2011-3-14: Mind Games

Players: Ahdi and Xorn

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Summary: Ahdi arrives on Earth for the first time and encounters Xorn who teaches him a few things about this planet.

Date: March 14, 2011

Log Title: Mind Games

Rating: PG

NYC - Central Park Lake

Bethesda fountain sits at the edge of the lake with a large terrace for people to hang out and relax. Benches sit under the trees creating a peaceful atmosphere. A dock stretches out into the lake for people to rent row boats to enjoy the entire lake. In the distance Bow Bridge can be scene crossing the man make lake.

It is early evening and the weather is surprisingly warm as spring is coming upon New York City. The park is quiet, but then again it is Monday. Xorn, using an image inducer to hide his more grotesque features, sits on a meditation blanket at the edge of the lake a strange hum or chant can be heard coming from his area, though it sounds almost unearthyly as he speaks in an Asian language chanting a Buddhist mantra. Passers-by take pictures as his image inducer is set for him to look like Jet Li, dressed in a white robe. Though those paying extra special attention may notice a red insignia on the lapel of his robe.

Ahdi is currently employing all of his formitibal skills in remaining out of sight, stalking through the shadows, his nose turned up to the wind. He is worried, and confused, and more than a little wary at all he has seen of this great rock-spire-cave village, not to mention all the crazy smells reaking havoc on his nose and the noise that makes using his good ears a horrible idea. Regardless of all this, his first priority is getting the assentials of food, water, and shelter. It just so happens that through all the horrible smells of NYC, he was able to pick out the disteinct smell of water, and followed it here to this lake. As he comes to the edge of the comforting tree line he has been skulking through he stops and hides himself, stairing out at the sitting man who chants, and all those who pass him. It makes little sense to him, accept that maybe this man is a elder trying to connect with the spirits? He watches, attempting to find out.

In touch with his surroundings, the Asian X-Man continues his meditation, but is starkly aware of all that is going on around him. Sensing the various New Yorkers, Xorn appears shocked at a moment when sensing an unfamiliar, almost alien feelings near him. Turning his head in different directions as he cannot pick up on Ahdi directly, he does realize that he is being watched, but senses no immediate danger. He exhales and moves towards the edge of the lake and picking up a small rock skips it across the lake. As Ahdi has heightened senses he may feel small almost minute tiny fluctuations in gravity near the lake and coming from Xorn.

Ahdi pricks his ears, and with draws back behind a tree to be completely out of sight of where Xorn stands. Glancing up at the tree he lets out a small puff of air through his nose and leaps, launching himself a good 20 feet into the air befor he clamps his hands on ither side of the tree. Moving with agility that would make a squirrel jellous he swings his feet silently up onto a sturdy branch and climbs around to be on the same side of the old hardwood as Xorn. Scampering further out into the leaves of the branch he studies what the X-man is doing, and smiles a little half smile. The people of his planet have a similar game too, with two or more players, where each attempts to skip the stone the most times. This little bit of similarity helps to comfort the young Atjadni and he stills himself, purched on the branch behind and above Xorn, not far away at all.

Using his gravity manipulation powers to skip the stone across the waters, passers-by are amazed to see the stone make it across the entire lake. Xorn simply smiles as they do not realize that he is using his powers. Though this is all merely a distraction as he in reality is trying to get a fix onto the somewhat alien feelings he sense before. But for the moment, he cannot. Though Adhi may suddenly feel a presence in his head, though just a quick almost unintrusive one as Xorn scans the various minds of people in the park to track what he felt earlier.

Ahdi flutters his eyelids at the feeling, reccognizing it as the way that the spirits speak to him and his people. Looking at Xorn more closely he thinks on the rock skipping across the hole lake, a feat that would be difficult for even a skilled stone spinner of his people, and decides that this man must be a spirit, sent to the lake to find him. The spirits would know that he would go for water first. Having this idea, drivin by hope, locked in his mind he leaps gracefully down from the tree. Besides the sound of his clothing and hair through the wind, and the soft brush of his feet on the grass as he lands, the young hunter is amazingly silent. Clasping his hands before his stomach and bowing his head in respect, he stalks toward Xorn's back, eyes closed and using his ears and nose to navigate.

