2011-06-25: Mutant Town Meeting


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Summary: Vinny and Tex are chatting about what happened in Hells Kitchen when Iron Man drops in for a word or two about recent events.

Date: June 25, 2011

Log Title: Mutant Town Meeting

Rating: PG

Mutant Town- Avenue A

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.

Missing the first pose as I was not present at the time to record it.

Heartily pats his friend on the shoulder, "Well, you still did good so enjoy the rest Vinny." Drew Daniels is dressed in his Texas Twister uniform, blue denim with various Western theme emblems across the chest and a white cowboy hat. "So, what exactly happened and do you know what went down there?" Drew's tone because more serious, "I'm investigating what went down there, so I thought I should check with the hero of the day."

From above the rooftops of Avenue A in Mutant Town there is a sound much like a jet is lowering towards the ground. If one peers up like most are they will see Iron Man hovering down slowly to drop down next to where Tex is standing. “Gentlemen, good afternoon.” Tony greets them both. “Passing overhead and thought I'd drop down to see how Mr. Wilks is fairing.”

Vinny smiles and takes another swallow from the bottle. "Thanks, glad that fer once I had a problem I was well suited ta handle. As far as what happened, I'm not sure. Only know what they said on TV, that some mutant rat-girl robbed tha bank an' torched tha street. I was practicin' in tha park when I heard the alarms and some folks comin' out of Hell's Kitchen told me what was goin' on. So I called up every gallon of water I could pull outta tha storm drain and headed in ta see what I could do ta help." He looks up a little alarmed when he hears Iron Man landing, he knows the sound of that armor and the profile it makes in his electrolocation is unmistakable. He takes a breath and prepares for another lecture about vigilantism but when it doesn't come he smiles a bit and nods. "Doin' better than I was. Pushed tha powers a bit too hard and got dropped fer my troubles."

Hearing the ruckus overheard, Tex knows who it is within even having to look up. He frowns a bit when he remembers the last time he saw Vinny and thought from the conversation that there may be some bad blood between Iron Man and Vinny. When he hears the billionaire's greeting and he sees Vinny's smile. He offers his own smile when he turns to Iron Man and tips his hat, "Howdy. I was doin' the same and checking up on the events that led to Vinny's heroic response."

"I'm still puzzling out why they took Mr. Wilks to the zoo rather than a hospital considering they've been dealing with the extraordinary for decades now. Not important." Tony's voice via the helm comes across deeper with a tinge of a computerized tone. "Glad you're on the mend though, Vinny. It was a noble act to assist in that situation." The armor clad Avenger turns a bit to bow his head towards Tex. "Just so happens that I've been cruising around the grid attempting to lure out a pair of escaped supervillains but neither seem to want a piece of this jelly and my erstwhile charge seems to be lurking at the moment."

Vinny nods to Iron Man. "Upgrade and Mindbender.. I already been warned about those two. Don't seem to be comin' ta mutant town though, seem more focused on that Xavier's School. I think I know who tha rat-girl is, but she's not a local. Figured she was a member'a one of tha schools. As for tha Zoo I think that was cause they thought I was more animal than human. Not tha first time I had that problem."

"Well, the two are downright nasty pair. I encountered Mindbender and Upgrade when they made some kid from Xavier's disappear. And they're a tricky bunch. Used mind powers to make me think they were dead and had me attackin' one of the more powerful kids from that school." Looking to Iron Man, Tex did not realize Tony Stark was responsible for Tabitha. He hadn't actually met her yet since she arrived at Barnes while he was 'away.' "Well SHIELD is on it. With you here, means Avengers are on it. And I would think the X-Men would be on it if their own students are in danger too. Perhaps we should all meet to get the proper information, ya think?"

Tony tips his head to one side, "Were you naked at the time? Not a great way to fight fire. Honestly, what were they thinking?" This certainly amuses him though there's no signs of laughter from the man. In general he replies, "I've been trying to help said rat-girl for the better part of six months. She's a good kid though her karma is the worst I've ever seen. I've data from the bank robbery and the poor girls come under the influence of Mindbender and Upgrade. If either of you come across her try and exercise restraint as it is not her that is creating chaos in the streets." As for the combining forces, "What I can release has been shared with SHIELD and if the X-men would like to share intel then I'm open to that. The more eyes and ears are out there the better."

Vinny nods "Well for a few days I'm doin' much of anything. Powers were a bit strained makin' fifteen hundred gallons'a water jump through hoops for tha better part'a fifteen minutes. Ended up dehydratin' myself. Though if I run inta tha pair I may have an advantage." He takes another swallow from the water bottle.

The idea of a naked human-sized platypus putting out fires mentally makes his laugh and then frown and then just make an odd expression. Tex shakes his head to dismiss the thought. "Well, advantage or no. They can get in your head. Any type of psi-dampener or some such technology might be appreciated." Tex shrugs, "But I'm a sure they'll make some kind of appearance or Patches will. She'll be found and taken in within restraint."

