2011-09-06: Move In Day

Players: Kai and Vance

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Summary: It's Move-in Day at Barnes and Vance is helping Kai move in.

Date: September 6, 2011

Log Title: Move-in Day

Rating: PG

Barnes Academy - Jeremy and Kai's Room

A two-person room. Two beds are in the room, one on each side. Both beds are twin-sized. There are wall-build dressers and closets and a single bathroom for both people to share.

With classes starting tomorrow at Barnes Academy, Vance has been in between the academy and Avengers Mansion wavering between his duties as an Avenger and helping out at Barnes. For today, he is with his “special project” Kai Oaken. Dressed in the blue coveralls uniform of the Barnes staff, Vance assists Kai with moving into the dormitory. Using his telekinesis to lift the bags and other of Kai’s items, Vance opens the door and says, “Welcome to your new home!” As he deposits the items to the unused half of the room.

Kai may have seemed a little absent minded on the way to the room but he was completely focused on taking in his surroundings and is pretty damn fascinated with the underground base and seems oddly comfortable underground, "How does this place work?, is it completely selfsufficent? or just partly, does it show up on city plans?", as they enter the room he looks around, "Wow it's nice, i have a roomate?"

Offering a semblance of a smile, Vance nods, “This place is rather impressive. I wish they had had something like this when I was your age.” Looking around the pretty bare room, “It looks pretty much like a college dorm room. And yes, you do have a roommate. His name is Jeremy Inada.” Using his telekinesis to open the bags and starting placing different things of Kai’s throughout the room, “I don’t know him. But it will be nice for you to be around someone like yourself.” Multitasking in assisting with unpacking and answering Kai’s questions, “No, this does not show up on a city map. It’s all underground, well underwater really. But the facilities are state of the art, the best that SHIELD has to offer.”

Kai starts opening the the other boxes, "Wow, this place is amazing, odd thinking i'm underwater right now, i can't wait to have a look round", he starts making everything in his side of the room is straight, "Can't wait for classes either, are all the teachers powered? or do they all work for the millitary?", he starts unpacking his posters.

“Well, no regular civilians are here. The staff is SHIELD or Avengers. Some are both.” Vance offers a smile as clothes start to fly around the room and fold in mid air as drawers open and closet doors open, each clothing item placed in the appropriate spot, “Some are powered, but the staff and faculty here are SHIELD-trained or powered. Same with the students. Everyone of you all is powered and taught to train using some funky and pretty amazing technology and, of course, you will also have your regular high school classes as well.”

Kai grins, "Really?, what kind of technology?, is it difficult to use?, i'm still not really sure what SHIELD is, are they really advanced?, am i technicly a member of SHIELD now?", theres not much of a pause between questions, Kai is obviously feeling very hyper, "Hmm, where did i put that uniform?"

Visibly caught by surprise at the plethora of questions barraged at him, Vance starts to chuckle at Kai’s exuberance. Everything he is telekinetically holding he gently drops to the floor ad he moves towards Kai and places his hands on his shoulders. “Just breath. Slow down and breath.” Vance taking a seat on the bed, exhales and then attempts to answer the questions, “I am not sure what type of technology. It’s just advanced. It is not difficult to use, but you will be have an orientation on what you can and cannot use and how to use it. No, you are not a member of SHIELD and won’t go on any missions or anything like that.” Holding out his hand, the closet door opens and out flies one of Kai’s uniforms already hung up and another flies out from a bag that had yet to be unpacked, “There they are. Why not go and try them on and I’ll finish unpacking for you.”

Kai takes a deep breath and reminds himself that he has plenty of time to learn the answers to his questions and composes himself, "Ok, slowing down now", he straightens a couple more things as Vance does his best to answer his questions, grabbing the floating uniform he nods, "Ok i will", he heads out of the room to change, not too quickly.

Nodding as Kai heads out of the room to change, Vance continues unpacking and every time he has removed he takes mental note of and though he is sure there is nothing illegal here or any sort of thing like that, he still mentally catalogues everything. By the time, Kai returns, he will find his room is pretty much set and all his items have been unpacked and placed where they should be courtesy of his telekinesis.

Kai reenters the room dressed in navy blue cargo pants, black army boots and a longsleeved grey shirt with BARNES written across the chest, the spikes have been taken out of his hair and he's standing at attention, looking very army-like, "Wow, telekinesis really gets a job done fast huh?", he walks further into the room and looks around, "I like it".

Looking up when Kai enters, Vance nods his head approvingly. “Wow, like a little soldier! You’re father would be proud.” With that Vance stands up and moves to Kai and gives him a hug, “Good job, Kai. Proud of you! I know you won’t let me down or do anything to mess this up, right?” Vance releases Kai from the hug and stares him in the eyes with a bit half grin.

