2011-02-22: Mutant Town Meetings


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Summary: A few few people meet for a chat in Mutant Town.

Log Title: Mutant Town Meetings

Rating: G

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.


Mid-evening in Mutant Town. With all of the stir about crooked cops that has been flying around, the mutant centered area of the city is a bit unsettled. It seems to be on many people's minds. Do you use proper legislation and hope for the best? Or do you take Dingo's route and exact justice on your own? Such things are not on Hosea's mind. It is one of many trials that will come in life, and far from the chief of his concern. Today, his concern is Sophie DeCosta. He only met her in passing earlier in the day, and the tall Nigerian offered to show her New York City. "I should have told you earliah," he says to the girl as they reach a stop light. "I know vedy little about New York. I grew up in a small village, not much biggah den da school. Maybe I was not da right person to show you around, yes?" he laughs in his deep bass Nigerian accent. "Da light is red, we must wait here." Even from his voice, he sounds big, strong, and powerful, but the African does genuinely enjoy being given the opportunity to 'show' Sophie around the city. At least the portions that he is familiar with.

Walking down the street wearing a large jacket designed to hide four of his six arms is Travis. He's been getting involved as much as possible in the affairs of mutant town as what has happened has hit him kind of hard. Sure Travis never met Carmen but he can't help but feel sad for the woman's unjust death. Holding a few flowers in one hand he makes his way towards the memorial at Nowhere but he stops before going in. Things just seem empty in Mutant Town with it's few missing residents and there's an odd tension weighs on Travis.

The golden haired girl accompanying Hosea clings to his arm with her left hand, while with her right she constantly sweeps her cane about in front of her. As they stop at the light, she reaches up to adjust her blindfold, and shrugs her shoulders. "I think you are the perfect person to show me around New York," she murmurs. "I can hear your smile in your voice… and you know more about New York than I do." She tilts her head to one side, listening to something. "Truly, you could be making it all up anyway; I wouldn't know the difference. But the sounds are fascinating." The blind girl smiles softly, and rocks on the balls of her feet as she waits for the lights to change again.

Having been visiting Mutant Town more and more as of lately between the Concert debacle and now the death of a young mutant named Carmencita, Xorn has decided to take an active role in the affairs of Mutant Town. The Chinese mutants sits on a cardboard box and sits in a meditative pose, dressed in Buddhist robes. Passers-by eye him oddly. Not because he wears a metallic mask holding back his massive energies. No, it is more for the fact that he looks like a religious nut sitting on the ground which has remnants of snow on them.

Lucas steps out of a bar, carrying a guitar case. He's wearing ratty jeans and a flannel, very Seattle 90s of him. He's also counting some cash, and he hops down the steps onto the sidewalk as he shoves it in his pocket, and begins to walk towards the train.

Hosea smiles wider in response to Sophie. "Ahh, I am glad dat you can still tell dat I am smiling. Your ears are vedy good." He waits for the light to change, and then starts to cross the street, toting Sophie along with him. "I think it vedy sad in dis part of town, dere have been a killing of a girl by da police. My church comes to Mutant Town to give to da poor often, but many of dem are not mutants, and right now it makes dem afraid of da church. Vedy hard to help people who will not trust you." He spots Travis. "Aha! I see a man dat I know," Hosea announces. "He is vedy impressive to look at, he has six arms! Think what a blessing dat would be, yes?" With his free hand, the tall mutant waves his arm toward Travis. "Travis! It is good to see you, friend!" Of course, at 6'8", with long poofy locks of curly dark hair, it isn't hard to stop Hosea even in a crowd like New York City. As of yet, he hasn't spotted Lucas coming back out of the bar.

