2011-04-28: Music Powers And Danger Room Sessions


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Summary: Kieran meets the music teacher, Kenta, and Chloe stops by to look for a lost cell phone.

Date: April 27, 2011

Log Title: Music, Powers and Danger Room Sessions

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

The music draws Kieran's attention. Hands in the pockets of his cargos and hat tilted up away from his face, the teen's eyes glitter slightly as he stands there enjoying the music but not interrupting. He knows how he hates to be interrupted when he's working on music.

Kenta's solid black eyes stay focused on what he's playing and wriring. Just as he's about to get up to head outside for a cigarette break he sits back down again and starts playing. He's pretty good at playing the piano, nothing spectacular, but he's definately skilled. After a few moments he finally notices Kieran and quickly takes the cigarette out of his mouth and offers a nod. "Sorry, didn't notice that anyone else dropped by. Anything I can help you with?"

"I was just listening. It's a pretty interesting piece." Kieran says seriously,"I didn't want to bother you. I know how it is when writing music. The last thing you want is someone asking questions." He lets out a sigh as he finishes speaking,"You're quite good at playing the piano. I'm no where near as good at the piano." He says glancing towards the piano.

Kenta waves a hand. "I'm a teacher and a parent of a seven year old, I'm used to being bothered. Thanks but I'm not where near as good as the piano as I am at the gutiar but it's practice and deterimination that get you good." He says before offering a hand. "I'm Kenta, the music teacher here."

Accepting the hand, Kieran grins a bit at Kenta,"I'm also better at guitar than I am piano. Piano is something I'm working on, but I took it up later than the guitar so I haven't studied it quite as much." He says casually. This time when he shakes someone's hand, thankfully he manages to keep his powers from shocking them as not even a static shock comes out.

"I took it up later then the guitar as well then I stopped playing for about ten years and for the last few years I've been getting back to it." Kenta explains. "I was in a rock band back when I was a teen where I used to play guitar and sing so that was always my forte. And since you're a fellow musican I expect you'll be in at least one of my classes?"

"I think so." Kieran says nodding his head a bit,"I never really was in a band or anything. My mother insisted on me being able to play an instrument." He says casually as he stretches slightly,"My style of guitar is more like Eric Clapton and BB King that like Aerosmith or stuff like that." He says smiling a bit. "The more difficult the guitar piece, the more fun."

"My styles have changed over the years, blues and jazz can be really fun to play but I grew up playing mostly rock." Kenta says. "My parents never insisted on my taking up an instrument but apparently I loved music since I was little. I don't know who I'd describe my style as being close to." Kenta ponders for a bit. "I agree there but nowadays most of what I play is what I write."

"I've written a few songs but nothing terribly complicated." Kieran says smiling a bit,"I've always enjoyed it, but there was never a question about learning an instrument. That's just how it was. I've done a little bit of jazz and rock, but not a whole lot." His voice is cheerful as he speaks,"Have many students arrived that do music?"

Kenta nods. "Yeah, we have a few drummers here, a girl who plays the trombone, singers, a cellist, a teen pop idol and a few more." Kenta says trying to think of everyone. "Enough for job security." He jokes. "I've even taught a few of the teachers here."

"Oh yeah. I've heard about the teen pop idol. Let's see… Robyn said he had a gay porn star sounding name… Oh yeah! Mason Steele! That's it. Not really sure who he is honestly. Not someone I've listened to much if at all. My younger brother might know more about him." Kieran says as he taps his finger against his lips for a moment, before grinning,"That a lot of good things. I'm mediocre singer."

"I'd never heard of him either till he came here but then I'm not really up on current teen pop stars." Kenta says. "I guess he's like that Justin Bieber kid? I'm just glad that my Son isn't into that stuff yet." He says though he knows the day is coming soon. "Right now it's mainly Spongebob and at least the songs from that are funny." He says as he starts to sing quietly under his breath "Oh my Karen, Oh my Karen, Oooooh my computer wife Karen" He shakes his head with a chuckle. "Sorry, but I don't know what I prefer playing guitar or singing."

"Neither am I. Ugh. Bieber's irritating with the autotune. Hate that sound. Flattens it out and makes it rather hard to understand." Kieran says wrinkling his nose a bit before he says,"I am not a fan of Spongebob. I usually feel like my braincells are dying the few times I've watched it with my youngest brother."

