2011-3-19: Musings On Demons And A Vomiting Model

Players: Fiona and Jordan Mayfair

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Summary: Fiona robs an artifact from a warehouse and hen encounters Jordan. Oh and a model vomits.

Date: March 19, 2011

Log Title: Musings on Demons and a Vomiting Model

Rating: PG

NYC - Brooklyn

Brooklyn is located on the western most tip of Long Island. Brooklyn has a lot of cultural diversity, an independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods and a unique architectural heritage. Along the shore are a bunch of abandoned warehouses that people rent out to hold concerts, parties, and other various events. Row houses can be found through out the most the borough built in the 19th century architectural style.

It's late in the evening - most reasonable people are definitely asleep by this hour; but Fiona is far from being a reasonable (or normal) person and thus she's out creeping around, ruining her sleep schedule some more. Thankfully, it's the weekend, and she can probably sleep most of the day without her parents noticing too much or anybody really caring. Still, it begs the question; just what IS she doing out here? Well, if the jimmied and melted lock on the warehouse she just exited is any indication, she's probably stealing junk! Which is odd, given her attire; she doesn't exactly /look/ like much of a criminal… In fact, she looks rather excessively nervous about the whole matter.

Across the way from where the young thief is stealing junk, another of the warehouses is in use for a lavish art opening of the latest up and coming artist Obal Lopez, Jordan Mayfair dressed rather fancily in a tuxedo takes a moment outside with his date, young Angel Ica, a young Brazilian model. She has come outside for a breath of fresh air, which Jordan ruins when he reaches for a cigarette. The young model is a bit drunk and makes a run away from the art party and towards the warehouse currently being robbed where she clumsily stumbles and begins wretching violently remnants of the squid and octopus platter come out as Jordan strolls by to check on her. Though he takes his time and smokes his cigarette.

Fiona just sort of pauses, blinking at the model. Clearly she needs some help - and on the other hand, Fiona is a little bit too busy to stop and help her. It's important to - well, here comes someone! Quickly, she grasps one of the shimmering keys on a thin chain around her neck, using it rather like a saw to tear open a portal; in goes the box, shut goes the portal! The keys get dropped back beneath her shirt. Where'd it go? She didn't see any box! She was just out for a walk. Now then… "Are you okay?" she asks after darting back out of the shadows. Famous though Jordan's date might be, Fiona doesn't /really/ keep track of celebrities that well. Not really! "That looks… ewww! Oh god, that stinks!"

Not having seen any of Fiona’s magic display, Jordan finally makes his way to Angel Ica who is on the ground near Fiona’s feet. She holds her stomach which makes rumbling noises. Jordan looks down and holds back a laugh as he smokes his cigarette, the smell of which makes Angel Ica even more nauseous. Spotting, Fiona, Jordan looks her up and down suspiciously as he ponders why someone who looks like a teenager would be out in the part of Brooklyn late at night. Typically it is better to ask these things, however, Jordan finds it easier to do it his own way telepathically. He attempts to scan her mind for surface thoughts as he just stands there staring at her, puffing away at his cigarette and ignoring the vomiting Brazilian model.

Fiona's mind is not particularly guarded - and she's actively thinking about the job she just did. Some kind of artifact she just stole - likely it was quite valuable, but she doesn't seem to care at all about the monetary value. No, there's some rather gruesome thoughts of what might happen if she fails - demons and fire and… well, some kind of hell-dimension. Not that it matters - she didn't fail. And she never does! "Was she with you? That looks pretty bad - I mean, maybe we should call an ambulance…" she trails off, still seeming nervous.

Grinning at the thoughts he receives from the teen thief, Jordan smiles and pauses a moment. This is not the first time he has encountered a young teen girl with some demonic thoughts. He takes a long drag and then tosses the cigarette as he continues to stare at Fiona. His stare can be disconcerting like looking through her and examining her. A full minute passes before he responds. He looks down at Angel Ica. “I would not worry about her. She is a model and is bulimic. She throws up daily.” He looks down and grimaces as the smell finally hits him from the vomit, “Angel Ica, are you ok?” She holds up her hand to gesture she is fine and then gets on her knees and continues to vomit. This time forcing it.
Fiona cringes. Awful! Awful awful! Despite regularly dealing with magic and demons, she is still grossed out by vomit and finds forced vomiting even worse! At least she doesn't sympathy vomit. "Well, that's good to know… I guess… There are toilets somewhere around, though - I mean…" She fiddles with the end of her long braid some. This whole situation is making her uncomfortable! Especially the way this guy is looking at her.

The smell is a bit much for Jordan as well as he begins to walk away from Angel Ica. He covers his nose as he walks towards Fiona. “Let’s walk over to that corner over there to get away from the smell.” As he starts to head in that direction, he snaps his fingers as security guards from the party come out, “Yes, sir.” They are heard saying as he walks off and gestures for Fiona to move towards the opposite corner. A limo suddenly pulls up on cue and the guards help Angel Ica into the limo. The driver steps out and looks to Jordan, “Yes, sir.” Jordan nods and in a minute the limo peels off with Angel Ica and security walks back into the party. Jordan then offers, “Hell of a night, huh.” to Fiona.

"Well yeah, erm, sorta! Definitely lots of great parties, that's for sure," Fiona nods - inferring that she just came from one; that's really obviously not the case to Jordan, but she sure doesn't know that. Her purple eyes are scanning about, maybe looking for escape routes - so far, this guy doesn't seem particularly aggressive, but if there's one thing she's learned it's not the 'thug' types that tend to be the most dangerous.