Making mental contact successfully with Ahdi, Xorn turns around to find the alien directly behind him. Shocked and impressed with the amazing speed with which Ahdi moves, Xorn notes the bow and is even more shocked. Speaking into Ahdi’s mind, <There is no need to bow. I sense you are somehow different from. I am Xorn.> He also bows to Ahdi.

Ahdi leaves his head bowed, and eyes closed, though he senses the return bow and is confused by this. The new language in his head also confuses him, but he forces this aside and speaks in his mind as he does with the spirits, not moving from his submissive position, "Spirit of my ancistors, this placee is not my home. I have found myself here by error. Please, what is it I can do? What must I do to get back to Atjad?" he thinks in his own language. He has much more he would like to ay, but the spirits arn't beings to unload your worries upon, they are great beings that guide his people when wisdom is needed but expect them to stay strong.

Xorn is shocked when he hears the unfamiliar language, but his powers allow him to understand it after a few milliseconds and he responds <You are an alien? From the planet Atjad? I am sorry. I am unfamiliar with that planet. You are on Earth and I am not a spirit of your ancestors. I am a mutant on this planet. With special abilities beyond the regular humans of this planet.> That is stated in the Ajadian language. Xorn steps forward and presses his hand to Ahdi’s shoulder. It is a gentle pat, <There is no need to bow. We are all equals on this planet.>

Ahdi is completely still for a moment as he processes this, and suddenly becomes very sad. Holding this in he opens his eyes and looks up, giving the other man a good view of the tattoo on his face. Dark eyes take in Xorn from head to tow, and he reaches over to return the pat. Allowed he asks in his language, which is quick and flowing, something like a mixture of Spanish, Japenese, and a few differen African diolects, "This is ill news. It is good you understand me, however. I hear others of this planet and do not understand them, they speak not the way I do." he glances at the hand he withdraws after patting Xorn, "This is how you greet eachother in your world? I do not know your customs. As he speaks his free hand moves to rest lightly on the long knife at his lower back. He has no entention of striking the man before him, but both tradition and habbit dictate he great new challenges in a caucious manner. He doesn't know what is dangerous and what is not.

Understanding the man’s tentativeness, Xorn nods and responds telepathically, <I am able to understand you because of my mutant abilities. Some on this planet are blessed with extraordinary abilities. Understanding you and speaking into your mind are just some of mine.> Xorn studies the man for a moment. <I may be able to give you a rudimentary quick lesson in our language on this planet, but any different languages are spoken. The primary language in this area of Earth is English. Which would be useful for you to learn. What is your name and how did you happen to be on this planet?>

Ahdi takes a single step back and starts speaking again, still allowed, "The language of my mind is for the spirits only." he informs Xorn, then continues, "I am Ahdi Anuati. On my planet I found a device burried in the jungle, one of many from the star that fell from the heavens. It had a shape as this." he opens his left palm and holds it up, "So I put my hand into it. I looked up to the heavens to ask what the spirits wished me to do about this device, and then the heavens were no longer my own. I was in this place." he pauses, lowers his hand and removes his right from the knife handle. Folding them together back over his stomach he adds, "You can teach me this English? I was a teacher of my people, it is why I whent to see the falling star, to learn what it was for my people, the Atjadni."

“Ah then I will not speak telepathically.” Xorn’s voice is heard outside of his body seemingly coming from the air. He contines to speak Atjadnian though. He studies the device and shakes his head, “I am unfamiliar with it, but I may know some people who may be able to assist you. While I have not met any aliens. My teammates have.” He pauses and wonders a moment if extradimensional people are considered aliens. He exhales, “But yes, I am a teacher and work at a school. I am also a member of a group of adventurers known as the X-Men who have had many adventures among the stars and planets. And yes, I can teach you some English, but it would involve being in your mind.”