Suddenly there is a rapid fire knocking on the music room door and practically before a normal person could begin to open their mouth the door is flung open. "Sorry to interupt I think I left my cellphone in here during class!" Chloe exclaims, poking her head through. "I'm not interupting anything important am I?"

"I find it to be entertainning mindless humour." Kenta says as he looks over as Chloe comes in. "Good thing you caught me now after my cigarette break I was gonna bring it up to Em..Ms. Frost." He says picking up the cellphone from ontop of the piano and handing it to her. "No you're not interupting. Have you met the newest addition yet Chole?" He says motioning to Kieran.

"Blinking slowly as Chloe comes bursting into the room, Kieran smiles a little weakly towards her, perhaps shyly even,"Ummm… Hello, and not interrupting. I'm just talking to Kenta here about the guitar mostly and some of the people that are musicians here at the school." He says casually as he stands there with his hands in the pocket of his cargos.

Chloe plucks the phone out of Kenta's hand, then pockets it faster than a stage magician. "Hi," she offers with a wave. "Always nice to see new faces around. I sometimes wish I could play /anything/ but not only would your average instrument get wrecked by me pretty quickly I sound just horrible. I'm pretty sure dogs start howling whenever I sing."

"Talk to Connor Chloe, he likes all that synthasized stuff I'm sure with your attention span you might be able to come up with something fairly out there." Kenta says as he stands up. "Sorry, I gotta run out side for a few minutes I need my cigarette break before my next class. I'll be back in a few." He says as he steps out of the class room.

"How come? I haven't been playing electric guitars lately because I've been afraid I'd overload the wiring inside of the guitar." Kieran says grinning a bit at Chloe,"I can carry a tune but I'm not a great singer, but then I guess I don't really need to be." He says smiling a bit at Chloe,"I'm Kieran, Kieran O'Toole. Just started here." He says offering a hand to the girl.

"Have to be careful with handshakes," Chloe says apologetically, shaking the offered hand carefully. "I'm Chloe McMillan. I'm a fastworlder as my roomie dubbed it. I have superspeed which is why I'd ruin anything I tried to play. It's also pretty risky for me to shake hands with people as I could hurt your wrist pretty badly." She grins. "Something I never actually thought about until I was talking to my Sensei after Bushido class."

"Well I have to be careful when shaking hands as well. My powers aren't always under control." Kieran says smiling a bit,"I have two real talents. One of them is the ability to generate electrical currents, through my hands is the only way that I've seen it happen so far." He considers for a moment,"Bushido would probably be neat but I think I'll have my hands full right now with music and trying to get my powers under control."

"I'm learning uhmm something like four martial arts right now. Five if you count the self defense classes the school offers," Chloe replies, idly wandering around the edge of the music room peering at things. "Two of them are outside of the school. One is from another student, although I may have to begin self studying when he's off to college and my dad taught me enough Savate that I largely just have to work on refining my technique these days. You'd be amazed at just how much learning to control your body can help with controlling your power, although maybe less so for someone whose every movement isn't a power use!"

"I've thought of studying Tai Chi. I think that might help with my powers." Kieran says smiling a bit at Chloe,"Since Tai Chi is about the energy of the body and around it might help me with controlling the electrical energy that wants to come out. Also control over how I absorb it. It might grant me control over how I absorb electricity as well."

Chloe nods absentmindedly. "I can't imagine any way it'd hurt," she agrees. "And it's a great way to relax. Bit tricky to use as a martial art though, it's one of those ones you need to be /amazing/ at before you can actually use in a fight. Not that I'd recommend picking fights with anyone it's just this school tends to… how to put it… inflict them on you." She turns and theatrically removes her left hand with the right. "Like so. Got my hand cut off not long after I transfered in. Pretty messy but I got a cool cyborg hand out of it. Neat huh?"

"Well I wasn't thinking of using it for fighting purposes. I was more worried so I can stop shocking people when I shake hands. Right now I have to think about having the electricity stop before it reaches the outer layer of my skin." Kieran says seriously before blinking as she removes her hand,"Holy… That's just… Wow… Probably good if I /don't/ touch your left hand."

"Meh I doubt it'd be a problem. Forge built it," Chloe explains casually, before tucking the boot like hand over the stump at the end of her arm. "And that generally tends to mean it'll take quite a bit to actually break. Besides the outside is made of a fake… I have no idea what but it could be plastic-y. Which would mean it won't conduct any electrical shocks. Not that I plan on testing the theory anytime soon!"