Kai looks confused for a second then realises what he's doing, "Oh, must be the effect of the uniform i guess", theres a sharp intake of breath as he is shocked by the hug, he's seen one before but never had one, "I… errm yeah i won't let you down, i'm going to make sure this works out, i bet my life on it".

“Good. Good. Though you should never bet your life, but I know what you mean.” Leaning against the wall of the room, “The uniform looks good.” Kai’s uniform somewhat matches Vance’s at the moment as he catches a glance at himself and at Kai in a mirror. “So orientation will be tomorrow and classes will start. Some of the teachers here are really tough. So be warned, while this is not boot camp. Training both on your powers and academically will be incredibly rigorous. And on top of classes, practice in the Holoquad, and meetings with teachers, you will also be meeting with me regularly as well. I’ll be aware of what is going on with you and kinda act as a guide or mentor as best as I can.” Vance thinks what else to say, “The school is co-ed. And you’ve already met Rashmi. And actually you sorta met another one of the students, I believe. If you remember the firefight in Mutant Town. The girl is a student here too.”

"My life is all i've got to bet, when it comes down to it thats all any of us really has", Kai catches the same glance as Vance does in the mirror and smiles, "Anyway you bet your life everytime you go out with the Avengers, you bet that you will win", he nods as Vance explains whats expected but has to stop Vance when he gets to Tabitha, "The enthusiastic arsonist goes here?", the word enthusiastic is said so it's clear that he's substituting it for insane.

“Well, she is not so ‘enthusiastic’ anymore.” Vance reassures Kai, but then uses this moment as a teaching point, “Actually, Tabitha is her name. And she is a good girl. And is a great example of some of the dangers associated with going to a school like this. She was being mind-controlled at the time. While that is not a regular occurrence here. There are enemies of SHIELD and just bad people in general who would seek to harm you if they know you are a student here. So be careful. And be reassured if something was to happen to you, SHIELD, the Avengers, and myself, personally would be there to be sure you are ok.”

Kai nods, "So like i said, everyone here is betting a lot on this place but i trust you", he walks over to the bed and reaches into his back to take out a school phone, "If such a situation should come up, i use this right?", he examines the phone it's not really clear what he's looking for, "So if i meet her i don't react as if she was enthusiastic".

“Yes, that’s the phone, whenever you are in trouble, use it. It’ll put you directly through the SHIELD and there is GPS tracking so we’ll be able to find you.” He uses his telekinesis to grab the phone from Kai and bring it to himself and begins inputting a number, “I am also giving you my number too. For danger or just when you want to talk.” As he inputs the number, he looks to Kai, “And yes, she is fine now, so don’t attack her or be afraid of her either.”

Kai nods and makes a mental note to try and disable the GPS tracker when he gets the chance, "Ok, cool thanks", he has no plans to attack the girl he just wishes to avoid the fire, "So do you live in this base aswell or at an Avenger stronghold?", he has a pretty solid map of the city in his head but isn't sure where the Avengers are, though he does now know the location of the school.

“Oh no, I don’t live here. Some staff and faculty live here, but since I am not a full-time instructor, I live at Avengers HQ.” Vance shrugs, “The accommodations here are great and whatnot, but I like where I am right now.” He looks up at the ceiling and while he knows nothing will happen. The idea of living underwater does make him slightly uncomfortable.

Kai looks up at the ceiling when Vance does, "Is something going to happen?", he's had meds dropped from a hatch in the ceiling before but this doesn't seem like that kind of place, "The accomedations here are amazing, i really wanna learn more about how it functions, it's fasinating".

“No no. Just thinking a moment.” Vance shrugs, “You’ll learn all the things you need to learn tomorrow during orientation. I’m just wondering how you will get along with all the other kids?” Vance ponders, “I don’t really know too many of them myself. Oh hey, have you heard from your mom or dad yet?”

"The other kids, kids?, kiiiiiiiids?, kids?, kids?, oh right other kids, i'm not really sure, i have one or two issues with the whole social skills thing, i can be a little rude sometimes without realising, but i always say sorry", Kai looks down and sighs, "Mom yes, dad no, none of us have been able to get in contact, it's happened before sometimes contact can be troublesome out there but doesn't stop the worrying".

“Oh well sorry to hear. Hopefully your father is alright. If this has happened before then it is probably fine. But I’d love to meet your parents. . . And tell them thay have a good son.” Vance hmmmmmns,
“Well, social skills? Eh. Just be friendly And hopefully the students will respond in kind.” Vance tries to think of any other advice, “Find your own niche, don’t fall into cliques, and just be yourself.”

With that, Vance looks around the room, “Ok, Kai. I gotta head back. But you should be ok and if you need anything let me know.” Vance offers a smile and brotherly musses Kai’s hair, “See ya soon.” He exits the room.

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