Ahdi is slightly baffled by some of the words Xorn uses, but once again attempts to keep this to himself. As he ponders what he should do in this situation he does not take his eyes off of the other man, this being a disrespectful thing to do when not close friends with someone, almost like calling them weak. "I do not know what I am to do." he says after a moment of thought. "The speach of my mind is only for spirits." he shifts slightly aand looks worried,"But you say you are the only one who will understand me, and I do not think it wise to stalk you everywhere simply because you are useful for information." Another moment of thoughtful silence passes, and he decides, "I think you must teach me this English, and we will see what the spirits decide to do, if they punish me for letting you teach me, I will endure it."

“Very well. This may hurt a bit.” Xorn’s mind makes telepathic contact again with Ahdi. Suddenly both men appear in the Astral Plane and the world is Xorn’s to command. The eerie pink mist of the Astral Plane transform into a classroom with a desk. Xorn speaks, <We are in your mind. This is a classroom.> Please take a seat as Xorn walks to the blackboard and begins to write.

Ahdi might be in pain, or might not be, ither way he doesn't flinch. Though this is a bit more than Ahdi can comprehend he simply steps backward and sits on a desk he senses behind him, he has seen chairs that people on Earth sit on, and them sitting, but he is more used to stools or the ground and decides the desktop suits him. As Xorn turns his back on him his hackles rise. After just one moment he realizes that Xorn doesn't know his customs and lets the feeling of disrespect pass, glancing away from the man himself to see what all the room looks like. He gives it one good sweep with his dark eyes before returning his fascenated gaze to the blackboard, he has never seen one before, but can guess at what it does.

Suddenly, Xorn appears to be writing the basics of grammar and simple words in English, moving from kindergarten to near high school level. He moves at almost near human speed and while this is seemingly impossible, in the mind and on the Astral Plane, this is all real and possible. Ahdi finds himself suddenly able to understand and comprehend all that is being written. It seems as if this has taken hours and when the lesson is done. Xorn bows his head and both men find themselves out of the Astral Plane and back by the lake in Central Park. Most humans would have a terrible migraine from such activity, but Ahdi make react differently.

Ahdi stands still and quiet for a moment as his head throbs, though there is no outward change in his posture. Very quickly, however, the throbbing headache starts to fade. Ahdi's orderly mind files all the information in it's propper spots and looks hesitantly from Xorn before him to the rock-strewn lake side. A shore of rocks." he says very quietly to himself, and pads with ghostly silence over to the shore to scoop one up into both his palms, "Xorn of Earth, these are Pebbles, of rocks?" his own language has altered the grammar lessons, but, his english is understandable. He has a soft almost lilting accent that clings on from his odd language, though it is hard to place.

“Yes pebbles are small rocks.” Xorn laughs a bit. His disembodied laugh sounds more like a haunting horror film laugh. “So you have been here for how long? Where have you been staying? Sleeping? Living?” Xorn asks the alien as he sees how else he can help him. “I wonder who I should put you in contact with whether it be the X-Men, Avengers, or SHIELD.”

Ahdi turns the rock over in his hand, thenstoops to put it back exactly where he found it. "I have been in your world for moments only. I arived and I was, it is said as puhr-plaxed?" Ahdi stands and turns once again to face Xorn, "I was no sure what I was to do. I decide to start with what all hunters know and search for water, then I follow my nose, see you worshiping." Pausing, he ponders Xorn, then asks, "Who are these x-men, or these avengers? I know what a shield is, I usually do no use one. I have no need for vengence, Xorn, I have no rath."

Laughing a bit, Xorn responds, “On this world, as in any other world. There are different types of people. Good and bad. The X-Men are a group of mutants like myself. We have powers that we were born with. The Avengers are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. We all protect the world and the innocents from evil and villains. As for SHIELD, they are a military group who also protect this planet.” He sighs, “Unfortunately, we are required to combat those who would harm or defile the goodness of this world.”

