2009-07-08: More MGH Victims


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Summary: Cid, Rob and Robyn are kidnapped to be used as a MGH source!

Date: July 8, 2009

Log Title More MGH Victims

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Prospect Park

Located in the center of Brooklyn is Prospect Park. There are many paths circling the park for bike riders and walkers. You can rent a boat to take out on the lake, or stand on the shores to fish or feed the ducks. Many colors can be seen in the sky where the hill is in the center of the park from the many kite flyers. There can always be found a few peddlers in this area selling kites to those who wish to partake in the fun.

It's a nice afternoon in Brooklyn today and while Robyn has Jordan down to visit, he had to run out and grab a few groceries for his parents. He left Jordan back has his place and ran to the store quickly. He's walking back towards his apartment with a plastic bag in one hand and seems to be in a good mood. Though something does strike his attention as he notices a man grab a purse out of a womans hands and starts running. Needless to say the woman starts shouting for her purse back.

In Brooklyn, Cid is doing a little bit of basic shopping. Just getting out of the apartment. Ever since his powers have returned to normal, he's taken to wearing his amulet again to hide his natural appearance from the world around him. He's just enjoying the day. It's been nice, after all.

With a fresh coat of the latex skin and a wig on, Robert Weyrin's coming from a lunch date that didn't go too well. Sunglasses covering the lack of eyes, he's walking along with hands in his pockets and considering doing some shopping. The sound of the shouting draws his attention upwards and a frown forms on his face. "I am really not in the mood for this," he mutters, hoping someone else deals with the purse-snatcher.

Robyn isn't really a superhero, nor does he try to be, but upon seeing the woman get her purse stolen, he tries to do something. He does have super powers after all. He starts to run after the guy as fast as he can. He's starting to run a bit low on psychic energy, maybe just draining him a bit will cause Robyn the chance he needs to help out.

Cid's hardly the superheroic type himself, but he knows there are things he can do. He focuses on the running man as a small creature appears in his hand to those with the right vision. He takes it and flings it at the running thief. A Mario Warp sound can be heard in the air as the creature flies. Hopefully, he can bind the man's clothing by shifting it into something hard and strong rather than the soft material it is.

Rob may have powers but he's not the super heroic type either. When he sees Robyn, a student, Rob sighs. "Just had to add to my day, right?" he asks the sky. And with that, he starts running for the purse snatcher. Rob's putting a lot more stock in the 'tackle and punch' method than his powers right now.

The man starts to run really slow due to his clothes being turned to wod and makes it easy for Robyn to reach out and drain some of his pyschic energy, which makes it even easier for Rob to tackle the guy to the ground. Robyn starts to breath heavy and smiles. "Man, I'm really not used to running." He may be skinny but he's not atletic or in shape. "Thanks." He says to Cid and Rob.

"I d-didn't do anyth… anything." Cid says, running on a little bit of an adrenaline high. He runs a hand through his hair as he breathes deeply, trying to calm himself down. He's absolutely sure that his changelings are going to be mad at him for a bit after that.

Rob throws a punch at the man once he's got him tackled, venting some frustration. "It's not nice…to steal from random women…on the street!" he says, moving to take the purse back. "Don't worry, about it. Plenty of time to get used to running," he says. When Cid runs over, Rob looks him over and nods. "You did something. Running over here is something," he reasons with a shrug.

The man groans in pain as he's punched but he's not down yet, just sort of rolling on the ground holding his stomach. Robyn's never seen Rob with the latex skin and wig so he only knows him as invisivble and doesn't recognize his teacher. "Thanks, though I should probably be getting home." As Robyn starts to walk away one of the men who watched the three try to stop the purse snatcher suddenly reaches out and grabs Robyn around the chest, pinning his arms to his sides while a second guy pulls out a sort of dart gun and aims it at Cid and Rob.

Seeing the man grab the kid, a sharp peal of maniacal laughter comes from the air around Cid as a gremlin runs out making an attempt to somehow keep the man from moving (either by tying the shoes together, or making them fall apart). Cid isn't paying attention to the people with the dart gun. He's not noticed it.

Rob scowls down at the man as he gets off him. "Oh get over it you baby. Don't be a thief if you can't take the inevitable beat down," he says, shaking his head. Looking up as Robyn is grabbed and the laugh rings out, Rob scowls. Seeing the dart gun, the man's eyes go wide and he curses. "Oh you have got to be freakin' kidding me!" he exclaims, throwing a hand up and launching some bandages out to try and wrap up the dart gun and the arm of the man holding it. "Skinny guy!" he calls to Cid. "Get the kid and run for it! Now! Get the police!"

As the bandages are sent towards the guy with the dart gun, a wild shot is fired at Cid before his hand and the gun is wrapped up. Robyn is struggling trying to get free, and resorts to kicking the mans shin, which causes him to fall over since his shoes are now tied, but he still keeps a grip on Robyn and digs out a needle and quickly plunges it into Robyn's shoulder to tranq him.

The dart strikes home just as Cid realizes what Rob's trying to tell him. His muscles quickly begin to thicken and slow as he tries to move quickly towards Robyn. He mutters something in German before he falls.

Rob curses. "Hey! One of you people call the cops and don't believe a word these jokers tell you!" he yells, hoping someone on the street pays enough attention. Pulling on the bandages, he tries to yank the man with the gun off his feet and to the pavement. Not giving it much thought after that, he moves to try and free Robyn by punching the man holding him. "I hate today," he grumbles as he goes.

The dart gun is pulled free from the man and Rob does have luck getting Robyn free, the problem is he's unconscious. Though the one person Rob forgot about, the woman whose purse was stolen. She pulls a dart gun from her own purse and aims it at his back. "The invisible man again." She muses and Rob would recognize her voice from somewhere before a tranq dart is shot into his back.

Rob starts trying to pick Robyn up. Seeing that the kid's out of it, Rob reaches for his own cellphone and tries to alert the school of things while trying to pick Robyn up. He freezes about half-way into the motion, that voice reaching his ears and triggering a flash of memories. "You bitch," he growls, starting to turn. Then there's darts, sinking in and bringing a curse from the man. "You're the ones…that did this…to me…" he manages to get out before falling on top of Robyn and the man that grabbed Robyn.

With all three mutants down and unconscious, the attackers manage drag them to an unmarked van and throw them in. If someone called the police, they'll arrive too late.

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