Miguel "Living Lightning" Santos
Miguel Santos
Portrayed By Andre Bolourchi
Gender Male
Date of Birth 08/01/84
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases The Living Lightning, Relampago Vivo, Lightning, Sir Filminator
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Current Location New York City
Occupation Hero
Known Relatives Carlos Santos (father, deceased), Maria Santos (mother, deceased), Jose Santos (brother, deceased), Lisa Santos (sister, deceased)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Electrical Form, Electricity Generation, Electric Attack, Super Speed, Flight, Astral Projection, Force Fields
First Appearance Avengers West Coast #63

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The Legion of the Living Lightning was an extremist group bent on overthrowing the United States Government for ‘the good of the people’. One of their members was Carlos Santos. During one of their missions, they attempted to capture the Hulk and use him as a weapon. Unfortunately, all were killed in the conflict.

Years later, Carlos’ son, Miguel learned of his father’s actions and sought out a Legion base. He began scavenging through the equipment, looking for anything he could to save his father’s name. He found the secret base in the Santa Ana Mountains and began to take apart equipment. Accidentally, Miguel activated one of the machines and was struck with a beam that electrocuted him. Instead of finding himself dead, Miguel had been transformed into a being of pure electric power. This transformation left him horribly disoriented and confused.

As the new Living Lightning, Miguel went on a rampage while out of his mind. This led to a battle with the Avengers. During the fight, Miguel was thought to have been killed. He survived, reforming on an island belonging to Dr. Demonicus. The villainous doctor brainwashed Miguel into serving as one of his Pacific Overlords and the Living Lightning became a part of the man’s plans to create Disaster Monsters. This once again brought Miguel into conflict with the Avengers. Breaking free of the doctor’s control, Miguel switched sides and joined the Avengers in battle.

When the conflict was resolved, the West Coast Avengers offered Miguel a membership. The young man greatfully accepted, hoping to not only make up for his father’s misdeeds but his own as well. While he did not go on all of their adventures, he did form some friendships with his teammates. Iron Man and Henry Pym assisted him with modifying his containment suit for better use and Miguel formed a close friendship with teammate Firebird. Eventually, the team started to change more and more. Miguel felt the need to continue his studies. After a few tough battles, Miguel left the active roster and returned to UCLA as a reservist.

While concentrating on his college education, Miguel also continued to work on his containment equipment, Using notes from, and the occasional call to, his old scientifically minded teammates, he continued to compress the technology into smaller forms.
After the recent trouble the world has faced, Miguel made the decision to return to the Avengers. Graduating from UCLA, he suited up and sent his things ahead before making the flight across the country. Along the way, he made a stop in Michigan.

Hearing word of the GLA, Miguel made another decision. He flew to meet the GLA, seeking membership. There he met Flatman, their leader. Upon hearing that they were the ‘Great Lakes Avengers’, Miguel apologized for mistaking them for the Gay-Lesbian Alliance and continued on his trip to New York to see if he can rejoin and help the Avengers once again.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I said it!"


  • Despite what they say, Miguel is not a member of the Great Lakes Avengers.
  • Miguel is friends with his old West Coast Avengers Teammate Firebird and keeps up contact with her
  • Miguel's right handed
  • Miguel is secretly a fan of Simon Williams aka Wonder Man


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