2011-03-22: MGH Dealers Vs Toadies


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Summary: Hooligan, Travis, Fiona and Tabitha intervene in a little drug gang shoot out.

Date: March 22, 2011

Log Title: MGH Dealers vs Toadies

Rating: R

NYC - Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's early evening in Central Park and those days of warm weather were short lived as there is already a cold chill in the air and talk of snow. Travis is in the park wearing a long jacket that hides four out of six of his arms as he sits on a bench writing on a note pad. It isn't until the sound of gun shots in the distant are heard that he perks up and jumps out of the bench to rush towards the area he thinks they're coming from.

Fiona happens to be hanging around in the park - go figure, right? At any rate, she's not exactly used to gunfire going off, so her first order of business (after cringing a little and rubbernecking) is to dark behind a tree. There's a slight purple flash as she opens the portal she keeps her wands in, drawing them out; better be prepared, right?

A young rat girl is out and about in the park as well; Tabitha is dressed in her biker leathers, and keeps her hands thrust deep in her pockets as she walks along. The cold doesn't seem to be bothering her quite as much as it might be most people; perhaps having fur really is good for something. Of course, at the sound of gunshots, her ears perk up and her back straightens. She tilts her head and her nose twitches as she sniffs in the direction of the sound, before she, too, turns and heads in that direction. Along the way she unzips her jacket; she reaches up under her armpits for her holsters, and… oh. "Damnit… I want my guns back," she mutters.

Maxwell grunts as he feels the impact of the bullets on his shield, he turns and hurls the steel and kevlar disk at the shooter as he spin-kicks a second thug that was swinging a chain at him. Grinning under the mask as the ganger goes down with a spray of blood and a few teeth. It's been weeks since anyone has last seen the vigilante but he's hit the streets once again and come across the gang brawl. Knowing that either one or both of these groups has been pushing the toad drug he decided to crash the party and turn this into a three-way dance. As he pulls the sawed-off shotgun from it's scabbard on his back he ponders why he ever wanted to give this up… it's party time.

Once Travis gets to where the fight is taking place he sees two groups of about ten to twelve men each. Some are hiding behind benches, others trees, popping out to fire a few shots before ducking behind cover again. "You Toad dealers aren't welcome here. This is our turf." Says one of the guys before he reaches into his coat pocket and pops a pill into his mouth. With in moments he increases in size, ripping out of his clothing, and lets out an angry roar before charging one of the men from the opposing group to close line him.

Maxwell has draw a bit of attention to himself and a few are concentrating on him. "Show him that flat lines don't stand a chance here, not him nor those MGH freaks." He says before opening a spray of fire at Maxwell with an automatic weapon.

Maxwell dives and rolls, a tear-gas canister left in his wake to sputter and spray the stinging fog into the air. He roll brings him directly in front of the goon with the automatic as a few bullets collide with his body-armor and tear a chunk of leather and Kevlar from his right shoulderguard. He levels the shotgun one-handed and fires point-blank towards the knee of the shooter, even non-lethal riot rounds at that range are going to break bone. As he rises to his feet wether the shot lands or not he's bringing the butt-end of the shutgun in a vicious uppercut towards the shooter's chin. "Wrong scumbags.. this is MY TURF! You've pushed your last pill and I'll deal with the mutant posers in a second!"

As she nears the ongoing violence, Tabitha hunches down low to the ground as she makes her approach. Eventually, she picks a garbage can to use for cover, and kneels down behind it, careful to tuck her tail out of view as well. She pauses, and holds her breath as she peeks carefully over the top of the can, trying to gauge what's going on; who's fighting, what they're fighting over, and… who's winning.

Fiona blinks; silly gangers… She's half tempted to just let them tear each other apart. That would be justice, right? And that way they'd just take care of themselves… but on the other hand, well, where'd be the fun in that? She creeps a little bit closer to the fight before stepping out into the open to get a clear shot. Taking careful aim with the wand in her right hand, she seems to charge up for a second or so - hand glowing a brilliant purple. "Hey idiot, think fast!" she shouts, right before a nice fat energy beam of the same color streaks out through the night across the field - aimed directly at big 'n ugly there who just burst out of his clothes. He seems like probably the biggest threat.

Rushing forward Travis shrugs off his jacket and manages to get right up one one of the guys and get his hand on the back of his neck and shortly the guy starts throwing up into the grass. One of his mates upon seeing this fires a a few shots at Travis.
Maxwell's tear-gas takes down about half the men fighting on one side. They're on their knees coughing with tears coming out of their eyes and junk out of their nose. The shooter is hit in the knee and falls over, the spray going wild.
As Fiona fires at Big and Ugly the blast seems to do little harm to him and just proves to make him even more mad. He turns and roars at Fiona and chargers her with both fists raised over his head that he slams down to knock her into the dirt.
With have the Toad Juice members down, five more guys take pills and seem to power up and charge on the weakened gang.

