2010-05-13: Moving Rooms


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Summary: Robyn moves all his stuff out of one room, and into another. Connor, Jono and Mikhail help out.

Date: May 13, 2010

Log Title Moving Rooms.

Rating: May 13, 2010

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Boy's Floor

The second floor of the building also known as the Proudstar Wing. A red and blue carpet with a complex pattern stretches down the hall and meets with the wooden walls. Wooden doors run up and down both sides of the hallway as entrances to the boy's rooms. At the end of the hallway there is a bathroom and a shower room for the boys.

The door is open to what is Robyn and Zack's room for about the next twenty four hours. There is some music playing which can be heard fairly well the closer you get to the room. There's a few boxes with clothes thrown in the the hallway and some of his figures thrown on top. It's obvious Robyn is packing but he's not doing a great job of it as he's just moving down the hallway. Right now he's going through his closet and putting clothes on his bed so that he can move them to one of the boxes or laundry baskets he has set up for moving.

Despite his best efforts… three or four times and down the hall seems to have been too much for Connor's obssessive sense of order to things… and the first of those untidy boxes is sitting at his feet as he stays just outside the door of Robyn's room. Whatever clothes are loose are now being folded and stored neatly in a single box in slow order, while the figurines and other artwork are being stored by wrapping more of those things around them to pad them. Which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that he looks so SERIOUS about it!

Jonothon came to help move because he heard that it had been approved. Well, more of he asked Scott too, and was told that the teens had taken care of it. Relieved for Connor's sake, he ventured somewhere he's been only a couple of times. «Hey, mate.» Said to Connor as the kid neatens and folds. There's a smile for it all too. Sure you can handle Robyn as a roommate? «Need a hand?» The tilt of an auburn head as he stands there with hands in jacket pockets.

The noise of the moving thats been going on has draw Mikhail out of his room, he's been watching Connor and Robyn pack for about a minute now, "Err, why are you putting all of Robyn's thing into those boxes?, is he going somewhere?", he would start to help, but he's not great at organising.

Hearing Mikhail's voice, Robyn pokes his head out of the door. "Yeah, I'm just going down the hall. Quenton is moving in here and I'm moving in there." Robyn says as he looks at Connor and shakes his head. "Hey Jono, Connor's finding the need to fold all my clothes." Hey says with a grin as he has a few shirts in his hands. He's actually planning on folding this set so Connor doesn't have to worry, but then Robyn's folding job isn't anything great.

The above statement is evidenced as Connor unfolds, smooths, and refolds another shirt with a shrug. Reaching into a box he holds up a clawed and gnarled hand that has three fingers and a thumb down like legs, the middle with an eyeball impaled on it, like some kind of deranged insect, "Have a hand." Connor says, unable to hold back the smile, "But if you want to distract me from going crazy out here… I don't mind too much." And with an absent sense of childish glee, he walks the handbug along the floor a moment, "I wonder where he got the idea for this…"

Connor mumbles almost to himself as he holds up another shirt, "How can you live with this many wrinkles…"

A grin spreads as Connor claims to be going crazy, and he accepts that strange hand. «Thanks.» Not that Jonothon does more than pass it back over a shoulder. Instead of dropping that statue is caught and held by the psy-fire that bursts into being around him. «Come on, mate. Instead of going crazy out here in the hall, why don't we move everything into your dorm and you can figure out where Robyn should put it.» Poor Robyn. The Brit then picks up everything in the hall. You know, he's really getting to enjoy being a telekinetic. It's so handy! Waves the clawed one at Robyn too. Speaking of hands.

"Why are you moving down the hall?, is there something wrong with this room?", Mikhail thinks it looks like a perfectly good room, a little messy maybe but completely livable, and if it's Robyn's stuff, why is Connor doing all the folding?

Robyn chuckles and shrugs. "I don't remember what inspired that hand, I made that a few years ago, before I came here. There might be a date carved in there some where." And looking there is the year of '07 RL carved in small letters on the base of the hand. "Oh, I'm moving cause Connor's having trouble with his roommate and Mr. Summers gave the okay. I just have too much stuff I guess." It happens when you live in a dorm for a year.

Connor almost mumbles, "Better than me… my half doesn't look like anyone lives there…" But standing up, he watches the box that he's filled, using up the entire space, and leaving two completely empty boxes there in the hall, flating towards his room… all of three doors down, and across the hall from where they are. His hands go into his pockets, and he nods in greeting to Mikhail, "This is better than what I intended. I was just going to have him put things in a pile, and then port it all… and go nuts over the mess later…" Leaning into the room, he says loudly, "I do own an iron… and I have no problems with using it." Teasing the other once more with his neat freak habits.

Jonothon takes that strange statue from his psy-fire and looks it over. «2007.» Robyn is told the date before he lays it carefully into a box. Then shooing Connor off down the hall he trails after the teen. «Move now, iron later.» No, he's not actually in a rush, but it amuses him to say so. The Brit just does the heavy lifting, and once in Connor's room he allows the other to pick where things go. Kind of like Robyn, he'd be the type to just pile it and deal with it later. Privately to Connnor, the man asks, «Feeling a little better?» Since the room change was approved.

Mikhail scratches his head, "Oh, why what did his roomate do?", he follows the rest into the room, "I'm not a good organiser but i can move any heavy things you want me to move".

