2010-05-29: Murderous Tango


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Summary: Deadpool and Domino got into a skirmish

Date: May 29, 2010

Log Title Murderous Tango

Rating: R (LV)

NYC - Mutant Town

//Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture. //

Mutant Town. Ramshackle, near ruin, and filled with all sorts. It was far better than Broadway where observing the others in their daily lives seemed so cliche. Between there and 59th Street is where she had to stalk her proverbial toddler between for the day. If he didn't sleep soon she was going to put him there, but thankfully he did fall asleep and she returned to the side of town that drew her first with the sound of gunshots and now seemed by far calmer. The trench coat was kept on, but left hung loosely open around the figure clad in black attire that shined enough to resemble liquid with each motion. Her glasses were perched atop her head, forming a band to keep her hair back as well as let her see clearly the streets as she held in one hand a paper "bowl" with more of those spicy drumsticks. So she found the person that had them and was enjoying her night, for now.

[So so, here we are again] " Yep. " [Why are we sitting here, let's go] " Because, noones that stupid, I mean there is pretty stupid in this line of work but this is the typical set up almost, he's in a nice vantage for an OP somewhere in one of… " A gloved hand came up and motioned, " That direction, spot A or spot B. " Deadpool creeped forward low over the lip of one building, his head just barely peeking up over the side, the world in various shades of green as the NVD was toggled sharpening slightly. [Nothing yet from Mysterious Hobo, huh?] " Nuh uh, nuffin, we mighta botched that one hard. " [They're still going to want those do-hickies we stole from the X-Men yanno] " Yeah, I know. But that #@%k's up all the other plans if they don't play it right." [Word] " Heheh, word. Shhhh I seen something. " [Don't shhh me, no one can hear me but you -_-]

Fingertips clutched the last bone stripped of its meat and random sauce that equaled to the burn at the back of her throat. A slight cough to push at it and her tongue pressed against the roof of her mouth while she glanced over towards Nowhere and shrugged it off. The burn would eventually subside. The push past her of prattling teens with high strung gossib to rattle out before curfew dreww her eyes for only a moment. A lingering there with a flash of memory that had her shifting her eyes heavenward. A flicker of slate blue against the pitch night sky with the spared glance that ravaged over rooftops and brought her eyes to narrow, nearly sealing off the offset of pale blue and white swimming in a black patch over her left eye. Years now and people did not get over the "mutants" and it made her trigger finger itch with a moment of though in the should'a would'a could'a category. It was peaceful tonight, or so it seemed and she had to return to watch Macnamara though her device showed no signs of movement it was best to be closer. One step and then a swift rhythm of strides took her down an alley and up a fire escape silently enough to land on the roof. One that was shared it seemed. Standing there string at the hunched over form she dared not yet move her feet, but her hand began the slow ascent…

Green globes housed in black night goggle casing whipped around to the form scampering up onto the rooftop. " Zoink! " He yelps out in surprise as the Dragunov SVU's barrel swiped through the air like a blade and leveled at the new form (though distance was between them), still in a crouch one knee up, his forearm out cradling the weapon's barrel as the stock was tucked into his shoulder, fingers coiled around handle one lightly rested against the trigger a hair's breadth away from squeezing it. Not having anticipated anyone was so close, having guessed wrong in her location she was not at spot A or B, not that he knew it was Domino of course. With the darkness, he still didn't she was a partially illuminated green shadow creature with distorted features in this poor lighting.

She had been heard, alert little bastard. His swing around is all it took to have the slow ascending hand of unsurety moving far quicker to the shoulder rig that harbored the Browning pro9. In a flash of trained hand and even more sure fingers the weapon was clutched and held right back at him, the safety undone and her finger on the trigger, pulling back sl—owly and pausing before fire and in the confirmation of exactly who it was the pause did not last long. Her body turned to the right, pivoting from the barreled aim of his own weapon and trying to land a kick to his side to send him off kilter. "I would have to say, twice now running into you, no longer coincidence is it?" Considering their past, who knew anymore?

" Imagine not. That twinky in there has some importance to you I take it. " The sniper rifle in his hands lifted up and turned in at an angle, pushed between him and her kick, using almost shield like between them as he lunged forward a quick following action that parrying shield of a rifle had now become a club, one both hands were holding onto the heavy buttstroke aimed at her now from this up close and personal distance. " If I'd known you were coming Dom, I'd have prepared some smores! "

"Twinky…Wha—"t the hell are you talking about now?? But that all did not get out as her kick was stopped by the swift swing back of his rifle and she was side stepping swiftly to avoid the back swing. It was not her chosen night to be hit out into left field so she dropped at that point, lowering to the ground with her dodge and once again kicking out with her right foot towards his abdomen while her hand still held her own pistol trained at him. "Why are you here…*Here* of all places?" No, she didn't bother to shoot down his s'mores offer since actions spoke louder than words.

