2009-03-26: Muffin Time


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Summary: Daisuke and Jared chat while Jared makes muffins.

Date: March 26, 2007

Log Title Muffin Time

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

Not being such the good cook, Daisuke's opted to go out, grab dinner quickly and come back home. A plastic tray of sushi sits in front of him with various rolls. He seems to be eating quite a lot as Dai does tend to have a healthy appitate, it comes from not being able to gain weight. He's wearing a blue and black stripped sweater over a black pair of jeans as he eats is dinner while flipping through a catalogue of some sort. A twenty ounce bottle of coke sits in front of him that he's been slowly drinking.u

Jared is not what one would call a gourmet chef, but he knows how to cook a decent meal now and then, and is good at turning premade foods into something far better. At the moment, he has gotten it into his craw to bkae for no reason at all. The dark haired mutant pushes his way into the kitchen with several plastic bags in his hands, bery carefully making sure no one is looking because he technically should not have stopped at a store on the way back to his school from visiting his other home. "Oh, hi Dai. Anyone else poking around here?'

Daisuke looks up and smiles as Jared comes in, he doesn't answer besides of shake of his head at first as he is in the middle of chewing. Once he swallows he washes it down with some coke before answering. "No, it's just me, that I know of. I decide to sneak out and get some dinner because I can't cook. Want a piece of tuna or salmon?" He asks as he motions to the plastic tray with his chopsticks. "I was just really wanting sushi so I went to the Chinese run Japanese resturant in Salem Center." He says with a chuckle.

Jared grins a little as he moves into the room to put his bags of stuff on a counter, and then wanders over to Dai. "Oooh, sounds good too me, already had some food but there is always room for nagiri." Not having chopstick Jared reaches out, grabs a tuna and slurps it down while going back to this bags to quickly unpack his purchases and toss the bags before anyone can walk in and spot them. "I have had the oddest craving for muffins, so I decided I am going to amke some…just as soon as I find a muffin pan and cupcake cups."

Daisuke chuckles as Jared goes for the tuna. "Once this war is over we'll have to hit St. Marks Place if your a sushi fan. There's some decent Japanese food there since I remember you mentioning you liked some of it." He says with a smile as he eats another piece of salmon. "Oh, whatever you do, don't ask me to help cook, I'm horrible at cooking. Nothing comes out good that I cook." He says with a grin.

Jared chuckles a bit as he starts opening pantry til he finds one that has a few muffen pans in it. "No way you can be that bad. Cooking is easy if you follow directions." This coming from the master of purposly ignoring directions to make better meals than what normaly come out of the box. "Besides, I mostly got out of the box stuff, cant mess those up."

Daisuke grins and runs a hand through his hair. "You've never seen me try to cook. I burn stuff easy, forget to add something, it never comes out tasting right. Though I never tried box stuff since I used to try to cool a while back but when even you can admit your cooking is gross, you don't risk it." Daisuke says with a chukle. "I can make a few things okay, but that's about it. And by okay I mean tolerable, not good."

Jared just shakes his head, he will never believe anyone can really be that bad, at least not until he gets fed something just that bad. "Well, if you don't want to help you can still stay and keep me company. Any particular type of muffins you like?"

"Sure, I can keep you company, I just don't want to destroy your taste buds with my cooking if I help." Though with help Daisuke might be able to go from horrible to decent. "I'm good with any kind, I'm really not that picky of an eater. You're talking to the guy who likes raw horse." He says knowing it sounds awful. "Anything you cook, I'll eat." He says blushing faintly.

Jared nods and laughs a little at the mention of the raw horse. "Right, raw horse, of course you would not mind anything. I was thinking of some cranberry bran ones, and maybe some of the less good for you cake like ones." Jared grings grabbing a bran muffin mix box and a plastic box of cranberrys to set on the table before he goes to grab a bowl and some measurring cups.

Daisuke chuckles. "Don't worry, I won't make any of you eat it when we're in Japan. But honestly there really isn't any food I can think of I don't like." Daisuke says as he has his favourites but he doesn't have anything he hates. "So do you like cranberry or are you just in the mood for them?" He runs a hand through his hair, a nervous habit he has, and takes a deep breath before asking Jared something. "So you'd really be up for teaching me how to do Yoga sometime?"

