2010-05-23: Mustard


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Summary: Deadpool encountered Domino and July, held a vendor hostage, blew up a hotdog cart and escaped as the other two became acquainted.

Date: May 23, 2010

Log Title Mustard

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is a residential and shopping area of Manhattan. The neighborhood is upscale and home to the richer residents of New York City. Row houses line the streets in-between the more commercial buildings of the city. Upscale restaurants, clothing and jewelry stores can be found on the Upper West Side.

" Mustard. " " Okay Sir… “ The man replied, quickly squirting more down. " More. " Deadpool would demand, both of his expressive mask eyes going into flat lines. “That is a lot of mustard… " The bearded fellow would comment as he emptied the bottle on the hotdog. " Think that’s a lot, wait for the relish. Speaking of, neowh, relish me bitch. " The man wiped his brow and looked cautiously at the red and black garbed up figure before he was swallowing the large lump that formed beginning to dump relish in droves onto the tray of hotdogs. " Don't be stingy bucko, keep it comin' " Currently Deadpool was standing rather casually out on a rain swept street under the canopy of a hot dog vendors stand, the streets right now raining as it were still had some traffic but at this hour it was dying down.

Steps were a blended mesh with the few others that were keeping a swift pace to make it into the shops or their homes before they all looked like drown sewer rats. They would blend far better at that point, but the thought was one left in the mind of the woman that tred down the side walk with her hands laxly shoved into the pockets of the black leather trench coat. Sashed tightly around her waist it left nothing to the imagination with the figure beneath but everything hidden just as she liked it, snug against her. Black strands smudged and stuck to the line of a pale jaw that set firmly in place as she claimed home under an awning, one hand rising to pull down the brim of sunglasses, revealing pale blue eyes, one surrounded by a black mark, her trademark.

“Now we're talking.” The man behind the hotdog stand sighed, " Sir… can I please pack up now and go home. " Deadpool looked up from the pile of hotdog, mustard and relish to level his gaze on the man. " If you can answer me one question… " Vendor sighed loudly and put his head down, rain dripping from a few holes in the overhead fabric to splotch down upon the stand itself. " But it’s cold, I'm tire… " He was cut off by the very unsympathetic snicker, " Yeah yeah yeah wives kids toilet to visit blah blah blippity blah, okay back to what I was saying ruined my ominous look answer the question and you may gooooo! " The man stared, silence followed as Deadpool flipped his mask up and started to eat, several minutes later the guy almost yelled, " WELL WHAT THE HELL IS THE QUESTION!? " Pausing Deadpool frowns, " Do you know how rude it is to interrupt someone eating especially with shouting? " Exclaiming in despair the man threw his hands into the air, " Aiyiyi! Please Lord help me with this idiot! I just want to go home! "

July was just coming out of one of the many clothing store in the vicinity as she hears the strange exchange between a hot dog vendor and… who that guy is? July blinks softly, looking at that, and can't help but to slowly approach the scene, being curious, but not making any more to butt in, for now.

This had to have been the area stated to find the one she was supposed to "babysit" for a week. Once he got on the flight to Japan the job was done for her. Questions were not asked but apparently..One hand withdrew from her pocket and held up a picture, flipping it for the name that was printed on the back..Mister Macnamara was important to someone. She was early, painfully so, and the pain was about to hit an all time memorable level when the yelling of a hot dog vendor got her attention. The level stare in that direction went from indifference to disdain, dark lips pulling into a thin line. She'd have to be a masochist to stay any longer…

The shouting from the man had ceased as Deadpool stood up and leaned over the stand, his hand flat on it as the other comes up and prods at his face. " No way to run a business you know, yelling at your customers, you want to get business here you need to smile and be polite. " The man had wide eyes now as he leaned back on his heels almost sinking into his own chub, " But you said you'd let me go home if I answered a question… " the masked man frowned then looked at him again, " I did? " Hotdog stand man's head bobbed, " Yes you did twice now ! " The loud voice picking up again, Deadpool’s left pistol flipped up into his hand and pointed into his face as the guys voice was rising, " Hey hey… let’s keep it down to a chirp pal. " Not noticing either of the two women who had appeared.

