2009-03-19: Morning Snuggles


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Summary: Drew and Kaden have some cuddle time.

Date: March 19, 2009

Log Title Morning Snuggles

Rating: PG-13

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

He hasn't bothered with clothing at home in a while now. Not since everyone's gotten used to things. Of course, his body's beginning to show the blue hair a little better now. He was shaven when they first started their relationship, but not anymore. His hair's grown out enough that it's almost two inches of blue. All of this… is fine with Drew. He stands, casually watching the world outside the glass door to the world outside, just… happy with himself, if not with the state of the world.

A bit groggy, Kaden stumbles out of his room wearing just a pair of boxers at the moment. His hair is a bit dishevleved from just waking up and after letting out a large yawn he smiles and walks over to Drew, wraping his arms around the water spirit from behind. "Morning Drew." He says as he kisses the crock between Drew's shoulder and neck.

A soft purr of happiness comes from Drew's throat at the kiss. "Morning, sunshine." He whispers, reaching his hand back to run it through Kaden's hair as he stares out at the world. "I wish this was over. I want to walk freely again. I mean, without fear of attack." It's not like they could kill him or anything. He's just not a fighter.

Kaden cuddles up against Drew, resting his head on his shoulder and smiling. "I know love, but if you want to go out, I'll protect you. You don't have to be afraid." But he does know what Drew means, there's a feeling of unrest. "We should go out later, go for a walk. I just don't like being up here all the time."

Drew nods. "Oh, I just don't LIKE having to fight to go out. It takes all the life out of… well… life." He says with a deep sigh, leaning his own head against Kaden's. "Maybe the big shots will take it all down, soon.

"I know, you're not like me." Kaden says and he thinks that's a good thing. There's a part of Kaden that will always enjoy a physical fight. "Hopefully they will Drew." Tightening the hug lightly. "Maybe we should see if we can do anything though last time I wasn't much of a help to you guys."

"Please, I wasn't much help either. Most of it was done by their you." Drew says with a shrug as he puts his own arms over Kaden's. Just enough to feel him there, arms on arms. "I just want things back to what they were."

Another kiss is lightly placed on Drew's neck before Kaden rests his head against back against Drew's. "I know, so do I. Things didn't feel so…tense. I just need to get stronger is all." He says it with a smile like it's something he is going to do someday. "And I like the blue." Kaden says with a grin as he hand goes to brush through the blue hair before his hand moves back to Drew's stomach.

Of course, the lower part of Drew's stomach has a little blue popping up in tiny wisps. He nods, giving another light purr. "But we don't have to talk about that right now." He offers, stretching his arms over his head. "There's other things out there. I dunno what, but other things to talk about." He chuckles.

Kaden smiles and stiffles a small yawn. He's still waking up a bit. "I still say we should just go out today, find a quiet spot in the park and just get outside for a bit. I like living up here but I feel like I'm stuck in one place again." Kaden says, like the freedom to just wander is there but he can't do it. "And last night I went to go visit Dmitri, you were right about him."

"Which part?" Drew asks, turning to the side slightly. After all, he's said a lot about Dmitri. "And good. You two need to get to know each other. We're all in this together."

"That he's a pervert." Kaden says shaking his head. "That's why I went down there, I wanted to get to know him, just..not like that..right away." Kaden says as Drew would feel his temperature rise a bit with embarassement. "I'm glad I'm in this with you guys." It's weird, Kaden likes and cares about the other spirits but as far as he's concerned the rest of the world can go to hell. He's kind of fickle like that.

"Let me guess. He was naked when you got there." Drew laughs. "And, like me, he had no desire to cover up." He shakes his head, turning his body around to face Kaden before he leans in again. "That doesn't make one a perv. Keith is a perv. Dmitri, not so much."

"It's not that he was naked it's that he was…" Kaden turns a bit red and shakes his head. "Nevermind." He's just still innocent in a lot of ways. The fire-spirit keeps his arms around Drew enjoying being close to him. "You're all pervs to me." Kaden says with a chuckle.

"You call me a perv next time I've got you squealing in pleasure with my mouth on your…" Drew looks up, "Oh, hi Jon!" He offers a quick, happy wave. Jon's not actually there, he's just trying to get a rise out of Kaden.

Kaden grins and starts to blush as Drew says that but as soon as the idea that Jon's there, Kaden tenses and stands up, looking behind him slowly. As Jon's not there he turns back and gives Drew a teasing scowl before grinning at him. "I'm going to have to get you back for that." He doesn't know how he's going to, but somehow he thinks he is.

Laughing, Drew reaches around behind Kaden and into his boxers to give him a squeeze. "Oh, I have my ideas of how you can. Someday." He laughs, sliding on a bit of water until he reaches the couch.

Kaden reaches both hands down to grab onto Drew's backside as they're brought over to the couch. "Someday, well maybe I do something to you Keith taught me." He replies with a grin as he leans in to give Drew a light kiss. "Seriously, what did you guys do to me?" He asks with a chuckle as things have changed so much for him lately, and for the better.

"Keith taught you? What did I not hear about here?" Drew says, blinking suddenly. "Just showed you that being loved isn't a bad thing. That's all." He laughs, lying on the couch and stretching.

Kaden snuggles up against Drew and smiles. "Just as long as you guys don't leave me alone, but with this bond, I don't think that's possible." As he's more open to admit he's terrified of being rejected again. He smiles at Drew and grins at him. "Well something you've done to me that I'd like to do back to you. I also like hearing your sounds of pleasure."

"Ooooh. Well, you're always more than welcome." Drew laughs. "I'd never stop you from doing something you felt was the right thing to do, now." Well, there are things he has yet to do, but all in all, the fact remains.

"I love you Drew, you know that." Kaden says snuggling up against the water-spirit. He loves the others too but it's something different with Drew, maybe since he's the one who really tried to get Kaden to open up and connected with him. He'd probably sit be pushing people away if it wasn't for the water-spirit. "Dmitri kept, I don't know, I don't understand him, but talking about me doing stuff to…" He shakes his head turning a bit red.

"Ohyeah, Dmitri's blunt." Drew nods quickly. "He says what he thinks he should say. Doesn't care if you're ready for it or not." He snickers, nodding. "I know, Kaden. Believe me, I know. Otherwise you'd still be telling me to fuck off every five minutes."

Kaden nods. "I know he is. He doesn't seem the type to hide anything." He doesn't even know how to tell Drew about half the stuff he said to him last night with out being completely awkward. "Well now when I say the word fuck in your direction it has a totally different meaning." He says grining as now when he says it, it's usually a cry of pleasure.

"And soon it'll have a whole NEW meaning as well." Drew says, with a grin. Hey, he's been holding that back for a while. "Whenever I think you're ready for it anyway." Tease tease tease. But then, that's something Drew enjoys doing."

Kaden shifts so that he can do a sort of pounce on Drew so that he pushes him back on the couch and is on top of him. "You know I trust you and whenever you do, what you want to do with me, I'll let you." He says leaning in to give Drew an open mouthed kiss.

"I know. I'm just waiting for the right time." Drew laughs, sliding his leg up over the pouncing Kaden. "Ya know? Right now, with all this, I just wanna wait."

Kaden smiles down at Drew and runs a hand through his hair. "Nothing wrong with that. I just like being with you." He says looking down at him. "And later today, I know there is a war out there, but I need to get out of here, even if it's just going up to the roof or something." He just wants some fresh air rather than being inside.

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