2012-04-23: Mortal Coil



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Summary: Geoffrey comes to Jill with an offer that might save her friends. Jill accepts.

For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause.

-Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1

Date: April 23, 2012

Log Title: Mortal Coil

Rating: PG-13

Romania - Tower - Top Floor

Grandeur is one word that can be used to describe the rectangular room. A large crystal and gold chandelier hangs from the middle of the high ceiling with long white tapered candles that always stay lit without ever needing to be replaced. Four smaller chandeliers hang from each corner to provide more light and accent the larger one. The high ceiling is nothing shy of magnificent, with gilded molding to accent to the white designs and intricate patterns that almost give it layers.

The walls are all white with golden trip and design which accents the ceiling. A large mirror with a grandiose gilded frame sits above a magnificent marble fireplace that is always lit with a comforting fire, which provides the perfect amount of warmth. Two large couches sit around a marble toped tabled and a few chairs sit on the sides of the couches to be pulled up around the table. On the mantle of the fireplace is a clock that doesn't seem to work, a few small statues and candelabras.

Across from the large fireplace are two large glass doors that lead out to a balcony which hangs over a large water fall. Looking down it's easy to tell the tower is high up in the air and there is at least five hundred feet between the balcony and bottom of the waterfall. The red moon can be seen in the night sky shining down on the tower as it seems to be perpetually night.

Along one side wall two mirrors hang with gilded frames and in front of each is table a with lit candelabra in the center to help provide the brightness in the room. In between the mirrors is large painting of an old fashioned, pale looking male with dark hair and a pale face that hangs over an elegant lit fireplace. On the opposite wall it is covered will books from floor to ceiling along with a small rolling ladder attached to the shelves to reach the harder to find books. It seems like almost any book you wish to read is there.

Two large doors sit on each side of the large fireplace with mirrors set into their doors. One door leads to the hallway where the bed chambers are and the other to the bathroom. The bathroom has a large circular tub built into the floor with many taps around it that provide bubbles, scents and water in the perfect temperature. Golden lamps hang from the walls and there are fluffy towels off to the sides.


A note has been left for Jill on her dresser that reads "Meet me on the balcony ASAP. - G" It doesn't mention anything about accepting her offer but at least it's a step in the right direction. At least after way too long of leaving her, and the other girls hanging, it seems things are finally moving forward.

Jill is trembling as she approaches the balcony, sleeves of her black dress shirt pushed up to the elbows. It's been so long with no news, no information of any kind. It was partly the silence and creeping tension that made her write the notes to Geoffrey and Dracula in the first place, largely the growing distress over Evelyn's disappearance. She was just… gone. No word on where, or when she might be back. And as the days dragged into weeks, the tension had eaten away at the blonde girl's resolve to only take the deal as a last resort. While this might have nothing to do with it, Jill is still trembling.

The balcony is empty when Jill steps on out to it but in a few moments the son of Dracula flies down from the skies and ever so lightly touches down on the floor. "Hey." He says in a much more casual and subdued voice then at the dinner. He's dressed in a pair of black pants, plain with t-shirt with a black trenchcoat over it. "I got your letter, you serious about this?" It seems he's not playing any games but cutting right to the chase.

Her eyes follow the figure of the boy down as soon as she can pick him out against the star speckled sky. "H-hey," she greets in return, looking down at her shoes and nervously folding her arms across her stomach as if she's about to be sick. At first all she does is nod wordlessly, but feels the need to explain. "It… yeah. I'm serious," Jill says, which is not much of an explanation.

"Okay." Geoffrey says straightening himself a bit to steel himself for what he's about to say. "It's taken me so long to get back an answer because I've been trying to convince my father that I'll find a different girl and let you all go but he won't have it. Actually, he still has a few tricks up his sleeve but, I just want to explain a few things to you." He pauses trying to get his words together. "If I turn you, it has to be tonight and I promise that I'll make sure the others go free. He wants us to be wed first, and then turn you after the ceremony then leave you with the others once it's done. He'll stick to his promise of letting them go but his plans are letting them go three months after you've been turned…."

The blonde girl frowns and with an effort wrenches her gaze away from her shoes and looks at Geoffrey directly. "Three months?" Jill blinks, mouth open. She closes her mouth, swallowing and shaking her head. "Why would he wait so long? B-but.. at least.. they *would* go free, right?"

"When you're turned, you're kind of a… half vampire still. You don't lose your humanity and are not at your full strength until you kill someone." Geoffrey says as he can't even look Jill in the face. "The bloodlust will become unbearable and the only thing that you'll have to be able to stop it is to drink blood. You'll still be locked up there for three months with them… he wants you to kill at least one of them first. Well not you specifically but whichever girl I choose."

