2009-06-14: Midnight Meeting


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Summary: Students and a teacher run into one another in the kitchen.

Date: June 14, 2009

Log Title: Midnight Meeting

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's around midnight down in the Xavier Mansion and most people have gone to bed. With the normal school year just ending, there's not too much for the school's newest teacher to do. Robert Weyrin, deciding to take a break from writing up lesson plans for when school restarts in August, had been down in the gym. But now that the work out was over, he's up in the kitchen. Not bothering with an illusion right now due to thinking he's the only one around, he appears to be just a pair of work out pants and a tank-top walking around as if a person were wearing them. No person to be seen though. "Water, water, water…" he mutters, digging through the fridge.

Vladimir has been a little down as cool as his new powers are it's nights like this he misses his old powers the most. He could be surfing the school computer system looking at profiles and such. He walks into the kitchen feeling a little hungry and he going make him self a midnight snack. He walks into the kitchen and sees the pants and frowns, "oh it's you."

Only having been brought to the Xavier's Institute a day prior, Robin is pretty much just tentatively exploring the mansion. His hands are tucked into the pockets of his hoodie, and he peeks around through the door before actually entering the kitchen. While he wasn't brave enough to just grab out of the kitchen earlier, he was told that he was welcome to. The hunger just overcame the anxiety. His puppet, a strange glowing blue humanoid being, follows close behind Robin, mindlessly doing whatever it wills. "Oh!" Robin exclaims, his voice still soft and androgynous as his appearance, "Oh, um, sorry." While Robin tries to hide his own surprise at the invisible teacher, the puppet reacts quite emotionally, and seems quite visibly on edge.

Rob stands up and closes the fridge, holding a bottle of water. Of course, to everyone else it'll just look like the bottle's floating in mid air. "Huh?" he asks, turning to face Vlad. An unseen frown crosses his face. "Yeah. Me. I live and work here now, Vladimir," he says, having looked up that particular teen's file. Then Robin and the glowing blue puppet draw the invisi-teacher's attention. He blinks a few times and shrugs before popping the top off his water. "Sorry for what?"

Vladimir nods, "I heard it's a small school after all." He looks back seeing the puppet, "that's new. I haven't seen you around here before." He walks to the fridge and start to take stuff out for a sandwich, "Don't think just because your a teacher I going forgive you for giving away that book. That was the dumbest thing I ever saw."

Robin looks at his puppet, knowing quite well that it usually reacts before him, and then shakes his head, "Nothing, no, nevermind. I was just surprised, that's all. I didn't expect to not see anyone here, or, I guess someone be here who I…" he trails off and shifts his body. He bites his bottom lip and says to Vladimir, "Um, hey. Yep, I'm new. I just got here yesterday morning… or the night before, I'm not sure." He rubs the underneath of his obscured eye nervously, shifting the painted lens of his glasses slightly.

Rob scowls at Vladimir. "Watch it. He refused to give us the book because of you. And for your information, I have the book now," he says, irritated. Taking a deep breath and a swig of water, the invisible mutant nods to Robin. "Well, welcome to the Xavier Institute. I'm Robert Weyrin and I'll be teaching a few different history classes here."

Robin's puppet waves enthusiastically in response to the greeting, and Robin notes, "Thank you. Um, I enjoy history and stuff." He looks between Vladimir and the clothes a few times and notes, idly twirling a finger in his own hair. "What book are you talking about? Is it rare or something?"

Vladimir nods, "I am Vladmir but everyone calls me Vlad it's always nice to meet a new student." He then looks at the teacher who he can't see, "then you got lucky he could of taken the book and ran with it. You also handed it over to him you could of just walked away with it! I don't know what's in that book but I was told it was one of a kind and priceless I hope you didn't do something dumb and touch the pages with your bare hands."

Rob nods to Robin even if it goes unseen. "And who's your friend?" he asks, gesturing at the puppet with the water bottle. He then glances towards Vladimir. "I suggest you watch your tone, Vladimir," he says evenly. "It's a book that several villains tried to steal. And it's more important than monetary value," he says, provinding no more information.

"My name is Robin, just call me Robin because I don't like any other nicknames that come from my name," says the boy, his puppet crossing its arms and nodding quickly and sternly behind him, "And my friend's name is Blank. I call her a puppet, but I don't know if that's really right. Because most of the time I don't control her, so not really a puppet, but I have no better word."

Vladimir Folds his arms, "why should I? You have not earn my respect with what you did. That doers not belong in your hands and it does not belong at this school. It should be destroyed before someone finds it here." He looks at the new student and the puppet so that's your mutant power a puppet?"

Rob lets out a thoughtful little noise. "Well, nice to meet you, Robin and Blank," he says. The man goes quiet for a few moments before looking to Vlad. "Because right now, you know pretty much nothing about the book and are sounding rather stupid spouting off about something you don't know about."

