2009-06-09: Mistaken Identity Pt 2


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Summary: Skyler gets rescued!

Date: June 09, 2009

Mistaken Identity (pt 2)

Rating: PG-13

Central Park

Central Park is a large public park in upper Manhattan, largest areas of green with people reading, having a picnic, or playing Frisbee. Walking paths can be found all around the park. In-between the large area's of grass, the park is shadier with many trees. A large road circles the park where joggers, bicyclists, and inline skaters are commonly found.

Skyler is, currently, about fourty feet in the air, dangling for the arm of one Sunlight, mutant cop. One hand is clasped desperately to the wrist of the hand that's got her shirt (which is several sizes too large) to keep herself from plummeting to her death, and the other hand is clasped desperately to her pants (also several sizes too large) to keep them from plummeting off her legs. The reason for this is that she recently copied Sunlight to prove that she was not, in fact, a Mr. Clarence (who happens to be several sizes larger than Sunlight) who is currently wanted for armed robbery and breaking and entering. She's managed to punch the panic button before being scooped up by the policewoman and is now trying to talk her way out of this mess. Or, at least, to get set back down on the ground. "I'm telling you! If you just take me to Xavier's somebody there will explain! You got the wrong person!"

Sunlight frowns, still holding Skyler in the air, "I am taking you nowhere except to a jail cell. I am /not/ taking you to a school!" she grits her teeth and stares down at Skyler, "Either you call someone here, or you're going to Ryker!"

Having been out in the city buying some supplies for his new job at Xaviers, Robert Weyrin was rather surprised when the pager he'd been given went off. He honestly thought it was just some kind of joke that there'd be need for a 'panic button'. So, in his motorcycle gear and on said machine, he drove towards where the device directed him. Coming to a stop, he frowns down at the pager. "Says the kid's around here somwhere…"

"Don't I get a trial, at least?" Skyler asks, full blown panicking, now. "I… look… think about it! If I were a shapeshifter who robbed people and houses, would I really stay in a form that the police would recognize and go out to the park to do homework?"

Sunlight only shrugs in reply to Skyler's pleading, "Look, you had your trial, you didn't show up. You ran away." She says, frowning and holding her copy right by the shirt, "And I really don't care about what you villains think. Hiding in plain sight, overconfidence, I don't care. The only matters is that I've got you now, and I'm taking you back to jail right now unless you show me tangible proof of your claims. Your time is running out!"

Rob walks into the park, looking around. He's rather annoyed that he's not finding the person that pushed the panic button. When the telepathy granted to him by the odd swapping of powers picks up on something, he looks up. "Oh you have got to be kidding me," he groans. ~~HEY!~~ he mentally yells up to Sunlight and Skyler. He's in jeans, a leather jacket, and still has his helmet hiding his currently invisible head. ~~I'm gonna assume the one not in the costume is my student and the one in the costume should be putting her down. Now."

Skyler looks visibly relieved when she 'hears' Rob's voice in her head. "There, see? Teacher." She fumbles about a bit and nearly loses her pants. "Could you please set me down so I can, at least, find something to tie up my pants?"

Sunlight nngh's as she hears someone's voice in her head, and she whips her head around, trying to find whoever did that, "Shut up." she says, frowning, "I see nobod—" but then she trails off as she notices Rob and his mostly unusual way of dressing. She frowns at him, "He doesn't look like a teacher. If the one I'm seeing is the right one."

Picking up on this down below thanks to the telepathy, Rob's eye twitches a bit behind his helmet. ~~Ofcourse I don't look like a teacher! I was out shopping, not in a classroom. Sheesh, being a teacher does not mean I'm in the classroom and dressed for work 24/7,~~ he mentally shoots up to Sunlight. ~~Now would you get down here already?~~

Skyler adds, meekly, "Please?"

Sunlight frowns more at the voice in her head, "Yeah, like walking around in a park wearing a helmet that doesn't let us see your face totally makes you look innocent, doesn't it?" she says. As Skyler pleads, she glares at her. Him. Her. Whatever. "Show me your face and your ID, sir. Prove to me you work for the Xavier School and can vouch for this guy."

Rob makes a little annoyed noise. ~~I'm wearing a helmet because it's required by law in the state of New York to wear one while operating a motorcycle which is what I used to get here,~~ he replies. ~~And if you want to see any of that, you'll need to come down here,~~ he adds, reaching for his back pocket.

"I would show you my communicator they gave me," says Skyler helpfully, "But I dropped it after you picked me up."

Sunlight frowns at Rob, but she does come down, but she wraps Skyler in a semi-transparent bubble of solid light before her feet touch the ground again, "Very well." She says, landing close to Rob, "Who are you, and who is this guy?"

Rob scowls behid his helmet. "I'm Robert Weyrin, teacher at the Xavier Institute. And that is Skyler St. James, one of the students from that school," he says, taking out his ID and showing it to Sunlight. It's a non-photo ID, an empty space where the picture should be. "And before you even start whinning about not having a picture, there's a very good reason I don't have one," he says. Putting the card back into his pocket, he reaches up and takes his helmet off. This reveals there's no head underneath!

