Moniqa "Fashionista" Taylor
Moniqa Taylor
Portrayed By Rihanna
Gender Female
Date of Birth 8/10/1995
Age 15
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Fashionista, Mon
Place of Birth Hayti, MO
Current Location Salem Center, NY
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Parents, Siblings
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Plastokinesis
First Appearance ???

Yes, it's spelled with a q. NO, it doesn't require a u. Look, it's MY name, YOU deal with it.


While her father had a respected, high paying job, having a housewife mother didn't really make them a wealthy family, but just barely at the upper class level. Dr. Andrew Taylor (DDS) was a very prominent dentist in their area, even drawing people from neighboring towns. Of course, the area was nothing but small towns, some not having any real medical professionals at all in them. His wife, Acacia Taylor, as stated, was a housewife who just stayed at home to keep things in order (and secretly keep his home and work books in order, because Andrew wasn't that talented at balancing his money).

They had two children before giving birth to Moniqa, and another one after. Genora, Terrence, Moniqa, and Nikita. Even from birth, they were all quite different in their attitudes. Genora was girly and cute, Terrence was a bookworm, Moniqa was outgoing with a unique sense of fashion, and Nikita was quiet and shy.

Moniqa was always a little bit of a diva when growing up. She wanted things a specific way… her way… and that was it. While she didn't always GET her way, she often did, which developped her attitude into something a little worse than it should have been. In school, she was above average in grades, As and Bs… an occasional C, but nothing really bad. It just wasn't in her to NOT do decently at something. Being one of the central children really didn't bother her, because she didn't let it. She used it to her advantage often.

When one got something, when she got that age, she'd ask for HER fair share of the same thing. For example, when Genora got a nice dress for her Jr. High Prom, when Moniqa got to hers, she wanted one herself. Of course, it would be different. She couldn't wear what Genora wore. (Not to mention… different sizes). But… that was the night that things began changing.

One thing that had always been in the family (one way of saving money, despite having enough) was that Acacia was talented with hair, and made sure her daughters could either do their own hair, or do nice things with it with help from another. Moniqa was rather talented at it herself, and really enjoyed adding interesting colors and different lengths in. The night of the prom, she had worked in some long extensions in the school's colors (red and white).

A traditional party faux pas occured. A girl had been watching what Moniqa was planning for a while, and got an identical dress and hairstyle. This, of course, pissed Moniqa off to no end. Angrily, she stormed off to the restroom to see what she could alter quickly to make it something else.

In her anger, she went to the restroom across the school where she knew she'd be alone. With the lights on, she glared at herself in the mirror. Hair was always the easiest to fix. As she reached into the extensions, she began to notice that the hair was following her hands without her even touching it. It even began to reshape itself entirely into something very intricate and unique as she watched. A smile began to cross her face. Of course, her first thought wasn't 'Oh god, I'm a mutant' but 'Oh god, I hope nobody was paying attention to what it looked like at first.'

As she finished, her clothing began to alter itself under her touch as well, becoming something a LOT more expensive looking than what her parents would have ever allowed her to buy. And that was perfectly fine with her. Once she was done, the outfit was actually amazing. It left her absolutely exhausted, not realizing that it was her subconscious reacting to her desire to stand out and NOT look like someone else there.

When she went back to the actual prom, people were amazed at what she was wearing, surprised that her parents allowed her to wear something like that. It was a little shorter than proper, but not breaking any rules. Once the dance was over, and she went home, she didn't even think about changing it back.

Her mother was awake when she got home and just… stopped and stared at her when she came in. Her eyes narrowed as Moniqa just responded with a classic, "What?" Confused.

"That's not the dress you left in."

"But it is. I just had… something strange happen, that's all."

So, Moniqa told her mother the story. Why lie about it? Truth is truth. She may be vocal and a little attitudey at times, but she doesn't believe in lying. Her mother asked her to demonstrate, and she just couldn't make it happen. When she tried, she just passed out, having used all of her energy for the day. That first time is always exhausting.

A few days passed and Moniqa started trying to emulate what had happened, and finally did, causing her hair to change again and again. Eventually, her mother was witness to it and simply nodded.

"Mon? I think you're a mutant." Acacia stated a little sadly. "And before you wonder, no, I'm not upset or anything about you being yourself, I just wish you didn't have to deal with it. I read the news. I know what most people think of them."

It wasn't long after that before Moniqa recieved an invitation to Xavier's to come and start her freshman year there.


August 13 Moniqa meets Max J. It's strange. With a Q
August 14 Moniqa meets Hilde. And lets something slip. The Flour Thief


Basically, this is the ability to control plastics and synthetic polymers. Though at the moment, the synthetic polymers are limited to polyester and synthetic rubbers, as well as nearly all forms of synthetic hair. Other things, can be learned in time, but not yet.

What this does, at THIS time, is give her the ability to move and manipulate plastics and polymers based on how they would react on their own. She can move it as if with telekinesis, up to 200 pounds worth, right now, moving it anywhere within twenty feet of her body. She can also alter the shape of it IF it is within her strength level to do so. For example, synthetic hair can be easily bent and braided (which does increase it's tensile strength), and can be done so VERY quickly. But a sheet of plexiglass takes a lot more to bend, and would be harder to do so. Some solid plastics will be beyond her strength of shaping due to their sheer rigidity, and may cause snapping and breakage. However, she can hold them together. As of yet, she cannot merge broken plastic pieces together into a cohesive whole. Once something goes beyond twenty feet, her control breaks slowly. If she was controlling it already, and it was on a speedy trajectory, then it will slow down as if thrown at that speed from where the field of control ends.


  • "I said it!"


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