2011-03-05: Movie Time


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Summary: Movie night is interrupted for Hockey and talks of a Cat Man

Date: March 3, 2005

Log Title: Movie Time

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

Robyn is having a sort of movie night by himself tonight. He's got a large bowl of popcorn next to him and is watching Alice in Wonderland - the new one by Tim Burton. In between bites of popcorn he occasionally glances down at his notebook that he's sketching something in though for the most part his eyes are glued to the screen. He's dressed in a black Jack Skellington hoodie over a pair of black skinny jeans. Currently the hood is up giving him that emo kid look.

Cloud has been working on his assignments due next week all day, now they're done he's gonna relax in the rec room, he's dressed in black sneakers, grey shorts, a white t-shirt and is hair is back to it's normal colour, entering the room he spots Robyn, walking over he sits himself on one of the chairs near the tv, "Hey Robyn, what ya watching?"

A soft tapping sound precedes Sophie's entrance into the room. The blind girl, as always, walks slowly and probes the way in front of her with her cane. She's dressed in a white blouse, and a full length dark grey skirt; and visible through her blouse is a soft, white glow coming from her chest, beneath the skin. Entering the rec room, she pauses just inside the door and tilts her head to listen. She shifts her grip on the book she carries in her left hand, and turns to follow the sound of the television; at least until her cane pokes Lucas in the shins. "Oh! Pardon me," she murmurs. "Who is there?"

Looking up, Robyn waves to his fellow Alpha Squadron teammate. "Hey Cloud. I'm watching the new Alice in Wonderland movie while getting somethings brainstormed." He says tapping his notepad with the end of his pencil. "Just glad it's the weekend." He says grabbing a few kernels of popcorn. "Hey!" He calls in greeting to Sophie. "I'm Robyn over here on the couch."

"Thats the one set after the first one right?", Cloud hasn't seen the film himself but he's heard it's good, "Oh yeah, i heard you're into art, you drawing something from the movie?", he moves his leg out of Sophie's way, "Cloud and i'm on the chair just next to your cane"

Sophie ahhs softly, and clasps her hands around her cane as she bobs her head. "Senor Robyn, I believe we have met before… you were there when I first arrived, along with Tara and Mason, si?" She smiles, as she uses the cane to guide herself around Cloud, and find a free seat, in a nearby chair. "Senor Cloud, though, I have not met you before. You are a student here, also?" She pats the chair lightly to make sure she has it properly located before sinking down into it. She flips open her book, and her fingers brush across the page she has marked as she looks for her spot.

Magneto enters the room, wearing a good three-piece suit instead of his costume, so for once, he's not billowing. He'll nod to all three young people, even the blind girl. "Good evening, students. Finished your studies for the day?" He continues on to the racks of DVDs without waiting for replies and begins to riffle through them.

"Sculpting mostly." Robyn replies to Cloud. "And more influenced by the movie, sketching ideas for a sculpture." He says looking over at Sophie. "Yup, briefly. And you don't need to keep calling me Mr. Robyn. We're classmates." There's a bit of an intake of breath as Magneto walks into the room. Robyn's met him maybe once but he can't help the bit of nerves that go on edge. "Good evening sir."

"Cool, sounds harder than drawing though, what do you do if you make a mistake?", he smiles at Sophie, "Yeah i'm a student here, so it's just Cloud", Cloud tences up slightly aswell when Magneto enters the room, he's heard alot about this guy, "Yeah, all done sir"

Sophie ahhs, and bobs her head once again. "Robyn, and Cloud, then." She smiles softly, and her fingers move across the page she is touching. "I hear another voice," she murmurs. "Who is there? I think that I recognize you, Senor, but pray you will forgive me if I should know you but don't recognize you by voice alone. Are you a professor here?" She tilts her head, and stops running her fingers over the page for the time being. "I joined the semester late, so I am catching up; right now I am reading 'The Once And Future King'."

Magneto pauses to study Sophie, turning to face her. "Ah, yes. I do apologize, Miss DeCosta. I've seen your records, but I have not yet made your acquaintance. I am indeed a professor here at the institute, one who does occasional seminars. You may call me Professor Lensherr, although you might know me better as Magneto."
He'll turn his attention to the other two, then. "Mr. Rosen, Mr. Larkin. How are your studies getting along? Are you having any particular difficulties?"