"But… I… I don't wanna kill anybody! I'm trying to *save* them!" Jill protests, stating the blindingly obvious. "Save… whoever's left," she adds, face falling. "He promised he'd let everyone else go. But that's just… just… *mean*." Understatement of the century. She sputters half-words and false starts for a moment before coming out with, "Geoffrey, you seem… you seem pretty nice, and like you don't want any part of this. Can't you help us? Can't you just, like, leave the front door unlocked on accident or something?"

Geoffrey puts a hand on Jill's shoulder. "I am trying to help you out but… the only solution I've been able to come up with is this. You offered and you do want to save them so that's why I'm coming to you." He begins obviously a bit worried himself. "I will help the others escape but I can't leave the front door unlocked, on the other floors are all my father's lackeys, the ones that kidnapped you all. It's just, if I'd let you all escape he'd hunt you all down and kill you all. If I do this, I'll have to deal with his wrath but I believe they'll be safe since he'll at least have this stupid notion of me getting married satisfied."

The blonde girl can't meet the young vampire's eyes. "Promise me…" she says in a small voice. Her hand curls up to gently touch Geoffrey's with her fingertips. The glitter of a teardrop shines briefly in the moonlight as it falls. "Promise me you'll do everything you can for them." Jill's head lifts slightly, sadness and worry etched bone deep. "And… and tell me. What happened to Evelyn? I… I have to know. I need to."

"I promise. I know it might not mean much, a promise from an undead vampire but I do swear on it." Geoffrey says. "Evelyn… she's with his ex-wives. They've been instructed not to kill her but I can get her back up here after everything tonight. I'm sick of his stupid games." Not all vampires are without morals. "I warn you, it's going to hurt when I turn you but the sooner it happens, the sooner we can put this plan into action. I really am sorry for all of this. I'll also make sure to sneak up blood for you so you don't look at your friends as food."

"She's… she's alive?" The hand touching Geoffrey's clamps down on it. Jill exhales a few times, mouth open. Her initial excitement is tempered as she looks away, the strange clash of despair-joy-resignation warring on her features. She's quiet for a moment, the grip on Geoffrey's hand relaxing and almost slipping away. With a ragged inhale through her nose, Jill's hand squeezes again, more gently. "Shouldn't… shouldn't you, like, get down on one knee or something?"

There's a chuckle from Geoffrey as the jest about getting down on one knee helps lessen the tension. "I don't have a ring with me." He says but gets down on one knee and takes Jill's hand. "And yes, she is still alive. She's got quite a tongue on her, managed to piss of my Father something fierce, can't say I enjoyed her company either but not enough to wish that on her." He says before looking up at her. "Jillian Pervinca, will you be my vampire bride."

Jill makes a sound somewhere between a laugh and a sharp exhale. "Y-yeah, she can do that." She clears her throat gently and sniffs, seriousing up a bit. It doesn't *entirely* help. "This… really isn't how I imagined this day would go when I was little. Sorry. Sorry," she apologizes quickly, spreading her free hand. "Okay, umm… sure, yes. I mean, I do. Er… I will."

"I feel terrible about this." Geoffrey admits as he stands up and wets his lips more out of nerves. He puts a hand on her neck and looks at her for one second. "You ready for this?" He asks nervously.

"Y-yeah, I guess…" says Jill, equally nervous. She unfastens the top button of her shirt, shifting the collar aside to expose more of her neck. Teenage courtship rituals have gotten very strange of late. She rubs her upper arm and her eyes flick around. "Wait. Is there, like, a manual or something? Like a handbook, or… like a pamphlet, Ten Things to Know Now That You're a Vampire?"

Pausing right before the bite, Geoffrey nods, almost grateful to delay it. "Yes, until you kill someone you'll have the abilities of a Vampire but you won't lose your humanity, you'll be like a weak Vampire. You'll be able to fly, speed, strength, regeneration stuff like that. Avoid direct sunlight, but since it won't be official until you kill something indirect sunlight won't burn you. Your vision and hearing will be increased. Avoid holy symbols, churches, holy water. Silver and wooden steaks. Running water and garlic are myths but going into a home uninvited isn't. I can write down as much as I can remember later for you."

Jill nods and swallows hard, her throat bobbing. She leans her head to the side, baring the slender curve of her throat. "Wait!" she interrupts again and pulls away slightly. Her lips move, uncertainly trying to form words. "A-are… are you sure this is going to work? Is this really… really gonna save them?" The girl's eyes are a watery, filled fear and desperation, but at the same time, a determination. If it means sparing the others and seeing them go free, she's willing to die for them. Mostly die, anyway.