The six arms aren't visible as Travis looks to be wearing a bulky coat with just the two arms showing. Hearing his name called he turns and spots Hosea. Giving a wave he walks over to the other teen. "Hey Hosea, I haven't seen you since we left Africa. How have you been?" He offers a hand in greeting and a smile before turning to Sophie. "Hi, I'm an acquaintance of Hosea's, my name is Travis." He doesn't offer a hand since the blind fold makes it kind of obvious that she can't see. There's a deep breath from Travis as he spots Lucas and he mutters under his breath. "I hope things don't get awkward again."

Sophie starts walking forwards again, just after Hosea does; she is still clinging to his arm, afterall. "We can… openly talk about… stuff, here?" she asks. Her brow creases as she tilts her head up, to face in Hosea's direction. "About… y'know… being mutants, I mean? I've been told that we generally have to be pretty tight-lipped about it." She looks forwards once more, listening to something else in the background for a moment. "And, that's terrible, Senor Hosea. Why did they kill her?" She pauses, and a soft sigh escapes her lips. "What was her name? I will pray for her tonight, before I sleep." The blind girl's grip tightens just a little around Hosea's arm, and she tugs in a bit closer to the large man. "I… wait. Six arms?"

Rising from his seated position, Xorn stretches a bit and under his mask a small flicker of energy is emitted. He looks about and spots some of Xavier's students speaking with Travis and also spots Lucas coming out of the bar. Oddly enough, Xorn seems to meet more of the students outside of Xaviers than the actual institute. He makes his way towards Hosea and his friends.

Lucas begins to walk up the sidewalk, whistling a little tune. He smiles when he sees Hosea, giving the other kid a nod, but he doesn't really pay much attention to Travis. Instead, he just moves his walking path so that he won't have to intercept Travis.

Hosea laughs, "It is called Mutant Town heah for a reason, yes?" he notes toward Sophie, content to let her hold on to his strong arm. "You can talk about it anywhere," Hosea says. "But some places will not be happy to hear it. Do not worry. Dey will not hurt you if I am heah." Those who have seen Hosea in action know all too well just how capable the African is in a fight. All his big muscles aren't just for show. "Travis, dis is Sophie," he introduces her, "she is a new student at my school, yes? She cannot see wit her eyes," he explains, even though the blindfold might make it obvious. "But maybe she sees bettah den some others, who knows?" The double meaning of 'see' used. "I have been well. I would talk to you sometime, it would be a blessing I think." The African isn't aware of the awkward relationship status between Travis, Lucas, and Rashmi, so he is of little help for the avoidance of such awkwardness. "Hah, Sophie, have you met Lucas yet?" he asks. "Lucas, it is vedy fine to see you here. Sophie is new at our school, did you know?" he indicates to the blindfolded blond girl. In all of the introducing, he's failed to notice Shen's approach thus far, or else hasn't yet greeted him.

"Nice to meet you Sophie." Travis says with a nod as he looks to Hosea. "Well I've been moving past what happened in Africa, more looking ahead then in the past. Right now my main concern is what's happening here in Mutant Town. I'm helping Rashmi with what I can since she's such an activist." He begins to say before trailing off a bit as Hosea calls out to Lucas. The sixed armed mutant takes a deep breath and offers a respectful nod to the flannel clad mutant.

Sophie blushes softly as she's both introduced and praised by Hosea. "Well… maybe," she murmurs. "Hello, Senor Travis," she adds, a bit louder; loud enough that her Spanish accent is more clear. "it is good to meet you; you are… the six armed man that Senor Hosea was telling me of? Sorry if I am getting it wrong, I can't really tell from your voice how many arms you have." Her blush deepens, and she coughs softly to clear her throat. "Who is Senora Rashmi? Is she active about… the police thing the other day? Where they killed some poor girl?"

Making his way towards the others, Xorn speaks directly into the minds of Hosea, Sophie, and Lucas as they would know about him not having a 'real' voice or mouth or head even, <Hello, young Xavier mutants.> As he reaches the students, he bows in greeting to Travis and then the 'voice' is heard. Somewhat spooky when first heard as it is disembodied. Sounding like cross between Darth Vader, Jet Li, and Chamber. "Hello, young man. I am Shen Xorn."