"Ummm… Ok. Yeah and thankfully I am not capable of magnetizing plastic either." Kieran says nodding his head a little bit,"I don't really know much about Forge but I'll trust you when you say that it is hard to break. I don't particularly want to try and damage your hand either. It's really quite an impressive thing."

Chloe winks. "Well duh it'd have to be to match the rest of me," she jokes. "So anyway how'd you end up here? If you don't mind my asking that is. A lot of people here have 'stories' and they're rarely the kind people like to talk about. So if you'd rather keep it to yourself that's cool."

"Got electrocuted leaving geometry just as I touched the door handle. At the same time as I was opening the door it charged my power and caused me to rip the handle of the door and pass out. When I woke up I had such a headache that you wouldn't believe." Kieran says laughing a bit,"And yes… I can understand that. You're quite… err…" This causes him to blush a bit.

"Flatterer. Not that I'm disagreeing that is," Chloe teases, completing another circuit of the music room at a pace that would make a sprinter turn green with envy. "Sucky way to find out you're a mutant. They thought I had some kinda ADD type thing at first, stuck me on a load of medication and then my power went into overdrive thanks to the drugs. Not a pretty sight. I blacked out and then ended up getting a visit from one of the teachers."

"Yeah. I've learned there's a limit to what I can get hit by and not pass out, which is just considerably higher than your average person. Not sure if I could get killed by electricity or not, not something that I've been keen on finding out." Kieran says laughing a bit, and decides to show off his powers a little bit and holds both hands up so that they're level with each other and begins sending a small current from one finger to the other.

Walking back into the music room smelling a bit like cigarette smoke is Kenta. He just leans against the door for a bit as he listens to the two. "Well Kieran, we actually have the Danger Room here. It's a holographic alien tech type room that will simulate different combat situations. It all feels real and acts like it's real but once the session is over you're fine. It's a great place to test your limits without harming yourself or others."

Chloe pauses long enough to watch the electical display. "Pretty cool. You should try and learn how to recharge cellphones and mp3 players, because you'd be amazed at the number of times students here get stuck places where you can't plug stuff in." She pulls a face at the mention of the danger room. "Eugh I hate that place. It fills people with the illusion they can do things they shouldn't. No matter how real a simulation it's no substitute for real life."

"I've been training myself without the use of it but it probably wouldn't be bad to mix it up." Kieran says shrugging a little bit,"The thing I worry about with cellphones and mp3 players is the other aspect of my powers. I can also generate a magnetic charge on something, meaning that I could accidentally erase it or magnetize them so they will never work again." He says wincing slightly at the thought,"Right now though I mostly have control over that one."

"There is no subsitiue for real life but in the Danger Room, knowing that saftey net is there, you're not as cautious. Most people are willing to go out on a limb and push their powers to their limits where they wouldn't in a real situation." Kenta says as he walks back in and sits down. "Also I think you're missing one of the biggest lessons of the danger room Chloe." He says as he looks over to Kieran. "That's awesome, not many kids have that much control when they come here. God knows I didn't."

"And then people get convinced that because it worked in the danger room they could try it out for real," Chloe contends, shrugging. "It's like learning to swim by reading a book. Safe, easy and prone to going horribly wrong. It encourages Cloud syndrome."

"Ummm… If it is called the danger room I get the feeling it's not /entirely/ safe, just we can't get serious injured or killed. So while we may take risks then we would still have to pay for it. Push the boundries of our powers and gain new insight into them and better control over them so that if we encounter a real life scenario we're better prepared." Kieran says frowning a little bit as he thinks this through,"This is not the first time I've heard about Cloud in a negative way. Seems more than one person thinks he rushes in and doesn't think. That may have nothing to do with the danger room and everything to do with his personality…" He trails off there as he shifts his weight a little.

"Kieran is right on that." Kenta says in regards to personality. "But again you're missing one of the main points behind the danger room. Teamwork. There is no faking teamwork there. There is no faking learning the limits of your friends and teammates and how they work best with your abilities. How do you think the X-Men learned to work together as a team so well?" He asks raising an eyebrow. "Also though everything in the danger room isn't real while the session is going on every bit of pain you feel feels real. You try to fly, fail and fall thirty feet, it hurts. And the memory of that pain lingers."

Chloe giggles. "Nah I don't really mind him when he's not getting kidnapped. I named the syndrome in his honour," she explains. "And honestly Kenta can you blame me for not liking illusions? When my best friends entire life has been messed around by them. Personally I've never done anything in the danger room I haven't already tried in reality. Like how I took up jumping off the mansion roof for fun."