Ahdi cross-references defonitions in his head, and chooses to keep silent on the matter as a hole. In his head he ponders that there are words in english to describe things he has never experienced, such as 'lying' 'trator' and 'vengence'. Though his people are great warriors when they must be, they are peaceful by nature. "I think that it is best you decide, I no nothing of these things and would be make falty choice. YOu seem to be wise and much gifted." Ahdi bows his head briefly in respect.

“Thank you, but I am far from wise and have much to learn about this world. I spent most of my time on this planet in a prison in solitary confinement.” Xorn sighs a moment, “There are things that you will find most useful including a telephone. Which is a way of communicating with others on this planet without being physically present with them. And you will need money. Money is how one purchases things on this planet.”

Ahdi looks away from Xorn, down at himself, "People do not speak as I do then, I notice you do no." he examines his equipment, standard for every Wolf Hunter of his people, "I know you understand, so why I need phone? I feel no need to sound as you do, my speach is fine to me." he reaches down to touch his fur loin-cloth/skirt and asks, puzzled, "This money for to buy, what is that I need to buy? I have all I use."

“Well, money is used to buy food, clothing, things like that. It is similar to bartering or trading. People exchange money for products. As a hunter, you are used to hunting your food. Unfortunately, hunting is not so easy here. And at least in this city you cannot simply hunt for food.” Xorn looks over the man in the loin cloth skirt. “You are very similar n style and manner to a race from this planet known as Native Americans.”

Ahdi looks back up at Xorn, now very confused, "Is easy, see many thing to hunt. Bird, fish, small fur animal." he is still for a moment, then flicks his dark eyes to one side and unfolds his hands to identify a squirrel scampering near by. "Sure is more outside tall spire city…" he glances back down at his garb, the wolf pelt of his vest and loin-cloth shining silver in the light, while his leather pants gloves, and boots seem to draw it in. "These are no good?" he asks, starting to finger the loin-cloth again, "Is clothes of Wolf Hunter, silver means teacher, shows I get much respect. Humans, they have no signs I can identify."

“Your clothes are fine, but you stand out. To blend in better, you may want to wear something else.” Though he looks down at his own garbs and changes his thoughts, “Your clothes are fine. As for hunting it is illegal. A crime to hunt within the confines of this city. When you are out in the woods, it is safer to hunt the animals.” He ponders, “If you like. Near where I live is an area where you can hunt. There are trees and animals. And as a natural hunter it would be easier for you, perhaps even safer for you, until we can find a means to help you better.”

Ahdi smiles a small half smile, one of the first true changes of expression he has had sense starting the conversation with Xorn, and reaches up with his right hand to touch his temple with two fingers, "My gratitude is very large for the aid you offer. I have seen not many jungle on your world, I would like this much if you show me one…" Ahdi trails off, then adds softly, "Do no understand. YOu say, is illegal to hunt. This, makes no sense." He matches up the meanings in his head and gives it a little shake, not getting it.

“Only illegal within the confines of this city. There are different rules regarding hunting. While it is allowed. It is limited to certain areas. And I believe upstate New York, you will find hunting more interesting and where I teach, we have a few hunters.” Xorn smiles, “I can take you there and you will be near enough to come back here but also engage in activities which are more akin to your homeworld.”

Ahdi looks around himself, still seeming not to believe what he is hearing, "Rules on hunting?" he gives his head another shake, "It is, hard to think. I thought was no understanding, but, see I understand now, just do not, comprehend." a couple of silent steps take him away from Xorn and toward the scampering squirrel, "You say, I can no kill this animal?" he asks, looking back at the X-man. "If this is so, I think it be good if we start leave this place, is, no natural."