Lucas sighs, and he steps over, giving a little nod to Sophie. "Howdy," he offers, ignoring Travis. "What are y'all doin' out here?" He then hears the voice, and he looks at Xorn, "Ah don't know you, but Ah reckon you best not be in my head no mores."

The African smiles, "Rashmi used to be a student at our school as well," Hosea says. "She has graduated. She now works for smart people doing smart things, yes?" He jumps a little at Shen's voice in his head. "I believe dat is one of our teachahs," he interprets the greeting from Xorn. He leans in to whisper into Sophie's ear, "I forget his name though, shh, do not tell him, I would be embarrassed." He gives a nod toward Travis' statement. "I understand dat," he says. Hosea more than most people could. "It was not a pleasant time."

Then Lucas' phone rings, and he answers, "Hello?" He nods, "Sure, hang on, lemme get away…" He looks at the others, "Sorry, Ah gotta run…" And he's off down the street.

"Carmencia was killed in the park Sophie. I don't know how much of the horror story you want to know seeing your new to your school and all and I don't know how much you're into mutant rights?" Travis says uncertainly as it's not the most pleasant of topics. He nods in return to Xorn and introduces himself back. "I'm Travis Smith. Nice to meet you. And Rashmi, her and I go to the same college." He doesn't really elaborate on anything more. As Lucas heads off there's a look of relief on Travis' face. "Sorry, not that I don't like Lucas, actually I don't really know him but things are really awkward between the two of us."

Sophie jumps as she hears a voice… well… more like experiences it, directly inside of her skull. "Goodness!" she declares, though her voice quickly returns to her usual soft murmur. "I am sorry… I have never heard anyone.. speak to me that way before." Her cane dangles from the loop around her wrist, as her hand alights on her chest over her heart. "That was a surprise, Senor. Still, it is a pleasure to meet you, as well." She tilts her head up to face in Travis' general direction. "I do not think it matters how 'into' mutant rights I might be," she counters. "I… I am a mutant. I am into mutant rights wether I am interested or not; so I had best be interested, si?"

Xorn bows his head towards Lucas as he notes his aversion to telepathy. As Lucas walks off he simply shakes his head and the disembodied voice continues "Nice to meet you, Travis Smith." As the conversation turns to Rashmi, Xorn offers, "She is a pleasant young woman and one of our finest graduates." He listens on as Sophie speaks, "Nice way to put it, Sophie. I see you will be a fine addition to the school." He then asks the others, "The death of young Carmen is a sad affair for all of us. We all die a little when one of our brothers or sisters passes."

"It is a sad thing, but such has been happening since da beginning of time, yes?" Hosea answers. "And it will happen until da end, when God shall call to account people for deir deeds. Until dat time, suffering will be wit us." He adds, placing a finger against the side of his nose. "Still, while we are here, we must do what is right and stand up for those who cannot stand for demselves." He pats Sophie's hand on his arm. "Dere are more den just him dat speaks like dis, Miss Sophie," he says "It is vedy strange at first, but you will grow accustomed, yes?"

"Well I'm a mutant but it wasn't until recently that I started to care about mutant rights so just because you're a mutant doesn't mean I'm going to assume that you're into mutant rights." Travis explains. "It's not just that she passed sir, it's that she was murdered by those who are supposed to protect us and uphold the law. The cops shot and killed and innocent woman who was defending herself and they're covering it up and acting like it's the equalivant of killing a dog…actually there'd be more of an uproar if a beloved pet was killed." Travis says. "Though I have to be going I have to stop in Nowhere drop these flowers off in Carmencia's memory and head back to school. It was nice seeing you again and nice to meet you Sophia, Mr. Shen."

