2012-10-27: Much Better Than Hospital Food


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Summary: Ahmed brings a feast.

Date: October 27, 2012

Log Title: Much Better Than Hospital Food

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

It's been a week since Nick got back and he's looking a lot better. His colour has come back, he doesn't look as tired but he's still confined to the medbay. Though it hasn't stopped him from not leaving from time to time, wheeling himself around via his powers. Though tonight he's resting in bed watching the first Ghostbusters movie on his laptop.

The smell comes before the presence of whomever is pushing the cart. Dressed into one of his new usual tops… big hoodies that hide most of his features, and rather baggy raver pants, Ahmed appears, tail flicking behind him. There's three layers of stuff on the cart, and probably enough food to feed eight to ten others… but it's rolled right up to the foot of the medical bed as the feline Canadian says with a fangy little grin, "Sooo… I kinda screwed up the Knoephla… but I made a rather wicked chicken and dumpling stew if you're game."

Taylor comes down the the medbay to pay a visit. It's likely that Taylor has come to visit a few times previously. Taylor is presently wearing what looks like it might be coming together as a Sailor Moon costume, as Halloween is approaching. Unlike Shane, the feline doesn't do full sized costume making as much, and thus there are some flaws in it, but it's not too bad either. Well, except that a small chested fuzzy person is wearing it. The feline follows after Ahmed, sniffing at the air lightly, and says, "Hey, Nick, you're looking a lot better."

The medbay doors slide open, and Clomping through in her Danger Room getup, boots and all, is Shane. Apparently the girl is feeling better, if the eye-searing bubblegum color of her hair and eyebrows are any indication. Clumping up to Nick's bed, she pauses, hanging back a bit as the others greet him, and a couple of jewel cases held in one hand are shifted a bit.

As soon as Ahmed enters the room, Nick shuts his laptop and starts to move it aside. "Hey there Ahmed, you tried to make me…thanks." He says touched at the attempt. "I'm game for anything Ahmed, I appreciate your cooking a lot." Taylor gets a wave as she walks in. "Hey Tay, thanks, I'm starting to feel a lot better. Though I'm stuck in these casts for at least another week." The bubblegum pink hair is hard to miss and Nick waves over at her. "Shane! Ahmed's got chicken and dumplings if you're hungry? How was practice?"

"Chicken and dumpling stew." Ahmed corrects, and then unveils he has more than that, "Also brought you some sourdough garlic bread, fresh made by Mister Parker… and some lasagna, and also a cake." His ears flatten after that, "At least, it's supposed to be a cake… I know all the right stuff went in, but my palate's still messed up with the changes, so I'm still trying to figure out how everything tastes again." Looking back at the girls, he then gives a shrug of greeting, but looks at Shane, sniffs the air, and wrinkles his nose from the hard scent of the dye, "Ummm… Hey."

Taylor listens to what Ahmed describes and says, "Do you like the cake? I know your palate is a lot like mine… Kind of like the same things…" The ocelot then nods at Nicholas and says, "Ah, yea, I guess that makes sense with the casts… I hope that they get you out of them soon, I'm just… really glad you're alright, still. All this stuff, I dunno, it's scary…"

"Meh," Shane grunts, in answer to Nick's second question. "Ain't hungry yet. Too soon after. I'll wait." Upon catching the wrinkle of Ahmed's nose, she meets his eyes briefly and silently raises an eyebrow. Though, it seems she doesn't intend to make an issue of it, for she plops down on a nearby empty bed, glancing at Taylor's sailor suit with an appraising eye. "…Not bad," she says after a moment. "Don't pull s'hard when y'puttin' it together though."

Since Shane points out Taylor's costume Nicholas looks at it. "So that's one of those…what was that cartoon, the girl show around when DragonBall Z was on." He's trying to remember the name but just can't. "It is Taylor, it's really scary and I'm glad I'm gonna be alright too Taylor." He says giving her a nod. "Oh wow Ahmed, I'm going to want to eat a bit of everything. Thank you again."