"Thank you, it's nice to meet you too, Mr. Weyrin," says Robin, smiling slightly. The puppet seems to take offense to Vladimir's question (or at least the perceived tone), crosses its arms and turns up its nose (despite not having a nose, it seems quite clear what it's doing), but Robin smiles and answers the question, trying to sound as friendly as possible, "Ummm, yes, Blank is my mutant power."

Vladimir frowns, "I know nothing about the book because you will not let me see it! Hand over the god damn thing and I'll let you know what I find out! Saying someone is stupid while you with hold the information makes you an ass and a bad teacher!" He looks over at the boy and the puppet and nods some, "well it's a cool power you never be alone." He gives a half smile that fail thanks to his pissed off mood.

Rob takes a few more deep breaths to avoid saying something. "The book is a mystic tome. THere's not going to be anything in it for any of us unless you're suddenly a wizard. And do I look like I have it on me?" he asks, clearly irritated.

"I wish I was a wizard," comments Robin idly, while Blank props up her head with a hand in apparent thought. He snaps out of it quickly, though, and then notes to Vladimir, "Well, I guess I never have to be alone, but Blank isn't really interesting when she's alone with me. She just shows me how I'm feeling. All the time…" After a moment's pause, both Blank and Robin cross their arms tight in an uncomfortable manner, while Robin bites his lip.

Vladimir nods, "good now I know what it is burn it! It is useless to us and a danger to the school. If someone comes after it right now what can we do most of us are mixed up right now even scott lost his power. We could not face someone and win at the moment." He looks over at Robin and blinks, "you want to be a wizard?"

Rob rolls his eyes. "How about not, kid? I'm taking it to the Avengers this week to see if they have any magic people that can find out what it is and why those idiots wanted it," he says. "And for the record, I'm still more than capable of fighting if a threat appears. And I am quite certain Mr. Summers and the others are as well," he goes on. There's another pause before Rob sighs. "The teen with emotions for the world to see and the teacher unseen by all," he muses.

"Well, I mean, of course I want to be a wizard. Who doesn't want to be a wizard?" says Robin to Vladimir. Blank shrugs, apparently unaware of the answer to that question. Robin runs his hand through his hair after a moment and comments to Rob, "Well, um, that would at least be a good premise for a short story. I guess." Blank is already shaking her head, disagreeing with Robin's words, as soon as they are being said.

Vladimir frowns, "I say it's more trouble then it wroth and we should just go out back and have a old fashion book burning." He folds his arm, "what was that? was that a hiqu or something?" He smiles at the other guy with the puppet on his shoulder, "I think it's been done it's called Herry Potter."

Rob shakes his head and drains the rest of the water bottle. "Well, now you have something for creative writing class," he comments to Robin, joking slightly.

"If I was a wizard, I could do everything I want to do…" says Robin, smiling wistfully. But that smile fades quickly and Robin returns to reality, "And I don't think that I will need any help with creative writing class. That's one of my strengths."

Vladimir smiles some more and nods, "that be my guess. He starts to make his sandwich stacking on lunch meat on a roll. He then puts mustered and pepper on it, "so where are you from Robin?"

Rob gives an unseen nod. "Alright then," he says. Stretching, Rob tosses the empty bottle into the recycling. "I'll see you kids later. Be sure to get some sleep tonight," he offers, heading for the door.

"I'm from this small town in Kansas… it's really tiny, you've probably never heard of it anyways," replies Robin. Blank looks a little bit uncomfortable about the question, but hey, she's not answering it. Robin then giving a nod to Rob, and says, "Yeah, I've got to get my sleeping back to normal, so I should try to sleep at least a bit."

Vladimir nods, "okay well welcome to the school and feel free to ask me any questions if there anything you want to know."

Robin heads towards the fridge, remembering his initial intentions in coming here. He seems like he really does need the food, what with his emaciated figure. Robin says back to Vladimir, "Um, okay. What… what happens around here? I've never met, um, mutants before. So I don't really know what to expect, I guess. I see them on TV sometimes…"

Vladimir shrugs, "well first expect to see weird things like talking pants and guys walking around with living puppets and stuff like that but besides that we pretty normal. Oh there are a lot of gay students and the male to female ratio is way out of wack. So if you do not made me asking what your sexuality?"

As soon as Vladimir asks that question, Blank gets ready to walk out, but pauses when Robin uprights, abandoning the fridge idea, mouth agape at the question. He crosses his arms very uncomfortably and tightly, squeaks, "Umm… my sexuality? Why do you want to… umm. Uh." Robin bites his bottom lip lightly and says, "I don't know."