The blind girl's face falls, and she sighs heavily. "That is terrible," she murmurs. "That someone should be killed, so. I will pray for her, like I said; tonight before I sleep." She pauses, and arches her spine. "So.. Senora Rashmi intends to hold a rally tomorrow, for her benefit? I will attend." She pauses, and lets go of Hosea's arm so she can clasp both her hands together. "Well… at least, I will if someone will come with me. I'm not sure I could stand to be at such a thing alone — it would be too frightening without someone with me." Sophie pauses, and tilts her head in Travis' direction. "It is good to meet you as well, Senot Travis. I am sure we will meet again soon."

Bowing his head to Travis, "Nice to meet you, young man." Shen then turns to the other two students and nods, "Well. I have much to contemplate and meditate on. Please be sure to go home safely and I will see you at the institute." Xorn bows and then makes his way back home.

Hosea nods, "It was good to see you again, Travis," Hosea says. "I shall also come. Dere will be many people dere who will be hurting. Dey will need direction," he indicates to the others. "Mr. Xorn, have a safe trip home." He watches the people bustling about. "You should not be unaware, Sophie," Hosea informs the blind girl from Madrid. "Even in da school, it is not always safe for mutants. But fear not, for God has da well being of His children in His strong hands. Dey are stronger den da school, yes?"

Sophie smiles, and nods her head quickly. "Of course," she replies. "I… I am not an orphan, but I grew up in an orphanage run by a convent. The child services in Spain thought it better than that my sister and I should be raised by our Mother." She pauses, and shrugs her shoulders lightly. She reaches up with her left hand and explores the air, looking for Hosea's arm once more. "I thought I was safe in the orphanage, but then I started to be able to heal people by touching them. I did not think there could be harm in this… but it seems the church in Madrid does, and the Mother Superior had me sent here, for my safety. It is all part of God's plan, I am sure." She lifts her right hand to touch the crucifix around her neck. "I am glad you will be coming tommorrow. I will come with you, if that is alright."

Hosea places his arm in the path of Sophie's searching hand. "Dat would be wonderful," Hosea answers. "I must say, it is vedy difficult in dis school to be a believer." He shakes his head and begins to walk down the street again. "Most people dere, dey believe strange things." He watches as a couple of people they pass by seem to be in a heated debate over the aforementioned police issue. It seems that the topic has certainly caused quite a stir in this neighborhood.

Sophie cants her head to catch a bit of the conversation as she passes by it with Hosea, once more clinging to his arm. "I know what you mean," she replies. "But my faith is my own; nobody can take that from me, no matter what. I do not worry about what other people believe; not because I do not care, but… because I do not think it is my place to judge." She shrugs her shoulders lightly, and smiles as she tilts her head to face up towards you once more. "I am glad that I have come to this place. It is far from Spain, but it is the best place I can be just now, I think."

Hosea laughs, "Well, I must give dem Truth, dey may hate me for it, but on judgment day, God will say I am a good and faithful servant. I do not judge dem, but I will not be responsible for dem wandering in darkness." He considers the location for a long moment. "I do not know where Spain is," Hosea admits. "It is somewhere in Europe, yes?" That's about as specific as he can be. "I grew up in Africa, things dat happen in Europe always seemed so far away dere, too."

The blind girl nods her head. "Spain is just north of Morocco, across the Mediterranean," she replies. "We are between Portugal to the West, and France to the East." She taps the pavement in front of her constantly, though she continues to just… go where you lead her, keeping her grip on your arm tight, but not uncomfortable. "Spain… well, I am proud to be Spanis, but I am not proud of everything Spain has done. My ancestors had their hand in ravaging Africa during the colonial times, just like the other European nations did. And to you, I appologize for that."

Hosea arches his brow, "I do not hold you responsible, what is past is in da past, but I thank you for dat anyway. If it makes you feel bettah, we do it ourselves now, we do not need help from Europe to destroy ourselves." He shakes his head. "Nigeria is a vedy dark country. But still a country dat I love. I have never been to Europe, is it like America dere?"

