2009-04-10: Morning Conversation


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Summary: Jordan and Robyn both escape to the Observation Deck for quiet time.

Date: April 10,2009

Log Title Morning Conversation

Rating: PG--

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

After getting a phone call from his father last night, Robyn's been thinking what they talked about and to get his mind off of it he's decided to come upstairs to the quiet of the atirum and work on scuplting something. He's dressed in a t-shirt sporting Ziggy Stardust over a pair of black jeans with a tray of sorts in his lap as a hard surface as he carefully works with the lump of white scuplting clay, slowly forming it into something resembling a long skinny cat.

Robyn's not the only one that's been chatting with 'rents. So has Jordan. And he's not in the happiest of moods because of it, but he's doing what he can not to take it out on everyone. Without looking anywhere but the chairs in the room, he heads straight over to one and flops in with a grump of annoyance. "I don't CARE about stupid Biology. They're the eggheads, not me."

Looking up as Jordan starts talking, Robyn offers a small smile. "Oh, hey. You're Jordan right?" Robyn says trying to remember since he was actually one of the first people he met. "Everything okay?" He asks. He's usually not the one to pry into peoples business but Jordan came up here ranting and seeming annoyed so he figures he'd offer the chance to talk.

"Yeah, just my 'rents. They seem to think that because I'm up at this private school, that I'm here for the smart side of it. They know better, they just want me to focus on sciences. THEY'RE biologists. I don't wanna be that." Jordan says, shaking his head softly. "Not my goal in life. I'm not as smart as they are."

"I'm glad I don't have that problem with my parents." Robyn says as his parents always encouraged his interestes. "Be who you want to be, that's the only way you're going to be happy. Well that what my parents always said, be true to yourself so it doesn't make sense why my Mom's so freaked out about me being a mutant. She's the one who always said to accept yourself for who you are…sorry, I don't mean to put my parent troubles on you in return. I guess we're both up here to get away for a bit." He says with a faint smile.

"Basically." Jordan says with a nod. "Oh, they're not bad or anything, they just don't understand why I'm not as hyper-brained as they are." He shakes his head, turning sideways in the chair to curl up a little, coincidentally getting just a bit smaller to fit into the chair properly. "The mutant thing doesn't bug them at all… fortunately. It's all normal to them."

Robyn starts to put the scupture that he's working on back in a plastic bag but at the moment his hands are still covered in clay. "I should bring something up to wash my hands when I do this." He mutters before looking up. "It doesn't bother my father, but my Mom still won't talk to me. He says to give her time. I don't think my parents ever expected me to be exactly like them since, well, I was adopted so nothing could be blamed on the genetics they gave me. And just do what makes you happy, forcing yourself to be someone your not isn't good."

"It's just one of those things. Sometimes I feel like I need to TRY to make them happy, but I can't, and I know it, and they know it." Jordan says with a shrug as he looks over. "Would probably make clean up a lot easier if you did." He ponders for a moment. "Adopted? Did you ever look for anything on your birth 'rents? Just… something I've always wondered about."

"I've thought about it a couple of times but I'm sixteen and it's not a piority. I'm sure there had to be a good reason." Robyn says with a shrug as it doesn't bother him that much. "Maybe they'll eventually come around and seeing you happy will make them happy. So are you from the New York area orginally or.."

"Nah. Florida. It's flippin' cold up here." Jordan says, making a shiver as he holds his hands to his sides. "I don't know how people live like this for too long." He laughs, looking over his shoulder again. "Whabout you? Where you from?"

"Brooklyn." Robyn says with a chuckle. "At least I don't have a horrible Brooklyn accent. And it is cold up here, it gets really cold in the winter." Even when you grow up with it, it doesn't mean you like it. "I prefer warmer weather and it's not too cold out now."

"To me, this is cold." Jordan says with a firm nod. "I don't like it. Not at all." He grins, running a hand through his hair as he slowly starts to stretch out from his curled position, regaining height and then some as he does it.

Robyn watches Jordan curiously as he shifts and grows. "So you can change your size? I mean as your power?" He asks before starting to flake off some of the dried clay on his hands. "And out of curiousity, what is that you want to do? You said you don't want to be a biologist, so what do you want to do?"

"I can grow." Jordan says simply. He doesn't talk about the other side of it. Not at all. It's unbecoming. Honestly, he doesn't even know all the benefits of his shrinking. "I don't know. I'm not all book smart like they are. I just like being a guy, ya know?"

"How tall can you grow?" Robyn asks curiously. "And you like being a guy? That's kind of a vauge statement but I think I understand. I'm not the book smart type either." He mind ends up wandering too much in class.

"I dunno. I'd be willing to show ya, but I think I'd end up nekkid." Jordan laughs. He's not yet gone past nine and a half. The night with Pallaton was the largest he had grown.

Robyn smiles a bit. "Yeah I don't think the school would like a giant naked guy up here." Robyn looks at Jordan for a bit before stretching. "It's weird ya know, you hear about mutants and super-heroes and read about their destructive fights in the paper but when you're face to face with all these powers, it's kind of neat."

"Too bad. Large naked guys can be kinda cool." Jordan says with an easy laugh as he shrugs. "I know. And seeing all these here, like… the original X-Men. Dude. It's just… wow." Yeah, there'
s that trait he shares with a few others.

