Mikhail "Misha" Androv
Portrayed By Tad Hilgenbrinck
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 3
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Sidestep
Place of Birth Russia (A secret military facility)
Current Location Barnes Academy
Occupation College Student
Known Relatives Vladimir Iakovlevich (Father, dead), Alyona Kaledin Iakovlevich (Mother, dead), Anya Iakovlevich (Older sister, dead), Irina Vasilev (non relative care taker, dead)
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Dimensional teleportation
First Appearance ???

There are too many options. Which side is right for me? It has nothing to do with morals really.


  • Mikhail's last name 'Androv' is fake. He doesn't know this however.
  • His birth name is Iakovlevich.
  • Misha is the familiar nickname for Mikhail. It's generally used by close friends, and loved ones, but I wanted the name Mikhail, and it was already taken, so this was a close second.
  • Due to the wound at his throat, Mikhail's voice is rough. Used to be worse, but Angelo healed it a good deal.
  • English is his third language.
  • The teen has some very nice computer equipment thanks to his mother.
  • He likes to 'collect' stuff in the dimensional pocket his power gives him access too. The place he lives in grows kind of cluttered over time. Guns, knives, first aid supplies, water, non perishable foods..
  • Yeah, Mikhail's a little paranoid.
  • He's been partially trained as a Russian spy, by a retired Russian spy. Yeah, the full deal. SHIELD is continuing this training, fine tuning it.
  • Made a citizen of the United States by SHIELD, he's joined the Barnes Academy. (He has no contacts within SHIELD in spite of the fact they've done a good deal for him.)
  • Misha feels it necessary to keep a lot of secrets. Expect him to.


Vladimir Iakovlevich was a Russian soldier who signed up for experimental drug testing. He had no idea he was given a stolen version of the Captain America super serum. Nor did that serum seem to affect him in any way. (Considering how many it killed, yes this was strange.) Vlad was very sick for a short period of time, but after recovering, was fine. He was shifted to a remote scientific outpost, and there he met Alyona Kaledin. They eventually married and had two children. Those children /were/ affected by the serum, but in negative ways. At least to start. Both were small and sickly in their early years, but gradually settled into being healthy, normal children.

Unknown to Vlad, Alyona was working under Dr. Constantin Racal, and in the Warborg project. While the project itself was no longer heavily active, there was still work going on. One of the experiments escaped one day and slaughtered nearly all the personnel on base, including Vlad and his daughter, Anya. Mikhail himself barely survived, and damage to his throat ruined his vocal cords.

Alyona begged an old friend, Irina, to take Mikhail, and raise him in Poland. (Irina was a retired Russian spy. Retired by means of having lost a lung, making her unfit for service.) While reluctant at first, Irina agreed. Unfortunately, not even Irina knew that she was rapidly going mad due to Schizophrenia. It would take some years to grow to dangerous levels, but for now the boy went with his new 'aunt' at Poland.

There Mikhail grew up. A fairly normal life as well. At least until Aunt Elzi (For Irina had changed her name as the paranoia grew.) began teaching him some fairly strange things. Strange to him anyway, for it was rather standard training to be a Russian spy.

Everything went quietly until Alyona decided to turn against her superiors. Her dying effort was to mail some critical files to her son. Mikhail had no idea what the files meant, nor that his mother was dead. At least not until Warborgs came for Elizi and Mikhail a week later. Elzi died protecting Mikhail, who was wounded in the hip. Thanks to his power he was able to escape. First to England, and then to America.

Arriving in New York quite illegally he presented himself at a SHIELD facility. He gave them the files his mother had sent him, and asked for asylum in the US. To be honest they didn't quite know what to do with Mikhail. No home, and no family to send him back to, and he was being hunted. Finally they dropped him into the Barnes Academy.


March 19 2010 Misha meets Danny on his first day at Barnes. Welcome To Barnes Population You
March 21 2010 Angelo runs into a kid who wants fresh air and another who wants (or needs) pain pills. Sunday Off
March 23 2010 Danny, Misha and Teddy meet up in the hallway. Life At Barnes?
March 25 2010 Misha and Corrin wreck a robber's bank plans, and then Misha ducks out, leaving Corrin to do the police report. Keld to the rescue! I Met A Man Who Wasn't There
March 26 2010 Misha and Danny talk about the Superhero Life. Costume Discomforts
March 18 2010 Misha comes upon Quintessa while training, thinks she's a strange child. AIMing


Mikhail is not a mutant. He's an altered human. (His father was given the super soldier serum (As in Captain America), but nothing happened. Mikhail's genetics were changed due to this.)

Rather akin to how Nightcrawler teleports, as in moving to another dimension really close to the 'real' world, Mikhail can teleport. It allows the teen to side step himself to a bit of pocket space. This is not a movement power such as Nightcrawler or Darkstar have though. It does not allow Misha to move distances. Instead it allows him access to this other space.

  • It should be noted that Misha has more training than his age would suggest. As soon as his Aunt found out he had powers, believing him a mutant, he's been training to learn the limits of his ability. Expect him to be fairly confident in his powers.


Here's a bigger one of the costume:http://ralloonx.nomadchronicle.com/Fanart/Misha2.jpg

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