Sophie bows her head as she walks. "It is," she agrees. "In the past, I mean, and best that it stay there." Her lips quirk upwards, and she laughs softly at the question. "Like America? In some ways, I suppose. There are a lot more old buildings… some have been there for over a thousand years. Spain is beautiful; light and happy and… dark and ugly in some places, all at once. But it is the beauty that I remember, Senor Hosea. It is the beauty that I keep in my mind."

"You were not always blind?" Hosea asks. "You could see da buildings?" He smiles. "I see dem in books, and on the TV dat people like to watch. Nigeria has old buildings, but not where I lived, not many buildings at all. It is vedy different. Not many people in da rain forest." He stops at the next light. "Ha, and no traffic lights like dese, eitha, in da rain forest!" The young man lets out a deep chuckle.

Sophie smiles wistfully, and shakes her head. "No, I was not always blind," she replies. "I could see quite well growing up; I never needed glasses or anything. I lost my sight when I was thirteen; it took me a long time to get used to it." She stops as you do, after lurching past about an inch. "Yes, lots of traffic lights in Spain, as well," she agrees. She giggles softly, "I grew up in Santa Margarita, though. It is not far from Gibraltar; I used to swim in the Mediterranean on hot summer afternoons."

Hosea nods, "I know da Mediterranean, It is da sea dat Paul traveled on his journeys," the African notes. "Dat must be vedy exciting!" He starts to cross again, still holding Sophie's arm. It would be a blessing to visit dat sea."

Sophie's blindfold hides half her face, which is usually fortunate when she's blushing; which she is right now, once again. "There's a cove most people don't know about, down near Santa Margarita. Most people don't know about it. Some of the other girls and I used to sneak off down there to go swimming on occasion when we weren't supposed to." She shrugs, and appologizes to someone going the other direction after catching his shin with her cane. "We never got caught at it. I suppose life isn't fun if you don't break the occasional rule."

Hosea grins, "Well, depending on da rule," he answers. "It is starting to get late. "We could take da train home, or we could go da fast way, would you like to try it?" The fast way remains undefined for the moment. "It is vedy exciting, I do vedy much enjoy using my powah like dis." Of course, he also hasn't said what his power is, either.

Sophie's eyebrows perk upwards. "The fast way?" She tilts her head to face up towards you, more or less. "I… well…" She shrugs her shoulders lightly, and reaches up to clasp your arm with her right hand, as well as her left. "Alright… since I am learning new things, then the fast way, Senor Hosea."

Hosea's smile broadens. "Okay," he answers, and takes another step. Suddenly it's windy, though they seem to still be on the ground. The air is colder, mainly because they are on top of a building. Another step brings them to a higher rooftop still. "We're on top of a skyscrapah now," Hosea informs her. "I can teleport as fah as I can see. When I get up heah, I can see a vedy far distance." He looks out over the city as far as his perch can show him, and takes another step with her, to another rooftop. The shift in the wind direction can be felt as they adjust with each step, not always coming out facing the same direction. Surprisingly smooth.

The grip around Hosea's arm tightens after the first teleport. After the second, when he informs her that they're on top of a skyscraper, Sophie gasps loudly and her eyes snap wide open underneat the blindfold. She throws herself against Hosea's chest and wraps har arms tight around me. "Don't— don't drop me!" she squeaks as she hangs on to him tight with both hands. She takes a deep breath and holds it, as she tries to control her quivering muscles.

Hosea laughs, "Do not worry, we are safe, not even close to da edge," he assures her. "But in a moment, you may feel like we are falling. It is normal, but I will not let you come to harm. Yes?" He responds by reaching his arms around her to hold her tightly. He doesn't want to accidentally lose her. That'd be bad. He's a rather strong feeling guy, his muscles far greater in development than most peoples. "Are you ready?"