Robyn smiles and laughs at Jordan's first statement. "I just said that I don't think the school would like it." At the last statement though Robyn shrugs. "You know I was never that big into Superheroes. I always loved stuff like Monster movies and weird creepy stuff I guess you can say, and just being here, and seeing all these powers and how similar they kind of are, it's really cool."

"Ah, so you wouldn't mind." Jordan laughs, tossing a wink as he stretches. "I always have been. They're like, totally amazing and stuff." He chuckles. "I never knew I could become one. Who woulda thought they'd grow up to… well… GROW UP." He laughs.

Robyn doesn't give a yes or no at the fact that he wouldn't mind but his chuckle and expression shows that he probablly wouldn't. "I guess living in Brooklyn I saw so much of it and the fights on Brooklyn Bridge and all that stuff but I know what you mean. It sounds really weird but I'm a physic vampire, if you think about it there's Wolfman Lon Cheney, there's a kid who turns into a Bat Monster, you're a growning man, I'm a vampire of sorts but not undead which makes it so much better and…" He trails off wondering if he's starting to get too much 'weird kid' on Jordan.

"There are the three guys that have the computer savvy to the point of computers and brains and stuff. And lots of others. It's all cool to me." Jordan laughs, spreading out a little and letting himself get a little bigger. He'll stretch his clothes a little but not rip them. He likes being big… and being the center of attention, after all.

Robyn isn't the center of attention type, he's more of the wallflower type. He's trying to be more social though. "Minds like computers? I think I met one of them last night, Vlad? He was talking about this computer that the school has to find mutants, I didn't even know that was possible. But I guess that's how they found me at the hospital.

"Yeah, that's probably how they found me. That and my dad and mom posting on doctor's websites about size changing issues." Jordan says with a nod as he flexes a little, looking himself over. He can't help himself. A little bit of ego this one. "Yeah, Vlad's my roommate. And a total hornball. He flirts with anything. If it's got sex organs of either type, he likes it."

"I guess I was safe, he didn't flirt with me last night but he wasn't happy that I accidentally drained some of his physic energy. I just can't control it." Robyn says with a shrug. "He suggested gloves, I might start doing that but I really don't want to wear gloves all the time. And honestly if I don't drain other people's physic energy, I get really bad headahces."

"Is it by touch or is it by being near? Have you tried talking TO a psychic in the place? There are quite a few around, though most seem to be elsewhere. Maybe that redhead that looks like Marvel Girl… but a guy." Jordan says with a shrug. "I don't know much abou tit."

"It's by touch and I haven't yet. I guess with still getting settled in he…Marvel Girl?" Robyn doesn't know all the names like some of the other students here. "I don't think I've met Marvel Girl yet but then I don't know all the teachers name and hero names." He says brushing his hair aside. "I don't know much about it either and I don't even know how I do the possessing thing.

"Oh, she was Marvel Girl, then Phoenix, then dead." Jordan says with knowledge. He points out to the front of the building. "There's a statue for her out there with her name and codenames. Redhead. Hot chick." He says with a chuckle before coughing. "Uhm… was with Mr. Summers."

"Oh." Robyn says as he probably should have paid more attention. "I should probably learn more about this stuff since I am going to school here. I was just more abosrbed in my scupting and cello playing than anything else. So how do you know all this stuff, just read around the internet?"

"Internet. Newspapers. I mean, I KNEW who Marvel Girl and Phoenix were, but I didn't know they were the same person… or that they were here with Mr. Summers until I saw the pictures in the hallways and the statue. It's kinda sad, really." Jordan says with a sigh.

Robyn nods as he says it's sad. "How did she die?" He asks as he feels a bit weird not knowing this stuff. He's just kind of taken things for granted and the real dangers of being a mutant and what the X-Men hasn't really sunk in yet.

"According to what I could read, saving the world from Holocaust. But… I really don't know who that is. The only Holocaust I know of happened a long time ago." Jordan says softly as he looks down. "Yeah, we came after the dorms were rebuilt. Apparently, someone told me they were attacked a few weeks ago."

"I heard that too. I just don't know what happened. And Holocaust?" Robyn's mind starts wandering but he doesn't vocalize what he's thinking but there's a slight shiver. "I did notice that the dorms were named after someone who died along with the boys wing. I don't know what they called the girls wing, I haven't been there. And how did we get on such a depressing topic..oh yeah."

"Proudstar, Ramsey, and Grey, I think." Jordan says with a soft nod. "Grey was Marvel girl. Jean Grey. I only know what they have about her in the public school records. Beyond that, I'm… not sure."

"I might like all that creepy and macabe stuff but really, I don't want any of us to die. Though if she died saving the world from this Holocaust then we all should be grateful to her." Robyn says as he's probably going to go off and read what he can about her after this. "Wow there's so much I didn't realize before coming here."

"There should be plaques about the dorms that explain things about them. Considering how much respect they have for them, I'm sure we can find out more. Like, who Ramsey and Proudstar are." Those two were never really public, so Jordan has no clue.

"I bet there's something in the library. I haven't had a chance to check out the library yet." Robyn does like to read but he's not the type to just wander around a library. Too much of a 'study' place. "I've pretty much been ignoring the plaques here. If you find out anything let me know, I'll let you know in return."

"Alright." Jordan says with a nod as he looks out over things. "I'm just… a little thrown off by a lot of the things about it. Ah well." He says with a chuckle. "I've been avoiding the library because… I'm not any kinda of egghead."

"Anyway, I need to run to my next class, I guess." Jordan says with a soft sigh, rising. "See ya around."

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