2009-06-10: Missing Boyfriends


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Summary: Ricky and Robyn randomly meet and find out that their significant others are together in time.

Date: June 10, 2009

Log Title Missing Boyfriends

Rating: PG

Westchester - Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

Robyn hates feeling like he's sulking all the time but it's been hard not to. He just misses Jordan and he doesn't have many friends at Xavier's either so it's been a rough few weeks. Skipping class for the day because he just needed to be out of the school, Robyn grabbed some of his scuplting supplies and headed down to Salem Center and found his way to the Reservior. He didn't know it was here but it seemed like the perfect spot to be alone for a bit. He's set up his mp3 player to a pair of speakers that's playing some German band quietly as he starts to take things out of his backpack as he sits at one of the picnic tables in the area.

Easel under his arm, as well as some canvases, Ricky's working his way to the area as well. He's… annoyed is an understatement. He's not taking it out in a bad way, though. He's simply… wishing Eddie were back. Without him, Ricky's been spending a lot of his time doing the 'right' thing back in New York. He's been going down and taking care of what needs to be done. Superheroing even. He's even run into a few famous ones around town, and they've gifted him with their touch. It's a nice thing for him.

Robyn reaches up to make sure that the red sunglasses are still on his head incase of any accidents he can quickly flip them down which he's needed to do quite a few times. He wants his own powers back and he wants his boyfriend back but he doesn't know how to deal with either. As he takes out a sort of tray and starts unwraping a hunk of red clay he looks over at Ricky and can't help but offer a small smile at the other teenage artist.

As he sets up his easel, Ricky's really not looking anywhere else. He gets everything set up and begins to do a sketched outline. It's… not what he's looking at. It's someone else. It shapes very quickly into someone very recognizeable to certain people. His family… their school… It's Eddie. If Robyn can see it.

Robyn was just staring at his clay for a bit trying to figure out what to scuplt and that's been a problem for him lately, a creative block. He's too busy thinking about Jordan to actually let his mind wander free, which is what brings him to watching Ricky. He's met Eddie a few times and he can see the resemblance. He gets up and walks over. "That's Eddie, isn't it?" He asks.

Turning his head to see Robyn, Ricky nods quickly. "Yeah. You go to school with him and his parents?" He asks, glaring at the paper. He doesn't say anything more about him just yet, because he might go overboard and break down. Who knows? He's still not used to his fluctuating emotional state now.

Robyn nods back. "Yeah, I go there too. I've only met him a few times but he seems nice." Eddie's definately one of those friendly types but he wouldn't call him a friend or anything. "How do you know Eddie?" He asks shoving his hands in his pockets as he chews on his lower lip since Eddie is one of the people missing along with Jordan.

"He's my boyfriend. We've been together for over a year." Ricky says with a nod. "I'm the housekeeper for his dads. And… his Not Doctor Dad has legal custody of me until I turn 18." He says, sighing. "And we don't know when Eddie is and just wish he would get home. Jared too, but obviously, I'm biased to Eddie."

"Really?" Robyn asks quietly with a bit of surprise. "I know, Jordan's with them." He say with a sigh. "There are five kids missing, Jordan's the one I'm worried about." He says ploping down to a sitting position on the grass. "And it's not like the schools going to tell some kid what's going on if they even do find out anything."

"That's why I'm glad I don't GO to that school. That and I'm not a mutant." Ricky says with a nod. "It's ok. I know what the place is about. I live with four people who go there or teach there. I'm… different." He chuckles a bit. "From what Mr. Parker-Mayfair told me… it has to do with being lost in time. I WISH I still had the Time Gem. With that, I could travel through it myself and bring them back. But… I gave it back." He sighs softly. That was an adventure that Robyn probably never heard about.

"I don't have my control with my powers…with my old powers so the school helps with that." Robyn says a bit defensively but he does know what Ricky means. "It is a magnet for problems though." He looks up at Ricky with a bit of confusion. "Huh? Time Gem, and they're lost in time? How does tha…nevermind since going to that school everything that's impossible seems to happen. I wish we could travel through time and get them back and I just hope Jordan…and Eddie.." He tacks on for Ricky's sake. "Are okay."

"They'll be fine. Eddie may be overbearing with his super-hero worship, but he does have a little skill in battle. Even if he CAN be a freaking idiot sometimes." Ricky laughs a bit. "He still thinks my grandmother is the biggest villain in the world, just because she took my old powers away." He shakes his head softly.

"Jordan likes superheroes too, I've never been as crazy about them." Robyn admits with a shrug. "I guess growing up in Brooklyn I found them more annoying sometimes when a super hero fight breaking out on the bridge made you late for school or where ever." But he's been starting to look at heroes in a new light lately. "I just hope they're okay, I'm just worried still. I know Jordan, I don't know the others and I don't know what's going on there so my mind keeps thinking the worst."

"Eddie and Jared are fine, as long as Jared calls most of the shots. Is… Is Daisuke with them? He hasn't been around the house… and he's usually with either Jared or Eddie, so I'm assuming so. If so, they're fine. They just can't figure out how to get back home. Probably because the answer is right in front of their faces." Ricky chuckles a bit. "By the way… I'm Ricky." He says, extending a hand before pausing. "Uhm… it may get a bit weird for a second if I do that…"

Robyn is about to take Ricky's hand when he pulls it away. "Might get a bit weird? I kinda know how that is, before my powers got stolen and I got someone elses powers with skin contact I would absorb people's mental energy." Robyn explains and even though it was a weird power, he misses it. "I just wish there was somethign we could do to help if they're stuck in time. Instead of just sitting here hoping they come home okay."

"I get a little bit of people's powers when I touch them. Just a piece. Not the whole thing. Dr. Destiny gave me powers back after mine were taken away." Ricky explains with a nod. "Me too, but what CAN we do?"

Robyn nods and brushes his bangs to the side. "Weird, but kind of convenient in a way? And that was nice of him to give you powers back after yours were taken away." Robyn says thinking it's a strange thing and being a mutant opened up a whole new strange world for him, and he usually likes strange but this is just…different. "I don't know, maybe since I go to the school I can see what I can find out, see if I can listen outside of Headmaster Summer's door and act like I'm waiting to ask him something about his powers….I don't know, I really don't. I'm not a superhero nor do I want to be."

"No idea. And it was a she. But boy did she sound like a he. You know those people with smoker's voices? She had one. A serious one." Ricky says witha nod. "It might be worth a shot to try…" He says.

"I had a teacher like that in high school, my old high school, who had a really bad smokers voice but she didn't sound quite like a man." Robyn says shaking his head but he can't help but chuckle a bit. "I just want Jordan back is all, I really miss him. I know we've only been together for a short time but he just makes me smile."

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