Sophie presses up close against Hosea; something that might be overly familiar in most circumstances, but the blind girl isn't exactly quivering from excitement. "Okay," she breathes. "Sorry… I… I get scared easily," she admits. "Sometimes the world is a frightening place when you can't see it. But it's easier when you aren't alone." She nods her head quickly, and shifts her hands a bit; her cane bumps against the back of Hosea's legs, and she finally relaxes and lets out her breath. "Alright, I'm ready."

It feels like stepping off of a cliff. Hosea's next step just seems to go out into the air. Speed is gained, slightly, but after a moment, it seems that the pair are floating up gently. The wind shifts again, and they are starting to fall again, but it shifts yet again, and they seem to be floating. It's as if they are bouncing on a trampoline that they never touch down on. Only they aren't staying upright. Each wind change seems to indicate drastic orientation changes. Upside down, right side up, falling up, falling feet first, falling head first, floating in each. It's like a rhythm.

Sophie's arms clench tight around Hosea's waist. At first she sucks in her breath; then she whimpers softly, and then she outright shrieks. Once she gets that out of her lungs though, the blind girl breaths out, and her muscles slowly relax. She breathes in and out, and tilts her head to listen to what is going on around her; though of course she never stops holding on tight.

"Soon," Hosea says in a short voice, clearly he is concentrating. "Almost done." The wind around them continues to shift, as does their directional facing until suddenly, the floating sensation stops as they seem to peak. But where gravity should take over, instead their feet find ground underneath them. "Ha!" Hosea says. "I knew I could do it with another person." Apparently it's his first real attempt to take such a long trip with a person in tow. Way to give fair warning. "I think it could be much more enjoyable if you could see what we were doing, yes?" he says. "It like flying. Only I nevah seen a bird dat moves like me! It would look like a vedy drunk bird!" He laughs. "We are in da courtyard of da school now. See how much fastah dat is?"

When feet find firm ground once more, Sophie's muscles lose their strength and her legs go all wobbley. She continues to hang on to Hosea for the sake of keeping upright, as she gasps loudly. "Y-Yes," she agrees at last. "Very fast." She suck in her breath, and lets it out slowly. "Well… thank you," she adds, and tilts her head upwards. "Thank you for… for sharing that with me, and showing me around a bit of the city." The blind girl swallows, and finally takes her right hand off from around her companion's waist. She flicks her wrist, jerking the cane upwards by the loop so she can catch it before using it to prod at the ground. Once she's suitably impressed that it's all there, she sighs, and shakes her head slowly. "I am glad your power is not mine," she murmurs. "Not that I do not think it is a wonderful thing to be able to do; but… hopping about as far as you can see, wouldn't get me as far as it does you."

"Dis is probably true," Hosea chuckles. "I hope dat I have not frightened you too badly with it, no?" he adds with his deep and rich voice. "But it is a good powah to me. God has blessed me with it to save my life. A good thing dat He did!" He holds his arm out for Sophie again. "Da dorm is in dis direction," he indicates to her. "I can show you to it if you like."

The blind girl giggles softly, and nods her head. She finally retreats from your chest, and her hand trails up over your back until she finds your arm and clings to it. She taps around herself once more with her cane for good measure, too. "Yes, please," she replies. "I am still a little disoriented." She nods slowly. "I am glad your power has saved your life, Hosea. And… I'm glad you showed it to me. If you ever have to do it in a hurry, now I don't need to be frightened."

Hosea guides the healer to the door, and to the elevator. "Well, it was good to get to know you, Miss Sophie," Hosea tells her. "If you have any needs, just let me know. It will be a pleasuh to get to know you bettah." The door to the elevator dings, and in suit slides open, indicating that she has her ride. "Have a good night, miss."

Sophie steps into the elevator, and pats the wall until she finds the button for her floor. She lingers before pushing it, and bobs her head. "Thank you," she murmurs. "I would like to know you better, as well." She smiles, flashing her teeth. "See you in class."

~ Fin ~

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