2009-03-03: Mm Mm Good


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Summary: Christopher makes food for everyone.

Date: March 3, 2009

Log Title Mm Mm Good

Rating: G

Xaviers - Kitchen

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It's right about noon and without classes to teach, Christopher is in the kitchen cooking lunch for anyone who cares to stop by and grab something to eat. It's an odd mix of smells that comes from the kitchen, hamburgers, hot dogs, cheese, chocolate and a few others. With the high tension among the kids with the invasion and with the recent snow outside Christopher figured what better than an kind of indoor barbecue. Currently he stands over a large electric griddle on the counter as he flips a few burgers.

What a great time to start working, just when tension is high. But Clara sees it as her first challenge as a teacher at a school full of mutants. Cowboy boots click against the hallway outside as hurried steps can be heard making their way to the kitchen door. "Aw man does that smell good," the red head drawls in thick southern tones, head peeking into the room. "You're either really hungry, or you're my new hero. Because I am /starving/."

Christopher looks over at Clara and smiles. "Try culinary teacher." He says with a chuckle. "You must be the new teacher here, I'm Christopher Parker-Mayfair, pleasure to meet you." He heard that there was going to be a new teacher as it's not good for a school to keep their faculty out of the loop. "We've got Mac and Cheese, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, regular salad, cucumber tomato and fresh mozzarella salad and a lot of brownies baking in the oven right now." He keeps busy.

Clara grins and sneaks closer to grab a hamburger and a plate, grinning at Christopher. "I'm Clara Matthews, the new Theater Arts teacher." Her head bobbles in an enthusiastic nod as she leans back against a nearby counter. "And trust me, the pleasure is mine," she laughs, wiggling her hamburger before taking a huge bite. "And even more a pleasure when those brownies are ready." Clara stares at the oven, willing it to cook faster. "So have you been with Xaviers a while?"

Christopher turns off the electric skillet and moves the rest of the burgers onto the platter. There's a lot of food here and it all looks like food for a Memorial Day Barbecue. "I've been a teacher here around two or three years, I don't remember. And I was a student here years ago so I'm familiar with the school." He says nodding as he goes to wash his hands from the hamburger grease. "And Skyler, he'll love having drama classes here now."

THUD. Well, look who's improved their sneaking skills…atleast until he tripped. Eddie Parker-Mayfair rubs his nose as he gets up off the floor. "Ow…" he mutters. Dressed in jeans and a WarMachine t-shirt, he'd been drawn to the kitchen by the smell of food and a rumbling stomach. "Hey, Dad," he says, moving over for a hug.

"That had to have made the transition a WHOLE lot easier," Clara says around another bite of her burger. "You'd already know how stuff works, know the layout of the school. You'd be prepared for the new teacher hazing. I still have no idea what to expect," she grins, shrugging and she glances around for anything to drink, moving towards the fridge. "Who doesn't love drama classes? They're always a blast.." She tapers off, glancing towards the source of the thud.

"Hey Kiddo." Christopher says returning the hug. "Clara, his is my son Eddie, Eddie, this is Ms. Matthews, the new Theater teacher here." Christopher does not look like he should be old enough to have a son the age of Eddie. "There really isn't any teacher hazing, that I ever encountered. Someone was probably just trying to scare you." He ruffles Eddie's hair and smiles. "Good job last night honey."

Eddie blushes furiously and squeaks when ruffled. "Th-thanks, Dad," he says, squirming on the spot. He then offers a smile to Clara. "Hello," he says. There's a pause. "Mr. Drake might play a prank or two…" he trails off thoughtfully.

“Mr. Drake? I'll have to remember that then. Thanks for the warning.” Clara grabs a bottle of water from the fridge, glancing between the two. She's seen plenty of teenage parents in her time, so she doesn't linger too much on the age thing. “It's nice to meet you, Eddie.”

"Oh yes Bobby. Don't let the fact that he's the accounting teacher fool you. He's a bigger prankster than most the kids put together." Christopher says with a chuckle. He likes Bobby though, he's a nice guy. "Grab some food Eddie, I made a ton of it. So Clara what is it that brought you too Xavier's?"

Eddie nods, moving to get some food. "Okay, Dad," he says. Seems like he's in a much better mood today than yesterday.

Clara polishes off her burger, glancing back to the oven to check on the status of their baking. They look like they cold use another couple of minutes. Dang. "Well, I've been teaching for a while. But when I heard about Xaviers and the fact that it's a school for kids with abilities like my own.. well, I couldn't pass up the chance to work here."

Christopher grabs some food to eat for himself and a bottle of water and nods. "I already started my own business when I was offered the job but I took it and now work both jobs. I enjoy it, my life may seem busy to some but it doesn't bother me. So are you going to help in power training at all?" He says smiling at Eddie, happy that he seems to be in a better mood. "So Eddie has Cecilia had you checking on the two new patients yet?"

Eddie grabs himself a soda, a rare thing for him considering that he usually chooses juices instead, and moves to take a seat. "Ooh…what power do you have, ma'am?" he asks Clara curiously. He jumps when asked the question and nods. "Yep! I checked on 'em this morning. Doing okay."

"Well, I should probably make sure I have firm control over my own powers before I try to help anyone else in theirs. I mean, I can offer some help, but only by giving advice on what worked for me," Clara shrugs. "I've been the only mutant I know for a long time, so I sort of hand to teach myself. And I'm still a work in progress." As Eddie asks about her powers, she glances towards the nearby table, her hair extending out to wrap around the four legs, lifting it delicately by it's legs. She holds it there for a few moments before lowering it back. "Prehensile Hair."

Christopher nods with a smile. "Impressive, that's one I haven't seen before. And I'll take it that you probably don't need my services then." Christopher says with a chuckle. "I can generate light and use it for several things and also I have the ability to change the color of anything I touch. Might not sound that grandiose, but I love it. And I'm glad to hear they're doing okay Eddie. It feels like we're finally making a bit of progress and see, it's a good thing you and Ricky were able to get out of their last night. We needed your help."

Eddie jumps and stares for a moment. "Wow! That's just like Queen Medusa's power!" he says with a smile. He starts to eat his burger as Chris speaks and then blushes. "That's what a keep saying…they have a me so you'll need my help," he murmurs, squirming on the spot for a moment. He may not think he's much but apparently Eddie thinks he's the best person to use again an alternate him.

"Queen Medusa?" Clara asks, brows knitting together. There's one she's never heard before. "You know someone else with this power? I'd love to meet her someday. I have about ten thousand questions." With a smirk, Clara tosses her paper plate in the trash, holding onto the bottle as she glances between them. "Well, I have some more unpacking to do. But save one of those brownies for me? I'll be back down later." She gives a quick wave. "It was nice meeting you both."

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