2010-10-05: Music And Mysteries


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Summary: Daisuke and Lucas discuss what's been going on recently.

Date: October 5, 2010

Log Title: Music And Mysteries

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

Having not really spent much time in the music room lately, Daisuke's behind the drum set doing his thing and he's pretty good too. Since having access to the drums at Xavier's for the last several years he's gotten quite a lot of practice. He's dressed in a button down white shirt with a checkered border on the bottom and on the sleeves over a pair of black jeans. He's even wearing a matching checkered tie which is more casual looking than anything else. His hair is a bit damp and there's a mostly empty bottle of water on the floor next to Daisuke as he's been in here for close to an hour.

Lucas opens the door, making his way in the room to grade some of the basic music appreciation class's quiz on musical theory. He's in a pair of khaki cargo pants and a white Tshirt, a flannel left unbuttoned hanging loose over it. He pauses, watching Daisuke play a minute. He's never really met the other guy, but he's seen him playing in here from time to time. Finally, he heads across to the teacher's desk and begins looking for the stack of papers he's to grade. He gives Daisuke a little nod.

Daisuke watches Lucas come and decides to take a break as he hits one of the cymbals. Right after though he reaches out a hand to stop the ring. "Hey, if you need this room or anything I don't mind leaving. I'm just practicing a bit." He says as it's not obvious what he was doing. "You're the guy that's the assistant to Mr. Gilpatrick right?"

Lucas sits on the desk, picking up a stack of papers to go through. "Yeah," he says with a nod, looking up at him. "Y'all are fine. Won't bother me none," he says with a smirk. "Though, Ah reckon, what with him vanishin' with everyone else, Ah ain't really assistin' nobody…" He sighs, a little bothered by that notion, and then offers, "Ah'm Lucas."

Daisuke nods and pushes his damp hair back. "Yeah, I know. It's weird, lately I've been pretty clear of the crap that's gone on." Well all except anything with Mr. Sinister. "I'm Daisuke, or just Dai is what most people call me. It's easier to remember." And pronounce. "I'm trying to help figure out whose gone missing, I know both headmasters and Mr. Gilpatrick and the new German teacher lady out of the teachers."

Lucas nods, "Yeah…" He purses his lips, thinking a minute. "Ah've been thinkin' a lot about things here now… Scott and Emma both gone." He sighs, "Who leads? Who's in charge?" He shakes his head, "Ah'm terrified it'll be Selene." He shrugs then, "Ah was comin' in here to grade papers. It's… Ah was tryin' to forget a bit of what's goin' on. It's easier, since Ah ain't got no idea what to do about it…"

"I'm not sure either, I'm just a student teacher like you." Daisuke says as he picks up his bottle of water to drink. "I don't know, we've still got Mr. Guthrie, Mr Parker-Mayfair, Dr. Parker-Mayfair, Mr. Drake and a few others here. I honestly don't know much about Selene, just a few things the students have said. Maybe we should get together with Dr. Parker-Mayfair and talk to him, he's usually good with things."

Lucas nods. He sits the papers down. "Think they'd let us be a part of a rescue effort? Once they find em, Ah mean?"

Daisuke taps one of the drum sticks on his legs and nods slowly. "I hope so, especially if you assert yourself into helping out around here and trying to find them. Just, I'm not sure if anyone has any ideas where they went." Daisuke isn't privilage to that much knowledge but he is privilage to more than the students here. "Addison…he'd be another whose good to talk to."

Lucas makes an exagerated eep face. "Yee… Addison… He an' Ah don't really see eye to eye…" He shrugs, "He always wants to judge me for everything. Like a Wapner robot or something." He chuckles, "Yeah… Anyway, Ah don't even know where to begin." He looks back at Daisuke, and as an afterthought, "Who do you student teach with?"

"There's not one teacher I'm assigned to. I help when it's needed for who it's needed. I also tutor kids who need it seeing as I graudated one of the top of the class here." Daisuke is incredibly book smart but it's more cause he's been dedicated to studying so he tries to pass on some of his habits to the other students in tutoring as well. "I'm not sure either, I think they tried to review the tape but there was too much fog to really make anythign out."

Lucas nods, "Yeah. Lots of fog. And a grim reaper. And some other guy, a magician lookin' dork calling himself Blackmore. Ah included it in the report Ah gave staff, but it ain't really much to go on." He pushes some of his long hair out of his face. "You don't have the superpower of finding guys who were sucked into the earth by skeleton grim reaper hands, do you?" He smirks.

Daisuke shakes his head. "No, I can just detect weaknesses and I have sonics, that's about it. No finding powers. But I think there is a student here who does." He can't remember his name right now as he doesn't work as much with the students and most of the ones he was friends with, left the school. "Blackmore…have you tried looking through the school archives?"

Lucas shakes his head, "No. to be honest, Jimmy always did that stuff for me. He's not been around lately, though." He nods then, "Wonder if that student's kidnapped too?" He sighs, "So," he gestures at the drums, "You play out?"

Daisuke then looks at Lucas and gives him a faint smile. "Well now it's your turn to do that stuff for yourself." But then Dai's been self relient for a long time not really having any dependable parental figures in his life. "Play out? You mean outside of school…no I never have. I was in my old High School…before here, the band but I just play for fun and for..personal reasons."

Lucas furrows his brow, "Personal reasons?" He chuckles, "What's that mean?"

"Personal reasons…it means…it's personal." Daisuke says with a grin. "Not much more to it than that." He then shrugs. "Just..it's a fun thing for me. Why do you ask if I play out?"

Lucas laughs, "Okay okay. It was just weird." He shakes his head. "Anwyay, Ah was just askin' is all… Ah sorta have started to…" He shrugs, "Just wondered if you did."

"I've never really been in a band or played much with others. Just kind of a hobby and I know Brian plays but that's about it." And Daisuke doesn't see Brian around much anymore. "So how do you like being a student teacher for Mr. Gilpatrick?"

Lucas smiles, "Honestly? It's weird. You don't realize it when you're a student here, but if'n y'all aren't in the Danger room or a class specifically dealin' with super stuff…" He shrugs, "Classes are really pretty boring and normal." He laughs, "So, Ah reckon Ah like it okay."

"I actually miss classes, gave me something to do and, I actually like studying." There are reasons for that besides Daisuke just being weird. But then he's kind of in that sterotypical Asain field where he was a good student and applied himself. "I've thought about going to college but I don't know what to go for and I really feel like this place is home so I'm kinda not wanting to leave."

Lucas nods, "Yeah." He looks around the room fondly. "Ah'm takin' classes online for college. It let me hang around here a little longer. Ah'm sorta hauntin' the place, Ah think." He smiles at Daisuke, and hops off the desk. "Listen, Ah'm keepin' you from your drums. Ah need to grab a bite anyway." He holds his hand out, "It was right fine meetin' ya, Dai."

Daisuke nods to Lucas and finishes off his water. "Nice meeting you too Lucas. If you ever wanna someone to play drums for you, you can find me. Take care and any information I find I'll let you know."

Lucas nods, "Thanks." He heads off then, to try to figure out the computers and run Blackmore's name through it.

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