2010-02-06: Misfired Spell


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Summary: Billy misphrases a spell… and summons himself and his biological family together.

Date: February 06, 2010

Misfired Spell

Rating: PG

NYC - The Plaza - Lobby

The Lobby of the Plaza has high ceilings with large crystal chandeliers casting a warm glow through out the place. The marble floors are polished with care. There is a waiting area with plush couches and chairs, a small bar and escalators that lead up to the second floor where more chairs are found for guests to relax.

After all of the hell that New York has been through lately, no light bit due to the miscommunication of sword and wielder, Billy's been trying to spend as much time with those he cares about as he can. However, with the sword still altering his abilities mildly, sometimes things don't go as planned. He was standing there with Teddy, intending to go to the Kaplan residence to see his parents and siblings. But, a casual misphrasing and magical altered interpretation carried the boys somewhere else.

Dressed in street clothes, a button down blue shirt and black jeans, a light-circle of energy deposits the two in the middle of the Plaza lobby, as well as someone else Billy hasn't noticed yet. "Huh? This isn't home…" He says, looking up at Teddy with a look of minor confusion on his face.

Teddy blinks a few times and looks around. He'd been expecting Kaplans, not a hotel. Dressed in blue jeans, a blue and white striped shirt, and a white jacket, the blond looks down at Billy. "Nope," he squeezes the mage, arm around his shoulder. "Looks like a hotel."

Magneto has just come down the stairs from the second level, headed for the bar. He is dressed in a very good charcoal grey suit, the fabric shot through with metallic thread, giving his movements a subtle glint as he moves. His hair is swept back and his eyes narrow as the pair of young men arrive on the marble floor of the lobby just yards away. Without pausing, he alters course to approach them. "Young sirs," he says, as he comes within speaking distance. "I do believe you need to explain yourselves. Which of you is the teleporter?"

Lorna is not exactly dressed for this abrupt occasion. It is entirely fortunate for her that she had not blinked away from the warmth of her steamy bathroom and into the outdoors, where the short, silk trimmed robe would have provided little protection against the snowy chill. Her green locks are still the slightest bit damp from a shower, and a toothbrush is sticking from the side of her mouth. The magnetic mutant is staring blankly into space, not quite comprehending the plaza before her. A split second ago she was worrying over her complexion in the mirror. When realization hits, it accompanies the clatter of her toothbrush upon the marbled floor, and a belated squeal of surprise. She pulls her robe tighter around her upon noticing the younger two and the approaching man. "Holy shit!"

Without looking up, Billy just says, "That's me. Sorry. It's ok." He says, fumbling for his Identicard. As he finds it and lifts it up he stops. Dead still. He knows the face he's looking into. He's seen it many times in his dreams since the Soul Gem was placed (partially) on his forehead. Hearing the other call, he turns his head. Another one he knows. "Oh crap. Teddy… I think I should have phrased my spell a little better." He says, looking a little scared. He takes a deep breath and looks to Lorna again, then back to Magneto himself. Oh dear. How's he going to explain this one?

Teddy cringes as well at the sound of an authorative voice. He fumbles for his card as well. Feeling Billy tense, he looks up and does the same. "Oh boy…" he trails off. He may not recognize the green haired woman but he nods. "Yeah, I think so," he agrees. He squeezes Billy protectively and glances at the others.

Magneto looks up at the squeal and one eyebrow lifts fractionally. He's listening to Billy, but watching Lorna. And he addresses Lorna, too. "Miss Dane. It's been a long time." Then a flick of a glance to Billy — who is looking stricken, though Magnus isn't sure yet why. There's his own presence, but that isn't necessarily the whole story.

He does know what to do next, however. "I believe we should all retire to more private surroundings — perhaps one of the private dining rooms." Meanwhile, he shucks his jacket. It lengthens as he takes it off, and he offers it to Lorna. "Miss Dane? Perhaps you would appreciate this." The boys get a serious frown. Something is afoot… and Magneto WILL see it to the end.