“No do not kill that animal. I am against killing in general but I do understand you mean no malice towards the creatures you hunt.” Xorn rises off the ground for a moment as he manipulates the gravity around himself. “Also, perhaps I should show you my true form.” An image of Xorn’s true form enters Ahdi’s mind. Xorn is dressed in similar white Buddhist robes, but the face of Jet Li is gone and replaced with a metallic mask. He then explains, “Due to my powers, I have no true head. Instead I am a physical representation of a black hole. This mask contains my energies for the safety of the planet.”

Ahdi ponders this in silence, and after everything that has happened to him in the last, maybe 45 minutes, isn't even phased by the news. "You have much power Xorn." he says to the man, taking everything said to him at face value. "I will no kill the animal…where is the jungle you speak of, however. I feel, out of sorts." he shakes his head slightly and looks around the area, trying to guess about where Xorn's house would be in this massive stone village.

Xorn offers, “It is far from here. I can transport you, but it may disorienting.” Xorn begins to hover and walks about on the air an over the water of the lake. “My main power involves gravity manipulation and with that I gain a myriad of skills.” Xorn then returns to the ground by Ahdi, “We can travel through the air, but it may be a bit much. We could also use the public transportation system, which you should learn eventually.”

Ahdi eyes Xorn for a moment, then asks him, thoughtfully, "How far be far? How you measure?" he glances from Xorn beside him, to the lake, and up at the sky again, folding his hands over his stomach, "Is much must learn."

“There is indeed much to learn. It is a few miles. I suppose I could summon a blackbird or have the Institute bring a car. If you travel the way I do, it may disorient you.” He touches the X insignia on his lapel and speaks into it summoning a car from the Xavier Institute to Central Park. “It should be a few moments. You will see how many on this planet travel. This should provide time for us to get know of each other’s culture. I wonder what technology was like on your planet.”

Xorn has no idea how to explain a mile. “Perhaps it is better than I learn of your world and explain things using terminology that you are familiar with. If you do not mind, may I once again enter your mind to better understand you and better assist me with helping you.”

Ahdi is a bit reluctant to keep breaking his traditions, but simply sighs and nods once again, his sad dark eyes cast out over the lake, "You may." he adds allowed, "Am sure if do once, can do more and will mean no more add punishment." his gloved hands fold over his stomach, the way he usual stands while idle, and he waits for the feeling of someone entering his mind.

Xorn hmmns and nods. Once again in Ahdi’s mind the classroom appears, but this time it is an Atjadni classroom. This time Ahdi is the teacher and Xorn is the student. Sitting on a stool, Xorn looks at a globe of Atjadni an then similarly to before time speeds up as Ahdi teaches Xorn much about himself and the planet. Afterwards back at the lake, Xorn decides, “I have a greater sense of your homeworld and of your abilities. You are very powerful, above the average human from this planet.”

Ahdi isn't sure how to respond to such statements, and as his headache quickly fades he decides to ask softly, "This is a good thing? Among my people I am no the strongest, am fast for Atjadni, but no fastest. Am one of best for long run, have best ear and nose. Have much skill with weapon, teach much young, though am no old."

“It is a very good thing. And I think I know a way for you to use your skills and learn a little something about Earth.’ Xorn would smile if he could. “You are a great hunter and tracker and so. I will mentally give you a map of where to go and where to meet me. With your abilities and skills you will see much of New York. This section of planet Earth. I can see with your speed, it will not take you long to get there.” A map is laid out in Ahdi’s head showing the way for him to head to Westchester. “Meet me there as quickly as you can. I will be mentally with you, so should any surprises arise, I can assist you through them. Are you up for this challenge, Ahdi?”

