western ever came outta the nineties. Aliens… Well prolly you wouldn't like it. Mostly shootin' an' screamin' an' monsters comin' outta the goddamn walls, man."

Ellema sits back down on the couch arm and watches the movie, "Parkour ever see someone on the street or on Youtube who doing flips and jumping over stuff that's Parkour. It's pretty much extreme running and jumping. As for the cold once your moving and really going you really don't feel it until stopping then it's freezing." She then smiles at Shane, "yeah cops are not fans of us. I think I can jump off a three story roof with my powers have not testd that out but I seems to be able stick to walls a little. Well around her I go to the woods and use the trees and rocks to do stuff off of. Not as good as in the city but it's not bad."

"Aliens is a movie about, well Aliens and the Colonial Marines, basically space marines, fighting them. Long story short, I mean there's a lot more to it but hard to get into. Tombstone is a movie about Wyatt Earp. Cowboy movie." Nicholas adds to Shane's descriptions. "Assassin's Creed is pretty awesome, especially Ezio. Haven't played the third one yet, feels kind of weird. Used to play all those games as soon as they came out. It's pretty cool the stuff Ezio can do but me doing it…I'd rather stick to riding my horse."

"…Oh. Well." She pauses, and scratches the back of her head. "My favorite movie is still Titanic," she replies, with a smile. "I listen to it every now and then." She pauses, and shakes her head slowly. "I do not know what 'Assassin's Creed' is, but I gather it is a video game. I still do not understand what Parkour is." She flips a page in her Bible. "What are your powers, Ellema? If you do not mind my curiosity."

Shane coughs into her hand, apparently having a bit of soda go down the wrong tube for a second there. "Parour at night inna forest sounds like th'best way ever t'break y'leg. Arm. Neck. Name y'bone," she says, once she recovers, but seemingly can't think of much else to say, other than an offhanded shrug in Nick's direction.

Ellema nods, "yeah I rather use that room they have down stairs but the staff said it off limits. I don't know why they call it the danger room seems more like a game to me. I bet I could come up with sick course for parkour on theat thing with some rad music. As for the woods at night I run it durning the day first and make sure it safe before I run it at night. I also keep it simple in the dark no flips just jumps and stuff."

When Sophie mentions Titanic being her favourite movie, the look on Nicholas' face is one of obvious distaste. He mouths the word 'Titanic?' to Shane as if it say 'how could anyone like that crap?' "Yes, it's a video game, really cool one. Speaking of video games, I think I'm gonna head back to my room and play around on the PS Vita for a bit before trying to catch a few more hours of sleep with classes tomorrow." He gives Shane a one armed hug. "Thanks, for snapping me out of it earlier. Sophie, have a good night. You don't look bad in patns, you look like a normal teenager. Ellema, well, it was cool meeting you. G'night girls."

Sophie uhhs softly, "I… do not think I like the thought of someone running around like a crazy person in teh woods at night," she replies, an ounce of strain entering her voice. "I got a bit lost outside late in the evening, once, and several men threatened me, just for being a mutant. It was very frightening… Please, Ellema, do not risk getting into that kind of mess, si?" She tilts her gaze upwards, and lifts a hand to wave to Nick. "Take care, Nick, and God bless you," she murmurs, and smiles. "I am glad to hear I look good in pants. …But I still prefer skirts."

Shane falls silent for a bit, once Sophie pleads for Ellema's safety, hunting instead for the TV remote. "Welp… think 'm just 'bout caffeinated enough t'sleep," she says, turning the TV off and standing. "G'night, Sophie. Night, uh… Ellema," she says after a short pause, perhaps to remember the name. "Later." And with that, she pulls her headphones up over her head, wandering toward the elevators, and her own dorm.

Ellema Waves to Nick as he goes then looks at Sophie, "really? there people like that in the woods around here? I never really thought of it that way I mean I thought it be safer here then the projects I grew up in." She looks at Shane and then looks back to Sophie, "I'm sorry did I say something wrong she seems mad at me for some reason?"

"Good night, Shane, and God bless you," Sophie murmurs. She listens to the other girl departing, and shakes her head slowly. "No, you did not," she murmurs to Ellema. "Do not worry about her, she is fine. But, I am going to go to bed and try to sleep also, I think." She stands up, and flicks her cane out to full length before bending to collect the plate of toast. "It has been good to meet you, Ellema. Take care, si?" And with that, she taps her way to put her plate in the washing machine, but the toast… the toast she eats, even if it has been on the floor, though she seems not to really think about it, before making her own way to the elevators.

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