2010-06-15: Musical Anger


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Summary: Star meets Caleb in the music store and manages to piss him off.

Date: June 15, 2010

Log Title Musical Anger

Rating: PG(L)

Westchester - Generic Music Store

Well lit, and themed with orange and blue, this store holds any and all music the casual shopper could want. There is also a section for DVDs, muscially-themed t-shirts and posters. At points along the aisles of music, there are stations where one could listen to their choices before buying.

The latest pop song plays over the speakers, filling the store with a rhythmic background noise that invites passers by to stop and come in, to spend some time and money letting their troubles be washed away. To let Lady Antibellum commiserate with them. For Lady Gaga to make them forget anything but the need to move. Into this walks a quivering mass of depression, worry, anger, and fear. A teenage girl overwhelmed by the new school she finds herself suddenly shipped off to, to be close to her twin brother and, to her mind, at least, keep him out of trouble. All, apparently, for nothing as he seems to have willingly gone with some freaky bondage fetish chick off to locations unknown.
Then meeting a past version of the very same girl that supposedly kidnapped her baby brother and learning all kinds of things about a pair of her fellow students. It's enough to give anyone a complex and Star is no different in this reguard. A ripple of uneasiness follows her as she wanders among the racks of music, not really paying much attention to the CDs her fingers run over as she slowly paces toward the back of the store with no particular destination in mind.

Caleb is suffering, suffering from the effects of a bad night of badness, he is in sooo much trouble now he's keeping his head down, today he's keeping his headown at Westchester, not much else to do as finals are over, he's dressed in dark blue jeans, black air walk trainers, a white, black and purple checkered shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, his white hair is gelled in a casual bedhead look and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist, he's got shadows under his eyes, showing that maybe he hasn't slept much last night, the irish teen wanders into the music stores to see what new crap is out now.

Star doesn't notice the arrival of just one more teenage boy in the store she's claimed as her sanctuary of the moment. No, her mind is fixed firmly on other matters, not how potentially exotic looking the boy who's arrival is announced by the irritating chime of the motion detector across the door. Her attention is drawn to Caleb momentarily as he is announced so grandly, but soon goes back to not looking at the music. She's dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a white t-shirt that has the word 'Mother' stenciled across the chest in black spray paint, the letters a negative image with black all around and fading into the thin white fabric. A pair of pink and white sneakers on her feet to follow the rules of the mall: No shirt, no shoes, no service.

Caleb groans at the noise of the doors sensor, is it completely nessicery to point out everyone who enters the store, he wanders down one of the aisles (the one Star is in), running his fingers along the CD cases, not overly interested in the ones in front of him, apsentmindedly he starts singing along to the store music, "I know your type, You're daddy's little girl, Just take a bite, Let me shake up your world, 'Cause just one night couldn't be so wrong, I'm gonna make you lose control".

Star is perfectly capable of ignoring someone when she's firmly entrenched in a good sulk, which is what the events of the past day have brought out in her. At least she is until they start singing. Irritation flashes, brown swimming to the surface in her so very changable eyes; blending with the negative, overwhelmed fog that hangs over her and earns a sudden low grumbling from a man on the other side of the aisle from her who moves on soon enough. For several long minutes, she manages to hold her tongue, taking deep breaths and trying to calm herself. A small frown forms on her face, drawing her dark brows together slightly as she finally catches that there's someone around that's, apparently, having almost as bad a day as she has been.
She sighs gustily and turns to look over at the white haired singer, "Do you think you could tone it down? I'm not particularly fond of this song, you know." At least he isn't mangling it like her best friend would have. That girl can't carry a tune if she put her sax in a bucket. Not unless it's actually on the woodwind instrument. At the moment, she 'doesn't particularly care' for pretty much anything. She's too worried about other things to fool with much beyond killing time. Or maybe murdering it?

Caleb is generally nice but suddenly he's in a VERY bad mood, and some girl is telling him what to do?!, "Look love why don't you mind your own business?, huh, it's a music store, if you don't like the music, why don't you piss off, i'll sing if i want to".

Star rolls her eyes at the boy suddenly snapping at her; a usual occurance when she's already in a foul mood. Why can't people actually actually be /cheerful/ around her for once? "Look, I didn't say I don't like music. If I didn't like music, then I wouldn't be in here, right?" It's only logical, after all. She turns to face him, planting her hands on her hips, "I just don't like this one song, you you can either shut it, or I'll shut it for you." It might be amusing coming from a girl that's less than five and a half feet tall if it weren't for the indignation rolling off of her right now.

Caleb is getting angrier as Star does, as usual when he gets mad there is a violet glow in his palms, he wouldn't do anything, it's just a reaction, still when he notices he turns and runs out of the store before anyone else does.

It's the glow that snaps Star out of her anger and she backs up a step, surprise and the faintest bit of shock replacing it, "You're a mutant…" Her voice is the faintest of whispers when she makes that not quite accusation. It's the only explination she has for what she just saw, even if it might not be the correct one. Then he's running out the door, accompanied by that same irritating chime as when he entered; leaving the shorter teen standing starring after him.

(OOC: Continued in High Strung)

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