"If SHIELD is aware and has not already taken the measures to distribute the tech I'll see what I can come up with. I've not got crates of inventions resting around in a storage facility somewhere but I am able to pull a few together to outfit a few agents. Let me know." Tony mentions this to Tex as he's not certain what's going on over at the SHIELD facility. The Avenger has been far too busy searching through information on Mindbender and Upgrade as well as looking for Tabitha on the grid.
"Try pedialyte. The grape flavor isn't all that bad and it works. Not sure in your case given your abilities but there's more to it than straight up water and don't ask how I know this." It's a leftover from a period of time where he drank more scotch than anything else not to mention he's been dehydrated so many times he's lost count.

Vinny nods "I'll have ta go get some, if she shows up here I'll an get close enough ta give her a little poke.." He pops one of his bone spurs. "An give SHIELD a hollar to get her while she's out." He retracts the spur again. "As for the other two I'm not lookin' fer trouble but if it finds me I'm hopin' my electrolocation gives me tha edge. Might be able ta fool tha eyes but might not be able ta fool tha bill."

Tony shrugs with his arms out to his sides, "Whatever must be done to put an end to violence. Here's hoping that you won't come across the paths of either of them Vinny." There's a brief look about the street to see if any familiar faces pop up after a surface scan. Seems to be that the only people he's acquainted with are nearby. No sign of supervillains either. "Oh, while I'm here," he says as casually as can be managed. "Do either of you know of a pair of flame wielders that were in Hells Kitchen that evening? I would rather find them before an associate of mine does."

Vinny shakes his head "Sorry Mate, that was tha first thing I was lookin' for when I heard about tha fires. Tha Pyros didn't come inta mutant town from Hell's Kitchen an I can't really think of any around here that I know of off tha toppa my head."

"Well the fire powered teens could have been anyone." Tex thinks, "Though actually one of the Xavier students who were present when Mindbender and Upgrade first attacked in Westchester. One of the mutants from the Xavier Institute was wielding fire." He gives a description of Jem. "I didn't get her name. But there were a group of students. The one that disappeared was…" He gives a description of Connor. "He was some kind of teleporter energy wielder. There was also a wolf." He gives a description of Mikhail. " And some girl he ran off with." He gives a description of Shane. "And they were there with two other friends." He describes Heather and Robyn.

Tony sighs dramatically, "Well, here's to hoping they keep their heads down other wise they could be in for a world of hurt." Poor teens coming across one of the most dangerous men in New York if not the better part of the world. "If you happen to spot either of them, the bad guys, a rat without her ninja turtles or with them, you've got my number Vinny." Tex's input changes a few things for Stark as he's familiar with quite a few of the students mentioned. "It would seem that one of my stops will have to be to chest on these students."

Vinny nods and stands slowly "Well I seen a few'a them before givin' the descriptions yer givin' but they don't come ta mutant town all that often." He gives a stretch "Unfortunatly folks I think I gotta call it a night, still feeling like I got run down by a road train. Ya both got my number and I got both of yers so I'll hollar if I find out somthin'." He gives them both and salute with his water bottle and heads into the apartment building.

Saluting Vinny as he leaves, he turns to Iron Man, "Well, those kids have been through a lot from what I understand. I was chatting with two of the Barnes students who transferred from Xavier's. Those kids really do have it bad and literally have had to survive hell." Tex sighs an shakes his head, "IT sounds like you're saying those kids may be in more danger. Is that so? Moreso than just Mindbender and Upgrade?"

"It's a sad fact that I've been aware of for a long time. The school is a better location than some of their alternatives though that doesn't make it right nor fair by any means." This is also not a conversation they should be holding on an open street in Mutant Town or anywhere for the matter. Tony scans again to make certain there is nothing interesting going on around his present location before focusing back on Tex. "Some of the children might be given who they've gotten on the wrong side of. You should have information waiting for you to read over when you link up later. You'll find the reason for a great many things in the history." As Mindbender and Upgrade are a student's parents.

"Alright then, sir. I'll read it over." Drew jokes "It'll be my bedtime reading, I suppose." Noting Tony scan the area, he does so himself as the wind picks up around the two. Mild enough but would pick up on anything interesting. "Those two villains are certainly sumthin' I gotta admit. I'm itchin' for a rematch. They embarrassed me good and plenty and had me fighting an innocent kid. Who is who knows where know."

"Not very good reading but informative all the same." The wind picks up and Tony pays it no mind nor the looks from the various confused mutants that are walking across the street. "If you think you can take them I advice against it even with a psi-inhibitor. Call it in and keep tabs of them. This isn't the sort of thing that one can take on solo. You already know that and I've no idea why I felt the need to point that out but I've been locked up in my lab too long these days."

"Not a problem sir." Texas Twister salutes Iron Man and nods, "Well. I best be going back to the school." He flies up a few, "Let's keep in touch if we learn anything new on the villains or Patches."

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