Ahmed shrugs again, and then his tail flicks around a couple times as he replies, "Hey, you ask… I deliver." But after that he moves off to one side, and moves to sit on, of all places… the floor right next to where Nick's bed is, stifling a yawn before he continues on, "Sailor Moon… which is based off of this thing called the fuku. Since Japanese kids have to wear school uniforms. Been there, done that… hated the suit jacket, but hated it with shorts even more…" All that rambling, and he stops, looking around for a moment, "Riiight… I'm the only kid who's been to a private school before this."

"Yea, sorry Ahmed… I've never been to private school or anything…" says Taylor, scratching the back of their neck lightly. "And yea, Sailor Moon. You know. By the power of the moon, I will punish you. Sailor Jupiter was my hero for awhile, but I don't really have the ability to pull that one off…" The felinoid looks down and then nods at Shane, "And yeah… I need to practice more on larger things. With fine work and hand work, I can rock it, but… yeah… still, practice makes closer to perfect…"

Shane lifts a shoulder. "Y'get used to it. Jus' gotta pull enough so it's straight. Too much'n y'stitches get wide, 'n thread breaks. Happens. Think that's a pain, wait 'til y'try 'n go f'r Eternal Sailor Moon." Now that it seems that all the hellos and gifts have been given, Shane tosses her jewel cases onto Nick's bed. "Here. Figured y'might want a game'r two when y'get bored with movies. First disc's got like six different emulators onnit, 'n rest o' th' space is like every game I could think of grabbin' that maybe you'd like. So like, most'f everythin' f'r NES, SUper Nintendo, Genesis, 'n GBA. Put step-by-steps f'r everythin' too, so you don't get confused."

"Yeah Sailor Moon, I only watched small bits of it when waiting for DBZ to come on." Yes, Nick watched that a lot as a kid. "It's a cool looking costume Taylor, I gotta figure out what'll work with a wheel chair. Battle Mal!" He looks at the Disc and pulls Shane into a one armed hug. "Thanks Shane, it'll keep me from getting to stir crazy. Hate that I'm still trapped to a room." At least he can leave it whenever he wishes. "Sorry Ahmed, I don't even think they had a private school with in reasonable distance to where I lived." He starts to use his powers to get himself a bowl of chicken and dumpling stew.

"You're not trapped in the room… the room is trapped here with you." Ahmed replies with a felins smirk as he moves to stand up, and his ears flit a bit, "Look… the important thing is you're here, you're getting better, and you're safe." Looking towards the others, and then back at the bedridden, slightly older student, he adds, "But it's cool to see you still using your powers, and a lot better than I've ever seen. I'd have served, but people keep thinking I'm going to put fur in their food."

Taylor watches things be moved about by Nicholas, seeming curious for a couple of moments before considering Nicholas's wondering what to be for Halloween. "Well, hm, if you think of anything, I could help you put it together or what have you… I'm almost done mine…" The feline gestures downwards and then notes, "And yea, I watched it and then DBZ too. I liked that and stuff… Like, man that guy is tough. OH SHIT, he just powered up. I'm going to power up! Kind of felt bad for that Krillen guy or whatever."

"Watchmen," Shane murmurs, snorting. "Nice. Might wanna gargle rocks so y'get the voice better. Never cared much 'bout DBZ. Watched it twice. All I could figure out was 'Whoever shits pineapples till they turn blond wins.'"

"Watchmen? You mean like that weird movie?" Nicholas only saw it once and he though it was quite strange. He pulls his bowl of Chicken and Dumpling Stew over using his telekinesis and takes a bite. "This is amazing Ahmed." Instantly going for another few more spoonfuls. "Oh man it's so much more than that Bragi…well, maybe not. I mostly watched it for the endless fight scenes."

Ahmed seems to brighten up a bit at the compliment to his attempt at country stew once more, and he dips his head a long moment, rubbing the back of his neck as he looks at the girls, "I.. didn't really get to watch much anime… parents didn't really approve. Weird as it sounds… some stuff was okay, others wasn't. Dad was rather in love with Howl's Moving Castle. Thought it was a very pretty romance… but he digs that sort of thing." Shaking his head once more, he then says towards Taylor, "Any ideas on what I should do for Halloween? I was thinking of like… the Terminator or something."