"What the crap, what the crap!" is all Lorna can say with minty-fresh breath, and doesn't immediately pay mind to the fact that she might recognize a couple of these people. She begins flushing furiously upon realizing the attention she's drawing to herself. "Oh, dammit." The woman pulls the terry cloth hood of her robe over her head, abashed. She's about to scamper for cover behind a partially loaded luggage trolly when she's addressed, and offered additional cover. Her nose crinkles as she senses the familiar magnetic static in the air. "Okay, okay," she mutters to herself as she puts the jacket on. Then, in a more calm tone, "Uh, thanks. Yeah. Then I'd equally appreciate an explanation." She glances accusingly at the boys beside her, then puffs a sigh through her lips.

"Yes, sir." Billy says, a little downtrodden by his own actions. He looks up at Lorna with a wince. "Really sorry about that. Confused spell." He explains, as if that says it all. He follows to wherever Magneto leads. He knows he's in for it, but he'll fess up. He looks at the Identicard he pulled out of his pocket and sighs. Sliding it back into his pocket, he turns it down to vibrate, just in case anything happens. Otherwise, it's best to let it all go on it's own.

Teddy nods and hunches his shoulders as if he appear smaller. He'll actually shift to be a bit thinner and shorter when no one's looking. His Identicard goes back into his pocket as well and he follows quietly. "Hey…don't worry. Things'll be fine," he whispers to Billy.

A few words to the concierge and things happen: Lorna is provided a pair of shoes, providing she gives the helpful hotel staffer her size. A private dining room is opened and the four are ushered in and seated; drinks appear, too, in the form of water and soft drinks for the boys, brandy for Magnus, and whatever Lorna chooses for herself. Small talk occurs, most notably the trade of names: Magnus could call the boys 'Hey, you' but there are two of them and that would get old real fast.

Then, when the staffers retreat and the doors close, his expression darkens. "Tell me what spell you were planning to cast, William," he says. "I do not see, yet, what that might have to do with either myself or Miss Dane." And 'ware betide you if you prevaricate, that expression says.

Lorna really would just like to go back home to the mansion and get properly dressed, then retire to the couch for some TV. Ace of Cakes should be on in a few. Her aggravation is fixed on her face beneath knitted brows, and she sighs. They were doing a Han Solo in Carbonite tonight, too. She accepts the temporary shoes with rather exceptional manners from the staff, but her irate tone returns upon addressing the situation again. "Spells? Ugh, great. Magic. I hate magic. The unentertaining kind, anyway." She squints at Magneto as he says her name again. The reason behind her following frown remains unsaid while the boys are addressed.

"Well, you see…" Billy begins, hedging a little. "It all started a year ago… when my twin brother Tommy and I got stuck with an infinity gem. And then I got stuck with a Sword that has a little bit of a mind of it's own, and then the whole inferno thing that had me changing to something else, then I just wanted to see my family. So, I cast a spell." There. That's enough explanation, right? Right. Of course it is. After all, he knows he's never met Lorna, and she may or may not know what he does.

Teddy keeps quiet, just staying there for Billy. He holds the mage's hand under the table and tries not to draw attention to himelf. He frowns at Lorna when she makes her hatred known but says nothing.

Magnus leans back in his chair and steeples his fingers together. "So. Your spell missed. You wanted to go to your family and you arrived here." That eyebrow lifts again, and he glances toward Lorna, then back to the boys. "You will have to explain better than that, William. You haven't explained why your spell should interrupt Miss Dane."

At first, Lorna is really, really quiet. Her face is the picture of someone who's sense of understanding has been thoroughly constipated, and somewhere the explanation gets stuck and her mind refuses to process it. It's not entirely easy to confuse a geophysicist, but when it comes to these sorts of things — magic doesn't settle well with scientifically driven minds — the magnetic mistress is easily stumped. "Wait. What? … Yeah," she agrees begrudgingly with Lensherr.

