C. Michael "Mike/MEKK" Drakos
C. Michael Drakos
Portrayed By CGI mostly. Also Taylor Lautner
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1/1/1995
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Meck, MEKK
Place of Birth Taos, NM
Current Location Barnes Academy
Occupation Student, part-time mechanical prototype(s)
Known Relatives Mother, the Rev. Ana Drakos. Father, Kyrios Drakos. Sister: Evangelina Drakos (stillborn)
Significant Other None
Supranym MEKK
Known Abilities Robotic body, Vehicular merge and upgrade, Driver/Pilot Rapport
First Appearance Hello! My Name is "MIKE"

My name is Mike Drakos. Appearances to the contrary I am not the latest Japanese robot.
I'm a mutant. I'm also a car. Or a motorcycle. Or whatever.
You can consider me to be a self-inflicted full-body prosthetic, as long as you don't mistake me for a toy.

Theme Songs

Saxon: Motorcycle Man

Motorcycle Song
Born To Be Wild
Motorcycle Song
Born To Be Wild
Springsteen: Born to Run

Barcelona: Robot Trouble


  • "VROOM!"


  • Mike doesn't eat like normal people, he refuels.
  • Mike is an exceptional mechanic. (Yeah, go figure.)
  • Mike does not use his first name. Only his parents do, and it sends a chill of dread when they do.
  • Mike looked like (young) Taylor Lautner only taller BEFORE he went totally machine. Honest. It isn't just the Image Inducer.
  • Mike has changed supranym (that's "superguy alias" in other words) from Meck to Mekk, and in the process, gone from the creamsicle orange and white costume of Xaviers days to a more spiffy-cool red and black, which you may see as an icon when viewing logs. Except where flashbacks are concerned, you should see the Mekk picture henceforth.

Personal Story Arc


On July 4th, 2012, on the day his parents were returning to the United States, Mike assisted Heather Brown as backup for a clandestine meeting wherein Quenton Michaels attempted to rescue his parents. Things were far beyond "worse than you think" and Bad Things Happened. People and monsters died. Mike, possessing a vehicle, reshaped it to "catch" the body of Quenton's father Derren when it was knocked away by a Rage attack, and because of the psi component of his power, the tendrils of which were wrapped through the mechanically-shapeshifted "crash bag" that Mike used to make the catch, he felt the life-energy depart from the senior Michaels. This was incredibly traumatic, despite all logical arguments.

Mike has thus spent the majority of the summer without emotions as a result. He has not returned home for the summer for more than a week, and was able to fake normal responses while home, thanks to some of the LMD tricks he has been studying to improve his 'human impersonation'. He is slowly re-engaging full-time emotional processing, and has engaged the services of one of SHIELD's therapists to help him arrange a cognitive frame that doesn't become paralyzed by flashbacks.

Meanwhile, his parents have returned to their regular work, though now living in the same city: they moved to Detroit, where Ana Drakos has taken an assistant position, and Kyrios has relocated his design facilities. The Long Island test garage where Mike sometimes works remains operational.
Ana's health was an issue following the stillbirth in January 2011. Her year-long leave of absence was in part intended to allow her to deal with that, and she has resumed a much more active lifestyle than she had been living when acting as a more-than-full-time priest. She and Kyrios are considering attempting one more child. They are currently unaware of the tragic incident.


Mike is a living automotive robot with the advantages and disadvantages that entails.
In addition to that, he can merge with a vehicle (within certain broad limits and definitions) and transform it to match a template (generally using a photo and within other broad limits) and it will change to correspond to the template.
When merged, he usually goes into a telempathic rapport with his driver, though some can block this, and he will be learning to control this.
Weaponry would have to be present in the original for it to be present in the merge-and-change, but it can be present as cargo and incorporated by the change.
He is able to perceive around the vehicle for (avg) 500 yards, and has normal-range human-like vision directly forward of the usual direction of travel.
While merged with a vehicle, he can use its normal motive abilities as if driving by remote control. He requires fuel to do this.
If the vehicle is destroyed (vaporized, exploded) he is ejected and stunned; if it is just damaged, he has some temporary impairment (see MERGER:Taking Damage). There is no innate physical limit on how long he can remain merged, but there is a mental limit (usually about 24 hours, see MERGER:Merge and Upgrade for more details).
When he is ejected or unmerges voluntarily, the vehicle will return to the state it was in before he merged, but damage or repairs made to the merged vehicle will persist in the reverted vehicle.
As a mutant who is newly come into his current state, he doesn't know about many or most of his capabilities, except where obvious. He'll learn about them over time, in training, etc.


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