2010-12-06: Monday Night Football

Players: Caleb and Drew Daniels

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Summary: Drew engages Caleb in some Monday Night Football

Date: December 6, 2010

Log Title: Monday Night Football

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Practice Room

This is a very large module, about the size of a football field. In default mode, it has stadium lighting and the floors and walls are of the same white-gray alloy as the rest of the base. However, practically every element in the room is modular, from floors to walls to ceilings to lighting and even the air flow is adjustable. While it isn't a Star Trek style holodeck, just about any credible threat can be simulated, if not replicated. A control booth overlooks the room in a way that might be oddly familiar to some people.

A message is sent to Caleb to meet with Agent Drew Daniels in the Practice Room. Upon entering the Practice Room, It is set like a footfall field. Tex stands at the end of the field holding what looks like a football. It spins around in his finger with some help from a small wind. Tex is dressed in standard shield gear, but has his usual white hat. He finally punts the ball like he just scored a touchdown and does a little two-step.

Great, whats this about, Caleb's supposed to have monday nights off, he had these plans for weeks and now he's had to cancel, he's dressed in his Barnes training uniform, as he enters the practise room he sighs, he's really not familiar with football, where he's from what Americans call soccer is football and what they call football seems to basically be rugby with padding, why has he been called here?

“Caleb, thank you for coming. I realize you have Mondays off. But consider this extracurricular.” A small wind blows the football and launches it towards Caleb at a full speed. “Consider this a pop quiz!” Texas
Twister grins and watches how Caleb will avoid the ball.

Oh please, that's almost insulting, literally a second before the ball hits him Caleb phases, literally the first thing he learned how to do when he gained his powers, albeit accidentally, "That it?, I'm assuming i passed", hmm seems Caleb's channeling some of his brother's cockiness.

The wind catches the ball as it passes through Caleb and returns it back to him at a fast speed, “Not quite, Caleb. But definitely a good start.” Drew laughs.

Assuming that using the same trick twice is a fail Caleb flies off into the air this time, this time only narrowly avoiding the ball, but no smart comments this time, he's keeping an eye on that ball, the last thing he needs is a fail for being cocky.

The ball avoids Caleb and Drew catches it. “Ok good job, Caleb.” Drew Daniels smirks and states, “So far an A. Now go to the opposite end of the field.” He releases the ball and throws it backed by wind to where Caleb will be.

Caleb nods and flies towards the other end of the field after the ball, what exactly is the aim of this exercise?, so far it just seems like a glorified game of dodgeball.

“Ok, you are great with your powers, but how well can you do without your powers?” Drew grins widely, “We’re going to play football. You have to try to score a touchdown, get paste me without using your powers. And I won’t use mine.” He takes a defensive stance, “Ready?”

Caleb sigh and grabs the ball, he's not too sure about the rules of this game, but he assumes that he just has to get to the other side of the field, this seemslike a pretty easy task, maybe Tex genuinly doesn't know about his skills outside his power, weird a lot of the other teachers do, taking a deep breath he runs straight at Tex.

Grinning, Drew Daniels stands and remains wearing he is. “Bring it boy.” Drew seems as if he has something planned as Caleb is rushing towards him.

Move for feck sake!, fine if he's not going to move Caleb's gonna have to try a different tactic, he changes the angle he's running atjust slightly to the right, and focuses on not phasing.

Drew grins and appears to remain where he is. He just extends his arms a bit ready to move whichever way Caleb does. He then takes a few steps closer and moves towards Caleb, charging towards the boy but ready to switch tactics depending on the boy, years of Texas country football and SHIELD training about to unbound on the boy.

Caleb smiles when Tex comes towards him, excellent he can finally decide on a move, now which way to go, over, around or under…, ok he's getting closer…, under!, he dives aiming to go under his outstretched arms, roll and keep running.

As Caleb does under so does the Texas Twister, Caleb would make it about half way when Drew forces his weight down and rather quickly grabs Caleb’s legs, “Nice try. Diving was a good way to try to get through.”

Caleb's first instinct is to phase and keep going but he's not allowed to use his powers, meh he'll try slipping though his grip instead, it can't be that tight right?

This is a man who rides and remains on bulls at rodeos. His grip is very tight keeping Caleb pinned down, “Squirm all you want, you won’t get loose.” He finally lets go and then helps Caleb up, “Try again?”

Caleb lets Tex help him up, "Yeah sure, just one quick question, whats the point of this exercise, or just filling the boredom?", hmm either way, Caleb's gonna go under again.

“Well most find football fun, but you need to learn how to rely on your skill without your powers. So it’s better to play football first and then eventually do combat. I can get a sense of what and how you can handle yourself. You are pretty agile, quick, and think on your feet. That’s a good thing.” Drew smiles, “And it lets me know how to work with you.”

Caleb nods, "Fine, lets do it again then", he makes his way back to the other end of the field with the ball and gets ready to run again, now to decide how to play things, ok…3…2…1, runs!

Remaining where he was before, he takes the same defensive stance, arms outstretched and Drew just waits to see what tactic Caleb will do.

Tex was not expecting Caleb to try the same tactic, Caleb is able to slip through Texas Twister, but he attempts to grab the ball as Caleb slides under him.

As Tex reaches for the ball Caleb throws it into the air with the plan to catch it when he gets back on his feet and keep running.

The plan works as Tex misses the ball completely and it flies past him as Caleb has completely passed under him. Tex turns around and smiles not chasing after the boy as he goes to make the touchdown.

Caleb grins as he gets past and keeps running until he makes the touchdown, "Happy?", he may have been annoyed about canceling his plans, but he understands why Tex brought him here, it was a good idea.

“I am happy, but yours is more important. You passed, but how do you feel you did?” Drew asks as he takes his hat off and brushes his hair aside and places the hat back on. Walking over to Caleb, “Good job, pardner.” Drew Daniels smirks, “You got a touchdown on a SHIELD agent and you proved that you are fast. I think you are ready for the next stage, but I will give you what is left of the evening to yourself.”

Caleb raises an eyebrow, "Huh?, theres a next stage?, whats that?", he's gonna have to stop his personal life for a while, man Barnes choses the worst times.

“We’ll schedule it at a more convenient time. And it’ll be direct combat.” Drew smirks, “Against me.”

Tex smiles, “Both.” With that he tips his hat, “Well, pardner. It’s late and I need my beauty sleep. You should get some rest.” He grins, “Good job, Caleb.”

Caleb nods, "Cool, see you then i guess", with that Caleb gets up and walks off to his room, groaning at the thought of hitting the gym.

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