Jared goes to the fridge to pull out the milk and turns to grin at Daisuke. "Yes." He says simply as he moves to measure out the amount of milk needed into the bowl. Jared waits a good long while before he decides to actaully answer Daisuke. "I love cranberrys, always have, drove mom nuts because she could not stand the things. Turns out at least that I get it naturally. Yes, I would be up for teaching you yoga."

Daisuke smiles and nods. "Thanks." He says as he starts eating some of the pickled ginger. "So now I know if I ever want to get on your good side get you something with Cranberry?" He says with a chuckle and a grin. Looking down at the last piece of sushi, Daisuke bites his lip before aksing, "So are you and Leo more than just friends or…I dunno, If it's personal, don't worry about it."

Jared grins and nods, then after a second shakes his head. "Well It usually works, although there was a girl in 4th grade that tried cranberry lip gloss before she chased me areound trying to get me to kiss her. But I just did not like her, there are certain people around that would never need to even get the lip gloss…" Jared grins, and is tearing open a box of bran muffin mix when Dai asks about Leo nearly making him spill it everywhere. "I…well we have been best friends forever…and…um…I…well he kinda was my first…but he is not really the type for more than just…you know now and then…"

Daisuke jumps up as Jared nearly spills the muffin mix everywhere and goes over to help him clean it up anything that might need it. "Oh man, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that, I'm sorry about being nosey with your personal life." He says feeling bad that he made Jared almost spill the mix everywhre. "I never had that problem with girls chasing me around, I think I was too withdrawn in school."

Jared shakes his head, "No no, there is no reason to appologize. You just kinda..surprised me. Its not like there is anything in my personal life that is that big a secret. He and I just ahd the once and…well you know how he is. I ove him like a brother almost though…well maybe not quite like a brother…"

Daisuke leans agains the counter next to Jared. "I kind of know what you mean, well I really do love Eddie like a brother. He's the first person I met who kind of knows what I've been through so we kind of latched on to eachother. I don't know what I would have done without his friendship. But we've never…done that. We're different than you and Leo but it's always nice to have someone like that." If Dai means as a friend or as a partner it's hard to tell. "Well in return you can always feel free to ask me anything you want Jared."

Jared nods and blushes a little. "Yeah, we are different but in some ways not that much. We are pretty much who the other had that he could trust and share, a person that was like them. Although, you and Eddie certianly are not as…flirty as Leo. Its a good thing really, he sometimes emberasses the hell out of me…"

"I'm not that good with the flirting thing." Daisuke admits as glances down with a blush and smile. "It's just, different for me. But Eddie and I, I love him like a brother, we call eachother brother and arms and we're just a lot a like. Different but just been through similar experiences, abusive parent and all." He admits but he doesn't say it in a way to sound depressed. He looks up at Jared and shrugs. "It's just, kind of hard for me to show someone I like them when I do since I really don't know how to flirt." He says blushing quite a bit.

Jared crews on his lower lip a moment, and then moves over to give Dai a quick hug before pouring his mix intot he bowl and starting to mix. "Yeah, i'm not so good with the flirty thing either. I always either come off creepy or angery when I try. I don;t even know really what I want, let alone who though…"

Daisuke retuns the hug and smiles at the taller teen. "I just come of as awkward and just really pathetic." Daisuke says shaking his head. "I've never been in any sort of relationship. I guess I'm just kind of scared of the physical side of things. I figure I'll listen to what my emotions tell me and hope for the best but that also means probably never making a first move." He says with a shrug as a part of him wishes he just had more courage.

Jared nods at Dai and sighs as he gets the milk mixed into the muffin mix and reaches :nods at Dai and sighs as he gets the milk mixed into the muffin mix and reaches for the fresh cranberrys. "I know how you feel, its why Leo made the first move. PRoably going to have to wait till I find a guy that can do that, and not be quite as…well Leo like if I ever want a relationship…"

"I guess both of us need to find a guy, or girl, like that." Daisuke says tacking on the 'or girl' part. He lets out a ywan and smiles to Jared. "I think I'm gonna head down to the locker room and take a shower. I'll see you later okay Jared? And I'm sure there are lot of people who'd want to be with you." He says going to give Jared a hug, as he pulls back and pauses, looking up at Jared as if he'd like to do more but doesn't. "Umm…save some of your muffins for me okay?" He says blushing.

Jared grins and hugs Dai again. "Sure thing bud, I'll save you a bran cran one, and maybe one of the mixed berrys too."

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