“Yes, I suppose. A lot of art parties and showing of different exhibits and artifacts. The one I was at was particularly boring. Other than a hot date, it was boring. I’m not really into paintings of random brush strokes of nothingness.” He then points to the warehouse where Fiona just committed the burglary. “However, in that warehouse is this really nice artifact.” He begins to describe it in detail to Fiona based on what he saw in her mind. “It’s really valuable. Have you seen it?” He asks her as he smiles and pulls out another cigarette to smoke.

Fiona folds her arms somewhat defiantly, shaking her head; her braid bounces back and forth. "Nope! No idea what it is you're talking about." Fantastic. This is fantastic! Fantastically bad. "But it couldn't possibly be that valuable, could it? It's probably just an old piece of junk that just has special significance to only a couple certain people. Like a keepsake or something."

Shrugging his shoulders, Jordan responds, “Well you never really know with art and artifacts. Some have a huge monetary value. Others have sentimental values. And some people believe that certain artifacts have magic or supernatural qualities associated to them.” He takes a drag of his cigarette, “To me, it’s all relative. I’ll collect art or artifacts, if it is pretty. I don’t really care much for what It can do, as long as it looks good in my house. I have a person who is good at getting art an artifacts.” He then asks Fiona directly, “So, you’re kinda young for the party scene here. What’s your name and why did you steal the artifact?” He maintains telepathic scan when he asks her as he awaits her response.
Fiona frowns. Yeah, there it is! "Because I have to. If I try and resist, my master will just make me do it anyway. And that is… rather uncomfortable, to say the least. I don't know why he wants it. I don't care why he wants it. Probably, it will further his goal of eventually conquering our world. It's just my job to help him get it. As for my name? You can call me Fiona." His psychic powers will tell him she's speaking the truth - she really does seem to be a servant for a much more powerful being. Someone of tremendous power, apparently.

Blinking quite a bit, Jordan was not expecting all that, though he does realize it is the truth and for about one millisecond he genuinely feels sorry for Fiona. But then the millisecond passes and Jordan returns to his typically stuff. Finishing the cigarette and flicking it away, “Yeah that sucks. I’ve dealt with demons before. An employee of mine really had to kill that sucker and I mean really kill that sucker to get him off my back.” He shrugs, “Well, Fiona, who is the demon? While I do not hang out with them or anything. Might be useful to know or I might be able to help.”

"That is tempting. He is, however, quite formidable, even without access to the mortal plane. His name is Norgatraz. He's granted me a small portion of his powers to do with as I please, so long as I serve him…" Fiona trails off, looking rather depressed about that. "It was either that, or an excrutiatingly painful death, I suppose." In the past, she's been so wrung out emotionally by the whole thing that now it seems as mundane as discussing the weather. "It would be nice to be free of it. He seems quite confident in his control, however. He rarely moves to stop my attempts to free myself." No, generally he just laughs. "Still, I suppose it could be worse."

Shaking his head as she speaks, “Well, I gotta tell ya, Fiona. I do not know much about Norgatraz. What powers does he give you, specifically? What does he have you do?” Jordan scratches his chin as he asks pondering how he can possibly use Norgatraz, or at least, Fiona for his own means. “I personally could not help you, but I know someone who might be able to. But I would need more information.”

"I do whatever he asks. Usually it's just retrieving items or information. I have no doubt that when the time comes I will be used for more, erm, nefarious things, however." Fiona shrugs - that time still seems to be quite far off, so maybe she just doesn't care. She is a teenager, after all. "As for my abilities? I, erm, find things. And people. If it's necessary, I shoot things with energy. Like that lock," she gestures towards the melted slag on the door to the warehouse. "They can be quite powerful."

“Wow. I’m impressed. So he gives you magical powers, huh.” Jordan seems particularly intrigued by the ‘finding things and people.’ Jordan is always looking to recruit future employees and with Zoya away and his confrontation with a crazy alien. He can use more people. He ponders, “The whole demon thing has to be nuts on your day to day life. Your parents and friends must be stressed out, huh.”

"No, not really. They don't know a single thing about it. They just think… They just think that it's some kind of weird phase I'm going through. I try to keep it toned down just a little bit though, so it doesn't get out of hand." Fiona shrugs, shaking her head. "Yes, and they are gaining in power as time goes on. I can feel their influence growing."

“It’s probably best they don’t know.” Jordan shrugs, “I can empathize. I know a thing or two about powers and dealing with family and friends.” He pulls out a card from the pocket of his tuxedo blazer and hands it to Fiona. “I’m Jordan Mayfair. And again, I think either I or someone I know can eventually help you.” He smiles, “I tend to help out people with issues somewhat like yours. Not necessarily demonic in nature. While I have dealt with demons, I have never tried helping out someone like you. I typically help out younger mutants. Give them a place to stay, help out with money and things like that until they can get their powers under control.”

Fiona takes the card, scrutinizing it before slipping it into the sash around her waist. "I'll keep it in mind," she decides, "Not that I need a place to live or help with control, but…" Yeah, she does plan on hopefully freeing herself one day; she's just not entirely sure she to what lengths she will go to achieve that goal. "At the moment, I think I need to be getting home." She glances up at the moon - she's not too good at telling time that way, but it has to have been at least an hour or two since she left.

Nodding and then bowing, “Well it was nice to meet you, Fiona.” He smiles, “I am sure we will be in touch again.” The limo that has Angel Ica pulls up by the two and the driver comes out and opens the door, “Just like you asked for, sir.” Jordan nods to the driver and opens the door to find Angel Ica dressed rather provocatively and feeling much much better. He waves to Fiona as he enters the limo and it drives off.

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