"No sir, not difficulties. Practice is going well and classes are going well. Just getting ready to finish up my senior year." Robyn says as he closes his notebook and takes another handful of popcorn. "And if anyone wants popcorn, feel free to take some." He says moving the bowl to the coffee table. "And Cloud, actually, I find drawing is harder and sculpting is easier. And if I mess up I either crush the clay and start over or remove the mistake or put clay over it and smooth it in so I can fix that one mistake."

Cloud shakes his head at Magneto, "Nope no difficulties, things are going well", he's even started to think ahead and is pretty sure of what he wants to do when he graduates, "Thats a cool skill, when you think about the sculptures in museiums that are like a thousand years old"

Sophie clasps her hands over her book, and nods her head. "Si, Professor Lensherr," she replies. "And… yes, I have heard of you; though the Nuns who ran the oprhanage where I used to live usually did not allow us to read very much of the news. Too much doom and gloom, they said." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "May I ask what you teach? I have not been in any of your classes yet, of course." She pauses, and tilts her head to face in the general direction of Robyn and Cloud. "A thousand years is a long time to wait for your art to be recognized," she observes. "Perhaps a more modern art gallery would be better?" The blind girl's lips show a pleasant smile. "I like sculptures that I am allowed to touch," she adds.

"It is good to hear you are doing well, Mr. Larkin. Mr. Rosen, you confirm what your records state. And Miss DeCosta, yes, I imagine your nuns would have considered many of my activities to be of the 'doom and gloom' variety." Magneto is sounding darkly amused at the phrase. "As for what I teach, the subjects vary. Powers training for certain students, and special subjects for others. If you have any interest in politics, international relations, or social work, for instance, I can arrange for student internships at the Genoshan Embassy." Speaking of which, he returns his attention to the DVDs. "I do not have a particular specialty."

"Art has been around for thousands of years Cloud but I don't know if I'd call it a skill. It's more a hobby, and what I applied for college for." Robyn says as he can spend all day in the art room. "And right now I'm not really looking to put my stuff in an art gallery. Just, learning what I can." He then looks at Magneto. "Isn't that what Rashmi is doing, an internship at the Genoshan Embassy?"

Cloud watches Magneto look though the DVDs, "Do you want help finding something Sir?", to Robyn, "It's gotta be more than a hobby if you're going to collage to study it, you could use it as a skill doing arcutecture or something"

Lucas wanders into the rec room, immediately walking to the TV. He doesn't ask, just begins changing the station until he gets to the hockey game, the Red Wings versus the Coyotes. He then flops onto the floor, simply offering, "Hey," to whoever wants it, focusing on the game.

Sophie shrugs her shoulders. "Robyn must choose for himself how far he wishes to carry his art," she murmurs. "But I would suggest, Robyn, that you don't sell yourself short. If sounds like you must be very good, if you are applying to study art in college; and that you intend to become more than just 'very good'." She tilts her head up to face in Magneto's general direction. "When I was eight, I overheard two men talking; they called you El Terrorista, Professor Lensherr. But when I asked the Mother Superior what they meant, she said you were an idealist, which was both more praise-worthy and more dangerous." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "I would prefer to form my own opinion; I hope my story does not offend you." She pauses, and blushes softly. "I… I actually have no idea how my ability works, just that it does." And then, Lucas is walking up to the TV and changing it off the movie that was playing. "Lucas," she observes upon recognizing the voice. "I was not watching that, but I think that Robyn was."

Magneto says, "Mmm," in response to Cloud's question. "One of the Mutant Town locals is a homeless man who hoards cats. Whenever we catch up with him, we relieve him of his latest zoo. I have a volunteer group working out of the Embassy who take care of the animals before they get adopted out into homes, and they're looking for educational materials regarding small animal care. I seem to recall there being a video or two on the subject here."
He pauses to answer Sophie, and he's back to being amused. "The two men and your Mother Superior are all right," he says, and he smiles, all teeth. "Although I will say that I believe your Mother Superior has greater insight."
And then a glance at Lucas. "Mr. Heathe." A greeting. He isn't going to touch any dispute over the television set.

"Thank you Lucas for being a douche nugget, since, you know, I wasn't watching something or anything." Robyn says to his friend throwing a pillow at him. "Well I want go to into movies, doing sculptures or monsters and such for film. But right now I'm not looking to go into an art show more furthering my art education." He says before commenting to Sophie. "I never said anything about selling myself short, just, I don't want to do to the gallery thing. Who knows if my art is good enough or not." He says before looking at Magneto. "Zoo? Does he hoard like bigger cats, not just house cats?"

