2009-06-03: Mistaken Identity Pt 1


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Summary: Skyler gets arrested!

Date: June 03, 2009

Mistaken Identity (pt 1)

Rating: [PG-13]

Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

It's too nice of a night to stay cooped up in the mansion, which is why Skyler can be seen out in the Park tonight, stretching his legs and getting used to his new body. It's that of a tall black teen that he copied from some random person that he found earlier this weekend amongst a small crowd that was hanging out at the park. He's got a backpack slung over his shoulder and is walking along one of the many paths in an absentminded way, lost in thought.

And, seated on the bench opposite from Skyler's is Valerie, legs crossed with an open briefcase resting on her lap, as the woman seems to be studying some papers. "So…" She mutters to herself, "Those are the guys I should keep an eye out…" she hmmms softly, and rubs her chin a bit. By doing so, she lifts her gaze, and her eyes meet Skyler, making her pause. She looks back down at one of the pictures in her briefcase, then back to Skyler, then back to picture, then back to Skyler, the picture showing a picture of Skyler's current face. Below, it says: Wanted for armed robbery and breaking into houses.

Skyler starts to whistle happily to himself as he walks along the path. When he notices Valerie staring at him he gives her a cheery little wave, totally oblivious to the fact that, any moment now, his life is going to get very, very interesting.

Valerie wiggles her fingers to Skyler and smiles cheerfully in return of that greeting, before her smile disappears and she snaps closed her briefcase, before standing up and hurrying away. 'Gotta find a place to change…' is what goes through Valerie's mind. Before walking around a corner, she gives Skyler one last glance, to make sure he's still there, and have an idea where he's going.

Skyler isn't going much of anywhere. In fact he finds a bench nearby that sits under a streetlamp and zips open his backpack, pulling out a textbook of some sort.

Oh, shady alleys, how I love thee! Finding a secluded spot with no one there, Valerie stashes her briefcase up on the trees before her clothes glow and shift into her costume. "Time to arrest a criminal…" Sunlight mutters, smirking lightly, as she adjusts her mask. She then rockets up to the skies before flying down toward Skyler's spot. Finding him, she frowns, "Stop right there!" She calls out once she's within hearing range.

Skyler nearly jumps out of his boots when Sunlight swoops down on him, causing his book to go flying. "Augh! I wasn't going anywhere!" he shouts, holding up his arms defensively.

Sunlight lands right in front of him, and she points her open palm toward Skyler, her hand glowing, ready to fire. "Maybe, but now you're going to come with me to jail." She says, before looking around to the shocked bystanders, "Everyone, please, back away. This man is a convicted robber and will be taken into custody now."

When the hand gets leveled at Skyler, his instincts take over and he leaps behind the bench, using it for cover. "Ack! What? Robber!? I've never robbed anything in my life!"

Sunlight frowns as Skyler jumps behind the bench, "Do not move, or I'll be forced to use force." She says, frowning, but keeping her eyes trained on Skyler. "That's what they all say. But it is you. You're being wanted for robbery and breaking into houses. Now come with me willingly, or I'll have to drag your unconscious self to the P.D."

"But I didn't /do/ anything!" Skyler reiterates. "I think you've got the wrong person!" At this point Skyler's beginning to panic. He's been confronted by aliens, AIM operatives and, heck, even Mr. Sinister himself, but they were all bad guys. This lady isn't a bad guy, so he has no idea what the hell to do. "Look, if you give me a minute I can explain…."

Sunlight frowns a bit more, "You'll have your minute to explain once you're at the P.D. and in the presence of your lawyer. Until then, you better not say anything, and come willingly!" she says, as she jumps in the air and toward Skyler, attempting to grab the guy by his shirt and lift him in the air with her.

Skyler nearly squeaks in surprise as he's lifted off into the air, feet kicking, trying to find purchase on ground that just isn't there. "Goddammit! I'm not the guy you're looking for! I can prove it to you!"

Sunlight looks down at Skyler as she finally got the guy in a tight grip, and she starts flying away, up into the sky, toward the general direction of the nearest P.D. "Look, Mr. Clarence, whatever explanation and proof you might have, you better save it to when your lawyer is with you." she frowns down at Skyler, "And I also should advise you against trying anything against me. We're many feet up in the air. A fall from here would surely kill you. Plus, it's easy to just blast you instead of just hold you, so you better keep those hands of yours on yourself.

Skyler's expression tightens in resolve as he does something potentially dangerous and foolhardy. His hand reaches up and grabs the wrist of the woman who's keeping him from plummeting to his death and initiates his power. The change happens in less than a mintue, his form shrinking, growing rounder, his complexion lightening and softening until he's a perfect copy of Sunlight. "I copy people!" she cries. "I'm not this Clarence person!"

Sunlight blinks at this sudden development that happens before her eyes, and she abruptly brakes in the air, making her 'target' to wobble in the air. One could almost hear the sounds of tires grinding against pavement in that brake, "W-what the-!?" She asks, both shocked and surprised, "Who are you!?" She frowns, 'The files didn't mention any shapeshifting power….' she thinks, and glares at Skyler now, "Explain yourself. Now!"

Skyler squeaks a little bit, now that she's much smaller and nearly slipping out of her shirt. A hand wildly flails about as she grabs a hold of her pants to keep them from flying off, the other still holding onto the wrist, now more to keep herself from plummeting to the ground. "I'm Skyler St James. I'm a mutant who's over at Xaviers. I copy people! I had no idea that guy was a criminal!"

Sunlight frowns at that. "A likely story, Mr. Clarence. It only proves you have shape shifting powers." She says, getting a better, tighter hold on that shirt, to prevent any falls. She lifts Skyler a bit higher, so now she's staring right into his-now-her eyes. "And now that I know you have that kind of powers, Mr. Clarence, I think the P.D. isn't the place for you. How about the special prison for super-powered criminals? So, unless you can cough up proof that backs up your claims, it's there where we're going now."

Skyler stares at Sunlight disbelievingly "Do you really think that if I were going to rob somebody and I was a shapeshifter that I'd really be hanging out in a body that was easily I.D.'d?" She tugs her pants up as her shoes fall off her feet. "Look. Let's just go to Xavier's. If I'm not who I say I am, they'll be able to tell you, and they'd be able to handle me just as well as any prison."

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