"Exactly what I said." Billy says, wryly as he looks between the two faces. "It brought what is available and nearby of my family together." Of course, he's never met Magneto or Lorna. Who knows how they'll react. He's hoping he'll just get laughed off for that one. After all, he's just some upstart young mage. With no real sense of being in the world. "But not the family that raised me."

Teddy smiles at Billy's wry words. He can't help it. Just part of what makes him like Billy so much. He squeezes the brunette's hand and looks from Lorna to Magnus.

Magnus' eyes slit as he goes quite still. "You are implying what, Mr. Kaplan?" No more 'William'. "I think your earlier introduction was incomplete. Who are your biological parents, and why were you not raised by them?"

"That… really tells me nothing, still," Lorna says humorlessly. "You really should practice your… magic thing more. Not sure how that whole thing works, but — I mean, if I'd been .. teleported or poofed here just fifteen minutes sooner. Well, I'd have been pretty /pissed/, let's just leave it at that," she coughs.

"Ohgod. Well, it's only a matter of time before it became public knowledge anyway." Billy says, sighing deeply. "Mr… Uhm… Magneto, sir?" He bites his lip. "My adopted name is Kaplan. Though, if I had ever really had any time with my biological mother, I suppose my last name would have been hers or her husband's. Either Shade or… uhm… Maximoff." He tries to mutter the last so it's not too loud. He's amazingly embarassed. He knew it would get out sooner or later. "The Soul Gem told me for sure."

Teddy rolls his eyes slightly when Lorna coughs. He says nothing of it though. The shapeshifter just stays quiet and supportive until he's spoken to directly. Well…that or until he feels the need to say something in Billy's defense but that time hasn't come yet.

"Maximoff." The name rolls off the tongue of the Master of Magnetism as a low rumble, as of thunder in the distance. He stares at Billy for a very long moment, then says, "Mr. Kaplan. You are either a magnificent liar or a thorough madman. My daughter and her husband do not have children." They did, but those were hallucinations. That they might be real…

It might be accident, but there is… movement in the room. Likely neither Billy nor Teddy can properly feel it, but Lorna can: the lines of magnetic force are aligning and they are aimed at the young man with the dark hair.

Lorna is still not getting any answers, but patience settles across her shoulders and she keeps herself poised gracefully against the revelations. It's not as though this were the first time she'd been baffled by some outlandish event and equally outlandish explanation for it, nor would it be the strangest of either. Her brow cocks at Teddy, and she fixes a cool stare on him that could have been mistaken for suspicion, but it wasn't. A sliver of a smirk pulls at her lips, but it is quickly defeated by a frown. There is a crackle of static around the woman as she unconsciously tests the change in the room. She isn't causing it. After (yet another) brief moment of confusion, her eyes slit as they turn to Magnus, and she suddenly understands the source, and its growing pattern towards Billy. "What are you doing?" she asks curtly, and there is hesitation in the voice. There's a sudden disruption in his energy, imposed upon by none other than herself.

"She did. William and Thomas. Billy and Tommy." Billy says, not moving away from his belief. "Two souls she drew into bodies her gift created. Then, she cast them aside, because she was told they were not real. That she had done something impossible. But the souls were too strong to remain in limbo. Each found their way back. Twin brothers raised by different families. One with his mother's abilities. One with his uncle's." He explains a little more detailed. "They had felt things all their lives. And then, when the Soul Gem chose them to be it's host, they saw the bonds of relation. All of them. Including some that were unknown." He crosses his arms, a little annoyed at being called a liar or a madman.

"Hey," Teddy speaks up firmly. "Billy isn't a liar and he's perfectly sane," he says. "Doesn't the fact that we even know about it prove something?" he asks, going by the reactions from the Avengers way back then. He tenses when Lorna speaks up and his hands go a bit green.