There's another hesitation from Geoffrey and he pulls back and bites on his lip. "Am I one hundred percent sure? I'd like to say yes but I'm pretty sure this will save them. I'll even help them get out of here if need be, well do what I can. I can't leave either at this time." He says frowning. "I've already slipped Rashmi the plans to the tower to try to help even though I didn't get a chance to talk to her. I will do everything in my power to make sure this works." It's the best he can promise.

"Thank you," breathes the girl, reassured in some small way. "When… when it's all over, we don't have to stay here, do we? I don't… like this place very much." Jill fidgets, wringing her hands and raising herself up on the balls of her feet, rocking as if her heels have springs under them. "I don't wanna do this. I mean, just so you know. Not as, like, anything personal against you, it's just… I don't want to, but I kinda have to, y'know?" She sniffs. "Great start to a marriage, huh?"

Geoffrey shakes his head. 'No we don't, I don't like it very much either. It's too… spooky." He admits. "I prefer to move around and just live up the night life in various countries than be stuck in this creepy tower." He reaches out and takes one of her hands. "Honestly, no, I don't want this but I'd rather not see my father play these stupid games. Even though my dad is Dracula, I'm not very much like him. I'd rather not be bothered with all this stuff but it'll just get worse the longer I prolong it. Just promise you won't kill anyone."

"Good. I hate to think I'd never see anyone again and just be stuck up here forever." Jill blinks. Suddenly that word has a different meaning to her. Forever. She mops at her forehead with the back of one hand, feet once again planted firmly. "I'm sorry. About your dad and… well, everything that's going on. I promise, I *really* don't wanna hurt anybody. I feel awful if I accidentally step on somebody's foot or just scratch them with a fingernail. I don't… I can't kill somebody. I just couldn't. Ever. So yeah, I promise." The blonde girl swallows hard again, drawing a breath and holding it as she pulls down the collar of her shirt. "Okay. I'm ready this time. I swear." Still, she looks away, eyes squeezed shut.

There's a sad smile that crosses Geoffrey's face. "Good, that's what I thought and why I chose you when you asked." He says as he moves forward, putting an arm around her waist and one around her shoulders to support her for the bite that's about to come. When his fangs sink into her neck there's a sharp pain as he skin is pierced and the first few swallows of her blood would hurt and feel quite unpleasant though the more he drinks the more in a daze Jill will become. Once he's certain that enough of the enzyme that can turn someone is in her blood stream he pulls back from her, keeping his arms on her to help her keep steady.

Jill makes a squeak and instinctively tries to pull away, but she can't. A balled fist ineffectually hits Geoffrey's shoulder and raises to hit again but the second blow is much weaker. The third is barely a tap. The shrill squeal turns to a groan after a moment longer and her eyes open, half-lidded and sleepy. "That wasn't… so…" she starts to say when the embrace is broken, head bobbing on muscles gone slack and rubbery. The girl falls into his arms, legs like jelly, blue eyes closing as a breath escapes her. "Oh man…" she mutters dazedly as if she were talking in her sleep.

"I'm really sorry." Geoffrey says as he picks her up and carries her inside to her room. "You're going to feel weak for a while and tonight isn't going to be pleasant while the transformation takes place. You're going to go through a few changes but when it's over, you'll feel better than new." He says to hopefully make it a bit easier. "And don't worry, I'm not looking to consummate anything."

The girl is limp in his arms, her weight as nothing to vampiric strength. "Jus'… mnna…" Jill slurs, head lolling. "Sleep." Her eyes open but are unfocused. "I feel…" Whatever she feels, she doesn't complete the thought. Eyes closing again, her head rests against Geoffrey as she breathes deeply, slowly. And getting slower all the time.

Geoffrey carries her to the bed and sets her down gently. "Just ride this out, it'll be over soon. If you want I'll stay with you tonight, or if you want one of your friends I'll get them. Just, I am the cause of this so…" He is fully willing to take responsibility. "I'm so sorry." He whispers knowing that when she wakes, it'll be a different world for the young girl.

Pinpricks of sweat are already beading on the girl's forehead as the infection is already beginning to take hold, spreading, multiplying. She squirms feebly on the bed for a second before falling still again. For a moment her eyes open blearily, pupils dilated and moving rapidly, as if she is dreaming. "Don't leave." It's one of the few intelligible sounds Jill makes as she mumbles. "Don't leave me. Mama."

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