Ahdi smiles his small half smile as the map appears in his head, and some of his flacking enthusiasm comes back. "Am much ready." he says cheerfully, "is no far, will no need help. City layed out in squares, be very hard be lost. Good hunting, Xorn." Still smiling the Hunter turns in the direction he needs to go and starts to loap toward the trees at a steady pace. Once he is in the trees he shifts his weight forward, digs his boots into the ground, and starts to gain speed, a jog, then a run sees him flying over the ground, out of the park, and right into Traffic…

Sensing the excitement and vigor within the young alien. Xorn sets up a mental link between the two and then opts to take his own form of transportation as he rises into the air. He trails Ahdi for a few minutes and is amazed at the speed at which the Atjadnian moves. With that he takes off and flies towards Westchester meeting Ahdi at the aforementioned location.

Ahdi arives at the agreed location, after scaring NYC traffic half to death, running along the wrong side of the road and hopping the cars in long, 10 foot bounds, landing, and hopping the next at a steady 40 mph, you can be sure that the police are getting calls off the hook. Spotting Xorn he slows to a jog, and then a loap, giving a little bow as he walks along. After the little run he isn't winded in the slightest, only seeming releaved to be doing something. "This place is right?" he looks around, "What place is this?"

Appearing in his true form and no longer using his image inducer, Xorn greets Ahdi “I am happy to see you made it here. How did you find traveling here? This place is called Salem Center. This hamlet is surrounded by forest and woods, somewhat similar, but still different from Atjadni. There are plenty of animals for hunting, lakes for bathing, but be warned. Some of the animals are dangerous, though I am certain you can take care of yourself.” Xorn gestures showing Mills Road. “Those are homes with other humans. Approach them carefully. Some do not welcome strangers to this area.”

Ahdi slows to a stop, as per usual making almost no noise, and glances around the woods, thoughtful, "Is, sad excuse jungle." he points out, "Weak jungle." his dark eyes travel up to the tops of the trees, checking out wild life, even as he relaxes into his gifted senses for just an instant, able to hear the noises of human habitation. Withdrawing his senses back into him he adds, "Willbe fine, am one best hunter in village, kill many beast. Much thanks for showing me the weak jungle." Ahdi folds his hands and bows once again, smiling his little half smile.

“You are welcome. This should do for now. Until I figure out who best help you. I will check with the other X-Men.” He rises up from the ground and gestures to Ahdi who suddenly finds his center of gravity shifted and his balance askew. As gravity seems to stop around Ahdi, he is lifted off the ground and high above the trees next to Xorn, “In the distance, you see a mansion and a lake and other surrounding buildings. That is the Xavier Institute, my home and school. But be careful when approaching there. Our defenses are great, vast, and very dangerous.” He then returns to the ground with Ahdi, “I have also mentally given you the map on how to return to New York City, which is a place of great learning, but also of great dangers. It is one of this planet’s greatest and largest cities.”

Ahdi stoicly shows no sign of discomfort as he is made sick by verdigo, nodding his understanding as he is put back on the ground, "At manssion, if need, can come get?" he asks Xorn, "Much I do no know, must have someone can ask, would be honor if you agree."

“Well I have established a mental link between us, so as long as we are not too far from each other you can contact me that way. However yes. You can contact me at the mansion as well. When approaching the entrance, ask for me. If I am available, I will see you.” Xorn ponders different options for Ahdi.

Ahdi remains silent and attentive, though he multitasks by letting his sense of smell sharpen to the point he can pick out individual scents, testing them for familiarity. He smells leaves, rot, water, flowers, and many many unknown scents he will have to hunt down once he has time.

“Well the hour grows late and while I do not sleep. I use this time to meditate on the day’s events. I will take leave of you for the night. But I will return again, friend.” Xorn extends his hand to shake. “A handshake is how we say hello and goodbye on this world.”

Ahdi extends his own gloved hand to take the man's hand in a ferm grip, unknowingly a very very furm grip for a human, and shake it, "Is bow for Atjadni, or, what you call Embrace if are good friends." he bows his head as he shakes Xorn's hand.

“Yes bows, hugs, and embraces are also forms of greeting and leaving depending on how close you are with the person you are speaking with.” With that he rises into the air, “Godspeed, Ahdi.”

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