2010-02-23: Moving Out


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Summary: July tells Robyn she's moving out.

Date: February 23, 2010

Log Title Moving Out

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

Ah, classes are done for the day, no more boat house to fix, and Robyn finally has some time to do what he loves best, sculpt. He'd normally be in the art room but there's a class going on in there at the moment so he's sitting on the floor, in front of a small table, while working on something. He's using some small tools to get the details in the face of whatever he's sculpting. Whatever it is has large bat-like wings and a tattered dress. He seems to be very focused on what ever he's doing.

July was just giving one last walk around the school, saying goodbyes to friends and teachers, and she comes to Observation Deck where she was told where Robyn was. "Hey." the girl says with a smile as she steps inside teh deck. "Sculpting again, Robyn? Who are you depicting now?"

When the elevator door next opens a figure practically bursts out of it. "GodIhatethosestupidthings," Chloe grumbles to herself, turning to make a somewhat obscene gesture at the retreating elevator. "Slowandboring… And shit people are here. Sorry."

"Oh, it's kind of a combination of a succubus and a banshee I guess." Robyn says as he still has to create more figure to it. The face is sculpted into a sort of scream but she seems to be lacking any sort of definable hair, just a clump of clay around her face. "I'm wondering what kind of horns to put on her." He says absent-mindedly before looking up at July. "So how have things been for your July?" Then as Chloe wanders in, Robyn gives her a wave. "Hey, and don't worry, you're not interupting anything."

July chuckles softly and nods gently, "Looks nice." she says, nodding gently, before looking around with a soft smile, "I'll miss this place." she nods gently, before looking at Chloe. "Oh, hey there, Chloe."

"More an apology for the talking fast," Chloe offers, waving back. "And possibly my language depending on if July is being a respectable adult now?" She grins, before beginning to wander around the room. Peering out of the windows. "I wonder if I could just climb down, rather than endure the elevator again."

Robyn looks at July with a bit of confusion. "Miss this place? What's up July?" He hasn't heard that she's moving out yet, he's got a lot of other things on his mind lately and just has been keeping to a few people he's close with. "And hi, I'm Robyn, nice to meet you…Chloe?" He heard July say the name.

July chuckles softly, "I'm moving out, to the ESU campus." she nods softly. "I graduated." she reminds Robyn. "Now I gotta go to college. Got a nice dorm there."

Chloe nods a little too quickly for comfort. "Chloe would be me indeed. Nice to meet yah Robyn. Weirdly I think the last time I ran into July I also met a Robin. Spelt differently I assume? Because otherwise that would majorly confusing. Especially if the school also has a Rob."

"I heard Rob left, since he's no longer our squad leader." Instead Alpha Squadron is stuck with Van and he makes a face at that. He doesn't really like his new squad leader, much harder than Rob. "Yah, there's a Robin, she's cool. I haven't seen here in a bit, I should see how she's doing." He looks at July with a bit of surprise. "Really? Wow, that's cool. Glad to hear you're going to college. How'd Annalisa take it?"

July chuckles softly, "Oh, Anna literally flipped out when she found out. She thought I was abandoning her because I'm leaving the school." she chuckles softly, smiling, "She's a real nice girl, but sometimes she can be a big clingy. HEh." she says, before looking at Chloe, "How about you, dear? How are you adapting?"

"I hope she's a bit more stable than the one time I met her," Chloe says wincing at the memory. "As for me? Subjectively I've been here maybe three months me time. So not too bad. Nothing much weirds me out anymore, telepathy is about the only thing that's a little… Well.. yah know?"

Robyn keeps his mouth shut in regards to Annalisa. "She's on my squad, I just wish she'd work to get over her fear." He says as for some reason, it gets to him. "If I remember correctly, I think July and I started around the same time here, but I'm only in my Junior year. And yeah…telepathy.." He doesn't mention his powers then.