Magnus snaps his attention to Lorna as she disrupts the field in the room. "Do not interfere, woman. This does not concern you!" Then his attention is back on Billy. "An unlikely tale, young Kaplan, in the utmost extreme. I trust you have something besides words to back it up."

Teddy, unfortunately, is ignored by the Master of Magnetism, green hands and all. HE isn't claiming to be Magnus' grandson, after all.

Lorna's green eyes glitter angrily at being so sharply reproved. "/No./ When you intend to hurt a kid, you make it my concern." Her jaw sets defiantly. She looks at Billy, then back at Magnus. "I don't understand my part in this, and at this point I've lost the energy to care. Still, you can address your.. family matters, or whatever, perfectly civilly."

"What proof can I offer, other than the abilities I possess?" Billy asks, with a shrug. "And a knack for magic like hers." He offers. He looks to Lorna for a moment. "Our family matters." He says with another sigh of exasperation. "I wish I had a way to prove everything. But I don't. I know what I know because some cosmic creation planted everything in my head. There's no other certainty to it." He rubs his forehead softly. "I really don't know what to do to prove anything to you."

All Teddy needed to hear was 'hurt'. He 'Hulked out' to be ready to defend himself and Billy. He silently wishes Scarlet Witch were there to prove it but doesn't vocalize it. He lets Billy handle speaking, no ideas of his own just yet.

Magnus is still ignoring Teddy. (Poor lad.) He is glaring at Billy, with maybe a fierce aside at Lorna. "Then I suggest you find some proof, soon, young man, because I take this particular subject very seriously."

And then Billy says, "Our family matters," to Lorna, and Magnus straightens in his chair with a completely different, fierce look at the green-haired woman across the table. "Are you implying what I think you are implying, Mr. Kaplan? Are you saying that Miss Dane is a daughter of my daughter, too?"

Without so much as a whisper of wind, Pietro is there. Since he looked around already, the man seems nonplussed as he turns brilliant eyes on Magneto. Dressed well in black and pale blue, he clearly hasn't been out super-heroing this evening. "Ever the consummate host I see." Yes, the sarcasm is incredibly heavy there. No one looks particularly pleased with the situation, so he's going to blame Magneto. It's the easiest of options. Even as he speaks though, the man fixes his attention on Billy. Even as he and Tommy look startlingly alike, so does this teen and Wanda. The sister he's been missing all these years. "He certainly looks like Wanda." Not entirely sure though, and he's frowning with it. "Why is it so hard to believe?"

Billy's correction continues to fall on uncomprehending ears. There's no reason why Lorna should understand any of this. She has a family. Her parents died when she was young, and the aunt and uncle that raised her are alive and well in Connecticut. At least, that's the world of understanding she's lived in her entire life. There's no reason to doubt it. So she just frowns at the lunacy that Magnus suggests, and only gives the entering speedster a cross look. "Yeah, okay. Well, I think I'm done. I quit. I think I'll get a cab this time."

"Of course not, sir…" Billy says, the last part dripping with sarcasm. "That would be just plain silly. Remove a generation and you might have it." AS Pietro rushes in, Billy looks to Teddy. "Finally, someone that doesn't immediately call me a liar. It was bad enough when Hawkeye was sure we weren't telling the truth." He rubs the bridge of his nose. What the hell is this? A family reunion? If so… where's the most important (in Billy's eyes) member?

Teddy nods, sending a smile Pietro's way. "About time someone got some sense into them," the big green mini-hulk remarks. "Atleast Cap and Iron Man believe it," he says. "Both the Vision's files and Skrull intelligence believe it too…" he trails off, reaching a big green hand over to pat Billy's shoulder.

"So. You believe the boy, Pietro? That he is your nephew?" Magnus turns his attention on his son. "Do you also believe that Lorna Dane is your sister?" He gestures toward Lorna. "Lorna Dane I might believe, from the power set alone. But Mr. Kaplan and a twin…? This is outrageously unlikely."

But not, if he admits things to himself, absolutely unlikely. After all, the Scarlet Witch is all about altering the improbable to the inevitable.