"I haven't done anything in the danger room but I have learned the limits of what I can throw out and how much I can lift with magnetism through trial and error. See, before I destroyed the door handle, I'd already known. Wasn't constant but when you wake up and you have clothes /stuck/ to bareskin, it's kind of an indication something's not right, and we're not talking clothes I'm wearing, we're talking stuff that was in the room." Kieran says laughing a bit,"So basically it tests your limits and how well you can work together."

Kenta taps his nose at Kieran. "Pretty much. And it's illusions but it isn't. It's tech that's beyond the scope anyone on earth could probably make." Even Forge but that's Shi'ar tech for you. "But if you think that it's all beyond you Chloe, why do you even bother?" He isn't being rude with how he asks more curious.

"Beyond me?" Chloe repeats with a frown. "How so? I said I don't agree with training people in simulations and I have to admit I find the squad system flawed. But it's mandatory and if I want to keep learning all the other cool stuff here I have to do it." She waves her hand with exaggerated slowness. "I always intend on pushing my limits. After all I intend to someday become the fastest person alive." She rolls her shoulders and adds "I think the whole squad thing would be vastly improved if every now and again you mixed up every squad. So people have to learn to adapt to what's available rather than relying upon set people to be there. That way it's more like the situations people get into in reality."

"That might be true for people more used to their powers but when people are just learning to use them, having them work with people they are used to helps with getting them used to their powers and working with people. If you push someone too hard and too fast, that's like dropping oil on to an open fire." Kieran says seriously, before he sighs,"I should get going. I have a paper I need to get written and turned in by tomorrow, and I'd rather get it done before tonight so I can spend more time practicing guitar."

"You do remember that before the year started we did mix up a few of the squads correct?" Kenta asks Chloe. "It's good that you practice with your powers outside of the danger room Chloe. Though relying on those set people means you're not just learning your powers but their powers and limits as well so you can work accordingly." He looks to Kieran and nods. "Well it was a pleasure meeting you Kieran, I can't wait to hear your musical ability and see you in class."

"I don't just mean changing them every year. I was meaning for one off training things," Chloe explains, rolling her eyes. "Although I should point out that for me the start of the year was subjectively three years ago. So I'm a little hazy on the specifics." She waves at Kieran. "It was nice meeting you by the way. No doubt I'll cya around sometime."

"That's also really hard on us running the sessiosn. Cause it's not all preprogramed. We have to program them in ourselves and we take into consideration who we have on our squad and what they can do. I mean I'm not going to make the object of the mission to retrive something suspended in thin air if I have noone that can fly or get to it." Kenta explains. "I'm sorry time moves slower for you but it's not as fesible for the rest of us that it sounds like it could be."

"Time doesn't move slower for me. I just get more out of the same amount of time," Chloe corrects with a grin. "If you did it as a once every six month thing, preplanned out who went where and wrote up the mission in advance with those students in mind it wouldn't be much more work. But I suppose that wouldn't really give as much of a benefit to us. It'd just be like a pop quiz only with superpowers."

"Can't." Kenta says. "Cause like you just demonstrated I don't know your powers like I know my squads. If I wrote up something for you it'd involve you going really fast. I don't know what you can and can't do to push you to your limits. Though there's only about two more months to the school year and squads will probably be changed up again."

Chloe shrugs. "Part of me hopes I'll end up back in Heathers squad, but I doubt we'll get put together again. Not just because it overloads what one squad can do but we did tend to mess around chatting while we were supposed to be training."

Kenta shakes his head. "I doubt it when the squads are made they try to look at your powers and divide you up accordingly. Two speedsters in a sense would kind of defeat the purpose of that in some regards. You two can always ask for extra sesssions together. And if all you did was mess around chatting…I'd be curious for the results."

"We both get some out of squad training with Pietro every now and again," Chloe admits, glancing at her watch. "Whenever he's not busy with Avengers business or things like that. But anyway I better dash, I've got a class to get to and I need to finish my homework before the teacher arrives. I figure I'll have a full five minutes which'll be plenty of time to get it done!"

"Alright well take care Chloe. I also have a class I have to prepare for so I'll see you later." Kenta says as he walks over to the music closet to start going through sheet music.

"I'm always careful as well as stunningly pretty /and/ modest," Chloe jokes, before waving and bursting out the classroom door as fast as if someone had shouted free cheesecake.

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