July smiles, "I was a bit ahead because my mother used to tutor me at home." she nods softly, and then she looks at Chloe, "Yeah. Telepathy can freak someone out sometimes if you're not used to it." she giggles.

Chloe glances between Robyn and July. "Please don't tell me I've just admitted being weirded out by telepaths when I'm just meeting one?" Her face flicking to horrified in the blink of an eye. "And I didn't mean not stable in a bad way. Just her roomie had died and she didn't seem to be taking it well." There is a thud as she bangs her head against the wall. "I'm having an especially bad day for people skills."

"I'm not a telepath but I can possess people, which can be just as freaky." Robyn says but smiles afterwards. "Don't worry about it, any yeah…Coyote." Robyn says at the mention of her. "She was on my Squad, she was…I liked her." He's been trying not to think about Coyote and he hasn't really had time to since he's been so busy with other things. "Don't worry about it Chloe, honsetly." He says giving her a friendly smile.

July smiles softly to Chloe and rests a hand on the girl's shoulder, "It's okay. Don't worry." she nods gently, and then looks at Robyn. "I'll visit the school as much as I can, though. I can't really fully relax and use my powers at the college, can I?" she giggles.

"Easier said than done. For I am feet in mouth girl," Chloe declares, turning and giving a theatrical bow. "Able to offend one and all in a sixth of the time a normal person can! Perhaps that's my calling, showbiz that is. Rather than offending people… Although I suppose I could always do both at the same time."

Robyn can't help but laugh at Chloe's words. it amuses him. "That's true unless you by some weird twist of fate end up with a mutant roommate. I'm not sure if college is in the cards for me, being a psychic vampire and all but I know I want to go to art school." Big surprise there. "Hey, it's not like there aren't people here who go out of their way to offend people, at least with you, you're not trying to be a dick. And honestly, I don't think anyone was offended."

July nods again, and smiles, "Oh, I want to study chemistry, so let's see how it goes. I'm still deciding if I should pursue a heroic career with my powers or just settle down with a normal job." she shrugs.

Chloe ponders. "I'd have thought art school would be the perfect place for a psychic vampire? I mean I always thought art schools were like college only with more trippy drugs," Chloe says with a grin. "Is there actually any more in the hero business? It doesn't seem like a great way to actually earn a living."

"I'm pretty sure the Avengers get paid, and so do the Young Avengers?" Robyn says really not sure. "Jordan and Dallas want to be X-Men or Jordan wants to be more, I dunno. I'm not really a Hero type. Besides, I'm too skinny for tights." He says joking. "No, because strangely enough people don't like it when you drain psychic energy from them, go figure." He says joking around.

July chuckles softly at that, "Yeah, but I'm not sure I'm Young Avenger, or even Avenger material here." she shakes her head slowly, smiling softly, "Still, to be paid, it gotta be a full-time job, I think, and I still wanna focus on my studies, first."

"Just lie and say all the cool kids are doing it. Then you'll have posers lining up to have you eat thier gooshy brainmeats," Chloe suggests drumming her fingers against the windows. "You could always become a private investigator. Solving crimes with squishy panache."

Robyn laughs again and shakes his head. "Doesn't work quite like that. I can't see inside anyone's mind. Just I can jump in their and take over the body. It's…freaky I know." Robyn says standing up so he can put a hand on July shoulder. "Take care okay, and good luck in College." He says giving her a warm smile before gathering up his sculpture and tools. "I gotta get going though, gotta meet Jordan quick. It was nice to meet you Chloe." He says with a wave as he heads out.

July ah's softly, and giggles, "Very well, Robyn. Tell Jordan I send him a hug. I'll see Jordan before I leave." she nods softly, before looking at Chloe, smiling. "A private investigator?" she arches one eyebrow.

Chloe waves at Robyn. "It was nice meeting you. No doubt I'll cya around the mansion sometime," she offers cheerfully. "And yeah. They're kinda like super heroes, only they get paid and are much less likely to have something horrible happen to them."

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