"Yea, I mean, I liked the fighting. You gotta watch DBZ abridged if you liked DBZ, it's pretty funny," says Taylor, nodding a few times towards Nick, "And I thought the Watchmen was good and stuff…" The ocelot student then peers towards Ahmed and then says, "You should be a Samurai Pizza Cat. And I can totally get away with saying that, because I would make a killer Polly. I have to show you that show. Also hilarious."

"Hundred fifty in foam 'n epoxy," Shane says, arching an eyebrow Ahmed's way, "Prolly three weeks t'carve 'n treat 'n paint it. Prolly won't get away with it 'fore Halloween, but *totally worth it* if the world stops being fuckin' crazy 'fore th'next Comic Con.." Leaning around Taylor, she plucks up a bit of garlic bread, then settles back on 'her' bed. "Sure, I'll check out DBZ Abridged, Taylor. *If* you YouTube up 'Friendship is Witchcraft.'"

"I only ever watched Dragonball Z when it came to anime, that was until I met Shane and started hanging out in the middle of the night with her." Nicholas says. "What's a Samurai Pizza Cat?" He sounds confused and a bit weirder out by the concept. Nick continues to eat his stew while he listens to the three talk. "When is the next Comic con? You going to do a costume again?"

"Okay, so Samurai Pizza Cats is this cartoon where the creators got all the footage, but they didn't get the translated scripts, 'cause it was from Japan, and they needed that. So they pretty just made shit up for the lines, and then put it on TV, and it is pretty hilarious… They're like… samurai robot cats who operate out of a pizzaria…" says Taylor, scratching the back of their neck, "It's good… I think the original creators have said that the American dub is a lot better." The felinoid teen shrugs and says, "Anyways… I'll check out this witchcraft business, I suppose. Halloween is coming, that's time for witchcraft… Oh man, ugh, I guess it's my birthday a couple days after that…"

"Ain't more honest," SHane snorts, "it's *simpler.* Look it up sometime, head'd explode tryin' t'keep it in shape f'r more'n a coupla minutes. An' it's 'Friendship is Witchcraft,' Taylor. People took th' My Little Pony show, ripped out th' speakin' lines, 'n swapped it out for pure fuckin' crazy." Looking down at the bread in her hands, she turns it over once, and shrugs. "…Dunno, Nick. Missed this year's, thanks to not bein' able t'leave th'house without gettin' arrested, shot, 'r arrested *then* shot."

"I'm sorry Shane, I'm just glad you're not arrested or short. Or both." Nicholas says letting out a bit yawn. "What the heck…sorry guys I think I'm gonna close my eyes for a bit. The painkillers I'm on just sneak up on you and all of a sudden make you super sleepy. Taylor, you'll have to let me know the exact day of your birthday. Thanks for the food Ahmed, it's great. Shane, I owe you a movie night for not being around for it in the last month and Taylor, can't wait to see what you make next for now, thanks for coming down to visit." He yawns. "I'm gonna shut my eyes for a bit."

Moving back up and over from his spot, Ahmed covers up the food, and moves it all back and off to one side, so that it's not in anyone's way. Once it's done, he walks over and says to Nick, "You sleep… we'll hang someplace else. And… nice to see you smile." Picking up the bowl and spoon, those are settled on top of everything else as his paws go back in his pockets, "So… uhhh… where to?" Adding after a moment, "And I would not pop after a few minutes… like I said… practice."

"Yeah, I'll… let you know, I kind of just realized it was coming up…" says Taylor, frowning for a few moments at that, and then shrugging, "Ah, yea, I know how it is with those painkillers. Been on them a couple of times… You have a good bout of shuteye, Nick." The teen looks between the others, and then heads towards the exit. "Eh, we can just wander 'til somewhere looks good…"

Shane lifts a shoulder, moving off after Taylor. "Works f'r me. An' I didn't say you'd pop, I said y'r *head* would pop. Samurai Pizza Cats, *everyone's* a robot f'r whatever fuckin' reason. Which means teeny-tiny little anime fiddly bits, all hard as steel."

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