" I'm here for the Broadway showing of HAIR what do you think? " An "unf" came from him as her foot connected with his abdomen and he doubled suddenly touching the ground supported by knuckles around the rifle as he was curling forward then suddenly springing out in a very acrobatic display that was also a reverse mule kick coming from the ground up. That superhuman agility and un-nerving combat skill coming into play. " Or or or maybe toots, I just missed you, figured we could dance again for old times sake. " The rifle left behind on the rooftop.

"Funny, I almost thought you were more a RENT kinda guy…" Let her count the ways and reasons behind that retort, but she was not about to as the swift motion of the back kick gave her no moment to move completely out of the way. The drawback of her leg to join its mate and aid in a spring to the side for avoidance was kicked out of place and the ease of said motion was lost to a hap-hazard roll a few feet over the roof's cracked surface. Tucking her feet beneath her she pushed back to a stand and braced her foot against one of the outcropped mechanizations that likely had been long busted to supply the building beneath with something needed. This pushed her forward towards him at a swift pace, the hand having come off the hold of the gun properly and retained a grip on the barrel, bringing the butt of it down towards the back of his skull. "We're dancing now. How I have missed it." Sarcasm or not? Too dry to tell.

" Got dull after watching it fifteen times in one sitting, had to broaden my horizons! Plus they threw me out. " His head ducked down the pistol's would be clap on his skull just barely missing as both hands were drawing out two deadly sharp blades each about as long as his forearms. Quickly one lashed upwards vertically stabbing at the air infront of him which was the space she occupied before it ripped skyward, the other one held in the opposing hand. " Hold still wouldja, something dangling off your shoulders that really needs removed. Always been curious about the black spot Dom, you get Egyptian Goggled by a guy with one nut? "

"The next step after RENT is CATS, not HAIR, you're going the wrong way.." Her frame gave forward with the missed downward swipe, only a moment before the glint of his blades was seen and she straightened back up to just miss the sweep of his one blade by the breeze that passed over her face in its upward swipe. Her hand that held the pistol had righted its grip and her left hand now bore her own blade, triggered from its wrist sheath to glint against the dull lamplight. Instead of stepping away she brought the fight closer, making her harder to hit with those blades, hopefully; stepping into him and her own hand sweeping up at an angle to a solid sweep across his chest while her right hand readied the aim of her Browning. "Now that's for me to know also, I don't kiss and tell." Baffle him with bullshit, maybe it will slow him down…just.a.hair.

" Who would have known -you- of all people were such a fan of thhEA-T-Urr, I figured if it didn't involve old men you wouldn't have any interest, or is there a senior citizens showing somewhere I don't know about? " Sounding almost excited by the concept, " Because if there is you REALLY got to hook me up. " His shoulders shifted leaning more into the side with the knife letting her sink it into him as his mask split into a large smile the edges of his features curling upwards in obvious red and black definition. Having moved in close enough the blade held in her left hand would sink into his ribcage up into a lung. " Ouchie that smarts. " A cheerful sound, his elbow being brought down trying to trap her hand against her own weapon impaled into him, yet at the same time he was stabbing the weapon held in that hand down, gearing for her bicep. Shoving forward - his other hand would arc down in a slash aimed at her right thigh. " Wait wait, there was kissing involved? OHHH now you REALLY have to tell! "

Hypocrite! Bea Arthur that he would randomly spurt on about like a tourettes issue gone wrong - it took her a couple times hearing it to be sure..And even now the inflection if his tone gave himself away. "It's a maturity rating thing. Seems all the men my age, have issues." That being said with a small conviction as his aid to push in the knife that had hit home was emphasized by her own side swipe, not only for more damage, but the incoming blade…blades. Two at once and one had to be sacrificed or she had to back up to avoid possibly any major injury. Living to fight another day and see her ward off to Japan safely was what she opted for. Her one leg rose to brace the base of her boot on his knee if he did not move, and use his own body as her to nearly climb and then kick back off of to wrench her hand free of his grip, dragging the blade with as well as leap from the blade aimed for her leg.

