2020-08-27: Mockingbird Alarm Clock


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Summary: Asleep on the job Tony is awakened by the arrival of another Avenger, Mockingbird.

Date: August 27, 2020

Log Title Mockingbird Alarm Clock

Rating: PG

NYC- The Underground- Living Area

Near the living area of the Underground is a small tunnel that has several dug out rooms. One of them used to be used for storage, particularly like a weapons locker, but for now it served a different purpose. Crates of various shapes and sizes were littered about the room, and off to a corner the only source of light was a half open laptop. The soft light spilled across a cot that was pressed into the far corner illuminating the figure curled up attempting to sleep.
Stark had been working to the point of exhaustion yet again as anyone who peered into the room could tell by the hand hanging over the edge of the cot still grasping a file. He was clad in a hooded sweatshirt that was unzipped over a t-shirt, a pair of black sweatpants, and tennis shoes. He was a light sleeper, and more so given his circumstances so any light sound from nearby caused him to surface from sleep long enough to check on what it was before he slipped back under.

It's been a busy few time since donning the mask of Mockingbird, but finally Chloe has found the time to head back to base and check in. She's wearing a more modern incarnation of the Mockingbird costume and has both of the trademark batons safely held in holders on her forearms. "Helllooooooooo? New Avenger-gram here for Iron Man!" The blonde speedster moves with a dancers grace as she prowls along the main tunnel which connects onto Tonys little den. "Magik said you'd moved in down here and to come say hi."

Tony stirs with a wide yawn that would be worthy of a tiger. Slowly he stretches himself out on the cot before sitting up to touch his feet to the floor. "Huh?" His voice is roughened by sleep as he's reaching up to rub the back of his neck with his hand. "Need a door, put up a sign that I'm out to lunch."

Chloe glances from side to side so quickly her head blurs. "Lunch you say? If you have /any/ food lurking around I'd be happy to turn this into a business lunch!" she offers cheerfully. "Failing that I'll just eat any scrap paper or pencils you don't want." She winks from behind the mask. "Do you need and or want the story on how I ended up with costume? Or have the Harbingers already briefed you? For that matter… do you trust them?"

Whoa, the questions are coming quickly not to mention the mention of food. Tony is quite distracted and sadly not up to top form yet so he begs for a moment to gather himself. As he glances up to see the woman speaking to him he takes in her appearance, and rolls his head to the side and back again, "Mockingbird I presume? Welcome to the Stark Sanctum, please pull up an empty crate and mind the others." Slowly the man before her wakes up bit by bit, and he activates the light in the room to provide them a bit more of a glow than the flickering of a small screen. "To answer your last two questions I was informed by them awhile back that Avengers would come to me. By default, I do not trust anyone. I'm sure I don't have to explain that any further."

Chloe yawns and idly paces back and forth while she waits for Tony to wake up. "A bit of a problem in a leader don't you think though?" she teases playfully. "I'll stand if you don't mind. I find even the slightest movement is less painful than trying to be stationary. And if you're wondering I'm not a baseline Human like the original Mockingbird, nor do I have full shield training. But I did attend Barnes /and/ Xaviers, so hopefully that'll make up for it."

Tony rubs a hand over his shorn head before letting it fall bonelessly to his side. He pays no mind to the joke other than to offer up a slight smile for the Avenger. "You were chosen by the Harbingers for a reason, and to that end any knowledge you have or lack thereof is not a concern but I do appreciate the heads up." Tony seems to be a bit more animated now and has sat the file he was holding down at the side of the laptop. "Have you found accommodations? I hear the west wing is particularly popular. There may even be a hammock or two about."

"I technically think I have a room designated for my use," Chloe admits with a shrug. "But I've let a family move in there because I'm almost never around. Most of my time I'm either going to or from somewhere the big bads aren't in charge, which means Mexico or the few breaks in the Canadian border. Personally I tend to prefer South America and Mexico, better climate and fewer border police."

"Ahh Cancun," Tony sighs wistfully. "There is not much going on down here at the moment. The others are either working on their repairs or running training exercises with others from time to time. Word will get around fast enough that you are here, and some may search you out." Tony grabs a hold of the edge of the cot then pushes himself to his feet so that he's on the same level with Mockingbird. "If I am here, this is where you can find me. If not use this," He leans down to pick up a small device then hold it out for her to take. "You can contact any of the Avengers with that."

Chloe nods, accepting the device and tucking it into a belt pouch. "If I'm within the state you can count on back-up within about twenty minutes and I have one piece of good news you might not have heard of. Ahabs time control hound is back on our side and it seems like history has split. Which means we should be fairly safe from futher time manipulation troubles."

Tony was aware of several things when it pertained to Ahab but knowing officially that the time manipulating Hound had jumped the chain was indeed a bonus to the cause. "Thank you for telling me. If something happens, and I am not able to give input use your own judgment and that of the others. When in doubt also speak with Rashmi as she needs to be aware of what the Avengers are doing and vice versa."