July looks at the nut job harassing the vendor and she sighs, shaking her head at that, but then she finally notices the gun, when it's drawn, and she frowns, "Hey, hey." she decides to intervene. "Hold a second there, mister nut job, it's against the law to threaten people at gunpoint like that. You'd do well to put your gun back down and let him go.." she says, walking a few steps closer to the duo.

Masochism had to be a hobby she picked up somewhere, like old gum that stuck to the bottom of your shoe, an annoyance but you fear touching it to peel it off so you cope until you have better means. The other female approaching the unfolding scene involving a past - acquaintance and a chum slinger was now falling under the heavy scrutiny. The sunglasses were pushed back into place and the picture was pushed back into her pocket. Decision was made, she was going to head to a different post to wait for her job to appear instead of remain so close to this…bomb that was about to go off. What made her pause was the flash of the gun Deadpool brandished as if it was a squirt gun in a child's game. The cringe was stricly inward, but her retreating steps came to a halt as her head lowered and her morality kicked in. What? Were the hot dogs not good enough for him or something? No shock there, mystery meat in wiener form slathered in pickled..pickles was just - Never good, but not a reason to make the round man piss himself. Heartbeats were all that passed, for her own was surely thundering but she was there, in a flash across the street, dodging the bit of traffic with alacrity to have positioned herself behind Deadpool with her Browning drawn pointedly at the back of his red clothed cranium, somewhere along the line, the sunglasses were gone. "Now now, Wade. Let the good man go home and duly relieve himself."

The gun never wavered from the vendors face who was nearing tears though not from the sight of firearms, he had been held up before but the sheer frustration of having to deal with this masked man before him for the past hour and forty minutes, overtime, none the less he could not see July but uttered a " Thank God " until he realized she wasn't a cop. Deadpool looked over at the speaking woman in time to hear the click and another voice a familiar one added in. " Jinkies. Looks like we got ourselves a predicament. Trapped between a fashion model holding a gucci bag and a dalmation with a gun." Obviously he recognized the owner of the voice. Blubbering the heavyset hotdog vendor cried out, " Please you're just making this worse, can I go!? " Deadpool ignored him his gun still level.

July rolls her eyes at being called a model, but then her eyes rest again on the madman with a gun. She glances at Domino and blinks a bit as she notices the girl's complexion before shaking her head. There are more important things to be done right now than staring at someone else. "Listen, Mr. Nutjob McQuacky, pointing a gun at someone's head it's not the best way to get a hotdog, y'know? Vendors are much more inclined to help you when you, you know, pay them?" she shakes her head, "A gun has no business in a business transaction. Why don't you lower your gun and tell us what you need to know? I'm willing to bet everyone would be more willing to help without a gun pointed at them. Please?" she arches one eyebrow.

How sweet, he knew who she was, let alone remembered. She might just let him eat those hot dogs with all of his teeth or head in tact at that just to give him a cookie for such a feat. The vendor got the leveling of her slate blue eyes and a nod was given to him with a tilt of her head. "Go." Despite that the pistol remained trained at the back of Deadpool's head while moving slightly from his six to his side; between him and the girl that now spoke of peaceable means to end the game. Her words though made it evident she had never dealt with Mouth here and this only had her exhaling slowly before she spoke. "Trust me doll, he doesn't need to know…anything." He wouldn't remember anyway. Through all this her focus remained singularly on Deadpool and trained aim just above the neck.