Vladimir nods, "just wondering like I said there are a lot of gay students. I Bisexual my self. He takes a bit of his huge sandwich and talks again, "Also wondering since your alter ego is female maybe that means something."

Robin shakes his head and fiddles with his hair a little bit, "I'm just- I dunno. I'm not gay, I mean, I don't think I am, but I just…" Robin trails off, and Blank just fumes about silently. "Blank isn't anything, anyways. I just call her 'her', because…" Again, he trails off, and slumps against the fridge, slowly sliding down into a sitting position, "I don't know. I'm sorry." He removes his glasses, replacing the painted lens that normally covers his left eye with his hand, to rub it.

Vladimir nods and looks back to his sandwich and takes another bit, "relax I was just asking no need to get so freaked out about I mean it's cool if you are and cool if your not it's no skin off my nose. He looks back at the guy now on the floor and offers him a hand, "why are you getting so up set?"

"I just don't know about my sexuality, I guess… um… Can you keep a secret?" says Robin, not reaching up to grab Vladimir's hand, instead keeping his hand over his left eye. He bites his lip and says, "I don't want to get thrown out here or anything, so I need you to answer that. Please." He puts both of his hands over his mouth as he waits for a response, his blind eye exposed, the skin around it scarred from previous infection.

Vladimir laughs some, "if I have not gotten kicked out yet then I doubt you will. Sure I can keep a secret." He takes another bit of his sandwich and look at you with your hands over your mouth and raise an eyebrow and waits for what you want to say.

Robin glances around, and Blank looks pretty uncomfortable. Robin puts his glasses back on, and lets the painted lens cover his eye once again, "I just… this is such a nice place. I… I am transgender. I feel like I should have been a girl… not a guy. I really need to be a girl…"

Vladimir nods, "is that all. I thought you going tell me you had a sixth toe or something. That will not get you kicked out and I doubt it would even shock many students here. Hell there is a student his name is Skyler his power is he changes into other people when touching them. So he been both sexes." He then smiles and sits next to you on the floor and wraps his arm around you, "I think you would make a cute girl."

"I wish I had his power…" mumbles Robin, "not mine. Not Blank. I wish I could just… melt into myself." He brings his knees up to his chest and says, "It would be nice if I did make a cute girl, but I just want to be a girl… I want to feel like myself." He shakes his head and adds, "Sorry, I'm being dramatic."

Vladimir laughs again, "That's okay you should see me on a bad day drama city. Have you talked to the head master about this? I mean I sure he would be okay with dressing like a girl." He pulls you closer and holds you to his body.

Robin shakes his head, and says while holding back tears. Blank sits down next to Robin and makes a motion that's quite like crying. "No, I mean, no I haven't talked to the headmaster about this, or anything really. I've just been cleaning up and trying to look presentable since coming here. I was on the streets before this, and I was dirty…"

Vladimir nods, "I know that feeling my self. I lived on my own for a long time." He looks at the puppet and frowns not sure if it mocking or trying to cry but does not dwell on it. He looks back the Robin and leans in and kisses him on the lip very softly.

Robin turns his head away before Vladimir kisses him, mumbling, "M'sorry, I barely know you…" Blank crosses her arms around her knees and ducks her head into the circle the arms make, and continues the crying motion. "And I'm emotional, and stupid…"

Vladimir nods and smiles, "I understand" He strokes your check and sighs, "it's to late now but I think you should go and talk to Mr. Summers about this see if he give you a room in the girls dorm and I'm sure He allow you dress like a girl."

"I was already assigned my dorm room," says Robin, "I don't want to be a bother or anything…" He shakes his head and asks, "Are you… sure that the headmaster would be okay? I mean… my dad was real mad when I told him… real mad."

Vladimir smiles, "as much as the headmaster and I do not get along I have to say he is a fair guy he will listen to what you have to say with out judgment and will not be upset. He is a mutant as am I that makes us different then normal people so we can understand that feeling of have to hide our true self so it makes us much more understanding the common human."

"I'm… I've never met him, I guess. I'm just scared to, and talk about that," says Robin, sighing. He looks over towards Blank and shakes his head, "And it'll be hard because she's always letting everyone know how I'm feeling." He crosses his arms and sighs, "I should take Mr.
Weyrin's advice and head to bed… I have to get used to sleeping like a normal person."

Vladimir nods, "well if you like I can come with you see the headmaster but you will have to do all the talking." He stands and offers you a hand, "okay off to bed with you."

Robin takes the offered hand to pull himself up and then nods, "I'll do it alone, I think, but thank you. I guess I've gotta be brave, right?" He smiles slightly at Vladimir and heads towards the door, Blank loyally following after him.

Vladimir nods and smiles, "yah sometime you have stand up on your own I'm telling you Mr. Summers is a nice guy."

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