Maxwell holsters the shotgun and switchs to his bat. He clubs the shooter in the arm and kicks the gun away before dashing into the cloud of gas. Protected by his mask he seeks to take out as many of the gangers as he can while they're trying to recover. At the moment not having come into contact with the Roid-ragers yet as he swings the bat for knockout blows on the disabled gangers.

Fiona's eyes go wide as the blast does NOT knock down the opponent; and she is thusly knocked into the dirt! It hurts… a lot! She's rather confused; she doesn't have that much experience fighting other super powered opponents, but that normally sends people flying! Crazy. For the moment, she seems to have had the wind knocked out of her, gasping for breath; she managed to avoid taking a direct shot to the head at the last second but…

Travis gets his energy shield up just in time to deflect the shot from the gun though it does push him back a bit and causes one of the guys who just popped the MGH to breath fire at him. Travis immediately drops to the ground to put out any flames that are there.
The guy that Maxwell is beating on is down for the count and Maxwell wades through the crowd. Unlike the MGH dealers, the Toad Juice guys don't seem to have much in regards for powers and are easily laid out in a heap.
Big and Ugly upon seeing Fiona down reaches down to grab her with both hands. If he's able to get a grip on her he is going to slowly squeeze the girl. "Don't interupt silly girl." He growls. "If you're not with us you're with the Toadies."

Tabitha's attention perks up as she watches everything going on; including Fiona getting bashed down into the dirt. The rat girl snaps up to her feet and she sucks in a deep breath. "Fiona! Roll!" She thrusts her hand down into the trashcan and comes up with someone's McDonald's cup, still with a fair bit of pop sloshing around in it; she clutches it tightly as she skirts around the edge of the fight until she is close enough. Thereupon, she hurls the cup at the Big'n'Ugly wannabe mutant. "Hey! Tough guy! You *SUCK!*" she shouts, lips curled back in a snarl.

Maxwell lays out the last of the toadies and turns just in time to duck a charing punch from one of the ragers. "Whoa! Somone got pumped up… ok Ah-nuld let's see what you got." He drops the bat and draws his new experimental weapons from his belt. A pair of tonfa built from steel pipes, a pair of metal prongs sticking from the short end closest to the handle. "You wanna-bes are just pathetic.. let's dance bluto."

Fiona finally catches her breath, rolling out of the way at the last second - if there's one thing that being small is good for, it's wriggling through tight spaces! As she crawls, she's charging up another blast - not sure if it'll work. "What's this guy made of, titanium? That last one would've knocked a normal person on their butt no problem!" She finally gets to her feet again, running to attempt to get some distance between her and the big brute.

With all the Toadies laid out it leaves just the MGH dealers. Six of them seem to be sporting super powers with three of them super charged with the Ah-nuld super strength, durability package, one with fire breath and two others just displaying their powers now. One reaches out a hand to cause the ground to rumble to hopefully knock Tabitha off her feet while the sixth one flies up into the air.
Travis rolls out of the way of another firey blast and hops up to his feet and charges him, touching him with one of his hands. There's a scream of pain from the MGH fire breather as Travis freezes his arm.
The cup hits Big n' Ugly upside the head and he turns his attention to Tabitha, ripping a bench out of the ground and hurling it at the rat girl.

Maxwell charges one of the brutes, they're stronger but he's willing to bet he's faster. Once within reach of the brusier he ducks and comes in low and fast, trying to whack the brute in the knee with the tonfa while moving past him to try and avoid any retaliation.

The park bench goes sailing straight over Tabitha's head, as the rat mutant executes a graceful dive followed by a roll. It goes off perfectly, right up until the tremors catch up with her. She's halfway done standing up, when she's straight back down on her back. She oomphs as the wind goes out from her lungs, and for a moment she lays there, legs askew as she gulps in a deep breath. She blinks and shakes her head, before swinging her legs in the air, generating the momentum to jump back to her feet. As she stands, she tilts her gaze in Travis' direction. The rat girl holds one finger up, looking at the big'n'ugly one. "Be right back." She turns, and charges just a few feet towards the six-limbed one; and when she turns around once more, a glowing energy sword springs into being in her right hand. "Alright… how about now?"

The two brutes take swipes, swings and kicks at Maxwell but he's too fast for the brutes. After a bit of the dance the MGH drug starts to wear off and the big and uglies seem to shrink in size and go back to being normal men, much easier to beat on now.
The one who got ice chilled by Travis' hand tries to fight back and a few punches are exchanged between the two before Travis seems to have knocked the guy out. He stands up and looks around to see that there are two men down and about eight left standing but their powers seems to be fading fast.

Maxwell grins and flips the tonfa around as the men start to shrink. "Awwww… when enlargement last less than five minutes.. consult a doctor." He presses buttons on the handles of each tonfa and jams the prongs into the two he was fighting. The cattle-prods built into the steel tubing giving both enough of a jolt to drop.. well.. a cow. "Might wanna see a doctor about that too."