" Haha, this one. " He said in regards to July, weapon waving at her. The vendor bobbed his head again in that heavy shake of his features as Domino told him to go, he would quickly rush aside as Deadpool glared at the man's back the gun then shifted from where he was to point at July, " I did pay him already, extra even. " Frowning his voice seemed to sober slightly, " On that note though… I forgot the time! I really have to be… " The weapon in hand dropped down low and shot the hotdog cart in front of him, or at least something on the cart, which appeared to be where his hand was moments ago an explosive of some sorts, yes that is exactly what it was. Upon impact of the bullet the cart erupted in a flash of fire and flame only to hurl Deadpool upwards and into the air, the concussive force could very easily do the same to the others as well. " GOINGggggggg nowwww glad you’re in town Dom sweetcheeks we'll play catch up later!!!" A few resounding gunshots heard as obviously in his daring explosive escape he was shooting at her (Domino). Art of distraction, Deadpool rule #58. Hotdogs, bread buns, and condiments would shower the area like confetti, in the noise and confusion the masked lunatic would make his escape.

July doesn't take a step back or demonstrates any kind of reaction as the gun is not pointed at her. Either she's a master of hiding her reaction, or she just simply didn't care if she had a gun pointed at her or not. But… the next actions of the nutty merc puzzle her. Shooting and blasting himself up in the air. "…" July goes speechless as the guy disappears. "… Well, THAT's one way of leaving the scene." she blinks again, staring at where Deadpool was sent flying toward, then back down at the cart, and sighs, "Poor guy. Lost his stand."

Domino was not stupid when it came to dealing with this particular merc. When his hand pulled back and his gun aimed at the explosive she reacted, shifting suddenly to her right with her gun still trained on Deadpool, stepping quickly to try and send July back from any of the force that would send stand and bits of mystery meat and condiments all over. Deadpool’s gunshots were returned with her own until she hit the side of a building beside the decorative outcropping. "Six shots, you're getting slow on him." Spoken to herself as her own mental count took in how many bullets remained in the clip before peering around the corner as she moved quickly in exchanging one clip for another. Once it was established he was gone…for now the Browning was tucked back beneath her trench coat into the shoulder holster and July was given another once over after eyes scanned the streets. Not for any watchers, but for Macnamara. "That was fun." Sarcasm oozed off that one.

July turns her head to look at Domino as she dusts herself off after the explosion, "You ok?" she asks toward the monochromatic mercenary. "You know that guy, then?" she asks, jerking a thumb toward the direction Deadpool disappeared toward.

One dark brow rose slowly along the ‘scape of cocaine pale forehead at the inquiry of her well being, nodding slightly and pushing the rain dampened hair from her face as dismissively as that question went save for the nod. "Know *him*? I don't think anyone could know him exactly…" She seemed to think on that more and affirm it in her head before looking in the direction Bozo made his explosive exit in. "I know him enough. She seemed to drop her eyes back to July and scan for any damage save ketchup and mustard smears if any and then scanned the streets again. "Go figure, I come here on a trip and he's here, of all places. Don't get too attached to seeing him around."

July still tries to clean some condiments off her clothes as she listens to Domino, "I see." she says, her body totally unharmed except for strays of condiment and meat, "He's a traveling nutjob? Spread his nutty scenes all over the world, or something?" she arches her eyebrow but chuckles, "Anyways, I'm July." she smiles a bit, "Thanks for trying to block the explosion." she nods.

"Yes, you can call it that. It's something like a one man Barnum and Bailey." The glasses were withdrawn from her pocket and unfolded to be placed back over her eyes, the slight tilt of her head now showing their movement back to the girl introducing herself. "July. I am Domino." No need to give another name now, Wade did a good job of at least stating part of it in his acrobatic departure.

July blinks but nods softly at the other woman's short introduction. "Sooo… that guy, is he really dangerous, or just harmless?" she arches one eyebrow, before looking back at the remains of the charred hot dog stand, and has a feeling she just saw the answer to her question.

Valid question but really one that had her more curious about why the girl desired to know so much about Wade. An odd crush, a want to do a vigilante hunt of her own? No, no..Perhaps or perhaps not. But she would not even underestimate the curious youth; it wasn't something she had in her. "It's the same with him as it is with anyone; it depends on the circumstance and who you are. Everyone is danger—" The words dropped off as a man came out of an office building carrying his brief case. He looked like one of the many but the description fit. One hand rose in a departing wave to July as she pivoted on booted heel and made her way in the same direction the man did, taking the pace casual. That was her silent goodbye.

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