Pietro spreads his hands, more than used to being the odd one out when it comes to things Wanda. He looks between Magnus and Lorna. "She created those children with her power alone, and was utterly devastated in their loss. It drove her to madness in the end. Neither of you were there for that." He even sounds calm about it, albeit he's still frowning. An old, and very painful topic. "Why is it so hard to believe that a woman who controls reality would ensure that her children survive?" A pause as he smirks slightly, motioning to Billy, "Or child in this case. I can easily see her doing that - if she couldn't have them, they would survive and thrive elsewhere. It would have given her great comfort." You know, ignoring that he's new to the conversation and running on limited knowledge. "I mean, honestly, if I can accept Magneto has my father, why not that Wanda made sure her children survived?" Brows arch at Magneto. "And in the face of that, why not a sister? I hardly believe you've been celibate since my mother fled you." Poking dad is fun!

Lorna is frowning fiercely. She's wandered toward the door, and her arms are crossed beneath the heavy jacket Magnus offered her earlier to make up for her being teleported here while wearing naught but a purple bath robe. "Lots of people have the same powers. It is not terrible surprising. I already know someone else with identical powers to mine." And then she pauses, and stares at Magnus with hard eyes that soften. Oh yes, he looks uncannily similar to the individual she's speaking of. She quiets, but her mental resolve of this entire thing being ludicrous remains solid.

Looking up at Lorna, Billy nods. "Yes. His powers ARE amazingly like yours. If you mean Leif." After all, that is the name he goes by. Only a few know him as Erik. "There's a reason for that. But honestly, Ms. Dane. I apologize for teleporting you here. It truly was not my intent. It seems that I'm not to be believed by anyone here, save for one." He looks to Pietro and offers a nod. "And so you know. We both survived. You and he might get along. The rest of the world is just too slow for him sometimes." Turning back to Magneto, "I apologize for interrupting your day. We have somewhere to be."

Teddy returns to his human appearance, a little irked he'd been ignored by the people insulting the man he loves so much. "Yeah. Tommy would probaly love to go for a run with you sometime," he says. "C'mon, Billy."

Magnus glares at Billy. "Leif?" Another son? Or grandson? Things are moving much faster on this front than he ever imagined they could — let alone that he's comfortable with. Billy may resent being disbelieved, but from Magnus' side, he's been told that he has grandkids — teenaged ones — who are alive, when he believed them not only not alive, but never alive. AND a daughter in the person of a woman he once called daughter… for nefarious purposes. (No conflict there? Ha!) AND suddenly a new name in 'Leif'. Confused yet? Yes… and confusiona always makes him angry. "You can be sure that I will investigate your claims, Mr. Kaplan. I will investigate them very carefully."

There's brief surprise at the suggestion that Billy's twin is another speedster. No, that doesn't really make Pietro happy. He'd never wish that hellish existence on anyone. Not even Magnus. Nothing said of it however, as he opts to focus on another. "…" Wanted to say Lief, but someone beat him to it. Okay, he missed that part of the conversation. "What good would that do?" Asked of Magnus. "Not like you'll pay them much mind once you prove or disprove." Bitter? Oh.. just a litttttle. With that the man turns his attention to the teens, "I, for one, would like to speak to you again." Doesn't even know the kid's name. "Leave word for me at the Avenger mansion if you care to?" The choice is in Billy's hands.

"Yeah. Anderson. Look," Lorna addresses Billy. "I'm sorry, but I've already got a family. You are /incredibly/ mistaken on my part, I assure you." She drops her hands into the absurdly large pockets of her robe. She would have continued displaying a disgruntled expression if she hadn't suddenly worried she were encouraging frown lines. That, and she is tired, confused, and understandably annoyed. "Anyway, if you guys are /so/ interested in proving this grandkid thing, you should meet a little someone I like to call Mr. Modern Science. Genetics tests. Ooooo, miraculous. And judging by this place, I'm assuming you aren't exactly hurting for the cash," she says flippantly to Magnus. "Or further mind if I borrow this jacket or another one until I get home, hm? I'll have it sent back. Promise."

