2010-09-29: Music And Other Musing

Players: David, Kenta, Heather, and Hosea

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Summary: Heather, Hosea, Kenta, and David work out together and discuss music and other things.

Date: September 29, 2010

Log Title: Music and Other Musings

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Weight Room

All the weight machines are powered by hydraulics, you set the weight you want and your bench-pressing that many pounds, or even tons in some super strong students' cases. Punching bags, stair machines, bicycles, treadmills, weights, and anything found in your standard gym can be found here.

After her odd experiences over the last couple of nights, Heather has decided to try and stabilize her schedule. So in this cycle, at a different time than is usual for the girl, she is lifting weights. The only reason she does this is to kill time. She's not super strong, but her speedshift does allow her to get quite a bit of momentum under the weights. Hence, when she lifts, to get maximum effect she moves rather slowly. She has not only her tape recorder, but another device that is playing some high pitched noises. It's kind of annoying.

Walking into the weight room wearing a pair of black work out pants with a black sleeveless shirt showing off all the black markings up and down his arms is the music teacher, Kenta. The first thing he does, before anything else, is comment on that noise Heather is listening to. He is the music teacher, he can't not. "What is that noise you are listening too…oh god…I sound like my parents." He hates anythign that makes him feel old, even though he's in his thirties. Though he thinks it sounds horrible. He puts his towel, water bottle and pack of cigarettes on the bench before he goes to start his workout, going to one of the treadmills, help give him a bit more stamina as a smoker.

Hosea comes into the weight room, a tank top revealing his many scars on his chest. He begins to warm up, and spots Heather. "Hello," he says to the girl. "It is good to see you both dis morning." He tosses his towel and water bottle beside him, and begins to stretch. "What is that sound?" he asks, making it two for two to ask about the sounds Heather listens to. Maybe Kenta won't feel as old anymore.

Making his way into the Weight Room, dressed in a Xavier's black t-Shirt and white running shorts and red cybershades, David enters. He won't comment on Heather's noise, pretending to be music, since he is creating his own. Singing surprisingly well, in a voice and tone that can match Kenta's, the African-American mutants nods to everyone as he sings, "How far is heaven….how far is heaven….Lord can you tell me." He makes his way the treadmill, next to Kenta.

"Ahh," plays Heather on her tape recorder, after putting down her barbell. When the music is slowed down and player from her machine, it sounds like some upbeat electronic instrumental music, "I was just listening to music. I will stop if it's annoying." She shuts off her music player and sits up, frowning slightly at this new music that enters the room. Now /that/ bothers her!

"Sorry, I don't really think I've met any of you. I'm Kenta Gilpatrick, the music teacher here. None of that Mister stuff." Kenta doesn't like it, he just likes being called by his first name. "And why are you singing the Los Lonely Boys?" Kenta says giving David an odd look with the song choice and the vocal style…he knows that vocal style very well. "And we have found out the answer to the question of the day, that noise is apparent music." He says with a grin.

Hosea laughs. "You Americans, you have vedy different music," the African student answers. He finishes stretching, and goes to the weights. He picks up a fifty pound weight in either hand, and places them on either side of the bar. "I used to like hard rock music," he admits. "But I do not listen to it now, it praises evil deeds much too often." He gets another set of fifty pounders, and then a few more weights, to equal a total of 280lbs on the bar. He sits down at the bench, apparently not concerned to wait for a spotter.

David blinks a bit, "Oh…" He chuckles, "Sorry. I didn't notice anyone here." He looks to Kenta, "They were playing on my shades. I have my playlist set random." He steps off the treadmill and moves towards Kenta's, "Nice to meet you Kenta. I'm David Alleyne. We' on the security team together, though I've yet to meet the rest of the team other than Jono. Nice to put a name to the face." He looks towards the students in the room and nods, "Heather. Hosea." A nod to each student.