Since Jono and Connor went down the hall leaving Robyn and Mikhail back in Robyn's room as he starts to go through the stuff on his desk. The various pictures, books, sculptures and such. "Well Connor's having some issues with his roommate, or his old roommate, and I volunteered to switch roommates cause I think I can deal with his OCD problems unlike Quenton."

Connor in the meantime says to Jono as he looks into the room, "Yeah… a lot better. At least he can accept that occasionally I'm going to tidy up, organize… and other stuff. And he'll be better about watching the signs when I'm not watching them myself. Not that I NEED a babysitter… but it's something my friend from home would do, and Mike does occasionally. Keeps me from going off… like the weird fact-thing going from brain to mouth before I realize it." Smirking a bit he reaches up and pats Jono's shoulder, "Thanks again. How's things on your end?"

A nod as Connor claims to be doing better. Even a smile for the pat on his shoulder. «Nothing wrong in needing a hand up sometimes.» Claims the hypocrite. «Just tell me where I should put things.» Since he's got boxes floating around him. What? Carry things with his arms? He's not that strong physically. «Eh, not bad.» How are things? «I've still some moving in of my own to do, but it's good. Only problems I have are convincing my sister I don't need an interior decorator.» He rolls his eyes at this.

Mikhail raises an eyebrow, "So Connor's roomate is being nasty because Connor has OCD? (Yep he know what OCD is, he learned about in class), do you want me to go talk to his roomate?".

Jonothon pages, "I am always amused at Jono's black. He's not goth and he's not emo. Jono just likes black. ;)" to you.

Robyn nods to Mikhail. "Yeah, so we talked to Mr. Summers and got a room change. It was one of those weird circumstances. I mean Zack's not a bad guy, I just hope him and Quenton don't have any problems." The music in the CD player changes from Industrial to David Bowie as the CD ends. "I should go check to make sure the two of them are okay…"

Connor arches a brow at Jono… looking at his side of the room, and the only sign of existence on his end being the made bed. A bed made to military standards it seems, "You could always just let her decorate the living room and kitchen. That's not stuff you're moving, and it means that you get your private space, and she can't bug you about how your place looks?" Trailing off with a question, before he slips back out of the room and says down the hall, "Robyn! I'm on the left side!"

Jonothon shakes his head. «No. It's my flat, and I'm keeping it the way I want it.» Said with some laughter. «I give her an inch and she'll be over everything.» See, Elaine is just as stubborn as her brother, and totally willing to harass him until he gives in just to get rid of her. Since there have been no directions, the Brit neatly piles things where he can. Connor and Robyn can deal with what goes where later.

Mikhail exits Robyn's room after him, "I'm not gonna be much help here, and i've got a few assignment i have to do so i'm gonna head back to my room, see ya and have fun packing", he then turns and walks back to his room.

"See ya later Mikhail, and it's not really packing as much as carting." Robyn says as he grabs a box with some books and stuff in it and walks down the hall to put it in his soon to be new room. "I'm about half way packed. So you like living alone Jono? Do you miss us yet?" Robyn says as he looks around the room. "So what are my boundaries Connor?"

Connor points up at the ceiling, "Center light is the boundary… and if you spill over a bit… it's no worry… I'll just have to adapt." Motioning to the right hand, he goes to sit on his bed a moment, and tilts his head to one side, watching the other two, "So… This settles problem number one… now we're just going to have to stop ourselves from nightly movie-watching… I mean… it's enough to want to get a proper TV in here…" Eyes flicking to Jono, he then grins broadly, "But you didn't hear me say that… nor would you see me port the box in… and out again."

«You kidding?» Laughed at Robyn, «It takes everything I have to force myself to go to school every day.» Jonothon isn't being serious of course, but he must stick to certain standards. If only to tease. The tv though has the man smirking at Connor. «What? I'm suppose to discourage this? I only suggest you not steal Summer's tv. That's going to get noticed.» Otherwise? Watch TV all night. «Not like Robyn sleeps in his bunk more than once or twice a week anyway.»

"Hey, this will be the third night this week." Robyn protests. "In a row." He says as he puts a box on top of his desk with his books and pictures and such in it. "Actually, I do end up sleeping in the art room or falling asleep in other places accidentally a lot. I just get in the zone and I just stay up all night with my art work." Robyn admits as he looks at the room and smiles. "Oh and I have two posters if you don't mind me putting them up."

Connor replies, "You can have your posters… I won't complain… just as long as you don't complain about my lack of decoration. I tend to keep all of that on my laptop, with backups of course." Then adds with a grin, "Remind me to start checking the regular rooms for him at night… I'll bring him back to the room… promise."

Jonothon eyes Robyn for the idea of sleeping in a bed three nights in a row. «Don't make a habit of it or anything.» Teasing of course. «You need to set an alarm on your phone, Robyn. And I mean seriously.» Before someone notices and Robyn gets in trouble. Not that it's likely to happen, but hey. «That'd be perfect.» A grin to Connor about checking for Robyn. «Bloke could use a babysitter.» No, he's not really serious.

Robyn frowns at that babysitter comment. "Hey, and it's usually the art room." At night during the day it could be anywhere inside or out. "I just have two, and it's okay. I just wanna make sure you're comfortable Connor. Okay, I'm gonna start getting a few more things together in my room, if you guys wanna stay in here and I even though I feel bad that you're gonna organize my stuff Connor, I know it'll help you so feel free to if you want." Robyn says as he waves. "Thanks guys, and I'll see you later Jono." He says as he goes back to his room.

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