Cloud is about to comment on the Tv being turned over but doesn't bother as Robyn doesn't seem to mind, "Hey Lucas", "Sorry i havn't seen that one before, how long has this guy been keeping the cats?"

Lucas glances at Robyn when the pillow hits him, "Douche nugget. That's a new one. Nice." He smiles, winking at his friend, then looking back at the game. After another moment, he looks at Magneto, not a particularly friendly glare, then back at his television.

Sophie's eyebrows rise at the sound of what is now coming out of the television. "What on Earth is that?" Santo dios! It sounds vulgar." She shakes her head slowly. "I would agree, Professor Lensherr; the Mother Superior always saw to the truth of things. It was she who arranged for me to come here, after the Church officials in Madrid sent someone to examine me." She pauses, and tilts her head towards the other students watching and discussing the television. "Is there a copy of 'Titanic'? It's my favorite movie." She pauses, and coughs softly. "Probably because it was the last thing I watched before I lost my sight. I remember it better than any other film."

"Zoo," Magneto affirms to Robyn. "The bulk of his hoarding is house cats, but in the last collection, there were two dogs, two ferrets, a large cat which might be a domesticated lynx, and a one-winged robin. And no, I am not certain how he managed to keep the robin alive amidst the other creatures."
More riffling through the DVDs. "Contacts in the Mutant Town community say he is Cam the Cat Man, and no one recalls how long he's been around. Definitely more than a decade. He used to do jail time on a regular basis because of the cats. Now, we take them from him, feed him, get him cleaned up, and he does less jail time." Lucas is ignored. Magneto listens to Sophie, but does not comment as yet.

"Vulgar? It's just hockey. It's not like Lucas put on something X rated." Robyn comments to Sophie with some confusion. He then looks to Mr. Lensherr quite interested by his story of Cam the Cat Man. "So does his power have something to do with cats or with animals?" He then turns back to Sophie. "Do you know what Hockey is? And they probably have a copy of Titanic here, I never went looking for it personally."

"Is it like a mental illness thing?, if thats the case medication might lead to him being able to stop being the cat man", Cloud gets up and walks over to the DVDs to see if he can find titanic for Sophie, "Or he could get a job working with animals".

Lucas glances at Cloud, "There's only one period left. Titanic can wait till then, Ah hope." He looks back at Sophie, "Why couldn't your last movie have been Star Wars?" Then he looks at Robyn, "If Ah had somethin' X-rated, Ah'd have obliged, Robear." He smiles. "What's with Mags here? It's like this is some kind of bad superhero reality program what has heroes and villains living together. Like, 'What happens when supervillains stop bein' evil, and start bein' real.'"

"If Cam the Cat Man would sit still long enough, we might find out an effective treatment for him. As it is, his prior records indicate he is a schizophrenic. He has obvious physical mutations, most of them in the form of wart-like growths all over his body. He collects animals because he loves them, and they love him back, without judging him on his appearance." Magneto selects a DVD and frowns at it, then flips it over to read the back. "Medication does help him, but since he refuses to take it, as is his right, that solution is of limited utility."

Robyn nods. "Well it's nice that animals make him happy. It's almost too bad it becomes a problem and you have to take them away." He says before rolling his eyes at Lucas. "I would like to finish watching the movie I was rudely interrupted on watching after your need to watch men fight on ice skates."

"Fair enough on the guy hanging out with animals, but it does sound like he really does need help, are the police aware of his condition?", Cloud finds the DVD and takes it over to Sophie, "You should be able to put it on when these to are done fighting over the Tv".

Sophie ohs! as Cloud approaches her with a DVD. She holds her hand out in the air to take it, though Cloud will probably have to put it directly in her hand for her. "I only meant to find out if we had it here; I wasn't suggesting we should put it on right now," she replies. "But thank you." She tilts her head in Lucas' general direction. "Star Wars, Lucas? I have never seen Star Wars, and it does not seem likely that I am ever going to. In any case… perhaps it is because I am a girl, and not a boy." Her lips quirk upwards in an amused smile. "I know what Hockey is, but have never watched it either." her smile fades, and she rubs her chin in thought. "If this Cam the Cat Man can ever be cornered, has anyone considered that maybe medication might not be the best way to help him? …Perhaps there might be some opening for a job at the local zoo, perhaps?"