From the tape recorder, Heather plays, "I am Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip." There's a pause as she moves to a different, less worn, part of the tape, "My music is the same as anyone else's, just moved into a different frequency so that I can hear it properly." She nods quickly and politely at both Hosea and Kenta before turning her attention towards David, answering his greeting with: "Hello, nemesis."

Kenta stops running where he stands and just -looks- at Hosea. "Okay first off what she was listening to was probably European in nature as it sounds like something the dance halls in Europe are very fond off. Second, listen to Stryper sometime. Not all hard rock praises evil deeds. You're herding one group into a general category and just because a few bands might have off color lyrics, they all don't." He smiles and nods at David. "Cool, well welcome to the team then. Jono's a good guy, Addison's a bit weird though and Brian and I go way back. And wow, you already developed a nemesis here." He chuckles at Heather's greeting.

Hosea pulls the bar off of its resting place and begins his reps. He grins through strained pushes. "I— Did not say — Dey all were bad," he answers. "But many of — dem do." He finishes his reps, and places the bar back up, still on the bench. "I listen to many bands, you see. I still like dah ones dat have good words. But I must stay away from dah ones dat do not. It reminds me of a man I used to be, and do not wish to be again."

Shrugging his shoulders, "I have that effect on some people." He winks to Heather playfully and turns to Hosea, "Great job on the simulation last night, Hosea. Had it been anyone other than Gladiator, you would have defeated him easily." He then turns to Kenta, "Addison is the Grey King and Brian is Impulse?" He ponders being on a team with a Phoenix and former Horseman. David hmphs, "Should be interesting." as he notes no mention of Hellion, "Is Julian still with the team?"

"I fought against a swamp monster yesterday evening. I wielded a sword and shield and valiantly fought it off," says Heather, at the talk of Danger Room stuff. Of course, she didn't do that in the Danger Room, but it was probably still a test! "I like music only sometimes, though, and I find it very distracting when I'm trying to think or read or write."

"I heard about that vaguely in the paper, you were the one they were talking about?" Kenta says as there was no mention of a student involved but then if story doesn't get around the faculty…. "So you're already running sessions for the kids? I'm surprised they haven't asked you to help lead any of the squads yet. Though I have to meet with the new girl whose on my squad." He then looks to Hosea and asks honestly. "So what do you consider bad words in songs?"

Hosea sits up, and agrees. "Yes, David ran a session with myself and a new girl last night. It was vedy good, yes?" he says, turning toward David as he finishes. "A song dat sings about tings dat are bad. Maybe speak of women like dey are only for sex, like dey are not real people. Or songs dat sing about living for a person's own pleasure, to ignore responsibility like a child. Songs dat speak of doing drugs. All dese things, I know, and I do not wish to return to dem. Dey destroy people, and dey often do not know it until it is too late. I was blessed to learn dat I was evil before I was destroyed." He turns back at Heather. "You stopped a real monstah from hurting people? Dat is vedy good! I am proud of you!" His broad smile offers approval.

David looks to Kenta, "Well, I thought since I am here, I might as well as help out. I need to speak to Mr. Summers about teaching and running a squad." He smiles at the idea and then confirms Hosea's statement, "Yes, Rebecca, your student, did a great job. She was appropriately scared and confident. I'll post the session into her file now for your perusal later." A holographic keyboard appears before David as he begins to move his fingers through the air as if working on a real computer. A small hologram of a vid clip of Hosea and Rebecca in the Danger Room is moved into a file folder reading Rebecca's name, simultaneously, he pulls the article on the swamp monster "I read something in the paper about that too, Heather. So what exactly happened?" He asks Heather.

"I'm not sure who to talk about those things about. I will probably talk to Dr. Parker-Mayfair at my next session, but I think those are supposed to be kind of confidential?" plays Heather, before shrugging. Oh well. At least someone on staff knows now. "I didn't go looking for trouble, but it kicked a kitten and seemed pretty mean to people. It scraped me up a little," She does some more reps while the message continues playing, "And I don't know. It was messing stuff up, I told it to stop and punched it, then it threw me into a building… And then I picked up the sword and shield and dispatched the beast." It's a kind of simplistic retelling, but she's not fond of listening to even her own slow motion rants.

