2011-02-07: Missed Words


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Summary: Christopher overlooks what Shane is really saying.

Date: February 7, 2011

Log Title: Missed Words

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

Early afternoon, and Shane huddles on a couch near the elevator, our of line of sight for any who stroll in. Her computer laid open on her lap, headphones clamped firmly over her head, she sits, watching a video. Playing hooky is a difficult thing to do when you live at your school, but even with the security cameras, it can be done… as long as you tuck yourself out of the way well enough, a skill which the young student has practiced for much of her adolescent life.

Stepping off the elevator with a nice dusting of flour all over him is Christopher. The man looks like he's been antiqued and doesn't look happy about it. He should go change but he needs to come up here to cool off for a bit. At least he's not leaving flour foot prints as he walks. He walks over to the window and starts muttering to himself a bit in a frustrated fashion.

Shane's head rises, as movement is spotted past the screen of her laptop, and with raised eyebrow, she watches Christopher make his way to the window, privately amused. Unfortunately, her hopes of staying silent are dashed as the heating system snatches a cloud of flour and drifts it beneath her nose, causing an explosive sneeze.

Christopher turns at the sneeze and gives Shane an apologetic smile. "Sorry, I didn't know anyone else was up here. Don't mind my appearance, five pounds of flour can go quite a long way." He says with an eye roll as he moves hand up to his dusted hair. "So how are you doing Shane?" Though it's quite probably that her head phones are cancelling out anythign he's saying.

Shane pauses the video, reaching up and tugging her headphones off and peering at the home ec teacher. "…You look like someone tried to deep-fry you," she says by way of greeting.

"One of my students thought it would be a -brilliant- idea to take a five pound bag of flour and a rolling pin and see what happens when you play baseball with it." Christopher says with a dramatic sigh and roll of his eyes. "I know I should go shower and change but I just needed to get some fresh air first and this is the best place for that. Sorry for any dust cloud trails, but I'm about to get battered for the fryer." He jokes back.

The girl's eyebrow rises further, the corner of her mouth tugging upward slightly. "…Gotcha. Funny…" Shaking her head, she closes down the video, shutting her computer. "Hey… do me a favor? Don't have to, just, wanted to ask."

Christopher looks down at Shane and nods. "Sure, what's up? I'd have a seat but I'm afraid of leaving prints behind and I don't think anyone needs to be seeing that." He says with a grin. "And yeah..I guess now that the mess is cleaned it is a bit funny."

Shane lifts a shoulder. "…Running low on some material. Wanted to pick up more, but there's just a JoAnn's in town." Shrugging once more, she fidgets, not apparently willing to look up. "Don't wanna be a pain… but… can I get a ride into the city?"

Christopher raises an eye brow and nods. "No problem Shane. I was actually going to suggest taking you out to the city sometime to get some more fabrics since…well…it was a shame to see that nice outfit you made destroyed." And he leaves it at that. "Have you ever been to the Fabric District of New York?"

At the mention of the incident in the kitchen, Shane hunches in on herself. "…Yeah… well… not for that…" Pausing, she blinks, brow furrowing. "..Wait, District?"

"What you think there is only one Fabric store in New York?" Christopher says with a grin. "There's a few blocks all fabric stores. If you want a store for just spandex, they have it. It's a bit more expensive in the city but it's not the cheap stuff you get at JoAnne Fabrics. Weekdays are the best days to go so which day after school is best for you?"

"Um… tomorrow, I guess?" The idea that all the textile shops in the City are in one area, enough to have her looking up at Christopher. "I knew there was probably a bunch of stores… just… didn't know they were all in one place. That's… pretty cool."

"There's a lot of place in New York that are little districts. That way it's easy to do your shopping around a few blocks then trasping over tweleve miles." Christopher says as he looks down at his pants and sighs again. "Flour." He mutters with a shake of his head. "But after you're done with classes you and I can hit the town and maybe find something to eat. Have you gotten a chance to go to into The city yet?

Shane shakes her head. "Never liked buses," she says. "Don't get my license until next year, so I'm kind of stuck." Not, her expression says, that she hasn't *dreamed* of getting out of school long enough to tourist… especially with school so uncomfortable, and New York City being *right there.*

"Who does like busses, they're uncomfortable and who knows what smelly guy might be on them. And then you're lucky if they even stop for you." Christopher says as he doesn't mind driving into the city. "So anything else you want to do in the city while we're there? I mean we won't have a ton of time but you have to do more than just visit fabric stores for your first time."

Shane falls silent at this, chewing on the inside of her cheek. After awhile, she simply shakes her head slowly. "Dunno," she grunts. "Never done the tourist thing."

"Well we'll hit the fabric stores, then I'll take you to Time Square so you can at least see that. It's quite impressive and I will admit to a certin guilty pleasure of the Resses store." Christopher says as who doesn't like chocolate. "And since it's winter and the middle of the week it won't be too hectic out. Just let me know if there is anythign else you want to do there, since it's your first time." He says seeming a bit excited for Shane.

Shane blinks, only just keeping track of the itinerary being laid out before her, quite visibly stunned that suddenly fabric shopping has become an entire evening. "I… Um… sure. Okay. Sounds like fun."

Christopher chuckles. "Sorry if I'm overwhelming you, just I love New York. I used to live there while I was in college and for a while after but moved back out here. So how are you settling in here Shane, anyone else you want to tag along with us or just you and me?"

Shane shrugs. "S'fine. Don't know anyone who'd want to come." Leaving it at that she settles back in the couch. "…Been in worse schools, I guess. Not really much different, except all the powers stuff."

Christopher looks at Shane and nods slowly. He can think of several kids who'd love to go to New York on a school night but that's not his place to say. "Yes, but that doesn't really ask my question on how you're settling in here. Getting used to things?"

"I *said,* it's not much different," Shane repeats, starting to grow impatient. "Prettier, and it's nice having my own room again for awhile, but I know how things go in schools. I'm used to it already."

Christopher raises an eyebrow curiously. "I haven't been to school in years so forgive me for asking, how thing go in schools?"

Shane frowns deeply, shaking her head and pushing off the couch, tucking the laptop under one arm. "Stay out of everyone's way, and it's fine. Let them talk about whatever they want, and it's fine. Shut up, keep your head down, and if you have to scare them to stay out of the dumpster, fine. That's just how it is."

"Well I was like that in High School, the stay out of everyone's way part, but that was because I was terrified of letting anyone know the real me." Christopher says. "Not, that I'm saying you and I did it for the same reasons, just that's my story. And as for dumpster, well at least there isn't any dumpster throwing here. The occasional prank or flour explosion, but no forced dumpster dives."

"…Okay? That's great and all, but why did I need to hear that again? Look…" Shaking her head, Shane turns, raking her free hand through blood-red hair. "Like I said. I'm used to how things go. It's *fine.* It's just how life is, some people get to get away with whatever they want, and some get to swallow it and shut up."

Christopher wasn't execting that little explosion out of Shane but just gives her a shrug. "Well I can't say I'm part of either of those categories and I'm gonna get off and take a shower now. I'll see you tomorrow Shane for fabric shopping."

Shane sucks in a deep breath, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment. "…Fine," she forces out, "later then."

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