2009-06-28: Music And Kata


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Summary: While practicing in the park, Ben and Kenta re-meet.

Date: June 28, 2009

Music and Kata

Rating: PG

NYC - Battery Park

Located at the Southern tip of Manhattan, Battery Park faces New York Harbor. There are various statues along the paved paths of Battery Park. During the day various vendors can be found peddling their wears to the tourists of New York City. At night the park is usually empty, looking across the Harbor to the Hudson River, a beautiful view of The Statue of Liberty can be scene.

Quiet evenings in the park sometimes call to people. Ben is no different. With the night off from work, he's out just using his body. The emptier of the parks being his choice. He takes his time, moving himself slowly in katas he doesn't remember learning. Moving his body in ways he doesn't understand how he knows, but his form is perfect. His eyes are closed, and he's just letting himself move.

It's not as quiet as Ben might think as the sound of someone singing softly while playing an accousitic guitar can be heard not to far from where he is. Kenta hasn't come out here to make money, he just wants to play infront of anyone who cares to listen. He misses playing infront of crowds.

It's not as quiet as Ben might think as the sound of someone singing softly while playing an accousitic guitar can be heard not to far from where he is. Kenta hasn't come out here to make money, he just wants to play infront of anyone who cares to listen. He misses playing infront of crowds. He's currently wearing his sunglasses, even though it's night and a jean jacket over a pair of jeans and a black tshirt.

As the music plays, Ben moves towards it, slowly, body moving in time with the music. His movements, though based in warfare and fighting are nearly like a dance, enough so that some people may mistake them. He doesn't realize who's playing yet, as he's using his other senses to tell where he is and to avoid anyone that he might endanger.

Lost in his song, Kenta doesn't notice Ben until he's finished playing. The song finishes and Kenta pauses for a smoke break. He pulls out a pack and lights the cancer stick as he looks up. He watches Ben for a bit until it dawns on him that this is the guy that he met in the coffee shop. "Caramel Salty Hot Chocolate guy right?"

Blinking as he stops, opening his eyes. "Something like that." Ben offers with a half nod. "Sorry, I have a lot of customers, so if I forget something, remind me." he offers, scratching the back of his head as he finally moves himself into a normal standing position.

Kenta takes his sunglasses off revealing his all black eyes, he doesn't remember if he showed Ben or not before but it might help. "Kenta, I came into to escape from the rain and you recommeded that to me. It was a few weeks ago so it's okay if you forgot." Kenta says with a friendly smile as he takes a drag from his cigarette.

"Oh, right right. You had the other eyes then. And have a son." Ben says with a nod, "I remember now. Sorry, busy days in a coffee shop don't make it easy to notice things." He says with a nod, twitching fingers. All three.

"That's right, eletricity, yeah, I'm back to my real powers now. There was some craziness with some creature that switched around peoples powers. I feel much better with my own." Kenta says as with after the experiments preformed on him his body is more attuned to Dark Force and not electricity. "You work at a Starbucks, I'm not surprised it's busy. So how's the coffee life treating you?"

"Not the best life, but hey… it pays the bills." Ben says with a nod. "And keeps me up late enough that I'm too tired to wake up when it's time to sleep." He says with a quick nod before catching what he was saying. Oops. Too much.

Kenta gives Ben a confused loo, "Too tired to wake up when it's time to go to sleep? Shouldn't that be too tired to wake up when it's time to get up in the morning or something?" Kenta asks trying to understand what he meant by that.

Taking a deep breath, Ben sighs. "Nightmares. Similar ones every night." He shrugs. "I just gotta be really tired to avoid waking up from them. That's all." He shakes his head, "Sorry. Just, blurt out without thinking."

Kenta waves his hand. "Don't worry about it, I tend to do the same and I know about the nightmare thing. Have 'em sometimes myself but they've gotten better." Kenta says with a chuckle. "I come out here to play sometimes to relax and just ease my mind, that helps sometimes."

"The worst part about them is that my body moves the way that it does in my dreams. I never learned to do martial arts katas. I never learned to do double back flips. But I can." Ben explains, nodding softly. "I just relax by letting my body go."

"Well you must have learned them somehow?" Kenta says not really sure what to tell him. "I don't know what to tell you man, I barely know you so I don't want to start getting all personal ideas and stuff. Well I dunno, just be happy that you can do those kick ass things. I'd love to be that nimble."

"It's just strange is all. That's it." Ben shrugs lightly. "Just needed to get a little out. Don't really know many people, so ya know. Sometimes, ya just gotta vent it to get past it. Maybe it'll work."

"Lot's of things in this word are strange." Kenta says with a chuckle. "YEah, I don't really have many friends anymore, things happened, times changed. Most my teama…coworkers aren't really my age so I'm not sure. But yeah having someone to vent to sometimes helps."

"Maybe so, but it's not your place to hear mine." Ben says, offering a half a smile. "I just got carried away is all. Daydreaming or something of the sort." He says, scratching the back of his shoulder.

Kenta shrugs and finishes up his cigarette. "Well I don't have many other people to talk to so if you ever need a friend, maybe it's a good idea to just vent to eachother sometime. Share problems." Kenta says with a laugh as he just likes the idea of having someone he can go to again and who knows if Ben and him can be buds or not.

"Well, I need to head home, I suppose. I'm missing a show." Ben says, shrugging a bit. "I may take you up on that, sometime. But, then again, it'd be random running into you. I just wish I knew who some of these people were in my dreams. The only name I can remember is… Dayspring…" He says, shaking his head. "Anyway, I'll see you around, I'm sure."

"Dayspring…don't know it." Kenta says as he starts to strum on his guitar a bit. "I know where you work, maybe I'll have to stop in and get another salty hot chocolate again." He says witha chuckle. "Take care dude." He says as he goes back to playing.

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