2009-02-15: Morning After


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Summary: Drew and Kaden talk about what happened. Keith joins them.

Date: February 15, 2009.

The Morning After

Rating: G

Keith's apartment

It wasn't until he woke up this morning that things began to dawn on Kaden from last night, he just didn't care at the time. Now that his emotions aren't being 'tampered with', or that's what he thinks, he's not in a good mood at all. He's also extremely embarassed at what he did to Drew at the end of the night. If he sees Xane, it's not going to be pretty. He's been holed up in his room most the morning around noon time has finally decided to come out, mainly because he's hungry. He makes his way to the kitchen and just stands infront of the fridge, half afraid that anything in there will alter his mood.

Coming out of his room, carrying his loaded pipe, Drew hears the moving Kaden in the kitchen. Immediately, he swings around that way. "Hey. Thank you." He says, simply. There's no need to say anything more than that, in his eyes. After all, it meant a lot to him. The card, that is.

Kaden doesn't turn around, he can't bring himself to look at Drew right now but he's not mad at him. He just shrugs. "Xane didn't fuck with the oranges did he?" Kaden says sounding irritated. He just doesn't trust any of the food in the house. "Fuck it, he probably can't mess with the cereal." He mutters as he goes over the cabinet. Yeah he's trying to act like last night didn't happen.

"Dude, he didn't mess with any food at home. He did that last night to show us that he knows what he is now. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't have believed him." Drew says with a soft sigh. "Kaden, he didn't mean to upset you. He was doing what he thought we would enjoy." He holds his lighter and pipe in the same hand, but doesn't get any closer. "I think he has to MAKE or do something WITH the food anyway. Not just touch it."

Kaden is torn, he doesn't want to make a fuss about the night before because he was Drew's birthday and Drew did have fun and he doesn't want to ruin it. "Just forget about it okay?" He says as he grabs and apple and sits down at the table. "Last night was…nevermind. You had a good night, it was your birthday." Kaden says.

"I had a good time because you were there. The others, sure, but mainly you." Drew admits as he goes to sit next to Kaden. He places the pipe and lighter on the table, waiting for his own relaxation. "Because you went with me. The other guys are great, but you do realize, you're the one that's my closest friend, right?" He asks, reaching out to place a hand on Kaden's arm.

"You're my closest friend too Drew but last night…it was fake." Kaden admits. "I don't know if I would have had fun or if I just did because of what He did. It doesn't feel real, what I felt last night, wasn't fucking real, it was just the food." And that's why Kaden's so annoyed right now. He lets out a sigh and shakes his head. "It was your night last night so really, as long as you had fun."

"Then explain it to Xane, so he understands how it makes you feel. I mean, don't be an ass about it, tell him like you just told me. You don't know if it's real or not when something like that happens, and you'd prefer he just not use it on your food. He's a cool guy. He'll totally understand." Drew says with a nod. "And once you knew it, you could have stopped eating, but I thought you were enjoying the happy."

Kaden just stares at the apple in his hands, though Drew's words might have saved Xane from Kaden just walking up to him hand decking him. "That's the problem, I don't know if I was or if it was just him. I haven't felt happy in a long long time, I don't remember feeling happy so last night…I don't know if I really was or if I just felt it because of him."

"Well, we'll do what we can to get you in that mood naturally, then. Of course, I know you don't like MY relaxation techniques, so we'll find others." Drew says with a chuckle, holding up his new pipe with a grin.

Kaden is beyond grateful that Drew hasn't brought up the last part of the night before. "And that stuff I wrote in the card, I ment it. It's just hard for me to say it." He found it easier to write it down. "And no, I don't like your techniques, for the same reason I don't like what Xane did." Though it is going to be harder for Kaden to trust Xane now.

"Like I said, tell him not to, and he won't. He doesn't know you, dude. He doesn't know it bugs you that much. He really didn't mean to hurt you with it." Drew says, nodding lightly. "I know you meant it. I felt it from you for a while, even if it's not the 'fun' kinda love." He chuckles, obviously teasing. "And I won't press. I'm just not going to leave you either."

At the fun love comment Kaden actually turns a lovely shade of red but doesn't say anything, just takes a bite from his apple. "I..I know you aren't. I'm not going to push you away cause..yeah..all that stuff." He says taking another bite from his apple trying to ignore his embarrassment.

"K-man? You in here?" Keith calls from the living area. A moment later and he wanders into the kitchen in his boxers and a pair of socks but nothing else. "Hey Drew, K-man," he greets. "Quick question K-man. What's your favorite color?" he asks.

"Red." Drew says in response to Keith's question with a chuckle as he squeezes Kaden's arm. "At least, that's my assumption. I could be wrong, though." He says, rising from his seat and moving a little so he can pack his bowl a little tighter.

Kaden is still red but it's starting to fade a bit, the squeeze on his arm doesn't help though. "I…it doesn't matter. I don't really have one." He replies almost grumpily at Keith. "Just nothing girly." Like those stupid pastel colours.
Keith blinks. "Okay…" he pauses, looking at Kaden curiously. "We'll go with red then," he says. "So, how you two doing today?" he asks, heading for the fridge.

"Was gonna light up, but decided to hang with Kaden for a bit first." Drew says, grinning up at Keith. "I'm good. Last night was fun. But you did tell me to remind you later for something. I forget what." He laughs. "Too much going on."

Kaden sighs and shrugs. "Okay." He says as he finishes up his apple. The colour on his face finally going back to normal. "What's gonna be red?" He says standing up so he can throw the core in the garbage. He does like Keith but he's just not as open with him as he is Drew so he's got his guard up a bit now that the Air Spirit is around.

