2009-05-28: Midnight Sandcastles


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Summary: Two insomniacs have a chat about powers.

Date: May 28, 2009

Log Title: Midnight Sandcastles

Rating: R

Xaiver Mansion - Spuyten Dyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

"Lets see now…little more here…little more there," Owen Folger, currently telekinetic teenager, mutters to himself. He's dressed in shorts and a t-shirt with a bit gold question mark on it as he sits down at the beach this early morning. Unable to sleep, he's been building a sand-castle with the air of his powers. It's not going so well, Owen laughing as a sand tower collapses again. "Maybe Ah should stick tah wood. No good with sand," he muses to the night/morning air.

Vladimir walks down the trail dress as he normally does he has not taken lost of his powers and the showing of new powers as well as Owen he loved his powers he could hatch into any computer but now he stuck talking to cats and birds. He looks around the sky as it trying to find something. This is when he comes up on Owen but since his eyes are skyward he does not spot the boy or the sand castle

Getting up to stretch, Owen starts to whistle a tune. It's true he's been making the best of his new powers, especially the fact that they let him fly, but deep down he's been missing the Dark Force. As he starts to stretch his arm, Owen blinks and notices Vlad. "Howdy, Vlad," he calls to his fellow Corsair.

Vladimir blinks and looks around spotting Owen, "oh hey what are you up to?" He spots the sand and blinks, "um what's with the sand?"

Owen glances down at the sand pile at his feet and on the sand stuck to his shorts then laughs. "Well, Ah was bored and couldn' sleep so Ah figured Ah'd try tah build a sandcastle since Ah never tried before. Ah'm not too good at it," he admits.

Vladimir blinks and chuckles some, "midnight sand castle building your a wild man." He walks over to you and kisses your cheek, "I glad your okay."

Owen grins and shrugs. "Naw, not wild. Weird," he concludes. "How ya'll holdin' up?" he asks, remembering that not everyone's taking the switch as well as him.

Vladimir shrugs, "ah well I seem to have cammie's powers you know the girl with the animal from our squid so I now can hear and feel animal. It's like my powers only lamer." He smiles, "I thought I would put it to use I always wants a bat for a pet."

Owen blinks a few times. "Cammie, eh? Ah hope she's doin' okay…Ah tried tah get her away from that thin' when it attacked but it nabbed me first and sent me topsy turvy," he sighs. There's a slight smirk from the teen at the pet comment. "Well if ya'll want a bat, you'll have tah go farther into the forstest towards the hills. Ah don' turn intah a bat anymore."

Vladimir nods and sighs, "I know I try to get it attains hoping to get it into hand to hand but all that happen was it hit me with your power. May did that hurt." He nods and looks up into the sky, "I you did I could talk to you I guess. So who's power did you get?"

Owen shrugs. "Ah doubt that thin' would have much tah say tah anyone…" he trails off, half glad the Bat is gone and half feeling bad its burdening someone else now. "Ah dunno who's actually. Ah got telekinesis and this weird mental link with one of the teachers," he shakes his head. "Hear one another's thoughts an' feelin's and stuff."

Vladimir blinks, "really? wow which teacher?" He wonders who has this power and why there be such a link.

"Mr. Anderson," Owen replies, stretching again. "Weird guy, white hair, used tah have magnetokinesis. Now he's got gravity and a link with me," he says.

Vladimir blinks as he does not think he met this guy, "what is Magenetokinsis?"He frowns upset he never heard that term before or knows this teach off the top of his head.

Owen quirks an eyebrow. "Ya know…magnetism. Movin' metal and electricity an' all that," he gestures vaguely. "Ms. Dane could do it too."

Vladimir blinks, "oh okay I never heard it called that before" He laughs, "so he went from magnetism gravity? so he went from one huge earth force to another."

Owen shrugs. "Ah spent some time in the library the other day lookin' up terms tah try an' find out more about the link," he explains why he used the term. "Yeah. He's jus' happy he can fly again even if the link tah me weirds him out."

Vladimir giggles, "I can see it now you are with your boyfriend and he stuck along for the ride."

Owen laughs. "Haven' seen him in awhile actually. He's been busy and so have Ah. Between school and this whole power thin'…" he just gestures vaguely. "Ah was wonderin' if he'd feel if Ah did somethin' with someone though. Or if he'd see it too," he chuckles. "Anyway, c'mon. Let's go get somethin' tah eat in in the cafeteria. Maybe see if Mr. Anderson suddenly gets a cravin' for whatever Ah get tah eat," he laughs and starts to walk.

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