"Kicked..a kitten? Well then, he deserved to be stopped. I'm glad you're okay Heather." Kenta says honestly before looking at David. "Thanks, I'll make sure to check it out later and go over her file and all that jazz. Make sure James won't eat her, ya know, all the usual team stuff." Of course he's joking about James eating the new student, right? "Hosea, I think maybe you should give one of my music classes a try sometime. See what's really out there. I know a lot of rock songs, and harder rock songs, that deal with things like love and having to deal with a broken heart and such. Those are some of the ones I'm drawn too."

The African continues with his next set, breathing hard as his muscles flex against the steel bar. He waits to speak until he is done, this time. After the tenth rep, he places the bar back, and answers Kenta. "I have already signed up for one of your classes," he says. "Dah one dat starts next week. I do love music vedy much. I played da drums in dah band back home" He considers Heather's description. "Where did you finda sword and shield?" he asks. "Dat is a vedy old weapon to use. Dey use those still in America?"

"Thank you," plays Heather to Kenta, "It was kind of just unexpected more than anything." She spins the recorder towards Hosea, which plays, "It was on the street. It was more of a piece of wood and a trash can lid, but the functions were identical in that situation. I am used to making use of my surroundings for finding appropriate tools." She sits up and starts wiping down her spot on the bench.
"Hosea, Captain America still uses a shield so I'd like to think a shield is a very American weapon." Kenta says in a good natured voice. "And that's great to hear, I look forward to seeing you there then. And we have a few drummers here, Connor, Daisuke and yourself." Though Daisuke's not a student anymore. "That's smart Heather, using your surroundings. I don't think enough of us realize to do that anymore."

Hosea nods, "Ahh," he says. "Who's Captain America?" After all, he's not from America, why would he know about the Avenger? "I agree, it is good to use your surroundings to defend yourself. You must be a great fighta," he tells Heather.

"Honestly, I'm not much of a fighter, not compared to most people," plays Heather, "I just want to try and consider all resources available to make optimal decisions. That has its own uses." She waves her hand and notes, "I should be going. I have a lot to get done today. Lots of journaling to get finished." She inclines her head slightly and zips off!

"Take care Heather." Kenta says before starting to run again while talking to Hosea. Man he's a tiny guy next to the student. "Captain America…he's one of the biggest superheroes…in the world. He's…he's been around since World War Two. He punched Hitler in the face!" It's one of the few heroes that Kenta remembers reading about before he became a student at Xavier's all those years ago. "And he's one of the Avengers."

As Heather scoots off, David turns to Kenta and Hosea, "Captain America is like the BEST!" He stops himself from speaking in too great an admiration for the Avenger, "So Kenta, would you mind if I audit your class? I graduated already, but the minute, you leave the room, my musical ability will be gone." He sighs, "Nature of the powers."

"Ahh," Hosea says. "Hitler, dat was a vedy bad man. I learned about him in school once. To murder so many people. I do not appreciate violence, but I tink dat some people need to be attacked, and dat would be one." He gets up and moves to pick up some curling weights.

Kenta looks at David with his solid black eyes and raises an eyebrow. "Audit one of my classes or sit in and just observe. Cause the auditing, I kinda feel like you're grading how well I teach and such and with out Emma saying I need an audit, I don't know how I feel about that." Kenta admits as he looks to Hosea. "Okay Hosea, I'm gonna help you get a book out and read a bit about Captain America. He's really one of the The Worlds biggest heroes, not just America's."

David sits back, "Sure, I can just sit in, or maybe private lessons? I kinda got into the trombone recently." He grins widely and then looks to Hosea, "That might be an interesting class to teach here; A history of heroics. Not just mutants, but others as well." He nods his head, "I may mention that to Mr. Summers."

