2009-02-02: MGH Lab


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Summary: Eddie and Daisuke come across an MGH lab and the goons who over see it.

Date: February 2, 2009

Log Title MGH Lab Bust

Rating: PG-13 (Violence)

NYC - 59th Street

59th Street runs east to west along uptown Manhattan forming a border between Midtown and Uptown Manhattan. Central Park can be found off of 59th Street and from here it's obvious where the upper class of Manhattan lives.

Eddie's a bit bundled up for the cold but his eye is healed! In celebration of this and the fact that he's found out he passed an exam with a B+ when he thought he failed it completely, Eddie's decided to come out into the city. He's invited Dai along, wanting to spend time with his friend. Currently, he's walking alongside him with a smile. "It's gonna snow pretty bad tonight," he remarksto the other mutant, tugging his backpack up a bit.

Not one to turn down his best friend, he willing gets dragged along to the city. "Snow's not too bad. I'm not a huge fan of the cold but I think everything is kind of pretty when it snows. I should try to paint the gardens after a snow fall." He says, having not done that yet. "And I'm so happy you got a B+ Eddie."

Eddie nods. "Yeah, things do look kinda nice. Especially up at the school…" he trails off. "I'd really like to see that painting. I'm sure it'd be great," he says, reaching over to give Dai a quick side hug. He blushes as the test is brought up. "Thanks, Dai. And thanks for helping me study so much. I was worried I was gonna fail b-" he's cut off by the sound of garbage cans crashing. Eddie jumps and looks to Dai before glancing toward an alley the sound came from. "What was that?" he wonders, starting to walk towards the alley.

"What was what? It was probably and alley cat or alley rat or something." Daisuke says figuring that in New York City, a garbage can getting knocked over is nothing. He sighs as he starts to follow Eddie. "It's probably nothing Eddie." He says, hoping it's nothing because if it's something, he's probably screwed.

Eddie frowns a little. "It could be but what if someone's in trouble, Dai?" Eddie asks, tone getting quiet. And it is something. There's another crash, a cry of pain, and then the sound of a weapon firing quietly. "Hurry up, you clods before a cape shows up!" an annoyed female voice parks an order. Eddie squeaks and quickly ducks behind a dumpster, reaching out to grab Dai and bring him along. Farther up the alley, a woman in skimpy pink clothing is holding what looks like a sci-fi pistol of some kind while two thuggish men pick up a woman who seems to have bright green skin, and carry her into a nearby door.

Daisuke looks over at Eddie and obviously pales a bit, nervous as he's dragged along. He does want to help but he is also pretty sure he's going to come out injured. It's just the way of things. He stops when he sees the woman in pink and just stares at her for a bit. "Eddie…oh man…I'm going to try to see if I can find a weakness for her." He says.

"It's Delilah," Eddie whispers, swallowing a bit. Weaknesses become apparent to Dai in the form of overrelieance in weaponry, overconfidence, and a bit of a speed problem. Eddie bites his lip. "Dai…" he says. It's likely that Dai can already tell what Eddie's thinking and what he wants to do. "We gotta do something," he says, hands drifting towards his pockets.

"I know Eddie." Dai says quietly back. The haven't been noticed yet so he figures they do have a bit of an edge. "I don't know who Delilah is but her overconfidence is her weakness." He says as he goes to take a deep breath and scream at the two thugs hoping to catch them off guard and knock them backwards.

Eddie starts to say something but ends up cut off by Dai's scream. While Delilah just yells and covers her ears, the two thugs drop the woman they carry as they're knocked off their feet. "What now?" Delilah growls, putting her one weapon away and taking out another from the many holsters on her hip. Eddie jumps, hands going into his pockets and coming back out in the Goblin Gauntlets. "She's a mercenary that fought Spider-Man and Riccochet. Used to word for a badguy called The Rose," he explains quickly, rising and letting loose an electrical blast at the woman, knocking her off her feet as well.

"Eddie I know I'm smart but I didn't study superheroes like you." Daisuke says as the information doesn't mean much to him. He runs forward a bit and stops. "I don't know who you are, but you're not taking her." He says as he takes a deep breath and screams again, but this time it's a different pitch and just aimed for Thud A, it's something he's practiced in the danger room, hitting a certain pitch to try to stun someone.