When she's finally on her feet, Skyler does what she can about securing her clothes. She kicks off her shoes and starts undoing the laces with one hand, the other still keeping her pants up.

Sunlight arches one eyebrow as Rob shows that he lost his head with Sunlight's antics. (Ow…) "Hm. Invisibility. Interesting." She says, before checking the ID again. "So you say this man isn't the wanted criminal known as Wallace Clarence, but Skyler St. James? How can you be sure? He's a shape shifter, after all." She asks, calmer now.

Rob quirks an unseen eyebrow. "Yeah, it's real interesting being stuck like this all day, every day," he says. "And I'm sure of it -because- he's a shapeshifter. That's what Skyler does, shapeshift."

Skyler pulls one of the laces out of her shoe, and ties one end to one of the belt loops in her pants, and threads it through another. With a tug, she tightens the lace, and ties it up, using it as a makeshift belt. She waves a hand helpfully when her name is mentioned. "I copy people."

Sunlight sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose before looking at Skyler, then back at Rob, "And so he…" another quick glance at Skyler, "SHE is a student at Xavier's School then?" She asks, making the bubble disappear, "You have to be more careful of who you copy, that man is a very dangerous man with his prison warranted."

Rob rolls his eyes. "Right. And who are you exactly?" he asks Sunlight while gesturing for Skyler to get behind him.

Skyler grabs her shoes, and quickly moves to get behind Rob. "Jeez. It's not like I'm able to do a criminal background check on people before I turn into them."

Valerie shrugs, "Maybe. But you should after." She says, before looking back at Rob, "I'm Sunlight. Arrived a few days ago at the city." she replies, resting her hands on her hips.

Rob scoffs. "Right, Little-Miss Hero. Maybe ya should go back to boot camp before ya hassle anymore innocent students," he says, puting his helmet back on. "Let's go, Skyler."

Skyler rolls her eyes exasperated. "Yes, because I'm going to walk up to them and ask to see their drivers license after I turn into them." She nods to Rob and heads back to the park bench to where her things are. "Just one question, though, Sunlight: How do you fly?"

Sunlight arches one eyebrow again. "I know the X-school. I've studied there. And I know that place has enough technology to tell if someone is or isn't being accused of breaking the law." she says, shaking her head, before Skyler's second question. "Why?" she asks, "You can copy the powers too?"

Skyler has the decency to look a little sheepish when she answer, "Well, yeah. I can. I can feel yours kind of just welling out. Been holding it back so you wouldn't freak out." She pauses and then adds thoughtfully, "More."

Rob narrows his eyes behind the helmet. "You're a former student?" he asks. For some reason, that annoys him a bit more than he'd already been.

Sunlight sighs. Great. "Well, I'd like to ask you to not linger too long in my form. I wouldn't want people to find out my identity." she says, arching one eyebrow. At Rob's question, she simply nods, "Yes, I am."

Skyler raises her hands up defensively, "Hey. I don't even know what your secret identity /is/." She shakes her head and gathers up her backpack and the book that she'd taken out of it. "Great," she grumbles, "My wallet is gone." She, then, heads back to Rob.

Rob smirks slightly. "I'll say hi to Headmaster Summers for ya," he remarks, offering a slight wave. He then frowns. "Your wallet is gone? What happened to it?" he asks, looking around. He glances back at Sunlight, wondering if she took it.

Valerie nods to Rob before starting to float, until hearing Skyler's complaint. "Your wallet? Was it in your pocket?" She asks, looking at the guy-turned-gal.

Skyler scowls. "It was in my backpack. Somebody probably took off with it." She sighs, "Dammit. Now I'm out twenty bucks. At least I don't have an ID or a credit card or anything like that."

Rob sighs, shaking his head. "Alright. We'll worry about it when we get back home," he says to Skyler. "C'mon, I have a spare helmet on my bike," he mutters, heading towards his bike parked right outside the park.

Sunlight says, "If I see your wallet, I'll see about returning it. For now, I have to go. I am sorry for any misunderstandings, I was just doing my job." she says, before flying away.

Skyler watches Sunlight take off and shakes her head. "I've got to figure out how to do that before I change into somebody else." She nods at Rob and walks with him to his motorcycle, slinging her backpack over her shoulder. "This is the first person I've copied that could fly."

Rob picks up a the spare helmet and holds it out for Skyler. "Put it on," he says. "You should copy fliers more often then," he says. "Like that kid with the wings I saw in the hallway," he shrugs. "Now c'mon. We're headed home," he says, getting onto the bike and waiting for Skyler to get on behind him.

Skyler fits the helmet on her head and hops up on the bike behind the teacher, a little unsteady. "Uh. Should warn you. Never been on a motorcycle before."

Rob glances over his shoulder. "Don't worry. Hold on tight and you'll be fine. I've been on this thing for years," he remarks, tone a lot kess harsh and annoyed than it had been before. Revving the bike, he waits for Skyler to get a decent hold and then speeds off.

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