Magneto gives Cloud a somewhat jaundiced glance. "Mr. Rosen. I did say that Cam has spent a lot of time in jail, did I not?" He sets the DVD aside and starts searching through the stacks again. "And yes, Mr. Larkin, it is too bad that we have to remove the pets, but he does collect too many, and however many we remove, he shortly has a new collection. I do think that we are training him to bring them to us, because his visits to the Embassy are becoming more frequent, which can only benefit him and his pets."
Then he sighs and addresses both Cloud and Sophie. "Mr. Rosen, Miss DeCosta. Cam is schizophrenic, so much so that he cannot hold a job. He is homeless as a direct result. We do what we can for him, but recall, he is a man, and an adult, and deserving of both respect and dignity on both counts."

Lucas sighs, looking back at the television. "You missed out, Soph. It's the best." He shrugs, "If he's so much trouble, maybe he should be locked up for good," he says of the cat man.

Robyn blinks at Sophie. "It has nothing to do with being a girls verses a boy it's Star Wars. One of the greatest movie trilogies of our time. Well, kinda before our time, but the special effects and the creatures that were created for the movie to give it the feel of a whole different galaxy were amazing." He then frowns at the all the mention of medication in regards to The Cat Man. "Lucas, that's horrible to say, and whose to say he does need medication. Maybe he needs a friend who isn't an animal that doesn't care what he looks like. Someone who is tolerant and can deal with his condition and accept him for it. Cause I think someone who loves animals that much can't be a bad person and is probably very nice."

Cloud shrugs, "I guess if the guy doesn't want help theres not a whole lot you can do, like you said he's an adult and free to make his own choices, forcing him probably wouldn't help", he doesn't comment on the movie part of the conforsation, he's seen the films and doesn't really see the big deal.

Sophie moves the Titanic DVD to her lap, and slips it under the book that she still has open. "You can't lock him up," is her indignant reply. "He hasn't done anything wrong, for starters. He needs help, not scorn." She flips her cane up and lays it across her lap, before crossing her arms over her chest. "I do not pretend to know the answer; I've never dealt with a problem such as this before. Si, it is un enigma; a conundrum." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders at last. "But I can say this;" she adds as her voice returns to a soft murmur, "I do not care what he looks like."

Magneto glances around at all the students and his mouth twitches up at one corner. "Yes, indeed, Miss DeCosta. A conundrum. Such is the difficulty of dealing with any person you meet, be it a cat man from the streets of Mutant Town, an internationally known terrorist, or a student at a private school in Westchester County, New York." He adds the second DVD to the first.
"Well, it's always easy to prejudge someone. But someone you can't stand at first can always end up being a good friend once you finally get to know them, right Lucas?" Robyn says with a chuckle before looking at Sophie. He frowns for a second before shaking his head. "Cloud, yes he is an adult but if he does have that severe of a problem is he really capable of making his own choices? I'm not saying he's stupid or anything just that he might need someone to help him."

Lucas glances at Robyn, "Dude. Ah'm TOTALLY a great guy. Ah was awesome the first time you met me. Ah dunnow what you're talkin' about." He grins, looking back at the television.

"I know that Robyn, but forcing him to take meds and stuff could do more harm than good, it's a tricky situation", Cloud walks over and sits back down, "It's probably a good think that Mags…, er Mr Lensherr is working on this, could be worse if it was just the police".

Sophie's eyebrows rise. "Cam the Cat Man, he is called?" She sighs softly. "I shall pray for him, then." She nods her head slowly, and returns her fingertip to her place in the book. "This is good practice of my English braille," she comments. "I think the secret to relating well to people is to listen to them. Not just hear them, but really listen; and then you will at least have a chance at some insight. Though I grant that it is probably hard with this particular man."

Magneto is not 'working on this'; he is 'assisting with this', at best, having volunteered to get the educational DVDs from Xavier's, since he was coming up to Westchester anyway. But he doesn't disabuse Cloud of his assumption. "If the Embassy was not involved with Cam, his life would indeed by that much more difficult, although the local aid agencies all know him and help where they can. But the extra assistance helps, too."
He pauses and looks at Sophie, frowning in thought. "Yes," he says. "Cam the Cat Man. No one, not even the aid agencies, know what his real name is. The surname they have on the books is Smith." He taps a finger on his thigh. "I shall instruct my people to ask him about that, and to listen to what his answer is."