The thugs are starting to get up and Delilah is pulling herself out of the garbage can she'd fallen on. "Did you idiots lose another one?" she yells to the thugs. Thug A takes the sonic scream right in the face, falling back down stunned. Thug B meanwhile has gotten back up and takes a step towards Daisuke, stopping when something hits him in the side of the head and pops into a cloud of thick red smoke. He thug starts coughing and sputtering, eyes wattering. "Okay, stonger than I thought they'd be," Eddie says as he comes up alongside Dai.

Hey one thugs fallen down and the other has a smoke bomb in his face and Daisuke can't help but turn to Eddie with a grin on his face. He turns back. "Another one?!" He says obviously thinking that this is more than one person they abducted. "You leave the girl and we won't beat you..um..down." He says giving a warning.

Eddie returns the smile but appears a little nervous when Delilah gets back to her feet. She doesn't seem impressed. "Children," she says, taking something off he leg holster that turns out to be a knife of some kind. "You've had your playtime. Quiet down and I promise not to cut off anything you might want to keep," the woman threatens. "She…is tougher than she looks…" Eddie whispers, scars lighting up bright blue as he boosts his friend. "Hit her with a big one," he suggests.

"And you zap that other guy." Daisuke says back as he looks to Delilah. "Yes, I think I can quiet down." Daisuke says with a smile before taking a deep breath and taking a few steps forward. He lets out a scream for as much force as he can at Delilah.

"Careful, Bro," Eddie warms his friend, clearly concerned as he turns, gauntlets sparking. Delilah vaguely wonders if she'll get a bonus for bringing two extra subjects in but scowls when Daisuke steps forward. The scream sends the woman flyng down the alley way and into a wall, glass breaking in the way. There's a flash of light behind Dai and a thud as Thug B goes down. Eddie goes over to check on the woman on the ground, looking up into the building the men were trying to carry her into. "Dai…" he pauses, eyes going wide. "We have a problem!"

Since Delilah's gone flying backwards, Daisuke thinks she's not a problem and he goes to join Eddie and looking in the doorway. "What, please tell me she's not dead." (re)

Eddie shakes his head. "No, just stunned. That's the problem," he says, pointind inside. The first room looks normal enough, just a table with cards, chips, snacks, and empty beer cans on it. There's a security concole nearby too. It's the room beyond, through a broken doorway that Eddie seems to be focusing on. There's several person-sized tanks in there filled with greenish yellow liquid. And floating in each tank is an underwear clad person. Men and women, some rather obviously mutant. "Oh boy…" Eddie squeaks.

Daisuke lets out a gasp and there's something that hits him as he sees the people. "Oh god. MGH…" He lets out, as he's actually read about the drug. He doesn't care if he's being reckless. He just runs forward towards the room in back, grabbing a chair on the way to try to smash open the glass. He's been used as an experiment before, he doesn't like it happening to other people. It's kind of a blind, upset, anger that's running through him that he only focuses on getting them out.

"What?" Eddie exclaims. "Dai!" he yelps as his friend goes. Cheetoes fall from the folding chair as it's picked up. "What the hell? Somebody stop that kid!" someone yells in the room Dai rushes into before SMASH. Glass shatters, sterile smelling liquid spills out to soak shoes and pant legs, and Dai ends up with a college student toppling onto him. Seconds later, guns can be heard firing. A dart strikes Dai in the arm but has no effect thanks to his powers. It's followed by the sound of an engine revving and a crackle of electricty shooting by. A man cries out in pain as Eddie flies in on the Goblin Glider. "Dai! Are you alright?" he asks, crouching down to try and help his friend off the floor.

"No, they're using these people as experiments Eddie." Daisuke as he gets up with Eddie's help. "They shouldn't be used as experiements." He definately seems pissed and upset as he grabs the dart and pulls it out of his arm, before throwing it down. "I swear, they're not going to get away with this."

Eddie goes a little pale, looking around. "MGH," he says, echoing what Dai said earlier. He looks around and then down at the man Dai freed. "Alright. I'll keep the goon squad busy and you help the people out of the tubes then we run for it?" he suggests. "Just be careful? And use the switches?"