*Sclortch* The crunchy to squishy sound that came with his ribcage when she used him as a springboard and dislodged her blade forcibly. " Oh I think I just wheezed or something hissed, you hear that?! Are you on the market now? I hear there is a bald old guy who looks like Patrick Stewart at the X-Mansion, you can go get a 'ride' from him… wait wait maybe that other geezer in the ever masculine pink and purple tights! " She'd succeeded in her leap away but his regenerative healing factor was already sealing the puncture wound in his lung, the blade that sliced at her thigh was whipping back up this time released to be thrown from his grip while she was mid-air.

"Not interested." Not in the noise his body made with her push back as well as the mention of the old men. This was a violent version of Dateline, disturbing is what it was turning into but she could not expect anything more or less from Deadpool. Pushing back off of him her body was mid flight, legs tucking and them pushing back give her a solid landing but the sudden discard of his blade ruined the fluidity. In air there was nowhere to go but down and into the incoming weapon, only trying to manipulate what she could with the shift in her weight. The tear was heard as it caught and sliced from the front of her thigh to her hip, severing through the liquid like attire in a clean sweep and opening the pale flesh beneath, her landing due to the attempted avoidance of worse damage from it, landed like a solid sack of potatoes just to his left. Laying there stunned was something that was briefly debated but her body reacted instinctively, surging to roll back and into a crouch, her Browning aimed to his gaping chest. Pink and purple? "He-Man?" Now he had her confused.

Deadpool exclaimed almost victoriously " Poifect! " having snapped forward while she was moving to sweep his arm out and snare up the rifle he'd earlier left on the ground, it hefted up into his arms and he pointed it at her, " You know you're not going to survive this right? " He was laughing as he fired, the explosive clack unheard *click click* well it wouldnt have been anyways there was a silencer attached BUT this was a mechanical failure, or it seemed to be, perhaps it was something else, dumb!#@k luck. " Crap. " He whispered as his head tilted, knocking off his night vision goggles while drawing the charge backwards to stare into the chamber nothing at all was wrong with it. It should have fired perfe…*KERBLAM* the sickly splatter sounds beind him were almost as tell-tale as the burned fleshy stench, impact and pain registered next as his legs turned to jello and the SVU clattered out of his hand, like some boneless fish he flopped on the ground one hand splayed out clawing at the cavernous hole in his chest, the back exit much larger than the entry point. " New rounds? Those are 'splody… " He rasped, " I want some. Uh… time out, give me a breather… just… five… seconds… Shatner talk…. accelerating… healing… factor."

He had it coming….Look another play, this time Chicago, the song rolled through her head as her aim and the shot held true, her muscles still unwinding from the tension in them in wanting to spring from his own fire that never came. Luck indeed, and she had it as she rose to a stand and looked down at his prone form. He was bleeding out and the sight brought a twist to her lips, neither smile nor frown, it was warping to indifference as the hand holding her pistol shifted out, just like she did with the last rooftop shooter here in Mutant Town. Aiming for his skull. And just like last time she did not fire. "Tch." Her lips twitched again and eyes narrowed. For whatever reason she left him there, alive, and took that moment to turn on heel and get back to her ward. Soon enough he would be waking for morning routine and fun and games were over. For now.

Mistake on her part, she hadn't blown his brains away, painted them like spaghetti next to his organs on the rooftop, which oddly made him hungry right now. His hand was already scooping up some part of his upper innards pushing it back in. " I'll get you my pretty! " He blood burble cackled after her. " She must be going soft. " [A moment of pity maybe?] " No… I think I know what this is, if you sort it out right… Domino ain't the best at getting guys yeah? Shes all guns, leathers, boot polish, rawr kill, GI Jane kinda pointy stabby stuff, maybe… just maybe this is her way of flirting!? " [Uh…] " She DID say she was on the market and looking. " [Did she say that? Are you positive? ] " Yeah, scroll up. So… she left me intact just enough that I could still give chase. What a waskly widdle wabbit. " [Yes… so this was all her ultimate plan. Even to the point of anticipating a faulty rifle as we were about to snub her?] " Devious ain't it? " [Astoundingly so…] " It looks like, we're into a whole nother game! DON'T WORRY DOM, I READ YOUR MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR! I'll BE BACK SWEETCHEEKS!, you think she likes flowers? " [Oi…] " So hungry now… " grumblewhine " Hey look whats this look like? " [Stop shaking it around like that, it disturbing] " No seriously, whats it look like? " [With that missing chunk… a very pink Alferd Hitchcock or the Kingpin's face] " 10 points for schizophrenia! " He would lay back and begin half singing half humming 'Every Breath You Take' by the Police to himself as his body re-knit itself, staring at the moon and stars as Domino wisely escaped.

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