"You don't live long with a job like mine without using your own judgment," Chloe points out with a wave of her arm. "And I'd be briefing Rashmi regardless. The general is still technically my boss, although once she finds out I'm in the cape business I expect I'll be freed up from the milk run stuff. So, are plans in motion that'll win the war? Or do you need anything special scrounging up from Stark facilities elsewhere in the country?"

"The seeds were planted, and things are falling where they need to be," Tony comments as he stuffs his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants. "As of now we are in the planning phase, and the Avengers are going topside on occasion to get used to working together as a team. Beyond that nothing is necessarily needed at the moment."

"Things are always needed down here," Chloe points out, hand on hip. "Or do you find the thought of various rat based mystery meat dishes appealing?" She pauses for a few seconds, then adds "I think I might begin popping up in as many cities as I can. Fight some mundane crime and show the people we're on their side. Because it's all well and good planting seeds but if you don't water the soil…"

"Not saying that nothing is needed down here, I meant for myself. Remember I've been awake for about five minutes, and there isn't a Starbucks around the corner." Tony walks off to a corner of the storage room to dig through a crate that had been brought down the day before. "If you are going to go out I would suggest taking the others. Not that you can't do things on your own but if you're going to make a point go big or go home." Tony shrugs as he says it. His focus is on the whole picture but as he is manipulating pieces of the puzzle and assisting whomever he can he is a bit spread thin at the moment. A bag is draped over his shoulder as he comes back to stand before Mockingbird, "We're all doing the best we can. I'm sorry if I made it sound like I am unconcerned with what's going on around here."

Chloe shrugs. "While I'd /like/ to take everyone on the tour I have in mind I'm pretty sure they won't be able to keep up. Unless you have a Sentinel proof plane hidden away for a rainy day? And trust me the cascading benefits of word of mouth in dozens of cities will more than make up for the smaller impact."

"Sorry, all out of Quin Jets," Tony teases. "Of course your actions would have an effect. Things that start small always build up which in this case is a good thing. Unfortunately the only Avengers capable of following you are myself and Thor so I concede the point. I'm merely trying to point out that everyone needs to get to know each other, and to learn each others fighting styles so that when something does require more than one of us that we flow together rather than abrade each other."

Chloe frowns. "So who else is around? Besides yourself and Thor that is," she wonders. "I'd assume Thor is very… Bohemian Rhapsody mixed with MC Hammer. And I saw enough news reports on your own exploits before the world went down the pan to know how Iron Man rolls."

Tony grimaces at that, "Things are different." He's clearly not thrilled about the mention of his life predating his return from the dead. "Hawkeye is always here and easily found, Quicksilver's about as well, and Vision may or not be here at the moment but is easily called back. Cap is also in and out of here, especially this room because he stores his things here." Tony points a lone finger over towards a locker near his cot. "Thor is harder to track down until it's hammer time but you'll know when he shows up. His voice is loud enough to be heard from one end of the Underground to the other."

"I was on stage when they shot the last Cap," Chloe admits with a sigh. "Biggest clusterfuck of a rescue mission I've ever been on. Although we did save two people without anyone dying, which I guess was better than we had any right to achieve. I have to admit the lack of heavy hitters bothers me. After all you'd have presumed the Harbingers would have picked people with good giant robot killing abilities, but Hawkeye and the Cap?"

"I wouldn't underestimate them or anyone else for the matter. There are many ways to bring down a robot, and there are a few of us that have particular gifts to make it even easier to accomplish such a task." Tony doesn't really mean to sound gruff but he's running on will alone these days. "Hence, get to know the others. See what they've done, and will do faced with situations just like that. Hawkeye in particular can tell you about the last run in with a trio of sentinels, fun times." Tony tilts his head suddenly, and narrows his eyebrows. "I hate to grumble, and run but somethings come up that I've got to get to. If I don't catch you later I'm glad you're here and welcome to the team."

Chloe rolls her shoulders. "If you insist," she says blandly. "I'd best be back to my little routine anyway. I have to scrounge up some medicine and then talk some drug lords into parting with a few rpgs. Anyway, it's good you've turned out to not be dead. Let me know if you need anything shipped or collected via express delivery and I'll be happy to oblige."

Tony offers up a slight smile as he has the computer lock itself down and turn off. "Thank you, and I'll remember the offer." The hall was clear when Tony stepped through the door to his room, and looked both ways down the long tunnel. He tosses a wave to a few of the people that he talked to briefly the other day, "Well, see you around. Good luck with what you're doing and get back safe." With that he takes off at a run towards the nearest exit topside.

"Will do," Chloe offers, waving. Then no sooner has she finished speaking the speedster is gone. Vanishing in a blur of motion and the snap of a little sonic boom.

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