Daisuke is a bit wet from the liquid in the tube and looks to Eddie. "No, we stick together, we can deal with the goons and then come back and resuce them." He says not wanting to leave Eddie alone. If something happened to either one of them, they'd both feel guility. "Well, they know we're here, lets go." Daisuke says heading towards the door where they goons are.

Eddie frowns slightly but revs the glider and goes high. It's a big room with some catwalks and corridoors leading to other places. Several goons with guns are coming into the area. Some have tranq-guns and others guns with bullets. They all open fire when they see the teen mutants, Eddie responding with smoke bombs followed by electric blasts while doing his best to dodge on that glider. The whole time, his powers are active and boosting Dai.

As Daisuke steps out he's instantly puts up a sonic shield with which the bullets jsut seem to stop at and drop the the ground. He doesn't move but lets himself be a target while Eddie flies. There's a thrum of sound along with a sight wavering infront of him of the shield. After a while though the shield is broken through and a bullet just grazes Daisuke's arm. He doesn't notice and takes a deep breath to aim a sonic blast at a group of the me.

Eddie continues to fly about, doing his best Goblin Impersonation with his smoke and pepper bombs. Any of the men that stumble out of the smoke get picked off his Goblin Gauntlets. He's taken a few grazes but thankfully avoided a full on hit. The sonic blast from Dai takes severl of the men down, one falling off the cat walk and to a pile of boxes below. Suddenly, a knife comes flying out of nowhere and slams into the wall near where Eddie just was. It's Delilah. She's back and mad!

This is why Daisuke couldn't leave Eddie alone, he wanted to be there just incase. "YOU!" He shouts at her. He's mad and isn't thinking as clearly as he should. He just charges her to tackle her to the ground. When you're really pissed at someone, you don't just want to hit them with a sonic scream, you want to punch them in their face. "People aren't experiments!" He says trying to physically attack her.

"Dai! Don't!" Eddie yells. It's a bit too late though. Deliliah just smirks side-stepping Dai and sending a rather hard kick at his back to knock him back towards the tanks. "This is just a paycheck, kid. I don't give a damn what happenes to these people," she says, walking towards Daisuke slowly. Eddie tries to dive down to help but some gunfire keeps him dodging.

The kick connects into Daisuke and connects hard and he crashes back into one of the tanks. That'll hurt later, but right now, he's just fulled on adrenaline. "People aren't experiments." He growls out before realzing something. He starts to breath hard and slump to the ground, overconfidence is a weakness right, play possum and act like you're more hurt than you are. His plan is to take her off guard.

Deliah just rolls her eyes, taking a weapon off her leg-holster. A small glimmer of sparkles later and it becomes a sword. "Just shut up, kid. Make it easy on yourself and your little friend and come along before I start amputating," she growls, approaching slowly.

Daisuke looks up at Eddie, it's a look that he hopes says 'trust me' and he waits, looking back at Deliah as he tries to scramble to get away from her. He just knows he as to wait until she starts to raise the sword up to attack and once she's about to, he knows her guard will be down and he'll scream at her.

Eddie appears very worried up above. As much as he'd like to stay and watch, a bullet wizzing by causing him to go back into dodge mode. Meanwhile, Deliah just keeps walking. "As much as I enjoy this, you're causing too much annoyance," she growls, sword raising up.

Now's the right time, and Daisuke hopes it work. "Fuck you." He actually swears at her before letting out a scream hoping to throw her backwards and take her out, if not, he doesn't know what he'll do.

The scream hits Deliah full on and once again she goes flying. The woman smashes through a compter console and out of sight. This causes the tanks containing the people to start draining. "Wh-…uggg…what happened?" comes from near Dai. The guy he first free has woken up. There's an explosion from somewhere farther away and Eddie comes skidding to a halt nearby, hopping off the glider and folding it up before stuffing it back into his backpack. "Outta power," he mutters. "Dai, we have to go -now-."

"Not with out these people Eddie." Daisuke says, not sure what to do about them. He rushes over to the guy whose just getting up. "We'll explain later, we just have to get out of here." Trying to help who he can before they get out of the place.