Keith nods, glancing back at Drew. "Oh yeah. I taped it to your door, Drew. There's a key in the envelope there…it'll get ya into that one room at the end of the hall…but only you can go in for now," he says, digging through the fridge. "Your new shower, K-man. I'm having the one you have upstairs taken out and replaced with a non-water one."

"A door?" Drew says, tilting his head, now intrigued by what may lie beyond it. Of course, he's curious. But then, that's the nature of water, to flow where there's a place for it to flow. "Ohyeah, cool. Is it a sand shower or an oil shower or something? Like what Dmitri was talking about?" he asks.

Kaden makes a face. "A non water shower? It exsists and sand or oil shower?" An oil shower just sounds weird to him. "And are you sure me and oil is a good idea?" He says worring that it might be flamable. Kaden's also not the type to let himself sit around get get dirty just because he hates water, his five minute showers, more like steam baths, he can deal with. "And if Drew's the only one who can go behind that door, I don't think I want to know what's behind it."

Keith pulls a bottle of juice from the fridge and turns to lean against a counter. "First off, don't worry about it, K-man. It's not anything involving nudity," he tips the bottle towards the Fire-Spirit. "And it's not sand or oil…but I am thinking about getting a warm sand tub for the balcony…but…it's a weird kinda gel and sonics thing. I don't understand it much but it's coming with an instruction manual so no worries. Now you don't have to worry about the water."

"Yeah, Dmitri told us about sand showers and dust baths. Actually, some animals take dust baths." Drew says with a nod. He listens to the discussion, from the Air spirit and ponders. "Warm Sand tub? That could be interesting, too. Or a mud bath." He gives a soft chuckle.

Kaden makes a face, sonics and gel just kind of sounds gross and a few weeks back he would have out right said no. "I'll try it." He says sitting back down at the table and running his hands through his hair. "Dust baths? Now this is getting really weird for me."
Keith takes a swig of his juice and looks at the bottle with an arched eyebrow. "Strawberry Kiwi?" he mutters. Shaking his head, the air-spirit nods. "Could be weirder."

"Yeah, chinchillas. They can't get in water, because their fur is too thick. So, they use dust to soak up oils and scrub away dirt. If water gets under their fur, they can get mold and mildew on their skin." Drew says, with a bit of a pout. He thinks they're adorable.

"Chinchilla?" Kaden has never seen one, having never gotten the chance to go to a pet store and just look a the animals. "What's a chinchilla? And that sounds gross about the mold and mildew." He looks over at Keith and the juice. "And why are you so confused, aren't you the one who does the shopping for your own house or is that Jon's job too?"

Keith chuckles. "If you wanna get a chinchilla, Drew…go ahead. Just don't let the little guy run around the whole place," he says. The air-spirit then shrugs. "We alternate, actually. Switch off every week. Juice just doesn't taste like any strawberry kiwi drink I've ever had before…" he trails off.

"Nah, I'd be afraid of going on mental lockdown again." Drew says, simply. Kaden knows what it means, even if Keith doesn't. "They're rodents from south america. People would breed them just for their fur. They're like… like petting clouds." He says.

"Why would you go on mental lockdown again?" Kaden asks now really sure what would cuase it as he knows what did the first time. "Petting clouds? You sound so fucking cheesy." Kaden says as he smiles at Drew nudging against him. He's beyond grateful that noone brought up what he did last night.

Keith arches an eyebrow. "What?" he asks, looking at Drew with concern. "And the fur is really soft. Head to the mall some time and check 'em out, K-man."

"I dunno. I mean, it's happened twice." Drew says with a shrug at Kaden before the nudge. "No, seriously, dude. We need to go to a pet shop that has them so you can see." He says with a grin. "We should just go to a pet shop in general sometime." He smiels brightly.

Kaden nods in agreement. Believe it or not, Kaden actually does like animals. "That sounds like it could be cool, why don't we go today." He asks since he knows he doesn't have anything else. "And I'm sorry about that time." Kaden says still feeling back that he caused it the second time.

Keith frowns, watching the two younger spirits with a slightly annoyed expression. "So, what the hell are ya talking about?" he asks before taking another drink.

"It happened once when my parents died. Stayed up for days. And it happened not too long ago. Sometimes, when something bothers me, emotionally…" Yeah, it happens, though it seems strange for Drew. "My mind goes on lockdown and my body goes on defensive. I… get covered with water. A few inches of it."

Kaden looks down and doesn't say anything. He feels bad about pushing Drew to that point and just stays quiet. He finally mutters into the table, "Well, we're here for you Drew. We're friends after all." He still doesn't look up though.

Keith just stares for a moment before moving over to hug Drew. "K-man's right," is all he says for right now.
"I know. Just one of those things that sometimes scares me." Drew says with a slight shrug. "And Kaden, stop. It wasn't intentional."

Kaden goes up and goes to join the two in the hug. "Well if it happens again, I'll just steam it all off of you okay?" Kaden says giving him that half smile he been showing a lot more often lately. "So, how about we go to a pet store so I can see what this 'petting a cloud' thing is about."

Keith reaches over to pull Kaden in and nods. He chuckles at the steam comment and shakes his head. "Alright…I'll go put on some pants and get my keys…" he says, letting go of the younger spirits and stretching.

"Coo." Drew says with a chuckle as he goes to grab a shirt from his room.

Kaden nods. "I'll get out of my pajamas and into some real clothes and Keith, it might help to put a shirt on too." Since he made the comment about pants, and Kaden gives Drew a smile and mutters. "Thanks." To him before going of to get dressed.

Keith laughs as he goes. "Yeah, it might, K-man," he calls back. "I'll find one," he adds, flying up to the second floor to get changed.

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