2012-03-02: Mr Blake, You're Recruited


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Summary: Quetzal comes to Connor with a mission, if he should choose to accept.

Date: March 2, 2012

Log Title: Mr Blake, You're Recruited

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Four Arms Apartments (Connor, Rashmi and Robyn's Apartment)

Since the moment Connor woke up, the feeling that someone is watching him would have been present. All morning small things would have been noticable for the young mutant, a man in the park pretending to be a bird watcher with large binoculars, a black, unmarked car sitting across the street from the apartment, a few men in suits walking leasurily down the block and similar small clues such as that. There's a soft knock on the door of the apartment, three rapts, before silence. A voice thick with a Japanese accent can be heard. "Mister Blake, we would like to speak with you."

Having treated the entire morning as normal, and attempting not to let the rising sense of panic overtake him over what looks like agents of some organization watching the Mutant Town area, Connor took the extra precaution after his morning jog to put on his X-suit under his work attire. So as the jacket is lifted in place, the door sounds. Walking to it, he looks through the spyhole, and then with a frown reaches over to grab a spare phone, a disposable cell phone, to press the emergency 911 number. Instead of staying in front of the door, he moves to the side, and says, "That depends on who WE are. There are a lot of we-types out there, Sir… with all due respect."

The next time Quetzal speaks the accent is gone, replaced with the same dialect that Connor speaks in. "We, meaning myself, Agent Quetzal and my companion, Verde." And sure enough sitting on the shoulder of the Asian man wearing a nice looking black suit and tie is a bright green bird. "You are the roommate of Rashmi Franklin and we would like to talk to you in regards to her disapperance." He holds up his badge to the spyhole in hopes that Connor will see it.

Connor leans over to look again, and then once he's able to parse out the SHIELD logo, he takes a deep breath and proceeds to undo the chain and the lockplate from the door, opening it slowly, "Pardon me for being cautious. I work for a man most of the world views as a terrorist. Would you like some coffee Agent?" Motioning for the man to come inside now.

Walking in through the door, Quetzal gives a nod to Connor. "Thank you Mister Blake, and if you have tea that would be great." The bird immediately flies to the window and perches there, looking out before looking back to Connor. "Nice to meet you Connor." Says the bird. Under one arm Quetzal carries a black folder that is zipped up around the sides. "I am Agent Quetzal." He says offering a hand. "It's a pleasure to meet your aquantance again Mister Blake."

Giving a curt nod, he returns the shake of the hand, "I wasn't the most welcoming the first time around. And I apologize. I was a little stressed at the time from the events in Mutant Town." The request is also met with a look and he goes into the kitchen, and asks, "Do you like green, or herbal? I don't know if we have any earl grey or oolong. We're between shopping days."

"Green is fine." Quetzal says glacing about the place withouth moving from his spot. "I imagine that you're quite stressed right now as well, so let me get to the subject. We'd like you to find Rashmi and another Barnes student who went missing, Dashenka." The statement is as simple as that. "We believe it was part of the same attack."

There's a brief pause as Connor is in the middle of heating water, and dropping the bag of tea into the cup, before he asks, "Do you take it with anything?" But then leaves it at that as he takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes for a moment, centering himself again, "Bear with me a moment… but in so far as I've been explained because of everything I've been exposed to in the last year and a half… you work for the premiere international intelligence and anti superterrorist organization on the planet, run by a guy who for all intents and purposes wrote the book on how to be good to be bad… so…" And then he turns to look at the older man, "Why do you need me?"

"Honey if you have it thank you." Quetzal says inregards to the tea as he looks over at Verde who returns with a birdy nod before Quetzal speaks again. "Don't worry Verde won't leave anything behind. Anyway, why do we need you? Frankly we don't need you, we want you. There is a difference." He pauses as he walks over to where Connor is in the kitchen. "You're best friends with Ms Franklin, you're not just sitting around doing nothing. Also we want to see your potential."

For the first times Quetzal can see the marks of the training that Connor's gotten as a child and from Xaviers coming through. There's a certain moment when you can tell someone is going through threat assessment, no matter how calm their exterior is. He's got it down, but not the poker face to cover it just yet. Connor then gulps and nods once, getting out the honey, and putting just a touch into the bottom of the cup, so it will dissolve evenly when the water hits. After that he finally speaks up, "Just so we're clear… my father nearly disowned me when Barnes sent me their invitation. I haven't responded because I've been trying to work things out with him. He won't tell me why he's mad… so it makes me suspicious as to why you're approaching me now. I am looking for Rashmi though, even without your asking. And since others were taken, I'd attempt to rescue them as well. She wouldn't want anything less of me."