"I didn't mean without them," Eddie replies quickly. "I've got an idea…it's kinda crazy but I got one," he says. "Everyone! C'mon, follow us!" he calls, waving his arms a bit to try and get attention. Deliah meanwhile is getting back up. "You're not going anywhere yo-ARRG!" she yells, one of the people coming out of the takes launching a blast of fire at the woman. "That'll slow her down but won't stop her," Eddie seems worried. "Let's go," he says, moving to help people and lead the group towards one of the doorways.

Daisuke nods and lets Eddie lead now. Since Eddie is taking the lead, Daisuke will take the rear, making sure everyone's out and that Delilah's down, before following after everyone. He's got a few injuries but nothing serious. (re)

Eddie's got some injuries too and will probably notice them later when then adreniline wears off. Through the doorway, they reach a garage area. There's a truck and a pair of gunmen start to raise their weapons. One gets zapped by Eddie and the other shot with some kind of energy by one of the people. Eddie runs over to the drivers side door and pokes his head in. "Keys in the ignition. Everybody in! We're out of here!" he calls, gesturing to the back of the truck as he climbs in the cab.

"Eddie, do you want me to get in the cab with you or in the back with the others?" Daisuke asks moving to go to the back, but if Eddie wants him up front, he'll change his mind.

Eddie looks nervous, offering a smile. It's not a big truck or and 18-wheeler or anything…sort of like a modified armored truck in terms of build with an openable window between the cab and back. Eddie considers a moment before shooting the door controls with the gauntlet, the garage doors opening as he climbs in. "I'll be fine," he says with a nervous little laugh. "Keep them okay back there?" he asks, starting the engine.

Daisuke gives Eddie a smile back but there's that nervousness that says 'do you know how to drive?'. "Definately." He says returning the smile before getting in back with the load of people to try to keep the calm and maybe explain what happened.

Maybe. Maybe would be the answer. Eddie knows the basics of driving but he's never been behind the wheel of a real car and crashed the simulation twice. As he's starting to pull out of the garage carefully, Deliah can be seen smashing through the wall. "Get back here!" she roars. Eddie slides the window open. "Dai! Call the school. I already called the cops and the Avengers Hotline but it looks like we're on our own until they get here," he says, turning onto the street and letting out a squeak.

Daisuke picks up his phone and calls the school to let them know the situation. Once he's done he looks back to Eddie. "How come I get this feeling that we've just made our first enemy and it's not the last we're going to see of her? And MGH…." He lets out a sigh and sits down, now all those injures are finally begining to be noticed.

Eddie's started to notice his injuries as well, and that's not good as he's already making it a bumpy ride. This is ofcourse making those people in back unhappy. A few are paniced, some are calm, one guy's trying to flirt (only to get slapped), that unconscious woman is still out old, and the youngest is crying for his mother. Eddie listens to Dai and starts to say something only to squeak. "Because she's chasing us!" he yelps. And Delilah is chasing them, running after the truck. She doesn't have super speed but she's pretty quick and the truck isn't going nearly as fast as it could be.

"Oh…" Daisuke just shakes his head instead of swearing. He was about to go try to comfort the little one but he has to keep her away and not let her get back these people. "People are not paychecks." He says as he opens the top part of one of the doors to try the trick he used before and hit that pitch where it will stun her so she's at least out cold for a bit.

The rush of wind that comes from opening that back door upets the passengers more but they'll live with it. Delilah starts to shoot her weapon but gets hit with the sonic scream first. She goes down like a ton of bricks, cracking the pavement as sirens can be heard. "Ohmanohmanohmanohman!" Eddie can be heard up front, driving his way back up to the school.

Daisuke shuts the door and apologizes to the people. "Just drive Eddie, she should be out for a while." He says as he finally sits down, breathing hard. "We're okay." He breaths out smiling a bit. "We're okay."

"I barely know how," Eddie squeaks, hoping no one heard that. The people in back listen to Dai for a moment before going right back to the mix of panic, calm, and crying. There's a pause as the truck weaves for a moment. "SORRY!" Eddie yells out the window before getting back to driving. It will be a long one back to Xavier's.

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