The Nigerian nods. "I am afraid dat I do not know many things," he admits. "In Nigeria, going to school isn't always something that children get to do. In America, it is much bettah. All children can go to school." He pulls up on the weight in his right arm, curling it up to his chest.

"I think there is a Superhero studies class…or there used to be. I dunno who teaches it." Kenta says with a nod to David. "Sure, I don't mind some side lessons for you. Just my son will probably be with me if you don't mind a six year old running around." He looks to Hosea and nods. "I'm glad that you get a chance to go to school here then. I mean, I guess that's part of the American Dream and all, public education."

David grins and is excited about the class, "Yes, Hosea, it seems there are alot of opportunities here for you." Turning to Kenta, "How is your son doing, Kenta?"

Hosea nods. "I am vedy happy as well. Maybe when I am done, I can go open a school in Africa, to teach da children dere. I do not understand though, why dere are so many Americans that do not finish school. Why is dat?" He puts back down the curling weight, and goes back to the bench. "It seems strange to not take advantage of something so important when it is free."

"Armande's doing good, he's enjoying first grade and being with other kids. Which is good cause I hate him being stuck with Dad and Grandma and Grandpa all the time without anyone else his age to pay with. But it's tough when you're a single parent teaching here." Kenta says as he shrugs to Hosea. "Honestly…cause they're idiots? Because we take advantage of what's given to us and not realize how priviliged we are."

Nodding in agreement with Kenta regarding American students as idiots, "They don't realize the advantage until it is too late, but it's not everyone, just some of the students. Thankfully, I haven't really come across that at Xavier's." He sighs and offers to Kenta, "Well, if you ever need a babysitter. I've watched my little sister all the time, though she is older now." He then goes to the treadmill and starts it at a slow pace and begins a brisk jog.

Hosea continues with a few more reps. "I guess — they are —" he agrees. After the reps are done, he stands back to his feet, and goes to pick up his water bottle and take a drink. "In Africa, dere are people who will kill for a chance at education," he says. "And dat is not a figure of speech. You must be vedy proud to be a father," he says to Kenta. "Children are a great blessing."

Kenta shrugs. "I guess it's okay, being a Dad. I mean if I didn't strangle the little squirt at birth I guess he's alright." He jokes cause he takes being a dad seriously and would do anything to watch out for Armande. "Thanks David, I'll keep that in mind. Sometimes I like to use that as punishments for the kids here too…make them babysit Armande. It' works really well with one student." He then nods slowly. "Well be happy you're not in Africa where people won't kill over something as small as education."

David jogs along, but speaks in a singsong kinda matter with each step he takes, "Well, just let me know and Hosea, that's great that you want to go back and open your own school in Africa." He hops off the treadmill and grabs a towel to wipe off some sweat, "If Storm or Neznho ever visit, you should speak with them, maybe work together on a project on Africa."

"I may have to do dat," he says. He grabs his towel. "It is almost time for my next class," he says. "I will have to be going. It was good to speak wit both of you." He gets back to his feet, and gathers his things.

"Have a nice day Hosea." Kenta says before turning to talk to David. "Anyway if there isn't a super hero 101 type class going on, that should definitely be something you talk with Emma about. I think there are several students here who would be interested in that

David waves to Hosea, "Have a good class." He looks to Kenta, "Yeah, that might be a good idea. And actually, I haven't seen either headmaster or mistress, since I've been back. Life of an X-Man and all." He shrugs and tosses his towel in a bin.

Kenta stops running on the machine and goes to get his towel. "They're around sometimes, you just gotta catch them at the right…or wrong moment." For Kenta, it's sometimes the wrong moment. "Well it was nice meeting you David, I'll see ya at X-Force practice sometime. Right now, I'm dying for a cigarette." Yes, exercise then cigarette, oh so healthy.

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