2009-07-16: Musical Friends


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Summary: Brian and Kenta talk about old times and new times.

Date: July 16, 2009

Log Title Musical Friends

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Music Room

The music room has four levels of tiers that each sit one row in a semi circle. On the floor in the semi circle is grand piano. There is a large closet on either side of the room, one filled with string instruments and the other filled with various wind and brass instruments. There are a few guitars in the back of the room next to a large variety of percussion instruments. All the instruments here are for the students to use provided they take care of them and clean any necessary parts after they use it. The room is sound proof, so once the door is closed, the music being played will not interrupt the other classrooms.

Luckily the music room has sound proof walls since tonight, Kenta has decided to break out his electric guitar and just rock out. He has a microphone set up as well as he plays one of the songs he's been working on. He's acting like he's on a stage for the world to see, playing his best and dancing around. He's dressed in a pair of jeans with a sleeveless t-shirt on, a think sheen of sweat on his body. Who knows how long he's been rocking out.

It had been a while since Brian had used his guitar. Figures he'd use tonight as the night to stretch his fingers again. The energy user waits outside the room, looking in pn Kenta as he rocks out. Very muffled music is heard before Brian opens the door, and walks in, still looking at Kenta perform his stuff.

Stoping as soon as he sees Brian, Kenta grins brightly. "Brian, get your ass over here and join me. When's the last time we jammed together?" He asks. And the last time they played together was before Kenta was abucted. "So how's tricks Brian?"

He smiles, the slender young man moves up and plugs in. He remembers the last time he payed with his former roommate, but doesn't bring it up. "Pretty good, just living, really." Brian comments before giving a blues-esque riff to warms up with, his fingers moving fast to contort the strings changing their pitch. "You?"

"About the same, just living." Kenta says moving to sit down and watch Brian. "I can tell you're a bit rusty." He says noticing Brian hasn't played for a bit. "Just, been lonely a lot lately you know, just been so much that I don't know where I fit in anymore."

"Join the club, bro." Brian says, finishing the riff before stopping, he hasn't played in a while, and the fact that it shows makes him grimace. For something that he loved so much to do, he's almost abandoned it. "I don't even know what I'm doing here anymore, it's been almost a year since the horsemen, and here I am, still here."

"Where else to we have to go?" Kenta asks honsetly. "I don't know, I'm older and you guys are all stil young. I wish I was still in my twenties sometimes ya know? I feel bad that we've grown apart but.." Kenta just shakes his head and sighs. "Start something and I'll harmonize with ya."

Brian gives a nod before starting with a blues rhythm, figuring to start small for now. "I'm almost in my twenties now. But I know what you mean." He says before continuing on with the music.

Kenta follows in and starts harmonizing with Brian, playing almost more as an after thought as he converses with his old friend. "I'm in my thrities Brian, I shouldn't be over ten years older than you we…we were high school roomates. I'm the oldest guy on X-Force and I don't know, and they're all gone and I'm the only one left with Armande."

Brian's playing still continues. "I wasn't saying you have it easier than me, just that I got stuff too." He doesn't like anything tat came from those aliens, not one bit. in fact, it made him an angry person because of what had happened to everyone that was taken.

Kenta shakes his head. "No, no, I wasn't saying that, I was just venting I guess. That's about it. I just wish things weren't so fucked up ya know? And I still wish she was alive, but anyway, enough about me. What's going on with you and Addison? I've noticed you two in practice." He says with a hint of surprise to his voice.

Brian blushes, he was trying to keep things secret. "I-uhh." He responds, looking dumbfounded, one of the only times he would be caught like this. "We, are together." He admits, before he stops his playing, looking to Kenta's reaction to that news.

Kenta smiles at Brian and picks up where he stops playing, going into one of the chords from his love songs. "Good for you Brian. Never expected you and guy but seriously, it's good. Hopefully it brings some peace and happiness in your life. And I guess you're the red head type?" He teases.

Brian's face grows red as he's asked his type. "He's just…a surprise to my normal choice." He says, he had never had a boyfriend before, nor had he ever had a red-head. So Addison's blazing that trail it seems.

Kenta laughs at Brian's reaction and shakes his head. "Sorry, it's been such a long time since we just chatted as friends ya know. I really do miss you Brian. We gotta start doing more and just becoming close again. I…need friends."

"Yeah…I feel you there." Brian responds. He would like to keep up with his friends, but most have gone from the school. "Hey, we should hang out soon, maybe catch a concert or something." He offers to his former roommate.

"Definately, a show sounds great. You can bring Addison along." Kenta says with a chuckle. "I'll buy the beers…wait, are you twenty one yet? Ah fuck it, I'll still buy the beers." He says as he wouldn't mind a night of beer and pizza with Brian either.

"I don't know if Addison knows a lot about music, or what we like to listen to at least. I don't think he heard a lot of it back where he's from." He offers, looking to Kenta with a smile. "Nope, I'm not even twenty yet."

"Fuck I'm old." Kenta says with a sigh and a shake of his head. "Who cares, drag him along anyway, introduce him to it. See if he likes it. Just because he doesn't know a lot doesn't mean you can't introduce him. And also, the beer and pizza night will be here or somewhere in the area where I can just buy a six pack and they won't card."

Brian gives a nod to his music buddy. "Yeah. Either way sounds good. Sometimes I really hate staying here all the time." He looks around before removing his guitar. "Sometime soon, alright?"

"This weekend?" Kenta says as he'll look at what's playing in the city and drag Brian and Addison along. "Then we can go out for dinner too. Spend the weekend away from here. We'll go see whatever band is playing. Sound good?"

"Sure dude." He offers. "More than good really." Brian says before unplugging from the amplifier. "I gotta head out, but I'll keep in touch, K?" He asks, his hand reaching for the door, but he'd wait for a response first.

"Definately, and once a week we should make an effort to jam because I think some here could use some practive, but I'm not saying which one of us." Kenta says with a laugh as he stands up and walks over to give Brian a hug before he heads out.

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