"Well if you ever need help with Cam the Cat Man or any other mutants in situations similar to his I might be able to help out after school. Just everyone should have at least one person give them a chance."" Robyn says stretching as he stands up. "Though I have to be going, I have a phone call I have make shortly. It was nice talking to you sir. Lucas, Sophie, Cloud, you guys have a good night too."

Lucas nods at Robyn, "Night, bro." He looks back at his game, and he shouts, "OH COME ON!!" He grumbles, not happy apparently with a play that just went down.

"Later Robyn", Cloud looks round when Lucas starts yelling, "Dude, inside voice, yeah?", turning to Magneto, "I'd offer to help, but theres not alot i can do, but i'm gonna try to become a cop after graduation, i might be able to help then".

Magneto nods to Robyn as he leaves. "Good night, Mr. Larkin. I may take you up on your offer of volunteering — there are always things which need doing in Mutant Town. The Embassy has sign up lists posted for a number of tasks, ranging from cleaning up damage to teaching pre-schoolers how to do jumping jacks." He frowns at the two DVDs he has collected, then at the shelves of discs. Two? Might there be a third…? He'll start searching again. "Mr. Rosen, you never know what you can do unless you try."

Sophie perks an eyebrow at the comments from Cloud. "You should try going for a day with a blindfold around your eyes, Cloud," she suggests. "Trust me, when I say you will learn just how much you can really do; especially when it feels as though a great deal of it has been taken away from you. Go for a week, and you might learn that really, only very little of what you can do has been taken away. And when you take the blindfold off…" She pauses, and purses her lips for a moment. "Well, I have not experienced that part. But I am sure you would see the world in a new way." She tilts her head, and glances in Magneto's general direction. "I will volunteer at the embassy, Professor Lensherr, when I am allowed to do so."

Lucas continues to just watch the game. He waves off Cloud's comment, ignoring the others.

Cloud raises an eyebrow at Sophie's suggestion, "Go a week wearing a blindfold?", he considers the idea, how much could he really learn from the expirience?, "You know what Sophie, i'll try it, but you gotta talk me though the whole not headbutting every wall i pass thing"

Magneto turns to bow his head to Sophie, and never mind she can't see the gesture. It's still a mark of respect. "Your assistance will be most welcome, Miss DeCosta, in any way in which you wish to make it manifest." He gives Cloud an amused glance. If Cloud follows through on the blindfold notion, Magneto suspects that more than the walls will be suffering impact damages.

Sophie giggles softly, and shakes her head. "You can borrow my spare cane, Cloud," she replies. "Try not to break it. It is simple; you hold it in your hand, and sweep it from side to side on the ground in front of you. When the end touches something, you will feel the impact; if the ground rises or drops away, you will detect it. You recall I touched your shins with it when I entered; that was how I managed not to run straight into you. Usually, I hold it in my right hand; and if I walk with company, I hold on to their arm with my left, and allow them to guide me. Walk carefully, do not rush, and you will have no accidents." She bows her head as well, something that Magneto certainly can see. "Thank you, Professor Lensherr."

The last period of the game finally comes to an end, and Lucas pushes up to his feet. "Okay. Titanic is a go." He looks at Magneto, then rolls his eyes, and heads for the door.

"Err see ya then Lucas", Cloud turns back to Sophie and grins, "Ok, starting tomorrow morning, i'll wear the blindfold for exactly one week, and hopefully aviod knocking myself out by walking into a wall".

No more DVD titles that look appropriate; Magneto decides the first two are enough. "You are most welcome, Miss DeCosta. Now, I will bid you good night, for I have other matters which require my attention. Mr. Rosen. Mr. Heathe." He gives each a passing salutation, and then he's striding out the door. Miles to go and all that.

Sophie shakes her head slowly, "No… no need for Titanic just now; as I said earlier, I didn't mean that I wished to watch it immediately. I still need to finish reading 'The Once And Future King'. And it's a long read." She shifts in her seat to settle herself a little better, and nods her head. "Goodnight, Lucas; and goodnight, Professor Lensherr. Perhaps if I am lucky, I will have a class in which I may learn from you."

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