Tabitha picks Big'n'Ugly once more, and wades back into the fray. "Aww… shrinking." She grins toothily, and wings her sword around in a wide arc aimed for the brute's knees; albeit using the flat, instead of the edge. If the blow should connect, she'll switch her grip on the sword and swing her arm upwards, to bash the man in the temple with the pommel. She'll finish up with an unceremonious boot to the groin, before stepping back to admire her handiwork. Either way, her ears swivel around her, listening for the sounds of any reason why she might have to duck in a hurry.

Fiona pauses with her running; though she's got quite a blast charged up, she doesn't unleash it on the remaining baddies just yet. Not when it looks like they're about to go down anyway, when she might hit one of the others. At least, she ASSUMES they're friendly…

Two more men go down from Maxwell's tonfa and they don't prove hard to continue fighting now that they're artificial powers have worn off. Tabitha is successful with the sword and takes out a few more and Travis uses his powers to make one more sick to the point where he can't fight anymore. It doesn't take long until there are close to two dozen men on the ground injured and groaning. There are also a few suitcases in the area filled with various types of illegal goods, most are locked though.
Once it's all over Travis goes to pick up his jacket and slides it back on to hide his extra arms out of habit.

Maxwell shakes his head and gives one of the former brutes a kick out of spite. Walking to where the suitcases are he returns the tonfa to his belt and removes the halligan bar from it's scabbard. Wedging the prybar end into the seam on the suitcase he rests a foot on top of it and wrenchs the bar back trying to force it open. "Let's see what you punks were pushing.."

Tabitha looks down at the brute at her feet, and allows the sword in her hand to vanish. "Don't move," she says to the man in a flat tone of voice. "Or I'll give your family jewels another steel toe treatment." She flashes a grin, before she turns and meanders over towards Maxwell, tail swaying in the air behind her legs. "Hey! So like… Who are you two, anyway? I know her already." She glances towards Travis and Fiona, before she comes to a stop beside the apparent vigilante, looking over his shoulder at what's in the briefcase.

Fiona breathes a sigh of relief once they're all down, letting the powered up energy ball on her right hand fade; bit of a shame, 'cause it really would've packed a punch! No point in hitting anybody with it now, though. Once the adrenaline burst leaves her, however, she realizes just how much that kinda hurt. "Oww," she rubs her left side gingerly, from her shoulder down to her ribs. "What the hell was that guy? He hit like a train!"

"Hexas." Travis says to Tabitha only giving her his codename. He watches as Maxwell opens the brief cases reveling canisters of MGH and tabs of Toad Juice along with a lot of cash. "Wow…I guess these drug problems are really starting to get bad."

Maxwell looks to the others, Travis he remembers and gives a nod to before removing folded mesh bag from a belt pouch and shaking it out. He grabs a few handfulls of cash from each case and stuffs them into the bag before walking over to regain his shield that was thrown earlier. Looking over the fallen thugs he shakes his head. "Low-levels pushers and a few enforcers. Not even worth interrogating. If I were you kids I'd get the hell out of here, by now somone has called the cops."

A scowl crosses Tabitha's face, and she crosses her arms. "I'm not a kid," she declares. She looks over her shoulder, and turns to face Travis, while still keeping an eye on the goings on. "…Patches," she replies. "Good to meet you, Hexas." She gives Fiona a look, to make sure the other girl is alright, and nods towards her without saying anything. "I'm going, but let me grab some of their stuff first. I know someone I'm sure would like to see it, he might be able to help fight the rest of these bozos."

Travis gives Tabitha a weary look but as for Maxwell he nods. "Right, thanks and take care." He says before nodding to the two girls and heading off. Besides he has to get back to his school and explain why he's a bit bruised and beat up along with letting them know the situation.

Fiona doesn't exactly have a code-name - so she doesn't introduce herself; Tabitha already knows her anyway. As for being okay; she's moderately okay. Still walking, but one arm is held limp at her side; she's messaging it with her free hand that doesn't appear to have been injured. "I guess I still need a bit more practice," she admits at length, half grinning, half grimacing, before she decides to take Max's advice and start to get a move on.

Maxwell looks over as Tabitha moves for the drugs. "I catch you selling any of that, you'll get the same as these punks wether you're a mutant or not." He perks up as the sounds of sirens drift on the air. "Time to go.." He dashes off and vanishes into some brush, a second later there's the sound of an engine and he speeds out of the brush on a heavy street bike and takes off.

Tabitha picks up a briefcase, and uses her belt to secure it across her back. "I'm not gonna sell it," she replies, "I'm gonna take it to Mr. Stark. Maybe he can analyze it or… I dunno." She shrugs her shoulders, before turning towards the bushes herself. "Or maybe he'll just throw it in the trash and tell me I'm an idiot, but either way it's worth askin'." She grins, and then steps into the underbrush, moving on light and nimble feet back to where she parked her Ninja.

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