2011-02-06: Misjudging


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Summary: Shane calls Robyn out on something he said about her, Connor is able to smooth things over.

Date: February 6, 2011

Log Title: Misjuding

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The lobby of Ramsey Dormitories has two elevators at one end of the wall along with the entrance to a cafeteria. On the wall are three pictures that say 'In memory of'. One is of Douglas Ramsey, another of John Proudstar and the last one is of Jean Grey. There are several couches and tables down here for students to relax. Large windows in the front and sides allow for a lot of light in the room.

Often on the weekends Robyn goes home to visit his parents, which is why he's walking into the lobby of the dorms with a small duffel slung over his shoulder. He walks over to the couch dumping his stuff down before sitting for a bit. He takes out his phone and checks it before he starts to type out a message for a friend. He's been really worried about his friends the past week or so and it's been bothering him a bit.

On one of the couches in a far corner of the Lobby, dressed in what appears to be a red Chinese martial arts costume with hair colored dark purple, Shane frowns at her laptop. Her headphones are on, but pulled slightly back to one side, and the flickering light from a video image plays on her face.

Once he's done with his phone, Robyn lets out a sigh and puts it away. He looks over at Shane and offers her a bit of a smile. "It's nice to see you in one of your cool outfits again." He says as seeing her in 'normal clothes' was just weird to him.

Startlingly, Shane's head snaps up at the first word out of Robyn's mouth. Her face darkens for a moment, and she starts to speak, but falls silent. Settling back on the couch, she lifts a shoulder. "…Ran out of normal clothes," she grunts. "…Surprised you're saying anything, though. Thought I was too much of a bitch for you."

Robyn frowns a bit as he's caught out with what he's saying but he doesn't try to make excuses. "Yeah well I've always tried to be nice to you cause I thought you were cool at first but you act like just another stuck up hipster art chick whose too good for anyone. You act like you're too cool to even bother to give people the time of day."

Shane's head comes up again, eyebrow rising as she fixes Robyn with a narrow-eyed stare. A few moments later, she turns her attention back to her screen. "…If that's what you want to think, okay. Not like I could change your mind."

Robyn rolls his eyes and shakes his head. "That's up to you if you want to or not but right now, you're not giving any other impressions. I've been wrong about people before but people are going t judge you on how you act. Like right now, you'd rather be playing your video game then actually acknowledge there is someone else in the room with you."

Shane pulls of her earphones with a huff, glaring over the screen of her laptop. "*Christ,* listen to yourself." Shaking her head, she pulls the headphone cord out of her laptop rather more sharply than she needs to, , clicks on a few things, and flips the computer around to reveal a still image, from some rather dark anime or other featuring a very, very tall man in a red trenchcoat and ridiculously wide-brimmed hat. "*This* is what I'm doing." Stabbing her finger on the space bar, the video begins to play… but it's pretty certain that whatever the cartoon is, it wasn't meant to be a clip from a ZZ Top video.

Robyn watches the video and there's a small smile that forms on his face. "So you're making a music video?" He asks as he's heard of people doing that before. "That's cool, and would you have even shown me, or anyone, if I didn't give you a hard time?"

"No," Shane says sharply, snapping the laptop shut. "The only reason I'm showing you is because I'm getting sick to death of you just assuming whatever fucktarded idea in your head is Truth without even bothering to *say* anything. What am I supposed to *want* to talk to you for? 'Oh, hello Robyn, last time you called me a stuck-up bitch too good for anyone, but since you're standing right in front of me *now,* please sir, may I have some more?'"

Boots on the stares sound the coming of someone else down into the lobby this late at night, but the oddity is that the boots in question belong to Connor. Someone who can go anywhere on campus in a thought… taking the stairs. Irony for those that know him. For once, he's the one with the headphones in… this time a set of earbuds as his phone is locked on his bely, currently with a Daft Punk logo on for whatever he's listening to. Mouthing the words… not seeming to care if anyone's watching or listening, he moves to the beat of their eponymous piece… Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

"Yeah, well that's how you act Shane." Robyn says. "I've tried to talk to you before but it's like one or two word answers. You act like you don't want to get to know people here and just put on your headphones and walk away. So what am I supposed to think Shane? That you're this friendly person?" He asks. "I wanted to get to know you Shane, but you made it so damn impossible. Honestly, I thought you seemed cool, you're creative and got this awesome fashion sense and but you make it so hard for anyone to be friendly with you cause you act like you don't care." Then Connor walks in and Robyn's face changes to something more sympathetic and a smile breaks out on his face. "Connor!"

Once again, Shane opens her mouth, only to snap it shut as Connor trots up the stairs. Turning her computer around, she jabs the headphone plug back in its jack, pushes up the screen, and flumps back in her chair, the sulkiest video editor on the Eastern Seaboard… One trying furiously to ignore the bright tears standing out at the corners of her eyes.

