2009-03-11: Music is in the Heart


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Summary: Kenta and Nevaeh chat about music and strange things.

Date: March 11, 2009

Log Title Music is in the Heart

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

Even though there aren't any classes at the moment, Kenta's still spending some time at the school after all, he's a teacher here. While at the school he doesn't bother to hide the fact that his eyes are solid black or that he has black markings all up and down his arms that look like tattos but slightly off. His son is napping in the corner of the room as he sits in front of the classroom with his accoustic guitar in his hands. It's an interesting looking guitar, black and the top of the guitar kind of curls in on itself on one side. His fingers strum lightly on the strings as he sings a soft song, and he's definately talented in both.

Great, so she gets to the school just in time to get locked down into it. Not even allowed to leave the grounds? What the crap is that?? Well whatever, there has to be something to do around this place, right? A little bit of searching has led Nevaeh to the music room. Her own acoustic draped over one shoulder, the girl pushes open the door, gum snapping in irritation when she notices that there are already people here. Well damn. "Hey, this room have those sound proofed rooms, or anything?" She inquires.

Kenta looks up and smiles at Nevaeh, he stops singing but he continues to play what comes to mind, letting his subconscious move his fingers. "Sorry, just the one sound proof room, or they like to say it's sound proof until one of the kids decides to go on a two hour long drumming session." He says with a chuckle. "I'm Kenta Gilpatrick, the music teacher here. I'm guessing you're a new student?" He asks.

Nevaeh frowns to herself as she scans the room and finds he's telling the truth. Man, that means having to wait patiently. Not on of her virtues. "Yeah. I'm Nevaeh," she says with a nod, blinking suddenly as he looks up to her. Wow, kick ass eyes. Alright, maybe this won't suck so much. "Well, if you don't mind, I need to get a little practice in. Mind if I sit in with ya?" She doesn't wait for an answer, sliding over to a nearby stool and hoping up, pulling the guitar to rest on one of her knees. "Nothing wrong with drums, so long as they know how to use 'em."

"Some do, some don't. We have a few resident musicans here that are pretty decent." Kenta says with a chuckle as he puts his guitar down next to him, resting it in a stand that's there. "Go ahead, practice away. I am the music teacher here so don't mind me if I make a few pointers." He says chuckling as he looks over at Armande. "And don't worry, he sleeps through most things."

Nevaeh nods slowly and starts to strum out a slow tune on her guitar, just warming up her fingers. "What is it about drums that people think they're good even when they're not? Maybe the sheer volume just drowns out how crappy they really are to their own ears?" Nev shrugs her shoulders, glancing to the boy, but not dropping her voice. If he needed a nap, music room might not have been the safest choice. But her song stays soft, maybe showing a touch of sympathy for the kid. "Yours?"

Kenta looks at Armande and shakes his head. "Nope, just found him on the black market and decided he was a good price for a half Asian kid." He jokes with a chuckle. "Yes, he's my son. When Manhattan was blocked off he was stuck there with my parents while I was here so I don't want anything like that happening right now so he's with me." He says looking at the five-year old with a smile. "And I don't know, maybe it's just the fact that they get to hit something."

"What do half Asian kids go for, these days?" Nevaeh asks with a wide smile. She looks back down to her fingers and strums thoughtfully. "Could have been worse, he could have been blocked off all by himself. You kno, you were walking through the barrier just as it slammed up and he got stuck on one side. That would have /sucked/." She glances back over to the kid, easily slipping into something that almost sounds like a lullaby. "What about his mother? She wasn't with him?"

"Well it varies, they're actually cheaper in Pesos than US Dollers." He says as he watches Nevaeh's style with a critical eye. "And that probably would have been very bad if something like that happened Nevaeh." He stands to try to correct the way she's sitting when the last question is asked and Kenta takes a deep breath. "Well….she passed away a few months back."

Nevaeh resists a little bit as Kenta begins to shift her position, but she eventually gives in, letting him place her in the proper playing pose. She doesn't seem altogether comfortable and her playing suffers for it some. "That sucks. Sorry. What happened? Was it like a mutant thing, or just a thing, thing?" Clearly Nevaeh isn't really clear what 'empathy' is, or how to use it when talking to others.

"I know it seems awkward at first, playing like that, but you'll notice that you actually have a lot more freedom to let your fingers run up and down the fretboard." Kenta says going to sit back down and pick up his own guitar, though he doesn't play anything yet. ""What happened well…really long story short, something happened which caused us to grow apart, and she took a job the ended up getting her killed."

Nevaeh frowns and tightens her muscles to stay in that position despite her natural tendency to relax. "Alright. I'll give it a shot." She's used to playing with her back to a wall, or sitting on a curb. Curious eyes watch him as he talks about his wife. "Yeah? Like cheating or something? I heard that makes people grow apart." Such a sweetheart, she is. "Well, sorry she died. But atleast she gave you a cute kid before? That's something."

"Let's just dropped that subject okay? I'll just say I think cheating would have been easier to go through." Kenta says looking down at the number that's still on his arm. "I am grateful to have Armande though. So, once you get used to that, you'll be able to develop your own style a bit more easily, it's just better to learn the correct ways and then fuck 'em up after."

"Sure sure. No reason to keep harping." Nevaeh silently wonders what could be worse than cheating. But as a small list grows in her mind, she just shrugs the thoughts away, frowning back to Kenta. "Too late for that. I've been playing almost as long as I've been alive. So I'm already pretty fucked up in that way. But hey, must be pretty good. Made enough on street corners and parks to stay fed."