Quetzal doesn't make any motion like he's about to attack Connor and the bird flies over to him and lands on his shoulder, shifting into a mouse to appear less threatening. "Mr. Blake, SHILED has an ability to find those that they feel will be most beneficial to the organization. We know you're looking for Rashmi without our asking and we know you will either way. We want to give you this mission because we believe we you can do it Mr. Blake. We also can give you the information we have gathered. If you refuse, we keep our intel." He then takes a deep breath and the professional demenor drops slightly. "I'm sorry about your father Mr. Blake, but right now we are looking out for one of our own."

Connor takes a deep breath, and then lets it go, tension visibly relaxing from him, and then he just nods, "Allright… I'll help. Rashmi's situation is more important than any family problems I'm having. I'll deal with things as they come." He then takes the hot water and pours the tea, getting it to the right spot before the rim, and then places it on a saucer. This is brought over to the other man, and passed easily, "The Genoshan database at the embassy didn't bring up anything on the ghost attacks, but there was a wolf attack at Xavier's about the same time… that referenced something that happened in New York several years ago. But it doesn't say where they came from, only that they were supernatural. I've been trying to find a supernatural contact lcoally to ask."

Quetzal puts down the folder and pushes it towards Connor before he takes the cup and saucer graciously. He blows on the liquid before taking a tenative sip. "Thank you." He says with a bow of his head. "This is strictly off the records, your father will not be notified of your actions are you are an adult. As for the embassy, Genosha wouldn't have much information because they're not dealing with mutant threats. You are correct, they are supernatural. We have confirmation from our friends in MI-13 that what you are dealing with is Vampires, or a Vampire to be specific. I suggest you start in Romania Mr. Blake."

Connor stops for a long moment. He's a writer, and a writer of the fantasy and horror genre. "Romania." And then he opens up the file, "Romania means what was once Wallachia, or what we call Transylvania. Are you saying what I think you're saying?" His voice sounding a little amazed, but then he flicks his eyes to the green mouse on the man's shoulder, and then back to the file in front of him.

Quetzal takes a sip of the tea again and before he can say anything the mouse speaks up. "That's really good tea Connor!" There's a smile that is cracked from the agent along with a headshake at his compainion. "You're a smart individual Mr. Blake, I believe you know exactly what I'm saying. My first suggestion is to choose your team wisely."

Connor replies to that with a slightly amused look, "Rashmi likes to be inexpensive on many things, but not on teas… we actually make and store the bags ourselves." Flipping through the provided file, his brows continue to shoot up, "Look… I'm not really equipped for vampire, ghost, or werewolf hunting… I don't even have my powers anymore. The most I could do is request access to the Blackbird from Xavier's and maybe if I'm lucky they'll let me take a concussion rifle from the armory. Do you know anyone who could come along and help? And who'd be willing?"

"Sometimes a strainer is nice as well." Quetzal says as tea and liquor are the staples of his beverage enjoyment. "My only power is languages Connor, yet I do what I need to do, no matter what the threat. You have friends Connor, you have aquantences, I trust you can find someone. There is intel on Vampires and what we have learned in that folder. That is all I can offer you, the rest, is up to you."

The file is closed up for the time being, and he sits back, face pensive, but also there is an air of anticipation around him as well. He then nods once, and looks around the place for a long moment, "I get your point. I don't see the why of it… but you said you want to watch me." Thoughts seem to rather transparently be running through his blue-green eyes, and for a moment, it might be the light, but for a moment there's an odd glimmer there that's not within the normal range of what humans can do, "Thank you. I know you didn't have to do this."

"We didn't." Quetzal says as he walks towards the door. "This is your task Connor, I wish you luck. My contact information is in the folder in case, but that is for emergancies only. Take care, I have faith in you." He says as he starts to head towards the door, looking back at Connor to say one thing before leaving. "You're a lot like your father." And with that he's gone.

Connor gets up to say something, but the door is them closed… and Connor is left there with a face carrying confusion and shock on it for several moments. Then he sits back down and stares at the file in front of him. He sighs, and then runs his hands through his hair as he stares at the leather file, as if he seems to expect it to do something else. When he finally says something, he whispers, "Dad… what did you do…"

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