Those slightly glowing blue-green eyes go back and forth for a moment, before the young man removes earbuds from his ears, turning a bit to where it shows off the ugly but healing bruise on his jawline and above his eye, as well as the bandage sticking out under his right arm. Smiling a bit at Robyn, Connor pauses his music and replies, "Hey… I was about to check and see if you'd decided to camp the art room again, then hit the gym. What's up?" His eyes flick once more to Shane, and then back before arching a brow at how studiously the pair's presence is being ignored.

Robyn runs both hands through his hair and sighs at Shane. "And this is exactly what I'm talking about." He mutters as he hasn't noticed the tears yet. "No, I was spending some time at my parents house this weekend. How've you been? Have you talked to Rashmi?" He has to get together with her as soon as possible. "Sorry, just…I've been really worried about the two of you and I still feel bad I couldn't go help." He then glances at Shane and sighs. "She heard me call her a bitch but…" And that's when he notices that she's starting to tear up. "Oh god I'm an asshole." He says as he walks over and puts a hand lightly on her shoulder to get her attention.

The hand is slapped away, as if by pure reflex alone. "Forget it," Shane says, not looking up. "Go talk to your friend. Sounded important." And with that, the ear-cup is shifted inward, ever so slightly… proving that she could still hear the pair conversing.

Connor's mouth opens, shuts, opens again, and then exhales hard before reaching over to stop Robyn from going any farther with it, and turning to interpose himself. At least the view is nice for Shane at the moment. Athletic male backside in jeans. But then he says to Robyn softly, "Okay… first off, Rashmi's probably not going to see anyone for a while. I don't even think she's really going to want to talk to me… and I was there. She needs time. And I keep telling you… be glad you didn't go. I didn't even want to go to Nigeria…" Turning his head to look back at Shane a moment, he then looks to his friend and roommate before saying, "So… How about we not go into WHY you said what you said… and we skip right to the part where you ASK if you can apologize?"

Robyn nods and sighs. "I know, just, I'm still worried about her, and you. Also, isn't being a friend doing the stuff you don't want to do, for them?" He asks as even though it was a good thing he didn't go, he still feels a bad. "And we already went into the why." He says before he goes over to Shane so that he's directly in front of Shane's face, Robyn shakes his head. "This is also important Shane. Sorry, I didn't mean to be such a jerk to you. Just…I really do think you're cool and I just felt snubbed by you."

Shane hunches her shoulders, her personal bubble well and truly being squished at the moment, and pulls her headphones back down. "…Look. Whatever you've got to say, could you *please* both take a step or something? There's your ass right there, your junk right in front of me, and I am *not* a porn star, okay?"

The ass in question's head turns as he begins laughing a bit, and then replies, "Okay fair enough… I deserved that." And so Connor gives himself a nice three step range out from Shane, and turns around from her before replying, "Didn't mean to impose on a personal space thing… Sorry about that."

Robyn turns a few shades of red and steps back, sitting down on the couch. "Sorry, didn't mean to get that close." He says a bit embarrassed by it. "Just, there's something that I think is cool about you Shane, I really admire your creativity but if you don't even want to try to be friends or anything, I'll just let be, okay?"

Shane sighs, scrubbing her hands over her face. "…All right, look. I'm not trying to be this huge superbitch. I just…" Shaking her head, she subsides. "…No. Not if I have to swallow whatever shit you feel like shoveling just to make you happy with me. I've *been* there, Robyn," she says, eyes narrowing slightly as she looks at the older student. "I didn't like it then either."

Pushing his hands into his pockets for a moment, Connor bunches his hands, takes a breath, and then releases and pulls them free to wipe on the front of his jeans before he says, "I think what boy genius is TRYING to say…" Looking to Robyn for a moment for assent, and then trying to meet Shane's eyes, "Robyn doesn't have any art friends… period. I don't really even come close… I just write and play drum. So… he wants to be your friend, but he's frustrated that you're not giving him an in." A pause comes as he puts a hand on Robyn's shoulder, "Which is cool. We're not all friends… we all don't HAVE to be. But we CAN be polite to each other." Those last words said as if to admonish both for this little incident.

There's a shrug at Shane's words. "I have no clue what you're even talking about Shane." He says honestly. "We'll just call it a day here then. You go on your way, I'll go on mine, no more said. I won't bug you anymore or judge you." He says an means it. He then look sat Connor and shrugs a shoulder. "Thanks."

Shane is silent for awhile, letting out a slow breath. Glancing up at Connor, she twitches an eyebrow up, and starts poking at files on her computer. "…Here. Hellsing. You're into Tim Burton. Should like it." Tapping the Enter key, she glances up at Robyn. "Sorry. Get real prickly real easy. Working on it. Slow going. Not just you, though. Don't take it personal."

After a moment's pause, and a nods, he gives Robyn a slight push back towards Shane, saying, "Mind if I watch too?" Trying to keep the conversation light, Connor doesn't move himself to interpose where he's not welcome, instead standing and waiting for some kind of affirmation or denial.