"I've done that gig before, still do sometimes for fun. I can rake in at least eighty a day?" Kenta says and that is if he picks the right spots. "I've been playing along time too. Over twenty years." Kenta says as he still regrets not being able to do more with his life in the regards to music. "But it's also about the love you have for what you're playing."

"I don't know about love. More like escape," Nevaeh snorts before frowning down to her guitar. Shouldn't have said that. "Either way, I only really feel like me when I play. I guess you could call that love." SHe looks up to study the teacher. "Eighty a day? Not too shabby. Guess you really must be good." She relaxes again, tugging the neck of her guitar up as she bobs her head at him. "Let's hear it."

Kenta puts the strap around him and smiles. "I guess I'm okay." He says with a wink as he starts to play something that starts off soft and then after a bit gets harder with faster struming and more complex fingering. After a bit though he starts to sing. "The seasons change, the flowers scatter, my memories, washed over by the rain, were touched. If I close my eyes, you're laughing,my heart is so filled that my feelings overflowed. Goodbye. The rains beats down on me until I am erased, you gave peace to my endless sorrow…" He doesn't sing the whole song but his voice is well trained along with his talent in the guitar.

Nevaeh listens quietly, her head tilting at the emotion his voice carries as he sings. It isn't hard for her to guess who the song is about. After a few moments she settles her guitar back across her lap and begins to join in the slow melody. She doesn't know the song, but she can fake a slow underbelly to his song easily enough. The melody flows from her easily, though she remains quiet otherwise, watching his fingers across the strings.

Kenta can't help but smile as she joins in with a melody that's not bad, actually it's pretty good. He doesn't sing anymore but he does continue to play. "So, am I going to see you in my classes when things start back up again?" He says and he can't help but have a sing-songy tone to his voice when he asks since he's playing.

"You think you really have that much to teach me?" Nevaeh asks, a faint hint of teasing in her tone. "Yeah, think I'll make sure you're on my class list. Any excuse to play music instead of doing something else," she admits with a shrug, letting her part of the song taper off as she slides her eyes from his guitar to face. "Haven't been in school for years. Probably'll be the only class I do well in."

"Honestly, I'm not sure, we have teachers here but we're not exactly certified to be teachers but…" Kenta grins as he breaks into a classic blues sort of tune and does a few tricks as he plays outside of his usual style. His fingers moving quickly over the fret and even incorporating some picking style. "It depends on what you want to learn. If you want to learn outside of your comfort zone, than I can teach you a bit."

"Nothing wrong with expanding what I can do. The more you have to work with, the easier it is to please the whole audience." Very important just in case she ends up back on the streets again. And she'll be sure to learn everything she can, just in case that happens. "So, do we still get diplomas and stuff? Or do you guys have to be real teachers for that?"

"You get real diplomas, they're drawn in crayon with a certified Cyclops eyebeam scortch mark as a signature." Kenta says teasing again. "Techincally this is a private school so the rules are a bit different than if it was a public school. There are some legit people here though, like Dr. Paker-Mayfair is a legit Shrink and Dr. Reyes is a legit medical doctar and so forth."

"Well I sure hope there's a real doctor. I'd hate to need to buy my own liver back from the Black Market," Nevaeh snorts. "But that's good. If I'm gonna have to do all this work and shit, I want something solid to show for it." Nodding to herself, Nevaeh watches Kenta for a second. "Did you go to school here, or are you just a teacher?

"Hey! Don't forget, I bought a perfectly good five year old half asian boy on the black market." Kenta says grining as he runs a hand through his hair. "Yeah, I was a student here a few years ago, about two I think." He says and he doesn't look like he's young enough to be a student here only two years ago, though he doesn't quite look like he's in his 30's either.

Nevaeh arches a disblieving brow. "That don't sound right," she says, brows wrinkling. "You're like.. old. So are you younger than you look, or just really dumb?" So sweet.

"I'm not that old, I'm thirty one." Kenta says with a laugh. "Something happened where I lost ten years, actually I was born in 1987." He says laughing. "Crazy things come to light when you realize your a mutant, most your firends are mutants, all your teachers are mutants and well, people with superpowers are prominant in your life."

Nevaeh pinches the bridge of her nose as she tries to think about that. "So you're 31, but you're 21? And you have a kid.." The whole thing makes Nevaeh's head spin as she slowly rises from her chair, slinging her guitar back over her shoulder. "This place just keeps getting weirder, huh?"

"I've lived for 31-years, just ten of it was spent in a differen dimension where time moved differently." Kenta states and shrugs. "Yeah, weird shit happens here all the time, you get used to it." He states simply. 3

"Here's hoping I get used to it. But you see all kinds of crazy shit on the streets, so I guess it won't be too hard to adjust too." Nevaeh shrugs and rises from her stool, giving father and son another quick glance over. "Well, I'll let you get back to Black Market Baby, I'm gonna go grab me something to eat. Nice meeting you.

Kenta nods to Nevaeh. "You'd be surprised Nev." He says with a chuckle as he goes back to playing the gutiar. "Take care and if Mr. Parker-Mayfair is down their cooking, get down there quick, kids seems to eat up what he cooks fast." He says giving her a wave before going back to playing.

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