"Oh do investigate as much as you want. If you'd like some blood for a… maternity test? Contact the Avengers. They can reach me anytime." Billy says with saccharine sweetness. "Next time, I'll just cast the spell without my mutation." He rolls his eyes. That was the issue. "When I do ritualized stuff it works just fine." He nods to Pietro. "If you still have your identicard, get it updated. I'm listed. So is Tommy, but he's off somewhere, being Tommy. Or just get them to give you directions to the warehouse." Looking to Lorna, he offers a wry grin. "You should join in when we do, if we do. I'll bet you'll be surprised." This time, he grips Teddy's hand and begins chanting, eyes glowing with crackling light. "Kaplanresidencekaplanresidencekaplanresidence." And the two vanish, leaving nary a trace. Poor Lorna. She got left behind. But then, she was mean and Billy doesn't care. Nobody said he didn't have a petulant streak sometimes.

Teddy nods. "We are members of the Young Avengers after all," he adds. "Told me he was going off to check out Asia last time I saw him. No clue if that's where he actually went," he adds in regards to Tommy. He takes Billy's hand tightly. The alien hybrid offers a slightly annoyed glare at Manus and Lorna right before he vanishes with Billy.

Magnus lifts his gaze to Lorna and inclines his head at her question. "You may keep the jacket as long as you like, Miss Dane. I have others." He pushes away from the table and stands, too frustrated by the whole encounter to stay still. The boys are gone — fine. They're gone. They are NOT forgotten. And they will be investigated.

Then, Magnus looks at Pietro, but… what to say to him? Pietro has clearly already made up his mind and asking him for an opinion is only going to be more frustrating. He turns back to Lorna. "If you are talking about Dr. McCoy, I believe that is an excellent suggestion. Thank you."

He's the brother of a woman who bends reality to her whim. This isn't all that hard to accept. If anything it gives Pietro some hope. Pietro nods about the mansion. "That certainly makes it easy." He updated his status with the team during the demon mess, so he can easily find out where the warehouse is. As the two disappear he shakes his head over it all. Left with Lorna and Magnus, he smirks when Magnus doesn't say anything to him. "Perhaps you are finally learning." Not that Pietro trusts his father, but this has been a very interesting start. Magneto has been careful with his temper around Pietro. Hmm! To Lorna he shrugs, "I will give you a lift home if you wish." But he doesn't expect it to be accepted. He'd be grumpy if it were him.

Lorna really doesn't care if the kids are annoyed with her at all. Clearly, she is FAR more annoyed with them, so her annoyance completely cancels out theirs in her mind. Therefor, any glances or glares from them pass without response. "Neat. Thanks," she says of the jacket. But her brow quirks about McCoy. "How'd you… Eh, ha, forget it." She waves her hand at the air, as if swatting a fly away. Curiosity annoyed the Lorna. She would not let it drag her further into this fiasco. She's turning when Pietro makes his offer, and she pauses to stare at him for a considerate moment. "Nah, don't want to be anymore of a bother. Thanks, though."

Magnus has said his piece. There's nothing left here for him to do. "I will bid you both good night," he says, drawing his dignity about himself. Pietro's shot about 'learning at last' is ignored as being beneath his notice. He turns and strides out of the room, lines of magnetic force shimmering around him, for those who can see them. He's still extremely angry… best hope the chambermaids haven't forgotten the mint on his pillow tonight. The reaction might be … overdone.

Amusement shows briefly across Pietro's features. "I wouldn't have offered if it were a bother." But you declined, and so he takes his leave of you both. Yes, he is acting a little different than you may have seen in the past. "Good night, father." That's his own contribution to that. If amused, it's a little politeness in return. Saying it though, the man disappears in the same manner as he appeared.

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