"I think you told me about Hellsing a while back, when I talking to you about uniforms?" Robyn says as he goes over to look at the screen. "And Lucas gets really prickly really easy, it took him pissing me off to the point of punching him, and I don't usually resort to violence, for us to see eye to eye." He says giving her a smile as he watches. "And sorry, I kinda tend to take things to heart easily. Connor can tell you that."

Shane blinks rapidly, looking from Robyn to Connor as the two approach. "…Uh. I emailed 'em. …Was I supposed to turn it on now?"

Connor begins chuckling once more before saying, "Sorry… we sort of assumed you were going to show us now… Sorry… that was all us." Nodding once to Robyn as he moves around the couch to behind his friend, and replies, "What can you say? Lucas has a bit of a punchable face some days… but I have the same problem." Where he is still gives Shane a nice foot of personal space, adding on, "We can trade if you want… I can share one of my music projects in return for the video."

Robyn nods. "Sorry, I'll check it out later and let you know what I think. So, Hellsing, is that like that Hellsing movie? Not that it was a good movie but some parts of it were interesting with the monsters." He says as he can't help but agree about Lucas. "Speaking of that, you said Lucas was back around right?"

Shane appears to be trying, very hard, not to roll her eyes or sneer or do anything that says 'augh, Muggles,' instead, taking a deep breath. "…No. It's a cartoon. Japanese. Mostly about Alucard losing his shit all over bad guys. Bloody, if you like that too." Blinking, she looks up at Connor, brows furrowing in confusion. "…Wait, huh? Trade what?"

Connor shrugs with one shoulder before he looks to Shane and replies, "I'm redoing a song with just sound effects… cell phone beeps, car sounds, other stuff I can sample. It's kind of rough, but it's my final project for music class. Robyn's been tolerating me working on it off and on… but I wouldn't mind someone else giving a listen."

"I never got into the Japanese cartoons." Robyn says as he never really got exposed to it much. "Gore doesn't bother me, and Connor likes to make music. It's really unique a lot of it. I'm more the art sculpting geek of the two of us and he's more the music geek. Though…I wouldn't mind talking more with you about that resin stuff we first talked about."

Shane's eyes flick back and forth, and the girl frowns slightly. "…Mmm. Sure. Kinda don't know much about music though. ….Long as it's not punk or metal, anyway. Dunno how useful I'll be." Looking back at Robyn, she sucks in a deep breath. "….Y'okay. Just… later. All right?"

Connor nods once and then pushes up from his spot and starts walking towards the exit to the building, "Cool… I'll shoot it to you on an response from Robyn's email. Meantime… I've got a workout to get to, and I'm sure you two have a lot more to talk about… long as it doesn't get uncomfortable again. You're both welcome to join me if you want… but fair warning, I tend to be a bit of a slavedriver on friends."

"Understatement of the year." Robyn comments to Connor joking around since he regularly exercises with Connor. "Enjoy Connor, we gotta discuss doing belated Birthday stuff later." He says to him before nodding to Shane. "No problem. Are you sure you don't know much about music? I always see you with the headphones on."

Shane snorts. "Slavedriver. Hmf. I've had physical therapy." Lifting her head to Connor in a Californian 'sup' gesture of widely varied utility, she cues up her media player and pokes a button. What comes out of the headphone's speakers sounds like Cookie Monster on a rabid psychotic murder spree… the vocals aren't much better. "I know music," she says to Robyn. "Mostly just what I like."

Connor stops and listens for several moments, his eyes slightly lidded as he seems to zero in right on the music for a moment. Letting it play out a bit, "Cool… real rough-edged. I could get into it. I do electronica, operatic metal… it bounces all over the place… just whatever suits the mood." And with that be comes back over and does something with his phone. Once Shane's piece finishes… he queues up and begins to play a weird version of 'Harder Better Faster Stronger'. The main part seems to be car horns and engine sounds, brakes screeching, and then some rings and beeps to punctuate. It's rough, and not perfect at all, but it's got the beat.

Listening to the music, Robyn smiles. "I don't usually listen to that stuff that heavy but it's cool. I kinda grew up around music but got more into art like my Mom than music like my Dad." He says before Connor plays his version of Daft Punk. "Is that one you did Connor or a verison you found?

Shane quirks an eyebrow, nodding slowly. "Cool. That works." Glancing back and forth, she closes her laptop. "…I ought to get going," she says. "…Sorry." Whether she's apologizing for her earlier behavior, leaving, or everything in general is unclear.

Connor gives Shane a wave as he puts his phone away and heads for the main entry door, "See you later then… no worries." Then he says to Robyn, "I'll see you later tonight if you're still up. Later."

"Have a good night Shane." Robyn says to her as he stands up and yawns. "I should be heading up and getting my homework done. And I'll probably be up Connor, you know me and sleep." He says as he grabs his duffel bag and heads up to the boys floor.

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